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on 16 June 2013
Well, simply put, this game is great. But I assume you want to know why, and so I will tell you.

First of all, I have been playing Sins of a Solar Empire for almost five years, ever since its release in 2008, and Rebellion is truly the pinnacle of the game. Everything from the previous expansions is included, so no need to worry about those or the base game. And as the game has been steadily updated since release to address bugs and balance issues, support has been fantastic too. Oh, and important to point out is that this game is REAL-TIME strategy, unlike many others in the 4X genre.

The Graphics -

the first thing you will notice in this game is its beautiful, colorful, realistic graphics that make every object from a Volcanic planet to a light frigate gorgeous. Every unit and texture is lovingly detailed and they are varied enough that after a few hours of play you will never mistake a Garda Flak Frigate for a Cobalt Light Frigate again. There are three races with distinct styles of structure and ship design, and the weapons effects and lighting have been completely redone for the Rebellion expansion. There are new skyboxes (the space backgrounds) that look great, and with the newest update all of the planets now have new textures. Everything looks better in Rebellion, and it is easily one of the best-looking strategy games I have ever played.

User Interface -

easily readable, and gives you a ton of information about what is going on in your vast interstellar empire. It literally throws the information at you. Your capital ship "Big Kahuna" has been destroyed!" Stuff like that. The game wants you to play and actively keeps you from becoming overwhelmed. You can freely zoom WAY in, WAY out, pan the camera all around, lock onto units or fighters and follow them through your space battles. The learning curve looks very steep at the beginning, yet once you have put a few hours in it becomes fairly intuitive and not nearly so intimidating. And with Rebellion, new tutorials have been added along with race-specific UI, so that while you are playing as the aggressive Vasari aliens your UI looks different than the industiralist human TEC's.

The Battles - In a strategy game, this can be the most important part. And this is how most people tend to win their Sins games, including me. The battles are awesome to watch, and the AI will take care of the fighting for you if you want so that you may sit back and relax, or you can select your units and activate their individual abilities or tell them to attack a specific unit or move somewhere. What's more, in Rebellion, Titan ships have been added that are absolutely massive and powerful, and will tear apart enemy fleets and capital ships. The battles are slower paced, than, say, Starcraft 2 or Command and Conquer, but with Rebellion they can be much faster, especially if there is a Titan involved.

The Soundtrack -

fantastic. Orchestral, fitting, epic. There are different soundtracks for each race (TEC, Vasari, Advent) as well as for each subfaction withing each race (the Loyalists and Rebels). Rebellion adds a TON of new music, and I find it quite enjoyable.

4X Elements -

By this I mean diplomacy, economy, trade, culture, research, exploration and development of planets and spaceships. Yup, it's all there. The economic and culture stuff can be simple on the surface, but everything is surprisingly deep. The research trees should have you playing multiple-hour matches to unlock such things as superweapons and racial powers. Rebellion only enhances every one of these aspects. How? That could go on for another page.

The AI -

It manages. No, actually, it is good. Especially as the devs keep updating to make it smarter. And it will take care of casting most of your ship's abilities for them and attacking an enemy fleet if you happen to be looking somewhere else in the solar system.

I'm sure I could go on more, but I wouldn't want to overwhelm you, the reader and prospective buyer, with the discussion of planet types or all of the differences between the subfactions introduced in Rebellion. Or the Pirates, or corvettes, or the Empire tree, because that might just get tedious. Suffice to say, this game has some magic in it. I've played it for five years now and will probably play it for five years more. Or more than that.

I like this game. YOU will like this game. Unless you want to buy it for the multiplayer and have no friends to buy it and play it with you. Rebellion has a fairly small multiplayer community, and it might take a while to find a game if you want to play with five or ten people. Otherwise, this game will suck up your hours of free time like a black hole. And you will enjoy it.
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on 19 May 2014
I enjoyed this game for quite a few play throughs. It is challenging and fast paced, and certainly not for those who like sitting back and playing a defensive style in strategy games. It's all about expanding quickly and getting as many planets as possible without over-stretching your forces! The resource collecting works well, and although there could be a little more variance in the buildings there is a good base-building aspect to the game. It's a very clever mix of real time and 4x strategy, and as others have said it works well with long play sessions. It also forces you to use your ships wisely with a fair bit of micro-management in battle, as just chucking in a load of your stronger ships won't work.

