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on 1 January 2014
First off - I was a COD convert (Loved it, rated it and became a brand junkie) and then later COD releases eventually go all 'Arcade' and run shoot, run shoot - Boring!! My friend had BF3 and persuaded me to buy it for the Xbox 360.....and it took a while to get into it. Since then i've not looked back or even considered a COD title as this was like night and day - Tactical warfare, vehicles, destructive environments, etc etc. Battlefield 4 continues this great tradition but with what seems less attention to detail of the operating system. For example at the menu the is an option to modify your soldier loadout (as per BF3) however you cant actually do it - you need to start a multi player game and then waste playing time faffing around swapping guns, ammo etc....ok picky - i know. Then there's the lack of rendering (which can make vehicles look like they were designed on a Sega Dreamcast - remember them kids??!!) and loss of sound for several seconds at the start of each round. There have been several update patches which seem to have done very little, if anything to correct this - which makes me think the team behind BF4 are now fully focused on the Xbox one and to hell with that old 360 console..... Don't get me wrong - it's still a great game and technically superior to COD.....but.....COD is more refined in its operation with very few glitches to speak of.
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on 8 December 2015
Great game, there's quite a few bugs in multiplayer and the single player campaign seems a little short and neglected, but I'm sure we're used to that by now. It's hard to get into a lobby if you don't purchase all the DLC maps, so be prepared for some long waiting time if you're not planning on also purchasing the season pass. Other than that it's a great multiplayer experience. I prefer it to Call of Duty at the moment, but the campaign is still very disappointing.
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on 18 November 2013
This is no leap forward on 360 but I was expecting that as it was made for the Xbox One and PS 4.

The man reason for 3 stars is EA have the worst servers in the world and they constantly lose connection and crash my Xbox on average every four or five rounds.

Update 23/11/2013
Seriously EA sort out your servers it take so much longer to level up if you keep losing 20% of your xp to a servers crashing.

DLC update
Really all that money for premium for new maps that are worse than on the standard game.
Servers still crash all the tome. go to youtube for angry joe's review. EA really dialled this one in.
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on 24 December 2013
It's shocking how in the few years we have had to enjoy the growth of the video games industry EA and Dice take everything back to the drawing board, completely turning everything on its head, they spent so much time focusing on the engine they forgot about the important part of a video the ability to play it much like their recently Army of Two title major parts of functionality of the game just simply do not work, it's a joke the single player portion of the game is relatively good if you don't mind hammering it out in one sitting(not advisable to anyone with a life) as the game will not save your progress nearly two months after launch and this simple factor gas not been addressed, the main meat of any Battlefield game is it's multiplayer but sadly much BF3 this also does not work the of problems grows with every update I will never buy a Battlefield Game at launch again, I hope all the the trouble it has caused EA doesn't go away to soon they take way to many liberties with our hard earned money have done for too long now.
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on 23 May 2014
Bought this after being a massive fan of BF3... couldn’t be happier with the game, both the campaign as well as the multiplayer elements - they are immense. Currently DICE have just released Naval Strike, and there are even more map packs to be released as well as new weapons and customisation options. I (obviously) went from premium from the start which made the map purchases in the long run cheaper. The game play itself is amazing, loads of lovely map treasures that make the game truly individual and customisable every play through, destroying buildings whilst other players are inside is an experience that only Battlefield can offer.

The game play is truly mind-blowing, from air raid sirens letting you know that the huge tower your hiding in is about to explode, or that a sandstorm 60ft high is moving over the map!

Totally worth buying this, it turns games like “COD” into a dying fish, flapping lifelessly for breath on the side of the river bank. I think the best comparison is that battlefield 4 makes Call of Duty look like an arcade game from the 1990s...
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on 16 December 2013
What can i say about this game? The single player campaign is too short. The multiplayer is good and the game seems to run a lot smoother than previous version but the graphics are not as good as the grass looks flat and 2 dimensional. You still have the occasional problem of not being able to step over a pebble. The game comes with the China Rising expasion map for FREE but you cannot use it unless you pay another £40 for the season pass, which it is included with so what is the point of giving it away? Single player 7/10. Multiplayer 9/10. Still it's better than COD Ghosts.
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on 10 March 2014
I wasn't too enamoured with this release, but it is getting better. Can't say I am a fan of the maps, I like large maps, but the frostbite engine is brilliant, knocks the socks of COD. I converted after COD 4 and haven't looked back, although I did try COD Ghosts, but very quickly went back to Battlefield, much better and very realistic.
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on 9 February 2014
There was much expectation before this game came out but I havent been as excited a few months after its release as I was before it landed on my mat. Takes forever to get into games and can be very frustrating. Been a few updates to try and combat issues but this shouldnt ahppen so soon after its release. I dont play this game as ofted as I did with BF3.
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on 12 November 2015
Games great but the DLC doesn't work, iv returned it and ordered it again and it still doesn't work, spoke to Xbox and ea games and they have confirmed it's the codes not the xbox and there is nothing they can do ''the retailer hasn't activated the code'' Amazon have been great but not happy that i paid more for something you don't get. Ace Goods just sent me to Ea so evidently they cant do anything either. very dissapointed!!
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on 14 August 2017
One of the best games I've ever played, would buy it again if I broke the CD, and there's not many games I would say that for..
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