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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 30 May 2012
Street trash was without a doubt one of the finer movie highlights of my childhood. It was full of bad language and some multi-colour melting special effects when some of the characters in the film melt after drinking a deadly bottle of Viper a mysterious drink found behind a wall in an off license!

I thought this movie was an 80's classic and it made me remember the first time I watched it with my Brother and my Gran, happy days. This film has got it all, melting hobos, crazy Vietnam Veteran, the catch a penis game, and violence galore.
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on 21 May 2016
Gross and over the top gory comedy horror. Think of it as competition to Peter Jackson's 1987 classic Bad Taste, but with more nudity and sex, and flying willies. I prefer Bad Taste but this film also has crude and obscene moments that raise a laugh or two. For that reason I given the film a 4 out of 5 star review rating on here. I've given the movie 7 out of 10 on imdb (Bad Taste gets an 8 out of 10 on imdb).
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on 2 March 2016
Now this... This is true B movie brilliance.

The melting is fantastic, the acting is dodgy at best... just pure brilliance.
Made me not want to drink anything with a Viper on the bottle ever!

This film is well worth a look.
If you're looking for laughs or a good puke session... look no further.
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on 12 January 2010
STREET TRASH was a vhs rental favourite on the old Avatar label for many years.
Arrow have given this release the sort of treatment usually reserved for Criterion titles!
In addition to a superb transfer,you also get a second disc with 'The Meltdown Memoirs' and a Jane Arakawa feature.
This is a real collector's package which also comes with Double sided artwork,a fold out poster and an excellent booklet by film journo Callum Waddell,which discusses with various members of the production,the 42nd Street fleapit phenomena in New York.
All in all,a cracking package at a price that is a steal.
Snap it up now-you won't be disappointed,especially if you love films like 'Basket Case' and 'Bad Taste'.
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on 19 January 2015
A darkly comic satire about homelessness in New York. A wicket script, along with some extremely creative special effects. Street Trash is a masterpiece of low budget, B-movie cinema. One of the best ever made.
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on 19 April 2015
This is probably one of the top 10 splatter movies of the 80's as there is so many cool blood and gore effects and crazy oozing splatter moments to satisfy any fan of this horror genre, this movie is a little more unusual in that there's not much of a storyline, its basically about a couple of homeless brothers that live in an auto wrecking yard, life is hard as they try to survive each day stealing to eat and drink and fighting and murdering among fellow homeless etc, and if things were not bad enough a local off-licence owner finds a really old batch of wine hidden behind a panel in the basement of the shop called viper, its very old and very bad, so bad anyone that drinks it becomes a melting blob of gore! It has a good sense of humour too and is a very stand alone and original 80's movie that's really worth adding to the collection for sure, you cant knock it for cult classic bloody gory splatter practical effects they are top notch all the way, amusing cast, good soundtrack, for a low budget movie at the time its a gem by todays standards!!

Blu-ray looks fantastic in HD (Synapse films import)
Tons of great special features including a 2hr documentary, 2 commentaries, original short film, deleted scenes, trailers and more!!
Region Free ABC, 102-mins, 1987.
Comes with a free bonus Viper wine bottle sticker.
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on 27 February 2006
This movie took me by surprise. It gave me hillarious characters and a funny story as well as loads of really gory melting people. The story is a bunch of bums in New York who start finding bottles of viper but what they dont know is that it turns them into mulch, meanwhile a Clint Eastwood style cop is taking out the trash on people to try and find out whats going on.

This is a hard DVD to get but if you get the chance to watch it dont pass on it as your missing a treat. Move over Toxie cause Street Trash has taken your place in the world of comedy horror.
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on 26 November 2013
I feel this rating should be five star as the original movie is fully restored uncut and has the original artwork on reverse insert and has a full second disc , the arrowdrome edition is fantastic quality
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on 13 August 2010
*** This review contains some slight spoilers***

Well what can I say about Street Trash, it was gross, disgusting, bad but also one of the best and most hilarious films I've ever seen. The characters in the film really look like bums they even act that way and they happen to look very filthy, the film doesn't exactly have a storyline and it seems to go from one plot to the next but the main plotline concerns these two runaway brothers who are trying to survive living in the junkyard they're also helped by a Japanese woman who works there and gives them food meanwhile a liquor store owner finds a wooden case behind a wall in the basement and finds these cheap bottles of tenafly viper so he ends up selling it for a buck to the local bums not realising what this cheap booze does to a person when they start drinking from it they either start melting away or explode, there is also a subplot about a mafia boss's girlfriend who gets raped by the bums at the junkyard and a vigilante cop who is out for revenge cause hes sick and tired of this psychotic Vietnam vet named Bronson who also happens to be the main villain, you get to see him beat up a mafia hitman to death then proceed to vomit on him yes very nice and just when I thought I had seen it all the bums at the junkyard start tossing around a severed penis, not only is this film very sick and twisted but its also very over the top in a humorous way. The film has some very nice and gory special fx where lots of bums end up melting into a slimy and gooey pile of flesh and Bronson has a love interest thats guaranteed to make you barf. If you enjoy films like Deadalive or Bad Taste then you're going to love this, this film is definitely not for the squeamish but if you enjoy some gory 80's low budget comedy/horror films then I highly recommend this plus it has James Lorinz from Frankenhooker he probably has some of the most hilarious lines in the entire film this guy should seriously do stand up comedy. This is part of my old review from, this film has also been released on region 2 dvd from Arrow video (about time) which has been nicely restored and is completely uncut--in its original aspect ratio of 1.78:1 (enhanced for 16x9 TVs), and the stereo soundtrack is also nice and clear. More fans should check out this gory 80's cult classic. The special features are basicly the same as the Synapse release only with a 15 page booklet and an extra interview with Jane Arakawa, I highly recommend this.
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VINE VOICEon 6 September 2011
Street Trash to me is the greatest Melt movie of all time. Not only does it have a bigger budget feel to it, it still looks as though it was made yesterday and hasn't dated at all.

Arrows DVD release has a better picture than many Blu Rays I've purchased and is bright and vibrant.

The story is basic and revolves around some toxic hooch, I won't say anymore except expect lots of exploding hobos!

A great movie and a great release with tons of extras

Thanks Arrow, a much deserved 5 stars.
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