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on 4 August 2015
This is a first impression review, which if I find problems will change later.

I received my unit well packaged, and there was no water around as some reviewers said they had seen. But in the information booklet, it explains that there may be a little water due to the item having been tested before packaging, so if you find any then it is not anything to worry about.

The instructions are very clear, and I am now enjoying my first cup of tea from it about an hour after starting to open the box, even though I didn't hurry with it as I was cooking dinner at the same time. I think if you were determined to, you could have it set up in about 10 minutes flat from opening the box.

I can taste the difference in my tea from it using filtered water. There is a filter provided so that you can use it straight away and buy a replacement later. I also had a voucher included for £5 off a pack if I order from the Bosch website. I haven't looked to see if that will be cheaper or not as I always shop around first, and offers are not always the actual cheapest price, but it's nice to see anyway.

I saw a review that mentioned a quick guide sheet, with inaccuracies. Mine has no such sheet, so not to worry about that.

When you first set it up, there is a routine to follow step by step. Some is obvious like plug it in. The thing that is a little time-consuming is rinsing out the water container and getting the filter set up, then you have to run 2 cups through before using any to drink. It was all easy peasy to do though, and I was cooking at the same time.

There are several things that are not clear from the description alone so I will attempt to describe them.

The water container is made from material very like a water filter jug or a fridge salad drawer. It is not going to stand up to being bashed around. But you are not going to bash it around so that should be fine.

There is a handle on the water container to take it to/from the tap if you want to do it that way. But I will be filling it from a jug and storing the jug on the lid, as I did with my previous dispenser, which was a Morphy Richards one that had served me well until yesterday morning when it decided to take up smoking. There is an indent in the lid, with drain holes, so you could pour water slowly down that, but you can take the lid right off very easily then you have the whole top area of the container to pour into. You can pour @ 1 litre in before having to wait for it to filter through. And it really does not take long at all to filter through anyway. You could make a cup of tea then finish filling the machine.

The drip tray/cup stand is very easy to move to adjust the height. You just take it out and put it in whichever height slots you want it. The drip tray itself has a totally removable top for easy pouring away/cleaning.

Putting everything in the right place eg the tray, the water jug, the filter, you can't go wrong, as everything is very obvious which way round and where etc from the shape.

The only thing you will need to use the instructions for is for doing the filter the first time, and for the first time use, and for descaling. And perhaps to change cup size the first couple of times until you get used to it, just like any appliance. Descaling looks to be very easy as it has a programme for it, that the instructions say it takes 10 minutes, then you just flush it through when it's finished.

It also has a guide in the back of the booklet, for problem-shooting, if you come across anything. Very straightforward.

The whole thing looks very smart on my counter, and only takes a small space too. It's great it sits flush against the back wall so there is plenty of space in front to mess around with teabags etc.

The on/off and the top controls for temperature etc are nice and easy. You don't have to push anything hard, it's just a soft click.

The manufacturer claim of whisper quietness is inaccurate, definitely, but it is not excessively noisy either. It makes an obvious humming noise just as it starts to heat, then it gurgles a bit like a coffee machine, but if you had music on say you would hardly notice, or if you were having a conversation, once you got used to using it.

The dispensing speed is not bad. It's not quick quick, but I think the 100 degree water for my tea took under a minute to fill a 250ml mug. And the water is certainly hot enough. I don't have a thermometer to check, but I am fussy about my drinks, and it is comparable or perhaps even a shade better than my previous Morphy Richards machine, which I was careful to check out about the temperature when I bought that.

The water does not go anywhere except straight down into the mug. No mess, not a drop.

