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on 29 April 2013
I am an obsessive music listener, if I'm not talking to someone I'm listening to music on earphones. So naturally, I go through so many headphones and earphones in my life, some of which breaking all the time but a lot of them mostly disappointing me in audio quality.

But I have to say, with these earphones... if you wear them correctly (as in over your ear), they're not only very comfortable and sturdy, but the sound quality is by far the best you'll get at this price range. By FAR. So much so I had to chime in and say, because getting it for this price is a brutal steal.

They're great as gym headphones because as well as being cheap, the over ear wrap is strong and the fit is snug, so they have a hard time falling out. They can go loud and the sound quality is great, I don't really need to explain this part because this is really well documented on the internet. Read here: [...]

I love that the wire is covered with this fabric mesh, the cable feels lighter and less prone to grip to things.

My only complaint is that because of the weird shape of the earbuds, they often get caught on themselves and can be awkward to untangle fresh out of a pocket. But you soon forgive them once you pop them back in your ears and put some music on.
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on 16 June 2013
In switching from more expensive headphones (in the region of £30 by the likes of Sennheiser and RHA) to more affordable earphones I eventually came across the Monoprice range of earphones which have blown all expectations out of the water. And these (or the pink variety) are, in my opinion, the pinnacle of this range.

Like the original, metallic "coloured" variety and the more recently released black, rubberized updated model, these headphones (also using rubberized plastic) grant sublime audio, as recommended by thousands of enthusiasts on the internet - a quick search for these earphones will provide information on both their five star performance as well as tips covering everything from how to wear them properly (which can be a little tricky at first) to how its even possibly to apply a couple of simple mods to make the great sound even better.

Unlike the original model and the black updated model, however, the white (and pink) models utilise plastic cabelling, rather than the original fabric cabling. This cuts down significantly on "microphonics" (the sounds of cable rustling which were rather severe in the previous models, especially if you like to use your headphones while walking or whatever. This simple change is why I would recommend the white (or pink) models over the black or older model of the earphones.

Like the black model, the white (and pink) models also come in a snazzy box, and with three different sizes of earphone tips - though your mileage on these may vary, and you may want to swap the tips out for a different set - tips can be the difference between an average listening experience and a truly great one.

Either way, I cannot recommend these earphones enough!
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on 17 February 2017
These are stunning little earbuds and quite unlike the reams of others I've bought/used.

The first thing you'll notice is how they look and the fact they're quite heavy. They almost represent two tiny little engines from the world's smallest motorcycle and boy do these things rock. Bass is perfect without muffling and treble is balanced. But you really need to work out how to insert them or you'll be disappointed. They kind of go in upside down, where the wire goes to the top (pointing up) where you'd expect it to hang from the bottom (pointing down). But once you've put them in properly I don't think a punch to the head would knock them out. It really does take a hard tug to remove them and theyre easily the most secure earbuds I've ever used.

In these days of idiots buying Dr Dre phones etc because they think it's better to look "cool" than get good sound this company are churning out head cans for buttons and matching competition that's 3 times the price. I love these phones. Great little ear engines indeed.
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on 27 March 2013
I generally aim for around £30-60 for earphones, but I like to keep a couple of pairs of cheap earphones around in the car etc in case I find myself needing them, at work etc - places where I don't use them often enough to be worth £30 or more, or where I'm more likely to use or break them.

I normally just get a pair of crappy £10 Sony's from Tesco, but they're terrible and I thought these were worth a punt for £3.81 delivered with good reviews. For less than I pay for my lunch, these are excellent. In fact, they'd still be excellent at 5 times the price, and would hold their own against earphones costing 10x as much.

Let's be clear here, they're not perfect. You only get one set of silicon tips and they're a little rough. These bad boys are also bulky and the casing can be a bit sharp if you lean against your ear - you're not going to be wearing them in bed anytime soon without getting a sore ear. I wouldn't say they were particularly stylish either - a big bit of shiny silver sticking out of my ear isn't going to turn heads- but there's nothing wrong with them either. One side (left in my case) is also slightly louder than the other. Not the end of the world, especially since I normally only wear one while at work anyway so I can talk to people, but it's worth mentioning.

Other than that, though, the cable feels nice (braided, rather than cheap rubber) and the sound quality is superb for the money. They don't match up to some of my previous Sennheisers (£25-45) and Ultimate Ears (£55) and similar, but they're not far off and for a fraction of the price. The bass is strong and punchy, the mid range is good and there's none of that tinniness you normally get from cheap earphones. If you're looking at headphones up to £25, it's a no-brainer, buy these. Above about the £30 mark, other options are better quality - but not ten times better.

If you're an audiophile looking for a new set of earphones for constant use, get your wallet out and buy something more expensive. But if you're wanting a pair of earphones for casually listening to music on the train, watching occasional films on your laptop while your partner is asleep, or just as a spare pair with decent quality, these are ideal. I'm about to order a second pair, and I'll have two spares for less than I would normally have paid for one.
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on 5 May 2017
For the price (I paid £5.03) these are amazing. They sound great and are comfortable. Given the price, these are suitable for treating like a Bic biro: they're really convenient for carrying around and not worrying much about getting broken - in fact, I have tended to buy a few of these at a time so I've got a ready supply.

