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2.8 out of 5 stars
2.8 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 27 April 2015
For someone who knows a bit of the true story on which it is based, the movie absolutely puts no new perspective on the facts themselves or the members of the Bling Ring. The script consists of an extremely redundant succession of burglaries, punctuated by a few excerpts from interviews which unsubtly try to explain the motivations of those teenagers. The plot lacks substance, there is almost no dramatic tension, and even the atmosphere, one of Coppola's work's most appealing aspect, has trouble establishing itself and carrying away the viewer. The movie gets boring quite quickly and after an hour,you just lose interest.4/10
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 6 August 2013
I love the films Sofia Coppola comes up with! I saw "The Bling Ring" last night and was not disappointed - it is a funny, shifting, tongue-in-cheek on the mark portrayal of the madness of the celebrity obsession. The obsession that results in a feeling that we know people in the public eye, and have a right to invite ourselves to their homes. And this is what happens, a posse of adolescent middle-class LA girls and their gay friend (brilliant Israel Broussard portraying a young adult who is embracing his gayness, his performance is flawless) embarked on a thieving extravaganza, targeting homes of the celebrities next door (Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom, Lindsay Lohan et al). Time after time, they broke into celebrities' abodes and tried on stuff, innocently bagging a bracelet or two. Those "trips" continued and the thieving escalated with the amount of publicity their gang received. As their sense of cautiousness disappeared, they started to bag as much bling as they could carry away, occasionally taking Ferraris for a ride (returning them in time of the lawful owner's return back to LA). Until, of course, they got caught and were put behind bars. For real.

As the credits started to roll (to yet another great piece of music!), a couple of girls behind me voiced their opinions: "What was that about? Completely pointless..." I felt smug. God, I felt energised and elated after the film, a bit like after watching a fine thriller. The whole experience felt like a good thriller to me - I was at the edge of my seat, tensed and a couple of times literally holding my breath (the gun scene?!).

The film is very well made. Cinematography is beautiful. There are numerous scenes that are stunning and well thought through (the night driving, when we see just the road ahead? the car crash scene? the sad and disturbing scene, where the ring leader (played by Katie Chang), stands in Lindsay Lohan's bedroom and sprays herself with perfume? the almost silent scenes of robberies? the list is endless!). The acting of the young actors is solidly good (some critics pointed out that there are scarcely any dialogues in the film, but this is not a radio play that would not survive without a good dialogue, this is Sofia Coppola's film!). Chang and Broussard and our own Emma Watson are excellent!

And the humour! This is (perhaps first) genuinely funny Coppola's film - Leslie Mann is hilarious and sweet as a spiritual mum home-schooling her children on the principles of The Secret. And the fuchsia pink shoes!

And the music!

This is definitely a film that will divide opinions, but sometimes you need to think outside the lines. This is not just a portrayal of a incident that took place a few years ago, without comment or any directorial input, this is a satire of the world's celebrity culture. In her last film Somewhere [DVD] (2010), Sofia Coppola tried to illustrate the meaningless of celebrity existence. And in "The Bling Ring" she continues her musings on the topic of fame, depicting the obsession with all things celebrity.

This is a real life tale of obsession (on wrong things), arrogance and dilusion, and a time capsule of the strange times we live in.
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on 3 June 2014
This film is pretty awful

One hour in and there's still the same overused footage of bad actresses stealing shoes and handbags. Nothing is happening, it's very dull and the story line is close to cringing.

Don't waste your time
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on 20 February 2015
This film had so much potential. Emma and Taissa are amazing and Sofia Coppola's other movies are so good. I mainly watched this film as the virgin suicides is one of my favourite films and I also love Taissa in ahs. The problem with this movie is that it's so boring- it has a bad storyline, the scenes are awkward, unnecessarily long and the camera angles are boring- just some music in the background could have made it better and less strange to watch. The actors in this film were not the problem- they were all very good, its the script, the directing and the editing. Even without the best storyline this film could have been good but it was horrible- don't bother.
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on 20 September 2013
Marc (Israel Broussard) is the new kid in school. He is an average guy who is befriended by the light fingered Rebecca (Katie Chang). He goes along with her antics as he gets to hang out with her, her hot friends, and do drugs. It isn't long before things escalate as their inner circle of friends desire to partake in the robbing of celebrities.