I wanted this over other machines partly for the features and also for the Bosch name as I have had a Bosch washing machine for about 15 years now and never had a single problem with it. Now that is good! So I hope that this will give a comparable service life.

re the price - I was happy to pay it and even to add Express Delivery. I couldn't get it so quickly locally as they would have had to order it in online first. I will be using the ambient water feature a lot as I have to take meds several times a day so that will be wonderful as I do not like tap water and have been leaving a glass of water standing to try to get out the chorine at least before I use it. So this will look a lot neater and not collect dust on the water either. So I could have had just a hot water one, that only does one temperature, and the cheapest option I saw that I could have lived with was still £40 with the delivery. And this one I will not just live with it, I will enjoy its extra features. (My total including express delivery was just under £84)

I really like that you can set specific dispense amounts. My previous one was a bit hit and miss. I also like that if you want to stop it early, you just touch the button and it will stop. And I will enjoy to set the temperature lower for coffee, as I don't like to use boiling water for coffee. And then when I want fruit squash with hot water I can lower it further and not scald myself or have to top it up with cold. Or I can use it for my friend who likes to drink plain hot water and she can drink it straight away without having to top it up from the tap. Wonderful :)

I think that's it. If I think of anything else I'll add it later. Hope this helps people make an informed choice.

Edit:- Have found if you draw 'ambient' water immediately after boiling water, the first bit comes out warm, so either do the ambient one first, or else wait for the conduit to cool from the heat of the boiling water (not sure if it is that or residual heated water) or just run a small amount through, throw that out then run your ambient water. I'm not finding it a problem now that I know about it, but it was not nice to find out with a mouthful of warm water. I'm still finding it fantastic overall.
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on 3 July 2015
whisper quiet??

I think not...yet another total misnomer as far as the hot water dispenser goes..

I bought the original Filtrino and put up with 3 years of banging, spluttering and hammering sounds every time I wanted a cup of hot water. So it was with misgivings I decided to give the "WHISPERQUIET" version a go as husband wanted to take the other one out to his work place abroad.

Although not as loud as the first model (i.e. it's minus the hammering sounds) it certainly can't be described as whisper-quiet. Also it seems that with this model the splatters of hot water spread out all over the appliance...so you end up with half your drink of choice splattered over the front of the appliance.

When using the boiling water mode it is the longest and loudest of all the options. Do yourself a favour and google some of the youtube videos people have made of this thing filling up...wish I had done before buying it.

Unfortunately as I live in france sending it back is not an option due to prohibitive postage costs. Shame on you Bosch for yet another shoddy product in this lineup.
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on 6 February 2017
This is great product for filtering then dispensing water at ambient of at a range of temperatures from 70degC to 100degC. Its very easy to setup
and takes the standard Brita MAXTRA filter used in their Jug products. It starts up immediately and is quite quiet in operation. You can even fill up the 2l tankwhilst the machine is dispensing. There really is no need for a kettle anymore - this item is more energy efficient and much safer too. Excellentto make tea or hot drink with blackcurrant. The manual is comprehensive and easy to understand. The unit is surprisingly compact with a footprintabout the same as an Expresso machine. The machine will tell you when the filter needs to be changed - probably around once per month. The filters are readily available from Amazon.
Can be used by children from 8 years and by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities.
The machine will indicate when a descale is required.
There is a child lock feature allowing only ambient water to be dispensed.
1600W, 3.3bar, 2l, 2.3kg
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on 29 January 2017
I've had this water dispenser for nearly two tears now and it has always performed perfectly - I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever on its performance. The functionality is also excellent - you can vary the temperature of the water (and it really does produce boiling water if you select it) - you can change the pre-set volume to dispense and you can quickly stop it dispensing if it looks like your cup is going to overflow - you can detach the water tank (which is light and has a well-designed handle) in order to take it to the tap or you can fill it in-situ using a jug. You can use it with or without a filter, and you can quickly adjust the height of the cup stand so that the lip of cup is always near to the spout so you don't get any splattering. Oh yes - and it also tells you when you need to refill it with water and it won't operate until you do - so it won't ever boil dry.
However, the reason I haven't given it five stars is its design - I really don't like that very much - it has round bits and square bits, a couple of different types of control (one rocker switch and one big dial with two different push buttons) and bits that stick out and frankly look quite ugly.
It's also quite complex to change the pre-set dispensing volume - why not just have a separate control for that instead of re-using the temperature selection control and having to memorise or look up the 'key' - i.e. 70 degrees = 150ml. 80 degrees = 200 ml etc.?
It would be good to be able to specify how hard your water is (so that if you have soft water it didn't keep telling you to descale it when it patently doesn't need descaling).
It may be a small point but I also don't like the fact that the water tank lid comes off completely - it would be nice if it just flipped up on a hinge although I guess that may not be as universally popular as my other points.
I've recently been researching hot water dispensers since my mother-in-law now needs one as she is no longer safe using a kettle, and I'm really depressed that nobody has designed one that comes up to scratch - they all have something wrong with them - either they don't have adjustable temperature or they don't have adjustable pre-set volume, or they don't have a detachable tank, or they look ugly etc. etc. The best one I can find currently is the Morphy Richards 'Redefine' but from the reviews it appears that fifty percent of those deliver foul tasting water so I'm not touching that with a barge poll (pity because the functionality sounds great and it actually looks beautiful).
So, I've come to the conclusion that the Bosch 'Filtrino' is still the best hot water dispenser on the market, but I do so wish that Bosch would redesign the controls and make it look better - would that really be so difficult???
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on 21 June 2016
Complete and utter waste of money that's going back tomorrow! NOT as described at all. "Whisper quiet"? hahahahahaha! "Instant" hot water? Please. A pathetic 1600 watt motor that takes 3 days to make a cuppa (ok, maybe not 3 days, but thats how it feels!)

