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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 7 June 2013
I liked this movie. The animation was ok for most parts, it flows well. All the characters look ok. I was a bit surprised to see the 15 age rating but I could understand that from the intro scene where Braniac is upgrading himself, and Lois flipping the double bird. The biggest let-down in the animation for me is Superman himself. I really did not like the way he was drawn he looks younger then Supergirl, and Stretched. No broad shoulders he looks like someone lost weight from training for to running a marathon. I had to take a whole star away from that, he looked more like Plastic man then Superman. The voices did not bother men, but some of the dialog did it was a little too teenage for me. I am not criticizing that too much because it could just me getting old. One thing that I did not like in certain scenes Superman is cut and bleeding seconds later he is healed up. At least in Apocalypse to keep some sort of realism his bruises and blood stayed on him for a couple of scenes.

This is a follow on from Superman/Batman Apocalypse [DVD]. Supergirl is still adjusting to life on Earth and being a superhero. Also she does not like that her "baby" cousin is telling he what to do. This is staged as the first meeting between Superman and Braniac. Supergirl has met him before when he captured the Kryptonian capital city of Kondar. Superman goes to space to meet the threat head on. The best he can do is slow Brainiac down. He returns to earth to get Supergirl's help but she is traumatised and deathly scared of Brainiac. She would rather run to another planet then face him. Superman tries to talk her into stepping up.

The movie has plenty of action not just between Superman and Supergirl vs. Braniac; but the people of Earth and Krypton fighting back as well. I like that fact that Brainiac is one of the villains that can match Superman physically. The first time he fight one of the drones Superman takes his usual pounding to see how much his opponent can take. Once he knows it is a robot he does not need to hold back. They could have done a lot better than the comic style freeze frames of Superman mashing dozens of drones at a time. I could take half a star away for that but it only happened once so I can live with it. If I looked at this like an action movie. I even like that fact that is has some continuity from Superman Doomsday, to Superman Batman: Public Enemies (Amazon.co.uk Exclusive) [DVD], and Apocalypse. I enjoyed it these ways. It is one of the better Superman animated movies I have seen.
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on 25 March 2015
This is not the best but it is pretty good. Clark/Kal look's somewhat "awkward" in some frames and Lois look's as though she has had one too many, other than that the animation is brilliant. The story is pretty descent too.
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on 11 June 2017
Quick delivery and really enjoyed this film
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on 30 October 2014
Marvelous DVD I love it
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on 23 December 2014
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 22 June 2014
From the early nineties to the mid noughties, the original DC Animated Universe (or DCAU), brought us some truly outstanding work. I'm thinking here of shows like Batman: The Animated Series, Mask of The Phantasm, Justice League, and of course, Justice League Unlimited.

This offering isn't quite up to the standard of that earlier epoch at its absolute best. But it is at least as good as the original DCAU Superman: The Animated Series, and it's certainly a noticeable improvement on any of the feature length animated productions DC has been offering us lately. There's significantly more depth to the characters than we've seen in quite a while, even if at times the psychological aspects feel a little tacked on.

It hardly needs be said that the music, visuals, and general production values are superb. But then, that's something we've simply come to expect from Warner Bros/DC collaborations.

Another area though where more mature viewers may feel the film is a bit wanting is in the lack of moral depth. This is, ultimately, a story with a baddie who is purely and simply bad, and who needs to be smacked down hard. Superman: Unbound does not even attempt to approach the depth of more complex and nuanced works such as Justice League Unlimited or Mask of The Phantasm; or, on a more recent note, Young Justice.

Those are all superhero cartoons I would encourage even grown-ups with no preexisting interest in the genre to watch and consider. I believe they're good enough to convince any fundamentally open minded person that superhero cartoons can be, and sometimes are, intelligent and thoughtful works.

Superman: Unbound does not achieve that standard.

It is, on the other hand, a film I would unhesitatingly recommend to any fan who does already love the genre. It is also the best feature-length animated offering I've seen from DC in a quite while, and it is a lot of fun.

