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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 8 April 2013
Stone Sour have always been a band that has been able to produce great albums consistently, and this is no exception.
Below is the track listings with individual thoughts on each! My personal views won't obviously be the same as everyone elses though!I think the second half of the album is better...but many will probably disagree.
The album overall is a lot darker than House of Gold & Bones Part 1.

1."Red City" - A powerful and slow opening track; somewhat moving and unnerving!
2."Black John" - Pace picked up, an epic guitar solo to complete a very good, rocky song.
3."Sadist" - Another slower song, prefer this to Red City personally. Still carrying on the unnerving undertone. Jim Root further proving himself as a guitar master with another great solo.
4."Peckinpah" - Great Chorus and guitar riffs.
5."Stalemate" - Very catchy, love this song; one of my album favourites.
6."Gravesend" - Heavy and Dark.
7."'82" - Excellent song; and great guitar work.
8."The Uncanny Valley" - Great Lyrics, very tuneful and a good guitar riff.
9."Blue Smoke" - Not a massive fan of this song personally.
10."Do Me a Favor" - The first single from the album, very catchy, very rocky - somewhat different, but EPIC!
11."The Conflagration" - Bit of a tone down in pace from the previous song, still very good, somewhat choral in places. Glorious, melodic guitar solo!
12."The House of Gold & Bones" - Title track, you expect it do be pretty darn good, and it is!! Very good indeed!

Overall an excellent album.
Perhaps give it a listen online first if you are unsure.
Excellent work Corey and Co.
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on 14 April 2014
And now to Part 2 of the best concept album(s) I've heard in along time. Now on first listen I realised that this album was more of an album, let me explain. The songs flowed seamlessly between one another and though, unlike Part 1 which packed in the smash hits, you need a couple of listens to hear all the in's and out's of the songs. Like the slow almost funky bass of 'Sadist' (my personal fav of the album) or the piano intro of the opening track 'Red City' the jagged pieces of Part 2 fit together so perfectly. And it is because of this that out of the two albums I do prefer this one. I'll take an album over singles any day (not saying the Part 1 is bad). And the epic ending to the story left me in shock and awe of the brilliant imagination of Corey Taylor. I've had these two albums on repeat for the last two weeks and I defy anyone who says they didn't have their socks rocked off.
Essential Tracks:
Do Me A Favor
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on 24 May 2013
With the second half of the epic "House of Gold and Bones", Stone Sour have crafted a masterpiece. This half is much more experimental and progressive than the first, ranging from gloomy, piano led dirges (Red City) to hard rock anthems (Black John, HOGAB, Do Me A Favor). All in all, a truly fantastic album which will secure Stone Sour's place among the greatest bands of our generation.

Also, in order to maximise your listening experience, listen to both albums back to back. Incredible.
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on 25 June 2013
For my tastes I found that I enjoyed this album more than Part 1. I liked the way that musical themes from Part 1 were present in this album and that helps to make the two albums feel like a complete package. Great riffs with excellent vocals. One of their strongest albums to date.
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on 11 December 2013
I was expecting a good album from Stone Sour, based on previous purchases. I was wrong - it's brilliant! All the deep riffs, pounding rhythms, close harmony, unexpected twists and intricate storylines you'd expect and more. I love the packaging, too. I had wondered why Part 1 had unexpected folds, slots and tabs, but it didn't make sense until Part 2 came along to complete the puzzle. Brilliant stuff, guys! Blue Smoke is a gentle run-in to the driving pulse of Do Me A Favor which ends with the plaintive The Conflagration. Looking forward to the next one!
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on 23 April 2013
On first listen I gota tell you guy's, I wasn't feeling this album, not smelling it at all. Then I put it on again,and basically it works more as a whole than part 1,which is phenomenal, but the standout tracks on that album go alone, such as the remarkable synphony masturbating 'TIRED',this rock monster is an ode to the 90's grunge/metal era,without replicating rather enhancing it's genre/sound! This double onslaught is gona take some serious beating for along time to come. Weak Links are the stone sour initials ironically -SADIST AND STALEMATE, they ponder, without thrust or memorable melody, the rest of the able makes you forget this and just go with the darkness. Brute force production, Roy Mayorga's drumming alone deserves a mention and an encore!!!!!!!!
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on 30 April 2013
Stone Sour's `House of Gold & Bones Part 2' is somewhat darker than its forerunner and certainly an improvement. The opening song `Red City' sums up the album rather well - offering a more macabre tone with a bit of screaming thrown in that's reminiscent of Corey Taylor's other band Slipknot. The album jumps a bit between charred, guttural shouting (such as the third quarter of `Red City' and the unfitting pre-chorus parts in `Gravesend') and melodic shininess (from the likes of `The Conflagration' and `The Uncanny Vally'). For the most part the songs favour chord structures and fat harmonies, especially regarding the vocals, and musically it works rather well.