The celebrities post their schedule so everyone knows when they are out of town. Using Google and Google Earth their homes are easy to pinpoint and it seems their security is less than my broken window double-wide guarded by feral kittens.

The film, like the event, makes a statement about when consumerism and celebrity society collide. I found the film amusing in that regard. After they rob Paris Hilton for the third time, someone asks, "Won't she know?"

Someone answers, "She's Paris."

When Rebecca gets arrested she asks, "Did you talk to any of the victims?"

Officer: "I talked to all the victims.

Rebecca: "Really? What did Lindsey say?"

It is a film that is hard not to like while shaking your head. The film could have been better if the celebrities who were robbed played the kids who robbed them and they diss themselves. I found the film entertaining and enjoyable.

Parental Guide: F-bomb, brief near sex, no nudity. Emma Watson showing off a great set of gams.
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on 17 August 2014

The premise is: a group of teenagers rob celebrity homes. The film is: a group of teenagers rob celebrity homes (with barely any dialogue, suspense or intrigue - did this film even have a script?) Could have cut the entire film down to 5mins because that's about how long you can suffer through this before your attention wanders. In fact, just watch MTV cribs if you're so desperate to see the inside of Paris Hilton's house.
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on 11 August 2014
If you've read the amazon synopsis of this film, you probably don't really need to watch it, as that's pretty much it for plot. I've seen and liked the director's previous work, but this is such a thin storyline, it's just like a fashion shoot on steroids - pretty girls draping themselves in jewellery and clothes. The characters are sadly under-developed, so you don't really have any strong feelings for or against them.
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on 1 March 2014
I expected a lot because I love Emma Watson but the acting from not just her but the rest of the bling ring was very poor. It made the film slow and hard to watch.
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The Bling Ring is the tale of 5 high-school Hollywood-based friends that use the internet to check when their favourite stars are out of town working or partying. Forearmed with the knowledge the house will be empty, they target these properties with seeming ease as celebrity after celebrity either leave doors and windows unlocked or keys under the mat. The Bling Ring is based on actual events of celebrity-culture-obsessed kids breaking & entering star's houses to pilfer their property. The girls are mad for the thousands of dollars of designer dresses & handbags whilst Marc (Israel Broussard - Flipped) just wants to fit in to his new school and finally feel like he belongs.

The Bling Ring is a smart and snappy affair, well-filmed in the beautiful surrounds of the Hollywood hills and the mansions that pepper Mulholland drive, credit to director Sofia Coppola. It has a distinct style as we see the endless procession of 'selfies' make their way on to the characters FB pages and add to the hype the ring already receives at school for having the latest top-end gear. It's the stylisation that gives the experience a unique feel set to a great hip-hop based soundtrack featuring the latest & greatest.

The cast are incredible and really carry this story, their interactions are affable and genuinely believable, despite being largely two-dimensional roles - Emma Watson provides an excellent rendition of a materialistic alpha-female whilst upcoming actress Katie Chang provides the best friend to Marc's uncertain protagonist.

Extra Content: Included is the Theatrical Trailer and that's it.

Whilst it could be construed as a condemnation of the celebrity-cult that most school kids subscribe too, it falls far short of lecturing or critiquing, settling for a catty swipe at the end rather than a thorough dismissal meaning that the Bling Ring can be taken either way, you'll either love it for the endless celebrity reference and name-dropping of major brands, dresses and style, or you'll see through the materialism and be willing them to fail. Either way, it's a great film weighing in at 90 minutes. Recommended.
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This is a clever film about people who have taken superficiality to the next level. The desire to thieve is clearly strong in these airheads, but so is the desire to possess beautiful things owned by the beautiful people, there was on odd innocence in their larceny especially its lack of difficulty and their lack of nous in hiding it. At time it seemed to be CLUELESS gone horribly wrong. It ends much as one would expect, there are few surprises.
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