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on 24 July 2013
As someone who is fairly technically minded, whenever I buy new technology I spend at least a week reading up on the latest technology and price specific specifications in order to make the most of what little money I have.

I have never bought a brand-new television before, and my existing one was a behemoth and was technologically a whole different species to the screens currently being sold. In accordance with my initial statement, I visited a number of tech review sites, and read up on some of the current technologies in modern televisions within my price range.

I was initially set on getting a Full HD screen, as while I wouldn't be taking full advantage of this technology immediately, I reasoned that it would be something that would be benefitted from in the long term. However I also wanted LED backlighting, at least one USB port that could also be recorded to, 3+ HDMI ports and a 32" screen, not to mention being somewhat (and in many cases unfairly) snooty with relation to many of the unknown brands - all culminating in a need to sacrifice certain aspects in order to stay on budget.

I hadn't even considered the Samsung UE32F4500, as it was only HD Ready (720p) and not Full HD (1080p). On reading a number of reviews on the TV's I had shortlisted, I came across this model which was explained as almost identical to the next model up (the UE32F5500) apart from a few areas that weren't too important to me... other than the lower screen resolution. However on reading a little deeper I began to understand that the difference between 720p and 1080p on a 32" screen was not actually that significant, with 1080p only really coming into its own on the larger screens. I realised that I wasn't actually going to benefit enough by the highest definition image enough to warrant it in a television..

So with integrated Wi-Fi and the Smart TV functions (both of which meant I didn't need to have that level of connectivity or function in my satellite receiver) I found that this TV actually met and exceeded all my desired specifications, plus saved money when buying a HD receiver.

On receiving the TV it is truly beautiful. Very light and easy to set-up, I can also tell that the On-TV Smart TV function isn't just a gimmick that will eventually become ignored too - especially as it becomes used to what types of programmes I tend to watch. The remote is stylish and can also be used to control my existing set-top box with the included universal IR (infra-red) connector.

I am extremely pleased with this purchase, and would not hesitate to recommend this TV to friends and family. Or you.
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on 12 June 2013
Ignoring all the pathetic poor feedback just because this isn't 1080, this is a really smart TV. The picture is Perfectly clear, especially with the HD channels and no different to a 1080 TV. The TV seems to do everything you would want and more, Catch Up TV is very handy (if you have internet) and better than paying a monthly fee with any satellite company, plus if you plug an external hard drive into the USB port, you can Pause and Record TV, something which I don't think is mentioned enough on product details. You can also access extra Music TV Channels; Kerrang, Kiss and Magic (using interactive Red Button service on 4music) aslong as you TV is connected to the internet. Finally you can also shift the channels around so if you think learning Freeview HD Channel Numbers will be a hassle for older family members, you can just move them into the place of the standard channels. One other thing we like about this TV is that it isn't big and clonky like some 32", it is small, neat, lightweight and it doesn't have a big plastic base either. Overall I would say this TV presents great value for money. The only downside is the couriers who deliver them, Citylink, are a waste of time and have 0 customer service skills whatsoever, also they seem to confuse the phrase "Next Day Delivery" for "5 Day Delivery"...
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on 19 May 2014
First of all let's start off ...this is a fantastic tv..the picture is lovely and bright with real clarity despite it being 720p and not the so called standard of 1080p can't tell on a 32 inch set... This is reflected in the price as this tv is dirt cheap compared to other models... A real snip!

I've tested this tv under various conditions in my sons bedroom and have found it performs brilliantly in various modes..

Standard def images are fantastic ...lovely to watch ...the tv oozes quality..

Gaming is a breeze... It's almost comparable with my 40f6740 which cost double the price of this set! It's that good!

Smart features are aplenty with the tv as with all samsung smart apps and with having 2 processors it speedily flies through the apps screens with great ease ease.... this is a real highlight of the tv! It's really quick!! The large smart remote has a lovely feel to it and looks great..another nice touch from samsung . My 9 year old son had mine craft videos streaming through the tv in minutes so it's quite easy to use...anyone can use this tv...

The tv itself is great for watching sports. My set doesn't have any dse or banding issues normally expected with any led tv these days...

Sound is a real bonus on this set with the 2 x 10w speakers which needed no adjustment as the normal setting is the best one with both dts surround and dts clear voice on.

Overall a great television with tons of features....looks great and would make a good buy.

These are my optimum settings for general viewing.

Picture mode standard
Backlight 17
Contrast 94
Brightness 41
Sharpness 35
Colour 53
Tint 50/50

Dynamic contrast off
Black off
Flesh 0
Rgb off
Colour space custom (don't change any settings in here though)
White balance all 25
Gamma +1
Motion lighting off

Picture options
Colour tone standard
Digital clean view off
MPEG filter off
Hdmi black level normal
Motion plus clear
Black optimizer low

Turn game mode on for gaming...and put brightness at 44

Hope this helps
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on 5 November 2013
This is an excellent little Tv (UE32F4510 is the otherwise identical version with a white coloured frame, instead of black). We find picture quality very satisfactory, comparing favourably with Tvs of a similar size. At 32" its 720p display is not considered to be much of a disadvantage and navigation in the menus seems generally as quick as our F8000 which is said to have a 'quad core' processor. F4500 also has BBC's i-player and VOD services by wi-fi or wired connection and the controls are almost identical to F8000, which helped to make F4500 easy to understand and operate.