I've used a hot cup since they first came out and they're usually great - this thing is complete rubbish, and from Bosch?! What a joke!

I previously had a Breville hot cup which worked like a dream for many years in a hard water area and was NEVER descaled! It must have been at least 7 or 8 years old when it finally kicked the bucket a couple of weeks ago. I thought whilst I'm buying a replacement, maybe it's time to upgrade to a better brand - well, this has made me question my trust in Bosch.

This thing dispenses boiling water at a painfully slow rate of about half a teaspoon a second (if that) Taking over a minute and fifteen seconds to fill a cup for tea. My old hot cup took 30 seconds!

This doesn't boil the cup of water and then dispense it in one go - oh no, this boils about a teaspoon at a time (whilst making a racket like a combine harvester) and then dribbles the water in to the cup so slowly that it splashes all over the place! Then it drip... drip... drips the last of the water in to the cup (that's if you haven't lost the will to live and changed your mind about having a cuppa whilst waiting!) And if it's done a short measure and you need a drop more water you have to wait 7 or 8 seconds for it to reset itself before it'll send a little drop more water out for you... drip....drip....drip - pretty much 2 minutes to make one cup of tea! My old hot cup would've made 4 in that time!

The whole unit looks a mess and needs a wipe down (along with the surrounding worktop) every time you use it, and if the baby is asleep when you decide to creep off and make yourself a quick cuppa it certainly won't be after you've used this thing! AND it asked for a new water filter after 6 days use! SIX days?!

I cannot find a single positive thing to say about it. You may have noticed, I'm not a happy bunny.
Drove me mental, I wanted to smash it up every time I used it. It's going back and has made me question my trust in Bosch products altogether.
Look at different brands and compare the wattage - you need 3000watt motor to get a speedy cup of water - this has a pathetic 1600 watt motor in it! Wish I checked before I bought it.
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on 30 October 2016
I loved this when I first bought it. I had the original, bought end of 2012. Did everything I wanted.

It died for no apparent reason slightly less than 1 year later with no warning. I looked into the issue and was told tough luck, new one needed.

So, I bought this one. Again, was pleased, especially with the height. Allows a drip funnel for coffee, just.

Today it died again. No warning - unplugged the unit to plug it back in elsewhere and it was dead. Checked cable, fuse, everything. I'm going to call Bosch but have no hopes it will avail anything.

