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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 25 September 2013
I bought this Dragon 4 for my living room, and in all honesty, I believe that this would make a far better bedroom heater. Basically I needed a heater which would heat a room in reasonably quick time, and then maintain a given temperature until switched off. Any heater featuring 'Electronic Climate Control' should do just that, yet in tests I ran, this heater was, admittedly, slightly less sensitive to temperature change than I'd expected - being accurate to approximately +/- 2 degrees. Which is still very good - albeit, where possible, I'd have preferred a heater which maintained accuracy to within one degree. Still, that is altogether a very minor issue. Nonetheless, here's why I suggest it's best for a bedroom:

+ it's almost soundless,
+ it's reasonably accurate at maintaining a given temperature,
+ it doesn't feature any annoying blue light (unlike its Dimplex competitor, below)
+ it's easy to use - even its timer. But note, that's arguably now too simplified - as Delonghi have removed the very useful A & B timer modes which were available in the 3 series, which is a negative to some.
+ being an oil based heater, it should be more economical to run overnight than an equivalent convector heater.
+ the fact that it heats a room up slowly (below) should matter less when used in a bedroom as opposed to in a living room etc.

Using this heater is simplicity itself. You could unbox this heater and use it almost without needing to read its manual.

In its price bracket, its main competitor Dimplex CDE2ECC Cadiz Eco Electric Oil Free Radiator with Electronic Climate Control, 2 Kilowatt has a very bright blue light on its side, which many people have reported needs to be covered with tape if used at night. Thankfully there's none of that on this!

Why this heater is not particularly recommended for any other room (other than a bedroom) over its Dimplex competitor above is because it is, in tests quite slow at heating a room up. In other words, I tested the time it took the room it heated to reach 21 degrees when it was set at 24 degrees, at maximum power, (ECO OFF) in a room which is approximately four metres by 3 metres. I was surprised to find that it took all of an hour and a half for that room to be heated from 17 degrees to 20.8 degrees. Personally speaking, that's too slow for my needs. To put that in perspective it would take a small fan heater about 5 minutes to accomplish the same thing. Again, that should be no problem in a bedroom environment where reasonably even and economical heating, throughout the entire night is far more important than how quickly it heats. At this point, I should add that the manufacturer states that it may be used in a "room up to 60m₃", but I would respectively suggest that if you would require it to hear a room any larger than around 40m₃ to 45m₃, then you really ought to consider buying a 3KW heater instead.

A last advantage to buying this heater from new, over a competitor's model, is that you'll receive the longest guarantee of any heater that I've come across: ten years from new. Now that's truly class leading peace of mind.

I've no doubt that this 'Dragon 4' with Electronic Climate Control, makes an absolutely excellent choice for a bedroom heater. Albeit, as mentioned, a slight setback over the 3 series is the over-simplification of the timer, which effectively trims down your timing choices. Why they did this is anyone's guess - maybe some people found having a wider choice for setting timings to be too complicated. And, I can't give it full marks for general usage, when I consider that it heats a room up slowly, and once it's eventually heated I've found that its ECC function could be a little more sensitive to temperature changes. In its defence, this is an oil based heater so such minor concerns are really par for the course, and when used in a bedroom environment, with all things considered, all minor issues become absolutely trivial and it really would be an ideal choice.
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on 25 November 2013
I cannot fathom why Delonghi's product designers would take a perfectly useful feature on their Dragon-3 range and leave it out of their Dragon-4 heaters. They have decided to leave out a proper timer feature, and what they call a timer is really just a delayed start. So for example, if you want the heater to come on at 10pm every night and turn off at 7am, you're out of luck (unless you want to count the number of hours until 10pm every time you wake up).

The Dragon-4 heaters with model numbers ending in "T" still have a manual timer, but the inability to maintain a set temperature. The models ending in "ER" can maintain a set temperature, but have no timer feature. Which to choose?

