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on 6 September 2014
Okay, Avatar, what can be said that hasn't already been said?, box office smash, highest grossing film to date etc. I must admit I had seen it a few times in 2D on TV, and while I won't admit to being overly a fan of the film, it's worth a watch, personally I think, story wise at least, it's overrated, let's be blunt, it's not the most original film, think Pocahontas in space, but it IS worth a watch, very rarely does James Cameron disappoint. Now in 3D, yep same story, but visually it takes it to a whole new level,yes it IS that good. Many nay sayers are saying 3D TV is a "fad" that won't it last, all I can say is if you want an example of a decent 3D film this is it, the 3D is totally immersive, it just draws you in, graphically it is one of the most beautiful films I have ever seen and worth every penny. Bear in mind that is from someone who is not the biggest fan of this film, so hopefully that will tell you something. (As an aside the box had the "Lenticular" artwork on it for those that are considering buying that version.)
Titanic. Now THIS blew me away. Obviously by now everyone knows the film in it's normal release, I was not quite sure what to expect from the 3D process here, bear in mind we are talking about a 1997 film, long before the current 3D film making began, and most post production 3D conversion is dodgy at best, but you certainly can't say that about this film. While not quite Avatar standards, the 3D is fantastic. The picture quality is everything you would expect of a quality Blu Ray conversion, and the sound is equally, wonderful. For a 17+ year old film this really did stun me, in a good way.
The final selling point for me was the price. Singularly, they would cost about £20 each, (obviously price depending on the seller so it varies) so you'd be looking at about £40, maybe a bit more for both individually. I paid £23 and in my view, have two great films added to my collection.
If you're considering adding even only one of these films to your 3D collection I would recommend pay the little extra and get both, I'd be surprised if you're disappointed.
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on 28 August 2015
Most of this review is about Titanic, since Avatar was made in 3D in the first place, and was as spectacular as you'd hope. I saw it in the cinema in 3D which was an excellent experience, and the bluray is also very good. Titanic I found very impressive, considering the movie was not originally produced in 3D. I know the film very well, so you know what's coming in each scene, but the three dimensional effects were really excellent, and it felt like watching a new movie. This strikes you right from the start, in the underwater scenes on the wreck - it really makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end as the bow appears out of the gloom, standing out from the background. In the indoor scenes it felt, as it should, almost as if you were standing a couple of feet away from the protagonists, involved in the action. The wider scenes of the ship, the iceberg, and so on, really had depth. Great job, James Cameron.
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on 10 August 2015
Very good value set. Avatar in 3D is an enjoyable experience being the first major film to actually take the format seriously rather than just using 3D to chuck objects at you, dangle stuff in front of your face and give you a blinding headache in the process. Cameron really knows what he's doing here and has clearly researched how to use the format without falling into the ironic trap repeatedly reminding you you're watching a screen by causing 3D objects to fail to hit you and disappear into nowhere.

Titanic is less successful. The post conversion is VERY well done, but also involved cropping the image to 16:9 rather than preserving the original ratio. I'm not sure what some other reviews are havering about when they say that it hasn't all been converted, just the bits where it matters. That's nonsense: it is just in the nature of 3D that some scenes stand out (pardon the pun) more than others but as far as I could tell it's all been done. In the end it's interesting to see but I'd rather stick with the flat, original ratio version - which is also included in the pack in Blu-ray form so even though I'm not likely to play the 3D version again any time soon it's still an upgrade. The Titanic package contains 4 blu-rays (2 for the 3D movie, one for 2D and one for extras) and comes in a double width Amaray case which isn't strictly necessary as 4 can easily be fitted into a standard width pack.
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on 6 June 2014
A great double bill and as others have said Titanic converts well to 3D. Avatar was of course filmed in 3D and it shows. Certainly this is excellent value and a recommended addition to ones library.
As a warning Avatar will not play on some players - this is a known problem and is probably something to do with DRM.
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on 3 October 2014
Here we have the best of 3D in one package. You have Avatar which was made for 3D, and you have Titanic which was converted to 3D from 2D. Harry Hill would say "But which is better? There's only one way to find out... FIGHT!!!" Do you think that Avatar would easily win? You might be wrong. Titanic could be unsinkable against Avatar! The conversion is so good that it could beat Avatar. The reason that it could beat Avatar is because the colour palette, and contrast of the real Titanic characters is slightly better than a CGI colour palette of Avatar, and the conversion pushes the depth of the 3D a bit further than Avatar. If you really want to find out, buy both right here, right now.

Pincho Paxton
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on 28 June 2015
I am one of those that thinks that 3D really does add an extra dimension to watching a film. I put off watching Avatar until I could watch in 3D. I bought it solely for the 3D experience as many reviewers have said it is a "showcase" for the medium. I can see why. This is a very "visual" film and even if you don't care too much about 3D I still think it would increase your enjoyment: for those that love 3D - it's excellent.

I had only watched Titanic a few weeks earlier in 2D - and watched again out of 3D interest - again I was not disappointed - I quite often flip between 2D and 3D to judge the difference - and while in some scenes it is irrelevant it makes others spectacular.
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on 23 January 2015
There is not much to say about these two films that hasn't been said before, so I'll skip the movie review...

We already own both of these on blu-ray, but we really only just started trying out our TV 3D function. These films are excellent in 3D! Titanic is amazing, but Avatar is even better...probably reference quality! Buying the two together is a bargain and for info, the Avatar box is the one with the lenticular sleeve. If you really want to show off your 3d system, this is the set to get.
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on 9 January 2015
Avatar is amazing in 3D! I use a 1080p 3D projector and this movie always blows people away, simply by how amazing it looks.
Titanic is equally breathtaking.

This was the first purchase I went with when getting my 3D projector, as Avatar is the benchmark of 3D movies, and it seemed better value getting Titanic too, rather than just buying Avatar.
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on 7 February 2016
The last time I saw Avatar in 3D was when it opened in theatres... and then I watched it again recently with this box set, and it was as good as I remembered at the cinema. Avatar 3D is one of those "must-have" 3D movies, and the fact it came with Titanic was even better.
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on 7 February 2014
Avatar is a brilliant film with superb 3D effects and we could watch it over and over.
Titanic is a total waste of time in 3D as there are no 3D effects,I was constantly removing my 3D specs to check, that said the conversion from 2D to 3D has been very well done, but why bother ?
Avatar was filmed in 3D and it certainly shows, the effects are cinematically out of this world, how did J C do it ?
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