My crticism, and what ultimately left me at a loose end with this game, was the difficulty settings. Make no mistake, this game is pretty punishing, and I knew that when buying it. I only tried playing on normal and hard (there is an easy and and unfair setting, and possibly another that's even harder). I found that on normal, the AI very rarely attacked me, didn't build super weapons and were fairly easy to conquer even though they did build large fleets. On hard, I found that the game became almost completely about superweapons after the opening stages, and that the AI seemed able to acquire them much quicker than I. I was being attacked so frequently by superweapons that it was impossible to mount a counter offensive, and I eventually became frustrated and quit the play through. If there was a difficulty between these two settings, I think it would be perfect for semi-casual gamers like me! I have no doubt that this is because of my inferior skill level and that this was my first experience of this game. Still, I think it'd be hard to get prolonged enjoyment out of this game, unless you like a punishing challenge or a pretty relaxed gaming experience.
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on 23 February 2014
Since I started playing Sins, it has gone from strength to strength. When Trinity came out, it offered gamers the opportunities to choose different pathways in terms of combat and diplomacy. Then of course came Rebellion... what a thrill I got to see what we got that was new. I mean... who wouldn't want to command a completely kick-ass titan warship (as a start). I love how they've increased the amount of choice you get, by selecting either loyalist or rebel forces (whereas before, it was just simply the 3 factions). This game is a must for any Sins fans who want to take their experience to a new level. On the Sins website, they've also brought out some DLC which only adds to the spontaneity of the game! Nicely done Kalypso!

I think the only reason why I can't give this game a 5-star rating is due to the fact that once you get so far in your current game, you realise that you've just got to do the same thing again and again before you are victorious... take your heavily armed fleets to one system after the other and take over each planet one at a time... gets a bit tedious if you ask me. I play 'Star Wars Empire at War' alongside this series and I love it simply because it takes more effort to maintain the planets that you've conquered. With Sins, all you need to do is make sure you bump up your planet defences and build star bases in strategic locations to prevent enemy invasions. I just think that perhaps the series might benefit from a little more tactical thinking in relation to maintaining the planets themselves (or am I the only one thinking 'where on Earth do the colony ships get all their guys from?')

Aside from that, a great game to play! Many hours of enjoyment!
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on 28 January 2016
A brilliant addition to a brilliant game.
Sins of a Solar Empire is a real time space combat and strategy game. It has had several additions before rebellion these being Diplomacy, Entrenchment and Trinity (which is original with other two added on). Diplomacy added as you can tell diplomacy with the other factions so you could end up joining forces against a foe before suddenly turning on each other. Entrenchment added star bases to each faction to fortify worlds, extend trade lanes or guard stars or wormholes. Both extend the amount you can research as well.
Rebellion includes all of these, creating new research trees, adding a new class of ship (corvettes), 3 new battleships but mostly adding the titan class ships and splitting each faction into loyalists and rebels.
Loyalists and Rebels of each faction play very similar to each other. They only get a different Titan and Corvette ship wise and different bonus with a few different unique to faction research options. For example the TEC Rebels have bonus to their weapons and are able to make peace with pirates and even offer them missions or hire them as mercenaries, whilst the TEC Loyalists have bonuses to their armour and are able to build extra star bases in gravity wells and have stronger defenses.

There is no story mode to this game just plenty of maps or creating your own map and then throwing yourself into a game to conquer the map.

Personally I wish that they could have made rebel and loyalist factions a bit more unique to each other, such as slight design changes to ships and a unique battleship, frigate and cruiser instead of just a unique titan and corvette. But over all this game is very enjoyable and a must have for everyone that enjoys space strategy games.

Also the community has created plenty of mods for this game which from what I have seen and played have included Star Trek, Star Wars and Halo.
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on 17 September 2013
got absolutely addicted to this game, it's not messing around when it says it'll take all your free time away!
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on 19 February 2014
Great game, spent hours and hours already on this stunning game, the game came pretty quick to what the estimated delivery date was but I'm not complaining, and it's great that it goes through steam cus I've had steam for a while and it just adds another game to my library plus the game box is pretty neat and and has a manual, keyboard setup book for the hot keys used in the game and it even comes with a small poster in which you can hang up. Excellent service, very happy indeed
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on 4 February 2014
I bought this game after seeing a mod called star trek armada 3 on total biscuit's youtube channel.The mod is a total conversion mod which changes everything as the name implies to star trek.The mod is fantastic & well worth a look,if your not a trekkie fan there are also TCM mods for star wars,halo,mass effect & many others over on the moddb website.So play the vanilla game then mod with what ever mod you fancy & play it again.2 games for the price of one, win win :):)
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on 7 August 2014
its a grate game and works well on my pc and its good play on you need to have steam to play this game tho if you did not know
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on 28 November 2013
love this game have spent so much time playing it and got it at a good price so really happy would definitely recommend..
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on 7 July 2014
Very pretty but also in depth strategy game of the 4x variety (Explore/Exploit/Expand/Exterminate).
Three factions with a rebel variant for each. One of the unique selling points is the continuous zoom in from stellar maps and planets down to fleets and right down to fighter craft assaulting a frigate, lighting up it's shields and watching missiles home in.
As my kid said, it's just like watching a starship battle in Star Wars!
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