For a while now most Samsung TVs have been supposedly able to provide PVR functions but the Support team still apparently knows very little about the subject. They just seem to insist that USB 2.0 must be used (while really that is outdated and USB 3.0 is backwards compatible) and they can't/won't recommend specific hard drives.

The manual gives minimum HDD specs and there is a dedicated USB socket for drives without a separate power supply, but gathered this provides 0.5a, which is not enough power for some drives, and that some USB sticks may not be fast enough. Elsewhere the WD 'My Book AV-TV', and Buffalo 'HD-AVSU3', hard drives with their own power supply are said to be suitable for recording from USB with Samsung TVs, and we also found that WD 'Elements' 2TB works fine with this one. (Seagate 'Expansion' worked, but power had to be re-applied to start it after the Tv had been in standby for a few hours).

We were particularly interested to discover that, like some freeview PVRs, it has an undocumented bonus feature!

'Record one channel, and Watch another'.
When a recording is in progress on the current channel, if you press the Guide button to decide what channel to watch at the same time, a pop up says 'not available'.
If you try to change channels with the Channel buttons, a different pop up asks if you want to stop the recording and change channels.

******* The the Channel List button still operates normally, and it helpfully shows the unselectable other channels in 'greyed-out' form, and:
~ in CLEAR TYPE, remain those channels which are in the same functional group and which CAN still be selected and viewed
~ e.g. when recording something on an HD channel, one of the other HD channels can still be watched at the same time.
~ You can also watch another box, such as a Dvd player or Humax PVR, through one of the Hdmi channels
~ or watch catch up, such as iPlayer
~ or go to standby
~ all while the recording takes its course :-)

** When a scheduled recording starts the Tv automatically switches the currently viewed channel with the message 'channel changed because a recording has started', but you can still use the button for Channel List and select one of the other un-greyed-out channels for viewing, while the recording carries on.

Other functions
Sound is ahead of video on I-Player and can't see a way to adjust it but otherwise catch up services and VOD are good. Web browsing is available but is still too sticky to be much use. General navigation like getting to the Library and deleting recordings requires a lot of button pushing, so a universal remote with good fast macros, such as URC-6440 or Harmony 600/650, is worthwhile.

In summary, something of a bargain!

(updated 17.2.2014)
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on 2 July 2013
I was looking for a new TV to go in my spare room and was a bit dubious buying this one considering it was rated just above 3.5 stars. However, I'm so glad I went with my gut instinct and bought it!! It's amazing for £299 (I bought mine at Richer Sounds, they do a price match/ beat promise) and incredible value for money. The picture is good (not brilliant but still good) and the sound is good too. The best features is the fact that you get Freeview HD which you can pause and rewind if you plug in a USB/ Hard drive. However, you can only record it if u=you are watching it (e.g if you watch a movie and you want to watch it again at a later date)

You also get all the great apps including catch up one. As far as I know, Samsung offer the best catch up apps (BBC, ITV, C4 & C5) unlike other brands that only offer BBC iPlayer. At the moment I can't open the Demand 5 app but I hope this gets sorted soon. Also you can plug in a memory stick/ hard drive and play songs, watch movies and look at pictures all stored on there.

Also, I use my Sky+ box with it, this must be plugged in using a SCART cable and not an aerial cable like many other TVs, unless you have the Sky+HD where you use the HDMI cable. Also, I use Sky as I've never been able to get a Freeview signal in my room before, however with this TV the signal is picked up really well and I can enjoy the Freeview unlike ever before!! Another great feature is the fact there are movies and tv shows Samsung put up for free (some you must pay for) that you can stream from the internet. Also you can watch movies using the Netflix, Love Film, Blinkbox, etc, apps if you have accounts with them.

