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on 30 September 2015
good idea, but TERRIBLE execution: some keys are not working properly (not registering and then suddenly double registering keystrokes) despite trying to "break" them in - had the keyboard for more than 3 months and upgraded firmware.

UPDATE. a bit more than 6 months of use - became essentially unusable: Enter, Right Space, Home, Page Down, left bottom blank button are barely working.

Would not recommend buying - at least not here - if you are an unlucky one you won't be able to return it as they make it quite hard and keep asking you to read FAQ on manufacturer's site. you might get better chance if buying directly - but it seems like manufacturer itself is not super keen on providing good support either.
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on 1 April 2015
Not fit for purpose. Nice layout but keys routinely don't register or register double (yes, I have updated the firmware!). I had it for over a year so "break-in" is no excuse. Terrible.

If you look at the website they pretty much admit the debounce problem and suggest you play with firmware settings and change the enforced delay on keys registering. Basically you either have keys trigger twice on a single keypress or you have to slow down your typing or they won't register at all if you add a longer delay. This is insanse for a 200 pound keyboard.
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on 1 March 2016
The quality of this product is abysmal. Some keys hardly work at all and others send two or three key strokes per press. The solution given on the manufacturer’s website is to disassembly each key individually and clean it carefully with alcohol. This is a £175 keyboard. How about they clean it at the factory if that’s what it needs? How about they put the keys through quality testing before they solder them down and how about they reject bad keys if they fail quality testing? Is that so difficult?
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on 14 February 2016
What is the most important for a keyboard. If you type a key, it should send the signal exactly once. I have experienced repeating key issue like 11 times repeating for a single key stroke. They insisted that the issue goes away as used. No. It's a lie. I used this keyboard for 2 years at home. I had another one at work. Anyway, I had WTF moment at least every minute with this keyboard.

I may need to copy and paste my long review from the other page later. Anyway, in short, don't be fooled. I don't trust them now from their behavior. Don't buy their failed product in the warehouse and feed them. I saw negative reviews of this product, but I didn't believe it.
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on 19 April 2015
I stand by the review below for this model. However, after a long discussion with 'The Keyboard Company' who marketed it I decided to purchase a new model from them directly ... the 227. I have now been using it for around a month and love it. I haven't had a single problem with the keys and shall write a separate review on the appropriate page. I was told that a little work with an electrical contact cleaner on the old model will solve the original problem (lift off the keys ... spray a small amount ... hit the key repeatedly and then allow to dry) - it's worth a try for those of you who don't want to purchase another model.

I have deliberaately left ttthe errors below for you to see how ridiculous tthis is.

I oriinalllyy wrotte a positive review for this keyboard bbutt after one and a half years of or constant use (I'm a writter) I am more than a little fed up of haaving to correct doubble and sometimes ttripple key errors. This is unaccceptabble and should have bbeen dealt with by tthe makers by now. No no no. I give an extra sttar for desiign ... whiich is excellent. No no no again..
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on 2 May 2016
This keyboard fails at the very basic things such as correctly registering key presses! At first it took me 5 mins to enter my password, because some keys are registered twice, some are never registered, until you press them 5 times or so. Don't be fooled by their support,no firmware update is going to fix this problem.

If you spend with it long enough time, you learn how exactly to press keys so they are registered more often than not, but you need to keep focus all the time, because you must be precise within sub millisecond accuracy with your key presses.

Instead of delivering enjoyable experience as a premium keyboard, it frustrates you every second you use it.

I am typing this review from a cheap noname keyboard which does the job better than this 175 GBP disaster which is called keyboard by a mistake.
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on 5 March 2014
I'm unlucky guy. I invested in this product but got a faulty one. My usual feeling that in case of issue you may always get a moneyback didn't work with Truly Ergonomic Ltd.