The thing I like least about these is the cables - they are considerably better than a plasticy cord, and the plastic retainers do a good job of protecting them from getting pulled out, however they are too thin, and as a result tend to get tangled up in your pocket. As a result, nowadays I tend to prefer AudioMX these - however, at the price, the Monoprices are very, very good.
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on 6 March 2016
I bought these after reading an article from Lifehacker, detailing how great the sound is and you can't beat the value.

I retired a pair of earbuds that I had been using for 5 or 6 years.

These are incredibly cheap feeling, but that's to be expected for the price. They may feel cheap and the stock earbuds may not be the most comfortable, but the sound is nice. You can upgrade the rubber to something that fits nicer in your ear, though I never had any real difficulty with the stock buds.

I've had these for 2.5 years, though the last 4 months I haven't used them much.

My only complaints are that about 18 or 20 months in, the little rectangle controller bit "came apart". Now I'm not terribly hard on my electronics, except for a tendency to drop my mobile. It wasn't a big deal, I glued it back together, but it does keep coming apart every now and then. Still. Five pounds.

The other complaint is that these cables are prone to being tangled. My former headphones had so-called tangle free cables. You really don't appreciate how well those actually work until you get some without that technology. If I gave these headphones a side look, they would find a way to become a tangled mess.

My solution was getting a binder clip. It actually worked quite well, you just put the earbuds through the hole and wrap the cables around the push levers.

I've bluetooth headphones now, but I actually hate them. Not for the quality, but some other design issues. Thinking of going back to Monoprice!
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on 18 July 2014
This review is for the Monoprice 9963, enhanced bass iem. I have had my eyes opened recently as to what a high standard of sound quality can be had for very little money. I own Etymotic ER6i and Sony XBA2-IP iem's, which cost over £100, I also have V-Moda M-100 over ears which cost even more. I have owned Klipsch S4 iem's as well. Recently I purchased two differing iem's that combined cost less than £20, both offer stunning sound quality.

If you have a smart phone with half decent sound quality (iPhone, HTC One, S3/4/5, etc) you owe it to yourself to try these, they cost less than most McDonalds meals!

How do they sound? Extremely good BUT follow the makers instructions to burn them in for 24 hours. You would expect to pay around £30-50 based on sound quality alone.

Highs (treble) - Quite smooth and slightly rolled off at the upper end, not fatiguing while managing to be both insightful and clear. In comparison the Etymotic are very slightly better (as you should expect). There is no sibilants once burned in.

Mids (upper) - Very insightful but slightly peaky with rougher recordings, very clear and not at all veiled.

Mids (lower) - Again very insightful and clear, I cannot detect any bass bleed into the mids at all. Note impact and decay is spot on. Personally I find them to be the equal of anything I have heard in the mids.

Lows (bass) - Fast and balanced. These do not sound like Beats and nor are they meant to. The bass is there, it extends well and it is fast, rhythm and timing is spot on but I would not call it greatly enhanced. There is a caveat though, you have to find the correct fit to experience the bass and this is not always easy.

I will listen to these in preference to my more expensive gear, they may lack a tiny bit of refinement but they sure are fun. I would recommend them for most music genres' except hiphop and EDM. They are outstanding with guitar, acoustic or electric, vocal, classical and jazz/folk. Their frequency response sounds fairly flat with a slight bass hump. The added bonus is that I don't fret about losing or damaging them.

The downsides? Yup there are some, personally I think they're ugly but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it can take a while to find the right fit (seal) in the ear and without it they will sound very bass light. There is another low cost iem that is as good although it offers a different sound balance (see my other reviews).
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on 20 July 2013
Are they audiophile quality? No, definitely not. But for the money they're really rather good.

If you're after a pair of earphones and don't want to spend too much I think the next level above these is a good pair of £30+ earphones, so these are a great budget option. The sound isolation is good and the audio quality is well balanced for most music types. I think 'enhanced bass' actually takes makes it 'normal bass' compared to what you'd expect from others in this price range.

The only downside is that the design of the casing is uncomfortable for me. This probably depends upon your ear shape but the ridges on the outside don't make them comfortable for prolonged wear. This is a shame as they're probably only there as a design feature to make them look interesting and they fail in that. These aren't pretty, trendy or cool looking headphones, but for this cost you won't mind when you lose them at the gym or commuting.
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on 27 October 2015
Remarkable for the price, despite getting more expensive... I highly recommend "burning them in" at least for a few hours before use. Simply attach to a player or radio and play music through them at a reasonably high volume. Like many transducers the cones/diaphragms loosen up and sound a lot smoother after such treatment. Take note of the correct way to fit them and how to hang the wire over the ears, or you'll find them uncomfortable.

They have something of a cult following as do the white variety, simple google "monoprice buds".

Highly recommended as an everyday, rough and tumble set; at this price it doesn't hurt to lose them.
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on 1 December 2016
The materials seem a bit delicate and at first they may be uncomfortable to get into place, also the cable can be troublesome but once you learn to wear them they are great.

I've tried a lot of headphones and although these are not the best sub £20 headphones I’ve used they are surprisingly good having better sound than most < £30 earphones I’ve tested.

As usual one thing to keep in mind is that these have good sound for listening to proper music.
People that don’t care about the range of sounds but are more interested in that fake mumbling “bass” noise for listening to hip-hop, pop and other types of “music” should look of other type of earphones/headphones.
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