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on 10 March 2014
I have never been very good with modern technology but Humax certainly took this in to the building of this wonderful machine. I have had the Humax for a month now and was able operate and understand it after the first week.
Good Value and with 600 hours records time I can record away with not worrying about filling up the recorder.

The Wi-Fi facility is brilliant also again easy to set up and easy to use

I would certainly recommend this product full marks.

Thank you Humax

Happy from Margate
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on 11 May 2017
Great shame. It's just failed after 2 1/2 yrs. It worked well very well at first. It has been in position and associated with the same equipment for the whole times It has had periodic usage. It's surely designed to last longer than this. With the European Consumer Rights Act of 2015 I am hoping Amazon/Humax will help.
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on 13 May 2017
As purchased, reliable
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on 1 March 2014
Quite pleased with this though somewhat disappointed as the Humax Portal does not live up to expectations. Many of their apps do not work with this model eg facebook otherwise a good buy.
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on 16 April 2015
The spec for this machine was very comprehensive. Unfortunately, despite, a confirmed perfect auto installation procedure ("plug & play"), the product would display only BBC1 and froze regularly whenever I tried to manipulate it, proving totally unresponsive to both the remote control & the control buttons on the unit itself. Over several days I disconnected & reconnected the box, always with the same result - freezing - & systematically unplugged/plugged regularly in an effort to reboot it (my old Skybox worked perfectly across this period & I had a strong satellite signal).Various searches on-line revealed that Humax boxes do seem strangelyprone to freezing, though unplugging from & replugging to the mains appears to work for many people. Unfortunately not in my case, however: I had to admit defeat & return the product. Throughout the process the Market Place supplier, Direct Bargain Online, was first-class & the return was effected very professionally. In my experience, however, the item was VERY disappointing & not fit for purpose. Whether I was just unfortunate to get a "rogue" machine I shall never know.
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VINE VOICEon 7 July 2014
It took me a long time to be convinced that any product for Free Satellite could be as good as Sky's (hugely expensive) offering.

My doubts were gradually dispelled and I bought this receiver.

And the results?

Mainstream HD and SD channels? Off the same satellite feed and cables, with a simple swap over, the picture is at least as good and possibly better.

Recording programs or series? Easier than Sky and works brilliantly.

On Demand? iPlayer, ITV and 4OD and YouTube all built into the box. It took 30 seconds on initial installation to find our wifi network and enter the password. Pause a few seconds and perfect connection. And, unlike the Sky alternative, it always finds the network at switch-on, no need for continual resets.

Showcase? The series of programs being brought to your attention are useful too.

The apps? For my iPhone and iPad, the ability to browse current programs and select one to watch "now" or to select for recording could not be simpler. And the pretty way that a selected channel slides up to the current viewing panel as the channel changes is flawless. This is about as good an example of integrating apps to a device as I have seen - Sky is left trailing in its wake.

Overall? After a few weeks I look back on Sky as an expensive diversion, and i just love using this device.

Qualitatively and operationally this is how Satellite viewing should be.
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on 31 December 2013
Like many people, I wanted to get rid of my Sky bills. We are not mean, we just were not impressed with the content for the money. After a lot of research and thanks to other people's reviews on Amazon, I chose this unit. Within 20 minutes from sealed box, we were into hundreds of programmes. The unit found my router quickly and we were online. I want to sink all adverse comments about the remote, there is nothing wrong with it! Everything worked perfectly. I just wish that Humax had not bought a "job lot" of white plastic, a black unit would have fitted so much better on my stack. This should not detract however from its superb performance. Picture and sound quality are great and the OSD was appreciated by all the family. Unfortunately I have lost my BT sport. BT say they cannot transfer it from my Sky account even though my Sky account has been cancelled. BT are in for a few strong letters. With this fast moving technology, they have to allow other manufacturers such as Humax to use their smart cards. I cannot recommend this unit highly enough. Sorry for those who got faulty units at the start, these things happen. It is worth persevering to finally get an operational unit, you will not regret it.
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on 4 February 2014
This box has recently been awarded a 'Best buy' in Which? magazine and placed above the Sky+ box. The earlier Humax models were clunky to use and lacked a lot of functionality, so how is this one different?

The first big difference is the ease of use. It's now simply a matter of screwing in the Satellite dish feeds and away you go. The box's onboard software takes care of everything except inputting your postcode. Once it's checked your signal levels and performed an onboard channel scan, you're ready to go. It's really that simple.