I ordered directly from their website. I got the package in 3 days after ordering (thanks DHL) and started to use the keyboard. At the beginning everything was great, I was learning dvorak and getting used to non-standard TECK layout. Firmware update software worked with some glitches but worked. Then I left to holidays and left the keyboard untouched for 2 weeks. On returning I found that some keys behaved weirdly: sometimes single press sent 2 or 3 keystrokes, sometimes I had to press the same key twice to have the letter typed. And then the things got worse. Now I've about 15 problem keys, including RShift, arrow keys and Enter. Errors in typing due to faulty keyboard are about 10%. Right shift is a nightmare, to type capital "I" I have to try several times.

Of course, I contacted their customer service. First time I only indicated the problem. I got auto-response ("Dear Valued Customer, ...", what a hypocrisy!), but nothing more. Two weeks later I sent them filled return form and silence again. I did it 2 more times, once per week and never got human response. This is the worst customer service I've ever communicated with.

I'm still struggling with my faulty keyboard hoping that someday I'll have their response. The only thing I can do now is to warn people to think twice before buying this product.
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on 16 December 2013
I bought one of these some six weeks ago, having given my Typematrix, that I have used for several years now and been happy with, to my family. I choose this over another Typematrix because, although I have been using Dvorak for 18 years and am generally satisfied with it, it does make shortcut keys, and emacs shortcuts in particular, get spread all over the keyboard. Over the last decade other alternatives have arisen that give the advantages of Dvorak without being such a huge change. In particular, the Norman layout does it while keeping the main shortcut keys (q, w, z, x, c, v, a and s) in their original locations. But my work computer is, unfortunately, a windoze machine (even though I mostly am logged into linux on it), and locked down. Typematrix let me change to Dvorak in hardware (because windows keyboard switching has always been essentially broken), but wouldn't let me do the same for Norman (or Workman, as another alternative).

So, I was already sold on the advantage of a columnar layout for keys and having enter and tab keys etc in the middle of the keyboard. The main reason for choosing this expensive keyboard is that it can be programmed with your own layouts, in firmware.

First problem: although you can design the layout online, you need a local program to install it on the keyboard, and that program works only on windows. Bummer, although we are forced to use them at work I can't install executables on work machines, and all of my colleagues (all software developers) use Macs for their own gear. So, I found a friend who had a windows (8) machine, and changing it from Qwerty to Norman was straightforward. I made some changes, though. Although putting the shift key on the home row makes intellectual sense, in practice I kept hitting the control key instead, which sometimes caused loss of a lot of typing, so I moved that down to the ctrl key, and the control key to the little key in the corners, making the original shift keys tab and enter keys. I also don't like the enter key, as it is the wrong shape for use by the thumb, so decided that the left thumb is under utilized, and made the left side space bar the enter key (so there are two). Note that I had no trouble moving to the centre layout of the Typematrix from a standard, but the layout of this keyboard did give me a lot of trouble.

Several weeks later, I decide moving to Norman is more trouble than it is worth. If I were moving from Qwerty today (and it is definitely worth changing from Qwerty) I would have moved to Norman, which would be a much easier change over. Coming from Dvorak, it is as big a change as the original, and the improvement on things like Dired shortcuts in Emacs was not enough to make it worthwhile.

OK, so change it to Dvorak. Original friend not available, so found another friend who had a no-longer-used windows machine with XP on it. After many attempts (lots of DSU failures and the like) it finally put up a load of dialogs, one over the other, with one on the top saying that windows needs to restart to enable the changes. Couldn't read what it was saying in the dialogs underneath, but the website said to follow the dialogs, so I hit the button to restart. Result: the keyboard is bricked. I guess the hidden dialogs were saying that it was still not successful but XP thought it was. Not impressed, so I have GBP200 of useless plastic after a few weeks of use.

BEWARE: it is a good quality keyboard if you are willing to take time to get used to it, but reprogram at your peril. Since this is the main selling point, I don't think it is worth the money. Get a TypeMatrix instead.

Update: Following on from the recommendations on the website, and not succeeding in reinstalling the firmware upgrade, I contacted their support 10 days ago. No response. It looks like you are on your own if something goes wrong.

Update 2: still no response from 'customer support' so this was money down the drain. Definitely not recommended.
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on 2 May 2013
I really like it, much more than the kinesis , the reason lies in how compact the keyboard is, and unlike the kinesis, it's beautiful!
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