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on 15 November 2013
Now not all the songs on this album are as good as the next one but for a big label debut 'Same Trailer, Different Park' shows the many sides of the talented Ms Musgraves. Her groove, which I first noticed as the co-writer to 'Undermine' - stand out song on the first TV Series of ABC's/More4 @Nashville - lets her move away from the consequence songs of country to modern day concerns of low paid but aspirational women ('Blowin' Smoke') to the problems of finding companionship & love in 'It Is What It Is'.

Using this to discover modern female country singers who are not the victims of yesteryear like Brandy Clark, Miranda Lambert.....loving it and I think others will too.
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on 30 March 2018
I got this album because I like some country music now and then. I was told this artist was a bit different to your average female country singer and although there are some good tracks on this, it didn't live up to what I expected it to be. The music is pretty generic country, lacks any real edge and one suspects that this is a production made for radio. I think she's got a good voice and some neat lyrical twists but it doesn't really grab me enough to investigate her music any further.
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on 13 May 2013
Most of what needs to be said about this album has been said by others, here and elsewhere. It's clever, it's fresh, it has creative word play and rhyme that sets it apart from other songsters mainstreaming an alternative sound. Musically, it has a pace and instrumental integrity that hold perfectly the lyrics between a surface shine and accessible depths. The title of the album, and the flow of deft metaphor in the album's title track, encapsulate a sentiment that can often be overworked or morosely obscured by other artists: life traps us with its familiarities, we are all susceptible to mediocrity. So it goes around. There is a similar yearning for escape in the recent album by Lauren Pritchad, 'Wasted in Jackson', an artist who does remind me of Musgraves in some ways. I like that album's songs, too. But what rings out in Musgrave's lyrics is an intelligent wit, an irony that goes further than just a look-at-me-wanting-more superiority. We are trapped by our anger because it is also our inspiration. "Don't wreck my reputation, let me wreck my own" goes a line from the track 'Keep It To Yourself'. Buy this CD and see what you think. I think it's a reputation builder.
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on 7 August 2013
What I like about Kacey Musgraves is that she remains very much a country artist while staying a real breath of fresh air and contemporary and modern.

This album by Kacey Musgraves, is absolutely fantastic. I don't think I've felt this connected to an artist since Taylor Swift, another favourite of mine, however, I'm not going to compare them as they have very different sounds.

This album is really good, the songs: 'Silver Lining', 'My House' and 'Step Off' are really cute sounding and are really unique sounding while still being traditionally country. Every song on this album is brilliantly written and every song on this album is co-written by Kacey herself. There are no cheesey lyrics. At first I thought 'I Miss You' was quite cheesey, but listening to it a few more times made me realise that it isn't.

My least favourite song on this album is 'Dandelion' maybe because it doesn't really amount to much. I don't hate it though.
My favourite songs on the album are: 'Silver Lining', 'My House', 'Step Off', 'Keep It Too Yourself', 'Stupid', 'Follow Your Arrow' and 'It Is What It Is'. And I know that is most of the album but it's just brilliant.

I definitely recommend if you're a fan of: Contemporary Country (T Swift, M Lambert ect), 60s/70s folk and rock (Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac ect) and maybe even more folksy 'indie' bands.
Excellent, something most people will love. Oh and if you like Ed Sheeran you may like this too.
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on 31 March 2014
Good heavens my first country album. Bought on the strength of seeing her do a few songs on tv and followed up by checking out on YouTube. Same Trailer Different Park. Clever ironic and modern lyrics describing the lives of ordinary redneck Americans. As good musically as some tv and film depictions. Stand out songs are the title track, Merry go Round and Arrow but this album has no filler songs. Top quality music. Top quality lyrics. She sings extremely well too. A real talent. Don't be put off by the Country tag this is excellent music with a country flavour. One of the best cds I have bought in the last year.
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on 22 May 2018
I was a bit disappointed by the songs on this album, apart from Merry go Round and Follow your Arrow which are the two I wanted the album for, there are a couple of other good ones such as dandilion, but the rest are samey or downright awful
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on 14 May 2014
Love this. No other way of putting it. My 9yr old girl loves it too, as does my 70 yr old father! How much more of an appeal can you get. I'm normally more of a rock/punk/indie person, but the occasional C&W song sneaks in there. This WHOLE album has snook in there!!! First heard 'Follow your arrow', thought I've gotta hear more of this girl. Bought the album on a whim, totally blew me away! Just listen to the lyrics & hear what this girl is actually saying! To me, not a single bad track on the album at all. 'Dandelion', wishful, moody, sad. 'Blowin smoke', punchy, truthful & as for the already mentioned 'Follow your arrow', to the point & totally independent. Seriously looking forward to the next album from this girl. 100% recommended.
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on 28 July 2014
A real classic! Not a dud track on this CD, which is not the first by Miss Musgraves, as widely reported, but about the fourth, I believe! The others were recorded when she was just a girl, so perhaps it's fair to say that this one is the first to feature her true 'voice'! I love it and have played it almost non-stop in the car during the recent hot weather. Country Rock at its very best! Check out the videos that go with these tracks online, as they are very watchable too! Definitely five stars here!!!
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on 21 August 2017
If you came to this album because you heard 'Follow Your Arrow' and loved it, fear not - the rest of the album is just as good. There is a deal of 'small town truth telling' here, so dive in and enjoy.
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on 27 April 2017
Really good album and very good songs which I thoroughly enjoyed.
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