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on 24 March 2013
The is the first book, since I read Love Story as a teenager, that I have read and not wanted to put it down! Honey is a fantastic character, descriptions of Bath are so clear that I feel
'll as though I know it well. I am really looking forward to reading more. I have several friends who love reading and have recommended the book and character to them.
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on 21 March 2013
This book is decidedly different from the usual crime novel with humour, quirky characters, a plot set in beautiful Bath and lots of twists and turns including a budding relationship with DS Steve Doherty. But is he the grit or the pearl in Honey's oyster? I still can't decide.Definitely 'Something in the Blood' from all angles.
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on 18 September 2007
This is a up-to-the minute story set in a very well described modern Bath. The place comes alive - you really feel you can find your way round the city. Honey Driver's background is excellent too, with a very realistic hotel and hotel problems and a wonderful nightmare of a mother who keeps on trying to set Honey up with various blokes. That adds greatly to the humour which is never far away. Honey Driver herself is a totally believable heroine, pulled between her mother, her daughter and her job and exactly the sort of person who would, when ask to track down a missing American tourist, approach it with shrewdness and enthusiasm.
What happens to the unfortunate tourist and how it affects the life (past and present) of the other characters in the book is something you simply have to know! Something In The Blood is a well-described, fast paced book with a gripping denoument.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 3 April 2013
It is some time since I was last in Bath, but the descriptions in this book made me wish to return. It seems that the Bath Hotel Association (the fictional version at least) did the right thing when they appointed Honey Driver as their Police liaison person in order to boost tourism numbers.
I like the fact that Honey was not some young, athletic girl but a woman of more mature years, although I was brought up short to realise that even so, she was still on the right side of 40! She is after all the widowed mother of a remarkably well balanced and mature 18 year old daughter. She is also however, the frequently frustrated daughter of a less well adjusted, would be controlling, mother, whose raison d'etre seems to be matchmaking for her daughter, who would much prefer that she didn't.
I also liked the fact that Honey doesn't just drop everything to investigate a case which would have been best left to the police, she still has her busy life to fit in alongside her sleuthing. She is a hands on proprietor, and has to be involved in the everyday chores, she also spends a lot of time evading both her mother and the stream of men she brings to the hotel to meet Honey, (on one occasion Honey is very impressed with one of the men her mother introduces her to, and begins to wonder if she has finally come up with someone worth a second look. She really should have known better.)
The detective assigned as her police contact is not thrilled to have to share information with her which leads to plenty of reciprocal non-sharing. There is also a certain amount of attraction between them which neither of them will acknowledge, although Honey finds herself torn between two men because of it.
The whole story hangs together well, there is no sense of wondering why this or that is happening and how it can be part of the story. There are plenty of suspects and sufficient activity to keep you wondering right until the end.
I enjoyed this book even more than I expected to.
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on 3 November 2014
Something in the Blood is not Agatha Christie. The pleasure does not come from working out whodunnit (or at least it didn’t for me). There is a mystery, and there are clues. Some are subtle while some are not. (The piece of wood with a six that may be a nine and could have come from a door post does tend to batter the reader about the head as well as the victim.) I didn't really care. About a quarter of the way through the book I realised that I wasn't going to work out who had done what to whom or why. It's a traditionally convoluted tale of long-lost siblings and mysterious overseas relatives typical of Sherlock Holmes on a bad day. What keeps the whole thing going and makes this a book I'm happy to recommend is the characterisation. Honey Driver, hotelkeeper, part-time sleuth and enthusiastic collector of Victorian underwear, is a beautifully rounded character. Her efforts to avoid the dentist her mother keeps trying to foist on her as a romantic partner, whilst worrying about where her daughter is spending the night, and trying to stop her chef from running amok with a kitchen knife are all much more interesting than the question of who murdered the American found floating in the Avon. The Avon? Yes, we're in Bath and the place becomes as essential a part of the story as Honey Driver herself. Jean Goodhind clearly knows and loves the city and Something in the Blood has a strong sense of place.

With an attractive heroine in a beautiful city, what more do we need? Perhaps a detective who combines arrogance and misogyny with an unhealthy amount of sex appeal. There's a lovely set up here that I suspect will run through several more volumes. And did I mention that Ms Goodhind has a smooth writing style with lovely touches of humour? Caught out in the dark our heroine is reminded of "the days before Edison lit up and invented the electricity bill". I enjoyed that. Actually I enjoyed the whole thing. I can barely remember who did it and I don't that much care, but don't let that put you off a pleasant read on a chilly evening.
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on 7 May 2014
This book was not really for me. I persevered to the end but it waffled too much for instance how much she liked her cookies "soft & crumbly" and various detailed descriptions of her clothing, which I considered was "padding out" the book to make it longer. I wouldn't read another in this series.
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on 20 September 2014
Set Bath Honey a hotelier takes on a new role as the "Bath Hotel Association" to liaise with the police to help boost tourism when a murder takes place. Honeys a bit like a modern Miss Marple, likeable with an unusual hobby. Twists and turns but felt a little to gentle. Glad it was free.
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on 2 September 2014
This book is a great read from start to finish. The story is centred on the disappearance and subsequent death of an American tourist in Bath. A hotel manager is volunteered to be a liaison point for the local hotel association and police force. It's from her investigations that the plot develops. The latter is set at a good pace and full of surprise which nicely link together at the end without being deja by. I really enjoyed it because of the references to actual name places and buildings etc mentioned throughout the progression of the novel especially as I live close by. It's the type of story that can be read at intervals without losing sight of the realistic characters and secondary tales which emerge.
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on 14 November 2011
The Honey Driver series is evocatively set in the glorious city of Bath, with wonderfully believable sparkly characters. The eponymous hotel owner managers her eccentric supporting cast smoothly, whilst helping to solve incredible mysteries, with the 'odd' murder thrown in ... Hugely enjoyable stories, well laced with humour......... all of which is so good that I didn't want to stop until the end!... and then wanted the 'next' fantastic story!!

I experienced all of the so-far published stories in Audio book form, all of which were well-read by Patience Tomlinson, with characteristic 'voices' for each part, which helped make each story so vivid.
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on 20 February 2016
This tale, set in Bath, about a hotelier (middle-aged ? woman) who was appointed as crime officer when a tourist went missing. The tale meanders and waffles and none of the characters are really believable. The police 'procedures' are laughable, as is ? Inspector Doherty, who 'liaised' with Honey (real name Hannah) Driver. After two murders with improbable 'clues' Honey finally solves them, not telling the police everything, out of spite, until she had to.
Totally unbelievable and with weak characters. I certainly won't be reading anything else by this author -though the lovers of 'cozy mysteries' might like it.
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