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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 19 April 2005
My brothers introduced me to this album within a year or two of its release, when I was about six or seven: seeing it now on CD available on Amazon brings back very fond memories of the original vinyl.
The original album cover - with its gate fold shield on one side and the warrior on horseback poised above a precipitous drop on the other - was second only in distinctiveness to ELP's scary Geiger cover to Brain Salad Surgery.
The music itself also made a big impact - I can still recall the hooks vividly 20 years or so after last hearing the tunes: Kings of Speed sums up hard, simple 70s rock with that classic thick sound. Magnu has the terrific ambience, driving riff, delayed vox, and eastern-tinged electric fiddle melodies that make it so memorable. Spiral Galaxy has that ultra fat synth sound and drive, I would still play it at the right kind of disco. The spoken bits were...weird and met with a certain amount of derision at the time, but added a certain drama to proceedings!
When I was able to buy my own records (in the mid 80s), it was the quality of this album sent me to explore Hawkwind's back catalogue and contemporary releases. I found some interesting material on most of the albums, but the earlier stuff seemed too weird and the later material was prone to inconsistency, so my tastes evolved. On a camping trip with my two brothers quoted a Hawkwind roadie who ventured "Hey man, that was one of the best albums they ever made" - I would more than agree.
The instrumentation and production on this album sounded exquisite played back on the modest record players at our disposal (we were too poor and ignorant to go in for 'hi-fi separates'). I would second (third?) those calling for a remastered version: the Strawbs discs on A&M from the same era have translated extremely well to CD and imho sound every bit as full as my memory of the originals, so a similar quality remastered issue of Warrior would be most welcome.
If you are interested in the heavier side of 70s rock music, and are not prejudiced against electronica, and don't mind the odd bit of leftfield weirdness, then this should make an interesting addition to your collection - highly recommended.
- Greg
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on 12 May 2003
Essentially based on the Eternal Champion Mythology created by the author Michael Moorcock, Warrior on the Edge of time is on a par with Hall of the Mountain Grill as one of the best two Hawkwind Albums.
It is a bit strange, with each track interspersed with interlinking dialogue from Michael Moorcock himself. But stick with it. This album grows on you and it is difficult not to stop yourself repeating several tracks and experiencing the icy shiver as either guitar or synth slices up your backbone.
It is not easy to get hold of a copy. If you have one, treasure it.
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on 26 December 2008
This is my favourite Hawkwind record ever and showcases a classic line-up at the height of their abilities with great bass, drums, guitar, sax, synth and violin, the production is also excellent and crisp so it all sounds amazing too.

The original album came with a double gatefold sleeve with a shield on one side and the warrior on his horse on the other. A shame CD can't do this but in terms of the music it's impossible to get this on playable vinyl. As a CD reissue this comes out rarely and goes very quickly so get it while you can!

Assault & Battery is a great opener which bridges to the Golden Void and together thay are fantastic.
Opa-Loka is probably the first ever piece of trance music and inspired a whole genre that Hawkwind never got much credit for.
Magnu is my favourite track with a superb intro and this song really belts it out. Even at 8 minutes it got the occasional airing on Radio 1 (by Tommy Vance?).
Spiral Galaxy 28948 is just waiting for Hollywood to use it in a sci-fi epic although the intro is so dark it makes me think Ozzy!
Then we have the Lemmy songs that he also did as Motorhead, I'm sure he plays the bass like a rhythm guitar.

So if you like the band or other progressive rock bands this is a must have and a great place to start.
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Sometimes a classic album has to be reissued .........on its own,you dont want it diluted with bonus tracks/outakes/half baked live tracks,you dont need it remixed by someone else who mixes it the way 'they' think it should have sounded( it might be an improvement,it might not)...So having weighed it all up,i went for the single disc version(i may purchase the 3 disc set at a later stage).

Guess what,i think i've made the right decision,this remaster is superb,the sound just flows from the speakers,'Magnu','Assault n Battery/The Golden Void' all sound perfect,has 'The Demented Man' ever sounded better? 'Kings of Speed ' just rocks and the 1 bonus track 'Motorhead is perfecttly placed at the end and as such is unobtrusive.

Packaging is fine nothing spectacular,that will be left to the other editions i would imagine,decent liner notes/interview etc,as for the sound quality,well to my(admittedly 35 years of gig damaged ears) it sounds fine,up loud ,down low.its fine,i'm very happy with it.

5 stars all the way,rediscover Hawkwinds finest hour.
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on 4 February 2010
Hawkwind at their most excellent.
Superb, spacial, atmospheric and creative. It takes you to another place!
It tells a story and some of the tracks are some of the best ever written in rock history.

A must for anybody thinking they know rock music.