These are great machines, not the fastest but tall and with good settings. They splash and scale up fairly quickly in hard water areas. But at the cost - so much more than almost any other machine - I simply can't see why I should buy another, or recommend them. The second one lasted a few years, but it didn't fail from overuse - it just stopped electrically, and the original died on a small power surge when a brownout happened.

With such sensitivity to power spikes, even just being unplugged, I cannot say it's great for a kitchen where rings may see a lot of equipment, and I have - in essence - bought one of these on average once every two years now.

Given the whole point was SAVING MONEY from energy efficiency, it has been a poor return at nearly £100 each. That's spending £200 on heating water in 4 years. I'd have been better off with a cheap kettle!

Lovely machine, but fragile and I will not recommend it nor will I buy another. Simply not worth the long term cost.
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on 30 December 2016
Had this for some time now and we're in a hard water area and touch wood, it has been working well up to now. I do have to descale it regularly, but that is a pretty simple procedure that takes about 10 minutes to do. The only gripe we have had (it's really only minor) is that the different temperatures of water dispense different amounts of water which is something that is not made that clear in the product description. E.g. it is only the temperature that is user adjustable, and the amount of water dispensed differs for each water temperature you select.
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on 7 May 2016
I decided to buy this even though the negative reviews were very negative! I can't really fault it as the slow speed doesn't bother me nor the noise it makes. It is not whisper quiet as described by Bosch and so for those wanting a quiet unit it will be quite disappointing. Some of the other dispensers apparently boil a set amount of water which if not all dispensed is returned to the cold water holder. Water can end up being boiled several times. This model may seem slow as it heats whilst dispensing - but much better than re-boiled water being used.

It is really easy to change temperature for each drink and the volume is changeable easily enough - it is just a setting which takes a combination of button presses so is a slightly more 'permanent' setting. You can press the stop button at any time so I have it on the max volume of 300ml.

It is not a replacement for a kettle but I also use it for gravy and making sauces or when I just need a bit of hot or boiling water.

I haven't tried other dispensers so can't compare but am happy with this one. I think some of the criticisms (apart from the products that were faulty) are down to people's expectation of what this type of product is supposed to do. It does do what it says it will do.

I love making quick hot drink. I used to boil my kettle, sit down elsewhere, and then forget about it. Now when I want a cup of tea I go to the kitchen and in one minute I have a cup of tea in my hands.

Update: Oct 2016. Unfortunately although this item still works OK I managed to drop the water container which now has a slight split down the side. (I only have lino on my kitchen floor so not hard tiles or anything). Although it is still usable it is leaking slowly through the crack. I contacted Bosch for a replacement part which was the only place I could find one. It is £30 plus p&p. Worth bearing in mind!

As others have mentioned, considering this is Bosch, the build quality leaves a lot to be desired. Would I buy this model again? No.
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on 29 July 2017
18 months and it started leaking from underneath as did our previous one and the one before that. Got the first two replaced under warranty and then the third one they said it only had the remains of the existing warranty (5 months) now that's gone as well. We Descaled them twice as often as was recomended, and used filtered water to put in it so it ended up double filteredThey are good if you can afford to change them every year ?
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on 2 May 2017
As a kettle alternative it is fine and once you work out the settings it is a good energy saver. However!! I think it is a product designed to sell add ons as well. I live in a medium water area and the water we use has gone through a reverse osmosis filter first so very little calcium and most other minerals removed, the Filtrino does not register this and despite water being clean and clear it demands a filter change every 100 litres which is expensive. Secondly the decalc operation is also somehow tied to a number of litres and this comes up every 3 weeks or so. As the suggested Bosch decalc tablets are expensive and I know it is not needed I am stuck. Only solution is to set it into the programme without the solution then it happily chugs on till the next time. The filter option you can of course turn off and wait till water clouds a bit. Nice try Bosch but you should give options to vary filter and decalc settings depending on water hardness etc.
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