Perhaps best to wait for the Dragon-5 range once Delonghi have "redeployed" their shortsighted Dragon-4 designers.
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on 31 October 2013
I have had a Dragon 3 for about 7 years and it's been brilliant, bought this for my little boys room but will return it as they have removed the on / off proper timer function that was so useful on the Dragon 3. I used to have it on from 10pm to 6am to keep his room warm over night when our central heating went off. I'll be buying another Dragon 3. They are brilliant radiators though.
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on 4 December 2013
I wanted the radiator to replace an old Dragon-3 which had stopped working. It is situated in our large conservatory as a second heat source to the gas wall radiator. It looks better than the previous model & I would certainly say it is an improvement. It heats up quicker & is more efficient as I am getting the same heat as before but from a lower setting. It is very easy to move about as well. The only minor complaint I had is that initially you are supposed to use it at full power for a recommended 2 hours to burn off the smell but it actually took nearer 5 hours for the smell to disappear. But that's gone now & everything else I am more than happy with so I would certainly recommend this radiator to anyone looking for a back-up heat source. I am also sure it would work very well as primary heating in a small to medium sized room.
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on 10 February 2014
We bought this to keep our sons bedroom warm overnight as, being in an extended part of the house, it can get quite cold. It does take a couple of hours to get up to temperature (which isn't a real problem as we just turn it on a couple of hrs before bedtime), but when it does it seems to stay within a few tenths of a degree of what the radiator is set at.
Other people complain about the lack of a 24hour timer on this model. We had planned to plug this into a separate timer, but as there is so much power being sent through the plug, the instructions warn that this shouldn't be done. To be honest though, it hasn't been a problem for us as the countdown timer is all we need to make sure the unit turns off in the morning (we could use it to automatically turn the radiator on in the evening, but it's just as easy to do it ourselves, then we don't need to leave it on standby all day!)
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on 10 December 2014
Cannot recommend it highly enough! Just as the freezing temperatures descended this winter our boiler failed. We've just had a baby so it is twice as unwanted. I was looking at other well-reviewed radiators and opted for this one first of all because de Longhi is a good and trusted brand and it comes with 10 year warranty! It is also child safe with no sharp edges. I did not use the timer option that so many people complain about -- as I have a small baby I wanted to have constant temperature throughout the night and that's just what I got and I even enjoyed it more than our central heating! When set to 18 degrees it gave quite a nice range of temperature from 17.9 to 18.3 -- nothing too cold and nothing too hot (I'm hot at 18.5). I used dyson fan for one night and it overheated us when set to 18 degrees (noisy, came on every hour when the temperature was 18 and was working until it was 18.7). Dyson is amazing for instant heat, but this one is perfect for constant heating through the night. Chimney effect is wonderful -- gives you the heat so quickly. The price tag might be repelling, it's 2 to 4 times more expensive than other well-reviewed radiators, but I believe in this case you get what you pay for. I also have a couple of other appliances from de Longhi, which replaced faulty cheaper ones, so in this situation it was my first choice.

The only drawback is the cable being too short. It did not bother me as the socket was just in the right place, but I can understand someone might not like it at all.
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on 12 December 2013
Disappointed to find that there is only a countdown timer and no daily timer on the Delonghi Dragon 4.
I am sure some folks will find this useful, for us its not fit for purpose. Like our water heating, we like to set and forget, the heating only being on morning and evening. This model requires constant daily attention to operate. Has a big green Eco button.
Will be sending the radiator back, as its not fit for purpose.
Our Delongie Dragon 3 is a great and highly programmable model.
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on 26 November 2014
I agree with the others who have posted about timers - this has a delay start or a delay switch off, not a proper timer that can switch the heater on and off at different times. These heaters are going back for two basic ones and I'll but two separate electronic timers to control them - the ones on the Dragon 3s are ok, but are manual and so stop working in power cuts, throwing the timing out.
De Longhi, just give us a heater with a full electronic timer option, the rest of the heater is great.
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on 31 October 2013
Great heater etc but no 24 Hr timer :-(
......it has a delay start and a delay finish of up to 6 Hrs but no timer. Hope Delonghi recognise this as product shortfall.
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on 10 December 2014
Best oil heater you can buy for the price have an 8+ year old model of this heater still works perfect bought a new Dragon 4 because of this only had it one day but everything working put it on full power for two hours to burn off the oil smell which you get from new.
Does make a little clicking noise when cooling down and when the power goes on an off but does not bother me in my bedroom use looks cool with the smart display which is easy to use.
Bargain price of £99.00 free next day delivery direct from amazon but I'm on a free amazon prime trial for this month so don't know the normal delivery time.
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