One track "The Demented Man" in particular is absolutely bloody amazing !
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on 20 July 2004
in 1975 when i was just 13 i decided to move out of the black sabbath,led zep circle and try something different.this was the album i purchased(i do remember johnny walker on radio 1,s album show saying this was for stereo hi fi freaks only !).
this album is serious space rock - the opening linked tracks -assault and battery and the golden void are absolutely the joining section the mellotron makes sounds that are not of this world(really !!!)listen to it and see what i mean - its at around the 4 minute mark.
you get the vocal interludes by michael moorcock( my literary hero)which add to the atmosphere of the album especially if you play it at loud volume - like i did in the 6th form common room !
my own favourite is opa loka(awesome bass by dave brock)now hasn,t that track influenced the ravers over the last few years ?
this album needs a proper reissue with 5.1 surround - listen to the sacd of dark side of the moon for the quality i think could be produced.
this album rocks and should be in the same heirachy as dark side ,tubular bells,led zep 4 etc it if you can find a copy - if not lets hope dave brock reads this and does something positive about a reissue of this absolute classic rock album.
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on 29 May 2013
I received the 2 CD + DVD "Warrior" this morning and have just sampled the 2 CDs. My Panasonic HDD/DVD recorder player will sadly NOT play the DVD!
CD 1, which is the straight remaster initially, sounds spine tinglingly impressive, but, after a half hour of playing, I had to reduce the volume because of ear fatigue.
The reproduction is just a tad too sharp and bright for an easy listen.
BUT....CD 2, the Steve Wilson Remix, well that's THE... PERFECT mix as it should have been on the first take.
Smoother, more drive, wonderful thudding bass, vocals better placed, MUCH better, more balanced sound stage and NO ear fatigue. Wonderful Stuff!
I have found, yet another musical Holy Grail, if only on the 2nd CD, so I am giving this release 5 stars.
I am extremely glad and relieved that I changed my original order for the single CD to this box set which includes the Steve Wilson CD, as I would have been less than happy with the
other CD on it's own.
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on 6 June 2009
There are a few Hawkwind albums that you must listen to and this is one. A friend of mine was reading Michael Moorcock again and I mentioned Hawkwind, this album and the fact they were related. However this friend had been into disco and other similar sounds in the 80s and this album he rated as being dated. Well in my humble opinion this is one of the most underated albums ever and well ahead of it's time. If you like Hawkwind it is a must have.
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on 22 January 2005
Having bought this album in 1975 on its release its a little bit difficult to be wholly objective about reviewing an album that you've had in your possession for almost 30 years ( gulp, its it that long ?? ) . But in saying that I can see it has stood the test of time ....excuse the pun !
It contains probably Hawkwind's best ever track - or should that be plural as the first two songs " Assault And Battery " and " Golden Void " are effectively one 10 minute musical " piece " . It is an absolute opus and even after all these years its an absolute monster of a track that just soars with grace . I can remember when I first listened to this all those years ago that I was absolutely gob smacked as I never knew Hawkwind had this level of musical ability as it is almost classical . The new keyboard player , Simon House , stamps his signature all over this track . In my opinion Hawkwind - although releasing some fine songs since then - have never come close to emulating this musical extravaganza . Its awesome !
Next up is the pulsing , bass driven " Opa Loka " ( not played on by Lemmy either ! ) and again it stands the test of time very well . If " Space Ritual " contained guitar burst that were the precursor for punk then this song had trance written all over it . If you didn't know when or who this song was from then you may have guessed it was a left field track from The Chemical Brothers or The Orb ! Ahead of their time or what .
" The Wizard Blew His Horn " and other spoken , spacey tracks featuring Michael Moorcock is where it fell down slightly for me and the passage of time has not served the tracks well . I disliked them 30 years ago and even more so now . They just come across as weird and " Dr Who " amateurish tosh now .
" The Demented Man " ( or King as the original stated ) is a lovely piece of folk space rock with Dave Brock's plaintive vocals over an acoustic guitar , distorted keyboards , and seagulls ! Next up another epic " Magnu " opening with a killer guitar riff and roaring wind noise . Very atmospheric and still a classic .
The album closes with a couple of rockers - more representative of the Hawkwind I knew before I bought this album - " Kings Of Speed " and a song title that was to become very familiar a few years down the line , the Lemmy written " Motorhead " . This didn't feature on the original album but made it on to the CD .
I can't help but feeling that this album is long overdue a remastering overhaul as indeed have Pink Floyd , Led Zep , and Rush albums from this era . As it will be its 30th Anniversary this year maybe the time is almost nigh ! I hope so .
If it wasn't for the Michael Moorcock tracks this would be a 5 star opus .
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on 3 July 2013
Followers of this album will be aware that it has been released a number of times previously, on different labels, none of which ever actually claimed it to be a remastered edition, but that qualifier had somehow managed to creep into the most recent edition, erroneously (the one with the extra bonus track, kings of speed "live").

This is the last of their albums to be remastered and follows the fine quality of the previous horde. Soundstage seperations are very marked, and even the track Magnu, which always seemed to promise much but delivered only a messy melange of over-complicated sound textures, claws its way to the light and you can make out individuial strands from which it is composed. That high-pitched acid synth in Golden Void sets your teeth on edge even more than it did before, and Opa-Loka is a journey through burbling gurgling synth sounds. The rock n roll tracks towards the end of the album also gain a new clarity, the old non-remaster mix had been deliberately slewed for vinyl, which has a very specific frequency response, and they've taken the opportunity to widen the dynamic range for digital.

Grab your copy before this, like every previous release of this album, goes out of stock, because we all know it'll be years before they output a second prduction run.
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