Overall a great TV, don't listen to the negative reviews as I ignored them by chance and am so glad that I did. A great TV with amazing features!!! Buy it now!
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on 30 November 2013
This TV, like most Samsung TVs, does it job well but make sure that you are buying a model with a BBC iPlayer that works properly. As far as `Catch-up' TV is concerned, a number of models in the Samsung `Smart TV' range are not fit for purpose and Samsung are fully aware that this is so. In such cases, (the UE40F6400 Series, etc., etc.), the pre-installed BBC iPlayer firmware is faulty. The result is a serious and progressive lipsynch problem that makes all the BBC channels unwatchable. Nobody should buy any TV, (or set-top boxes, recorders etc.), unless the iPlayer is BBC certified. You can check out Samsung products at
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on 27 August 2013
We bought this for our 15 year old after trailing the shops and internet looking for a suitably 'cool' white tv for her bedroom. This TV simply blows the others out of the water. Its clear perspex surround makes it super sleek. We saw it on the wall at Currys and immediately fell in love so it was straight back to Amazon where i knew we would get it cheaper and mega quick arrived 3 days early! I am rubbish with technical stuff so i was a bit worried about the whole Smart TV features and wondered how on earth i would manage the setup as i wanted to do it as a surprise while she was at school, but it was a total doddle! I had it fully setup within 10 minutes and spent a happy few hours playing with all the features and even managed to set up her facebook and twitter accounts - i felt pretty chuffed about that lol she was over moon. She can link her phone straight to the TV and upload videos to Youtube etc (im definately lost when it comes to this but my daughter thinks its awesome) Samsung have amazing apps like keep fit TV with inbuilt fitness plans and interactive exercises. This is amazing it would have been an extra selling point for me had i known about it!! picture is clear and sharp and i totally agree with the reviews about it not being a 1080p you cannot tell on a screen of this size and we all love this TV so much we are ordering a black one for our snug. Fantastic price, product and delivery Amazon.
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on 19 October 2013
Such a great tv with impressive reviews that are totally justified. Some reviews bang on about the technical spec which means nothing to me so just ignored the lower rated reviews. Sound quality is impressive, picture clear and adjustable. For my small-medium sized lounge its a perfect size. So all good.......until...

2 weeks into using this tv, the remote control stopped working. I tried new batteries but no joy. Then moments later sensor worked again. The remote continued to intermittently be non responsive so contacted amazon who put me in touch with Samsung. A new control sent by samsung continued to sometimes not work leading to a conclusion the tv sensor was defective.

I cannot fault the help of Amazon to fix this issue. They organised a courier to come and collect tv but sent a new one in just 48 hours before collection. All free.

I cannot find this problem anywhere else on the nets so I'm convinced this is unfortunately bad luck and I do want another as this tv is lovely, I don't think it'll happen again but be warned.
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on 3 June 2013
Good quality build and loaded with features for a reasonable price.

The television can be a a little slow and jerky whilst going through the menus but not too bad to annoy you.

The wireless connectivity is a god send for me and even when my laptop struggles to get a signal the Samsung streams HD effortlessly.

All in all a good television.
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on 16 October 2013
Good TV, nice picture which handles aspect ratio changes well. Sound quality is not bad, with downward-pointing speakers. Web features (including all-channel catch-up) work well.

Fixed connectors (eg SCART) at back - needing 5cm clearance, accessible connectors (eg USB) recessed at side. No SDcard slot, use adaptor or camera USB to nominated socket. No DVD player built-in.

Reasonably intuitive remote, tiny joystick on back corner of TV if you can't find it.

Setup requires 8+ 'I Agree' clicks to (not unreasonable) smallprint T&Cs that would take half an hour to read; most wouldn't bother, so it could be done in 10 minutes. Found all my channels and zillions more, from a difficult multi-shared aerial.

LipSynch is already better than most flat TVs, but if you have HiFi that can use the opto-audio output there's a selectable delay available to adjust as desired (modern TVs all process video slower than sound, so words can start fractionally before lips move!)

Lots of interesting facilities. Notably, all-channel 'catch-up' via internet works really well - main selling-point for herself, (apart from the good looks of the white TV, which costs slightly more). But don't assume you can record from 'catch up'.

TV can link to files on your laptop/s or WiFi-enabled mobile/s, handy to show pictures etc. Uses 'localhost' on your WiFi setup; you download the facility to each PC/phone and it sets up quite easily, if you can find the menus on-screen.

Put pictures and videos on a USB stick for faster showing - most formats are viewable. Or plug in the camera. The included application for YouTube works well for music with pretty pictures.

Plenty of interesting applications to explore (some requiring your credit card, untried) - reservations to note:

Web-browser use is hard without (standard) USB keyboard/mouse, £15 generic. Even then, browser functions are limited: no 'e-commerce'; they probably want you to register and use a Samsung app. instead.

Skype use requires Samsung-special £70 webcam - standard USB webcams won't work, not even for Skype: that seems a bit unfair. If you do buy one, you can wave from the sofa to change channels, allegedly.

The other cautions likely come from DRM rules common to all 'Smart' TVs, hardly Samsung's fault…

'Screen mirroring' apparently requires Samsung-special £60 'dongle' (HDMI-extender).

To use the 'one click' recording feature, you must already have set up a USB stick, specially formatted ('ext3/4') to hold the saved material. That only works for transmissions that allow recording (not 'catch-up') and the files are encrypted to your TV and no other. So it's of little use other than 'time-shift', for which the controls are hard to fathom

If you set up a portable USB hard drive for this purpose, that too must be specially formatted and the files cannot be opened on any other device or computer. Even if you put other (normal) files and pictures on the same hard drive or stick (using Linux, 'sudo', to copy), they will not show on the TV - you'd have to put and view them on another, normally-formatted, stick.

So, great TV for ordinary use and more, but with some (typical) normal DRM frustrations so don't throw out your multifunction DVD recorder-writer yet! Five stars for appearance and excellent functionality in all normal uses, minus one for the minor disappointment that some features (that one didn't even expect), don't work 'out of the box'. Hey, it's even '3D ready', if you can get the broadcasts and afford the electric glasses!
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