Despite the fact that most songs have a structure just like almost every other Stone Sour song ever written (roughly: intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, instrumental, chorus) they still hold their own, some more than others. There are several references to the first album (such as `A Rumor of Skin' in the end of `Do Me a Favor') which sound pleasant and fit in beautifully until the final song `The House of Gold and Bones' (which is basically `Absolute Zero' tweaked and mixed with half of another song) by which point it feels a little hollow and lazy (the bass lick at the start borrowed from Slipknot's `Circle' doesn't help, either), even if it does work for the story behind the albums. The fact that the final song ends the way the first song of part 1 begins is a nice touch.

Although largely repetitive structure-wise and heavily based on simple chord sequences, the songs are pleasant and some rather catchy with an immersive sound achieved. The lyrics are typical self-searching just like part 1, yet are more detailed and more diverse in terms of vocabulary. They also fit the music like a glove, which is crucial. However, this is all spoilt by more gimmicks similar to the last album. Musically, trying to frequently merge songs by using radio-equalised piano with a mixture of voices and reverse whispering with more alarm clock beeps isn't pleasant (the unnecessary shouting at the end of `The Conflagration' stains an otherwise superb finish). It might fit in with the story but in terms of sound it feels horribly discordant; `Blue Smoke' is barely a song - it's more of a short poem combined with some relaxing sounds drenched in reverb. The violins return to the back of the mix and sit comfortably, thickening out the songs without becoming too intrusive; the band has clearly gone for a meatier sound. Take the basics that the band plays live (think of Drowning Pool's debut album `Sinner') and then add some acoustic guitars, awkward synths, a small string section, double tracked vocals, vocal harmonies and guitar and you'll have the sound mix: something Stone Sour would never perform live but a sound that merges and mixes seamlessly (aside the synths and other gimmicks). Finally, the "Gang Vocals" are completely unnecessary and don't add anything to the album. If anything they're highly irritating when they start mundanely yelling "RU486."

Roy Mayorga seems to be insistent on tinkering with cringe-worthy sounds that for some reason have to go on the album (as if the sound wasn't thick enough already). These direful and entirely unnecessary synths add more needless irritations to the album. `Sadist' is a prime example: a beautiful song that is smudged when you realise a warbly, haunted-house synth is unevenly forced on top. Luckily these synth sounds are mixed subtly so they don't do enough damage to ruin the album's experience. One thing I had hoped wouldn't make a reappearance was the audible click track - this time at the beginning of `The Uncanny Vally.' At such a high level of professionalism and with so much money going into so many staff members who are using top-of-the-range equipment one doesn't nor shouldn't expect such a basic, amateur mistake. However this is the only real engineering fault and is far less severe than the woeful errors on part 1.

Despite its pitfalls, part two is still a great piece of work and a definite triumph over part one. The music bursts into life and Taylor's rich vocals radiate powerful emotion. Part 2 contains more variety but is only slightly less gimmicky than part 1, and therefore: 4/5.
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on 1 July 2013
Bought this as mp3 download from amazon and was very happy with their service and excellent price. This was worth every penny and for anyone else who likes stone sour will agree that it is an amazing album, thought house of gold and bones part 1 was great as well but if anyone is considering buying part 2 then go for it as you won't be disappointed before you know it you'll be pressing repeat as soon as it has finished.Corey Taylor has a great voice which seems to adapt perfectly for every song he sings.This is a must buy for stone sour fans.Thanks Amazon.
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on 24 April 2013
Really enjoyed Part 1, but this offering is altogether too anaemic and soft after the visceral energy in Part 1. There are one or two decent tracks on this album, but not enough to make it worth buying.
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on 22 July 2013
Loved it. I liked the narrative of the story both in music and in the story in the booklet, and how it fits together with the first HOGAB album to make the house of gold and bones. Do Me A Favour, '82, Red City and The House Of Gold And Bones are my favourite songs from this album, but there's no track I dislike. I preferred it to the first house of gold and bones album and it's one of the best (if not the best) Stone Sour album to date
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