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on 4 June 2013
Following Kara Zor-El's arrival on Earth, Supergirl is still new to the hero business. Superman doesn't much care for the contrast between his Boy Scout persona and his cousin's more violent methods. But when an enemy from Kara's past comes in the form of an alien cyborg who calls himself Brainiac, Obsessed with his quest to collect every piece of information in the universe and bringing nothing but death and destruction. The Kryptonians must fight to save the future of not only Earth, but countless planets across the universe. In one of both Superman and Supergirl's most personal battles.
Superman Unbound seems to be getting some poor reviews. And I don't entirely understand why. Most of these complaints are based on the fact that it's not as good as Superman: Brainiac, the comic it's based on.
As both a comic and movie fan, I understand the disappointment when an adaptation doesn't live up to it's reputation. However, the term "based on" in movies nowadays is used so loosely. If a film is different enough from the source material, view it as just another Superman/Brainiac story. I went into this film just expecting the next installment of Superman in the "DCU Original Animated Movie" chronology. And in that manner, it worked perfectly. Superman & Supergirl's relationship pretty much following on from Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. Clark & Lois getting serious after the events of Superman Doomsday. The animation was great on the whole (CG elements such as Brainiac's ship were a bit iffy) The voice acting was good, not as good as Tim Daly but then again, who will be?
Overall, much like Superman Doomsday, Unbound isn't an amazing adaptation. But it makes for a good stand alone film.
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on 1 March 2014
This is a thoroughly enjoyable watch for all those DC Comic & Superman fans out there, as it pits Superman against one of his greatest foes. Straight from the off there's all out action & it manages to compliment the storyline and NOT just overpower it throughout. Would definitely recommend as it is a very good animated viewing & thoroughly entertaining watch.
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When Brainiac shows up and threatens to destroy Metropolis, Superman and his cousin Supergirl must rise to the occasion and put an end to a foe that has deep ties to Krypton.

This was a good flick. Hey, it’s Superman and lately DC’s been pulling out all the stops and every time Supes gets the DVD treatment it’s done really well. Supergirl’s presence added a new dimension to the Man of Steel’s animated movie exploits. Giving a quick showcase of her past, what happened to Kandor, and how those events created the motivations behind the Supergirl of this movie proved that sometimes less is more. Also understanding where she was coming from gave Superman a glimpse into a part of himself that he wasn’t really ready to face: the need to sometimes go hard on bad guys for the greater good. Yet, being true to who he was, he was also able to soften Supergirl around the edges, which just goes to show how much you can learn from family.

The animation was smooth, the colors were clear, the action was great and the art was fantastic. The slightly too-long-of-a-face aside, I like the way Superman looked in this. The Clark Kent was so-so. More of a fan of the thick glasses than the more stylish ones, but whatever. In the animated series he had two thin circles for frames and that was it.

Lois looked good, too. My only gripe is, while I understand these movies are being made more and more for adults, there are parents out there who buy these flicks for their kids because a) they’re superheroes, b) it’s cartoons, and having Lois giving Brainiac the finger wasn’t cool. Though I doubt it’ll ever happen, there should be some sort of bold labeling or disclaimer on the package aside from the MPAA rating that lets parents know if there’s content inside that is inappropriate for kids. This “giving the finger” is why I won’t let my kids see this movie now. Something for DC to think about.

As a Superman fan, I’ve been loving all this attention the Man of Steel has been getting lately and since Batman was the focus of so many shows and animated features, giving the Last Son of Krypton a shot and a large amount of screen time helps balance all that out. I also hope DC has plans in the works for other animated movies for other characters, JLA stuff aside.

What can I say? DC and Warner Bros. keep knocking these flicks out of the park. Now, if they translate this awesome sensibility and sensitivity to the comics to the big screen on a consistent basis, then superhero fans will truly be living in a new golden era of superhero cinema.
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on 13 June 2013
This film the latest in the excellent series by dc animation (all are well worth watching even the odd ones like gotham knight), that said this is not the strongest offering but that in no way means it's a bad film, far from it just in comparison with say Batman: Under The Red Hood [DVD] or Superman Batman: Public Enemies (Amazon.co.uk Exclusive) [DVD] it just doesn't quite measure up.

People have already pointed out Matt Bomer's Superman voice as being less strong the say Tim Daly or George Newbern who have done it previously, now that is true to an extent but it's more that Superman in this story is a bit dull and also a bit of a jerk at points so it falls to Supergirl and Brainiac to be the saving graces for this tale, Molly Quinn (Alexis in the brilliant Castle) gives a very good account of herself giving Supergirl real personality in her voice and also a real feel of vunrability in one so powerful, John Noble (Walter Bishop and Denethor) unsurprisingly knocks it out of the park as Brainiac, frankly if a near god like alien-machine hybrid turns up and it doesn't sound like John Noble I will be very disappointed, the scenes where Brainiac treats the man of steel like an ant are the best thing in this film, Stana Katic (Another Castle veteran and also the voice of Talia in Arkham City) has little to do as Lois Lane but still makes a good impression, mainly in pointing out what a jerk Supes is.

So overall well worth a watch, it has it's faults and I'm sure fans of the original comic will hate it, but this is an adaptation not a straight conversion and should be judged on it's own merits, a good amount of action, some musing on being powerful and some excellent Brainiac Dialogue combine for a solid but not overly spectacular entry in the series, not nearly as bad as some have made out.
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