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on 23 April 2014
A year or so ago Qi wireless chargers cost a lot more than this and there were fewer around. The market seems to have matured as more devices implement the technology. The manufacturer here, Smart Technology, offer quite a range and this model seems to be their cheapest.

Having said that it doesn't seem cheaply built. The disk is small, just as you can see in the photo of it being held in a hand, and about a centimetre thick. There are blue circles top and bottom and these are rubberised to help grip the desktop and device, but not adhesive. You can dislodge the set up with a careless nudge. However this has not been a problem in use. It comes packaged simply with two USB to Micro USB cables - one short and one long. Both of good quality. You do need your own mains power supply and I used a general-purpose 2.1A USB charger.

The instructions are slightly awry. There is no Blue LED. When powered up in stand-by mode the LED glows dull red. Once you place a device on top of it to be charged the LED changes to blinking green for the duration. If I had any gripe I would suggest the designers programmed-in a change to steady green once the device is charged. Nothing serious but it would be helpful. My Nexus 5 went from half-full to fully-charged in less than two hours. Once removed from the disk the LED returns to standby and dull red.

The charger and phone got only slightly warm when charging from half to fully-charged. I doubt that in reality this is any warmer than a phone would become close to the body, in a jeans pocket for example. HOWEVER when I charged my phone from almost flat it did indeed become way too hot as it approached 92%. So much so that I whipped it away and placed the phone on a cold surface to dissipate the heat.

My original review ended on a very positive note but having experienced the heat others have previously mentioned I am more worried now.

It is hard to know whether this is caused by the general wireless charging process itself, a badly designed gadget or the result of placing the phone not quite centrally on the plate. The only way to ascertain the quality is to buy the official Google Nexus charger but I don't feel like taking the risk.

To sum up, I will use this charger to "top up" my phone and stick to the cable for full charges.
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on 6 January 2015
The charger works as advertised and is well made. It's quite heavy for such a small thing which means it stays put on your desk. The light makes it clear whether it thinks it's charging your device or not. My only problem is getting the device in the correct place to start the charging. It seems to need to be in the exact position which can be a bit fiddly to get and does mean it would probably be quicker to plug the device in. However, this might be a device issue rather than a charger issue and I'll probably get better at positioning my phone as I get more practice at where it has to be - I'm already much better after a week.
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on 20 June 2014
I am only speaking on my experience so please don't be to put off by this review.

It's a great charger that I used every day for about 2 weeks. Unfortunately after that time the charger suddenly cut out and would no longer charge my device. It received absolutely no power at all.

The standard plug that comes with the device, although nice to include, was a bit on the noisy side for me. I resorted to using the device at work plugged directly into my PC as opposed to next to my bed at home due the noise constantly ringing in my ears from the plug.

When it was working, it worked really well! It saved me constantly plugging my device in and having wires everywhere. My phone did get a little on the warm side when charging however this was expected and not uncomfortably hot.

I would definetely be investing again in the future however would like to see the technology be a bit more reliable before doing so.
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on 28 December 2015
Slow charging and temperamental. The ergonomics are questionable as the phone is rather mismatched to the charger. If it is on a busy desk it invariably falls off the round base. My son has one that became so hot the plastic on the charger deformed so I cannot recommend this product if only on the grounds of safety it is very questionable
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on 20 March 2014
This little gadget is nifty. I would have given it five stars if it not for the heat it puts out during charging.

My charger for my nexus broke and when I bought a replacement it didnt work so I assume the fault was within the phone. Didnt even realise this phone accepted wireless chargers until I came across this.

It works fine, the light is annoying yes but its not the end of the world and I can grab it quckly when heading out instead of ripping the cable from it.
Honestly the only downside is the heat.

it DOES work for nexus 4!!
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on 16 May 2014
I bought the Expower QI Wireless just because it was one of the cheapest in the market and I didn't even know if I would have used it
or left it in the drawer forever...
Instead it turned up to be one of the best gadgets (for mobiles) I've ever bought!

Nowadays mobile's batteries last longer,
but it's still difficult having to use a smartphone for more than two days without recharging it.
Like lots of people, I used to go to sleep with my mobile charger plugged in until the morning
when, half asleep, I'd wake up trying to stop the alarm, not before struggling to unplug the mobile and sometimes drop it!

But now with the wireless charger it's easier. I use it also during the day, so my mobile is always charged!
I receive calls, sms, messages and I have lots of social apps running up on my mobile all day long,
so I'm checking it every 10 minutes without worrying anymore for the battery!

I can say that the Expower QI Wireless does its job, it's light and easy to carry with you,
good looking with its round shape, and his double rubber grip on the bottom and the top doesn't let the mobile slip from the table!

For me a good point is that it's smaller than others, so it's easier to carry around and perfect on a messy desk!
There is also a light that blinks green if it's charging,
but I don't look at it because the notification's sound of the mobile tells me that is in the correct position.

In the end, I would recommend the Expower QI Wireless to everyone,
and if I will have to buy another for a gift I would go for it again.
It works as good as the originals that, however, are more expensive!
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on 5 June 2014
item does exactly what it says on the tin. charges my Nexus 5 whilst in it's case (an Orzly multi-function). The only reason I'm not giving 5 stars is that the phone, case and charger all got 'hot' whilst charging - where 'hot' means 'uncomfortable to touch', and substantially hotter than the phone gets when charging normally.
will experiment to see whether this is related to the case, or not, and update.
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on 23 April 2014
I am very happy with this charger. Its so easy to simply place phone on top when I'm at my desk. Then when I need to head off to a meeting I simply pick it up. No more fiddling with cables to plug in and out of the phone.
The reason for 4 stars is because the charging is quite slow. I expected it to be slower than a direct cable, but had hoped it would be slightly quicker than it is - so, if you are low on charge and need a quick power up, I recommend you pull cable out of this unit and plug directly into phone. Otherwise, if you are using this to just keep phone topped up during the day, this works very well.
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on 23 April 2014
I'm sure you can get chargers that look nicer or have slightly better build quality, but they all perform the exact same function and this is about a third of the price of a 'name brand' one. Charges my Nexus 5 quickly in any orientation, doesn't look bad at all (although nothing special) and I don't feel like it's gonna break any time in the next few years.
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on 18 July 2014
First of all I have only given it four stars because it has one design flaw. It doesn't reduce the charge when the battery is fully charged. The battery and phone will get very warm possibly too warm. So long as you remember to disconnect this once charged it works very well.
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