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on 17 January 2016
I recently had this game bought for me as a christmas present from this seller in (Limited Edition) BRAND NEW claiming that it had the China Rising expansion pack which made it more expensive however i have tried to use this code and its invalid which was a waste of money and now i have to spend my money trying to buy the 'China Rising pack' that should've come with it in the first place.
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on 24 January 2014
Even after 5 multiplayer updates,it still freezes and also the first 20 seconds of online play there's no sound and the graphics don't load up properly.The game was obviously rushed to be released before COD Ghosts before it was ready but once again it's the paying public who suffer......EA are being sued because of this and I hope it ruins them,the money grabbing tossers!
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on 9 February 2014
There was much expectation before this game came out but I havent been as excited a few months after its release as I was before it landed on my mat. Takes forever to get into games and can be very frustrating. Been a few updates to try and combat issues but this shouldnt ahppen so soon after its release. I dont play this game as ofted as I did with BF3.
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on 10 March 2014
I wasn't too enamoured with this release, but it is getting better. Can't say I am a fan of the maps, I like large maps, but the frostbite engine is brilliant, knocks the socks of COD. I converted after COD 4 and haven't looked back, although I did try COD Ghosts, but very quickly went back to Battlefield, much better and very realistic.
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on 27 December 2013
This is a review of the single player game only because I don't have access to good enough internet to be able to play the multiplayer.

It was ok. Like many games it was too short and I was surprised about how easy the supposedly hardest level was. It was just too simple and I'm glad I didn't go for one of the easier levels.
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on 29 November 2013
Ok, 1st of all i've started playing BF IP since BF2 Bad Company, that was an excellent game with a great SP mode and awesome MP mode.

I got BF3 and was so disappointed with the SP mode BUT the MP... well it's addictive and superior that the one on the CoD series (that i also played for some years until i tried BF).

So was i was expecting BF4 is like its predecessor. A game to be enjoyed in its full glory only on Multiplayer and not SP.

SP is weak, in fact so weak that we feel that we are playing another game altogether. Its good for newcomers to practice with the game style (controls, etc...) but its stop there. There is so but so much potential in the story created (like there was in BF3) but is not explored and its soo disappointing :(... I even recommend fellow BF fans to not try it because its frustrating.

But the MP mode that is a completely different story... This game (like its predecessors) shines so bright that will get you hooked for the next 2 (or more) years.
It have all the best parts of previous games plus some innovations (not to drastic so it does not damage the style) like the new FrostBite 3 engine that bring many levels of scenario interactivity that wish was present on BF3.

So if you are a fan of the series for MP mode i think you will very very pleased with this new title.
The new maps are great, the new vehicles are good and the tweaks made to this version made the game even better.

If you are new to the IP then i recommend trying BF2: Bad Company 1st and if you like the MP mode then get this game.

If you are looking for a good SP mode than stay way from this game... But if you are a MP fan of the genre this is one of the best games you can buy (if not the best).

4 Stars only because SP mode is so bad that makes me furious seeing such a great story going to waste...
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on 11 November 2013
For a start I have yet to start the campaign for the reason I hate when I complete the campaign and the time you get stuck into multiplayer you have guys at surreal levels with the best guns in the game especially in BF where their choppers are near enough as effective and as destructive as Batman's vehicles. . . I do hate a disadvantage.

On the note of online play, the first thing I notice is the downgrade in graphics, I remember when I started BF3 and was in awe at the graphics and gameplay, however the tables have turned and I am now favouring towards a, "meh, yeah so it's got falling buildings, shame its wasted on these graphics" (Although a note from somebody else makes it look like you can get a pack for that so I must investigate.) I am not new to FPS and to be honest it's the only games I feel boss at, so why change what you do well. However I get very frustrated at the gameplay for numerous reasons, (prepare yourself this will be good)again as somebody else has mentioned it is a bunch of players running around with grenade launchers so I thought I would give them a taste of their own medicine yet low and behold GL off the face and they rarely flinch for me to then fall to my knees,die and see their life is still sitting at 100%. Arrrgghh BF what are you trying to do to me!

Lets make this a sandwich review and then go onto a good point - The objective games are enjoyable I prefer conquest although this is where the big guns are, planes, tanks and choppers. I am useless in anything that doesnt't involve me running so I do tend to stay away from these, however on the occassion I will spawn in on somebody flying the chopper only for me to regret as 9/10 times it will be someone worse than me that near enough crashes the chopper within seconds! A quick shout out to those players - give up and keep running you waste such a good resource for people that can use it. Anyway back to the positive - game modes are good and encourage team play and takes away the only way to win a game is with the biggest gun you actually need some form of cunning and be warned there are still idiot gamers who will get in your way and are just plain stupid and be the root cause of your team to fail, but it's the participation that counts . . .*cough*.
Yay two positives maps and game types!