Picture is clear and bright, sound is excellent. Recording is even simpler than Sky - if that's possible. Simply select the show you want to record and press Record on the remote. The system then performs some very clever tricks, which place it ahead of Sky's boxes: it first asks if you want the Standard or High Definition version of the show. Once you've selected that, it asks if you want all the shows in the series. This is where it gets seriously good: it then checks to see if there's any conflict - in other words, are you trying to record three programmes at the same time? If so it tries to find another showing of the programme and asks you if you'd prefer that.

However, it offers more, and this is where it poses a really serious challenge to Sky: Freesat have apps for iPads, Android, iPhones and several other systems and these allow you to 'pair' with up to six of these boxes, so you can browse channels, set recordings and even view some shows remotely. Pairing is simple: you register on the Freesat site, and and then input the special code which this box provides on request, simply by following a few prompts. From then on, you can do almost everything on your ipad from your armchair without bothering with the Humax remote.

As if this wasn't good enough, the box has Wi-Fi built in, and once connected to your router through ADSL or wirelessly, the system offers Freetime, a system that lets you access easily free catch-up TV, such as the BBC iPlayer. 4OD, ITV player and more. It also offers the same functionality that the much vaunted Freeview does: the ability to scroll back and forth through listings for seven days either way. Add to this two USB sockets that allow you to play photos on the system and it's difficult to fault this machine.

The remote control is clearly laid out, with a big 'home' button, so you can easily find your way back to the main screen. At the moment, the system doesn't support folders, but experience shows they can be a mixed blessing, anyway, and it's always possible Humax will introduce them in the future.

In terms of PVRs, this is now the best on the market and worth the price tag, since there is no subscription required for Freesat services.

There is one, tiny niggle: it seems the Humax HDMI handshaking protocols are a tad over-exuberant. What that means is that if you're using a Sony with HDMI, the Humax won't allow you to select other HDMI inputs, unless you power off the system first. This isn't a deal-breaker, it's simply a little inconvenient. I'll be fitting a new HDMI switch box this week, to see if that makes a difference. If it does, I'll add it to this review.
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on 10 September 2013
I've had a sky+ box with a basic package - £27 a month - for 5 years and realised that other non-subscription options were multiplying, in the last year especially. Opted for freesat over freeview after direct comparison clearly favoured freesat for it's picture quality on both SD and HD channels. Freesat also seemed more future proof than freeview. Interestingly, John Lewis, where I bought it, use satellite reception for their display TVs.

The set-up was easy - just unplugged the satellite cables from the sky+ box, screwed them into the Humax, connected the HDMI to the TV, and it was off and running. The Onscreen guide (EPG) is almost as easy to use as the Sky and easily learnt without poring over manuals - my wife has no complaints - which is a reasonable benchmark for user friendliness. Great picture quality and huge storage capacity.

The wi-fi built-in makes it likely that Netflix et al will not be long in arriving. The on demand services already available include 4OD and 5, as well as iPlayer and itvplayer. YouTube is surprisingly crisp, DVD quality with no interruptions and this is with a broadband speed of about 2-3 Mb/s.

As for the heavy initial outlay, this will pay for itself in 10 months. No major gripes - it's had some firmware upgrades which presumably ironed out earlier problems picked up by reviewers and of course the ondemand service has expanded as promised. Slightly irked that the remote can't be reprogrammed to control the TV although there are universal remotes I suppose.
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on 4 August 2013
Brought this box as a replacement for SKY even though I had seen some negative reviews on the internet. First impressions are great, very easy to install and despite what I read I found the remote very easy and natural to use. ( Different from SKY obviously but has to be! but within a few minutes your have it figured out without any need to even read the instructions)

Used the internal WIFI and it streams without any problems (my router is 4m away behind another wall), some internet reviews criticised the built in WIFI as not very good but the manual does say best results are achieved using a wired connection, if your signal is strong and close it should be ok. Only criticism is the "you tube" APP always displays a flashing "loading" while playing clips, not sure whats causing it?

The recording function, I have done a few test records on 5 programs 4 worked well but 1 started recording only for the last 45mins on the film!? So some more test runs needed before that bit is signed off (hence the 4 stars!)! The live TV pause/record/rewind works well as well.

Some reviews have criticised the mechanical clicking with the remote control, its ok and does not annoy me, but I guess if you get annoyed easily by life it might bug you!

As for the build quality cant comment yet, but you have a full 2 years warranty with it, so hopefully that will cover everything.

All in all a great box...so far!
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