Again as somebody else has mentioned the shooting around walls is getting worse and through 4 seperate walls takes the biscuit I feel my blood pressure rising everytime that happens and want to kick my cats at times. (relax PETA, I keep my cool)

My last point as mentioned in the title is Battle Freeze, every 2 or 3 games you will suffer from this terrible disease and unfortunately no cure at the moment for this.

All in all there is somethings that need fixed, guns need reviewed to ensure the damage output is correct to that style of gun, swerving bullets and silent vehicles that make no sound, but with all that said it is a good game I look forward to the campaign and I'm sure I will continue to play this for the upcoming months. As long as they dont start selling servers to players who kick you if you kill them and have a game timescale that would last months.

Over and out
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on 1 January 2014
This review is my honest opinion, it is not an angry review but one I hope will help others to realistically consider purchasing a this game when it becomes or cheaper or buying a different game. But I'll start by saying that I have played a few of the battlefield games. Bad company 2 and battlefield 3 mostly. And I loved these games so much. Everything about them was enjoyable and I have spent weeks worth of time playing them. I therefore was looking forward to battlefield 4 but I can say as an avid battlefield fan, I have had the day since it was release in November and I have to say that I feel let down and honestly angry with the half baked feel to this game.

Pros - it is at heart, battlefield, so you know you'll get large maps, vehicular and genre defining infantry combat.
- destructible environments - buildings, trees, vehicles and much more can all be damaged and destroyed. For example if you want to get in a building but there's heavy enemy presence inside, just rig the building with explosives and bring it down in their heads.
- Team work gameplay - you are rewarded for playing as a team and working with your squad online and this encourages a positive, fair gaming community.
- visuals and sound - dice always do a fantastic job of their visuals and sound works. I have battlefield 4 on pc and xbox 360. On PC the visuals are stunning and the effects are absolutely fantastic at 60 frames per second . On 360 the opposite can be said, effects and textures are absent from specific areas and the frame rate is still a mere 30 frames per second but this is due to the limitations of the 360 console NOT the game

Cons - The price - it doesn't matter how much you pay for this game, just know that you're getting about 1/6 of the full game (not including the campaign) because you need premium (around £45) to gain access to upcoming maps and other bits and pieces. It is infuriating how they can release downloadable content on day on and charge for it when it should have been included with the game as standard. The basic game consists of an extremely short and anticlimactic campaign and about 8-10 maps (I'm not even sure because I have to force myself to try and enjoy this game) with premium you'll get around about 20 - 25 extra maps and some more game modes and other extras such as camos, guns and knives. For a game that feels like a massive step back from battlefield 3 I seriously question how this game can be as expensive as it is.

- the gameplay. As stated above the single player is campaign is extremely short and anticlimactic. You play as a seemingly mute soldier who is promoted to sergeant (somehow without speaking a word) how can anybody be a good officer if they can't open their mouth to give orders? In every single sense (controls, driving, piloting, infantry warfare, progression, community, stability) The multiplayer does not come close to matching the standards left by battlefield 3. A limited amount of maps and game modes will make you want for more within days. Of course premium is available if you want to fork out extra cash for content that should be included with the standard game.

Stability - the game is littered with bugs and crashes regularly. Though Dice claim to be fixing this, it is ridiculous how long the game has been out and it is still broken. Furthermore, content is still being released to expand the game when the basic game itself does to work as it should.

Reading back through this review it doesn't seem all that fair as the cons section is much larger! But I guess that's just because I absolutely loved previous battlefield games and I think this title is terrible in comparison. Of course you can go ahead and see for yourself.

But if I could, I'd send my battlefield 4 back on both pc and xbox today. I have returned battlefield 3 and love it even more after experiencing the disappointment that is battlefield 4 . Battlefield 3 is by far a superior game and I would advise anyone to go ahead an purchase the third instalment in the franchise.
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on 27 February 2014
I don't play the single player campaign on any of these games, it's all about multi-player for me!
Okay the multi-player launched with heaps of bugs and crashes, fixed a lot, plenty still there hence 4 not 5 stars.
If you love Sniper play then this is for you, 200 hours playtime and still counting!!
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on 29 December 2013
Game was ordered for Xmas & I was pleased it arrived quickly, packaged well & no problems. It cost less than in high street shops even with added postage so I was v pleased, as was my teenage son with his present. I can't review the game it's self as I know nothing about Xbox games, but son seems to like it.
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