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Great album, best by far and my favourite from the band so far.
Going onwards and upwards still today.
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Sempiternal is the fourth full-length studio album from the controversial, genre-defying British band Bring Me The Horizon. It was released in 2013 on RCA and was produced by Terry Date. The album sees Jordan Fish joining the band full-time as Keyboardist and former guitarist Jona Weinhofen leaving the band.

The first two things you may notice about the record if you've heard the band before are firstly that it's a lot less heavy and a lot more experimental. Secondly, Olly's clean vocals have got a lot better. At the start of the album, it seems like he's improved a bit, but by the end you can hear a gigantic improvement.

A lot more time on the album is spent on clean vocals and soft melodies too. There is also a lot of places designed for crowds to sing a long to and a focusing on the electronic side that appeared a bit on Suicide Season and a lot on There Is A Hell.

This album opens right up into those atmospheric, electronic filled melodic moments. Its reminiscent of the style of tracks like `Don't Go' and `Blessed With A Curse,' where the music has a lot of space, keys and absolutely all the death growls and blast beats from the early days have been removed. From then on there's a lot of tracks like `Sleepwalking,' `And The Snakes Start To Sing' and `Seen It All Before' that fit into that style, but taking it in a range of different tempos and directions. Most will bring a bit of heaviness in at times, but nothing as extreme as anything on the band's first two albums.

`The House Of Wolves' brings back a bit of the British Hardcore scene influence, but that's melded with the melodic, electronic style too. There's a great breakdown, and some fast sections. `Shadow Mosses' blends a little bit of the past back in to the sound too, but with a lot of their new direction. `Crooked Young' is fairly heavy and bombastic, but has been hugely injected with the additional electronic elements. The album isn't a repetition of their previous albums, but it definitely is a logical evolution.

The album is very dense sounding in terms of production style and how many little touches go on at once. Even when in essence all that's happening is something as simple as a drumbeat continuing over feedback after the rest of the music dropped out, the sound is absolutely massive. So when all five musicians are going, and there's keys, strings sections and guitar leads sneaking in and out, while the producer manipulates the sound like an instrument in itself at times, the record is very interesting.

Highlights include `Go To Hell For Heaven's Sake' which has a very catchy feel and some of the best drumming on the record, `Anti-vist' which is one of the album's heaviest moments and the immense album closer `Hospital For Souls' which is incredibly cinematic and evocative.

At the end of the day it's a difficult album to recommend since the band have so many detractors anyway and its quite a departure so even their own fans might dislike it. Not everyone will like this album. Some people will always hate the band because of their reputation and personalities. Some previous fans will hate the new direction that's so far away from their early work. Some people will just not enjoy it.

I personally couldn't be happier with the record however. I think it's a masterpiece. The songs are enjoyable, the melodies are great and all the extra studio touches are interesting. It's a very original sounding and emotionally powerful record with a lot to offer and one that really captures my imagination.

If you do chose to listen to it, go into it with an open mind and take it for what it is. It might not be to your tastes admittedly, but at least give it a fair chance because you may just discover your new favourite album.
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on 19 April 2013
bought this based on the two singles Sleepwalking and Sister and Shadow Moses. Not disappointed at all-more of the same great music with quite a bit of variety.
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on 12 April 2013
I buy a lot of music and much of it is rock/alternative/metal etc etc. And of all my collection, this is one of the best albums I've got. It redefines the genre which I love and every track on 'Sempiternal' is briliant. There simply is not a weak track. Sure there will be some criticism from people who think they're true 'metal heads', but those of us who have been into the genre from a while now can really appreciate the depth of this album. The band's previous offerings, whilst I really enjoy them, are pretty two-dimensional. BMTH have knocked everything up a notch with their fourth studio album and it's absolutely brilliant. I wasn't quite expecting an album quite as good as this and I'm going to be listening to this for a long time to come I expect. I've already listened to it through about 20 times over the pastw week! Best track? Definitely Shadow Moses, the standout single. Usually the singles on albums are not the best, but this one is an exception. Shadow Moses is such an amazing track - and perfectly positioned in the heart of the album. But beside that, each other track offers a unique taste of what the band has become, and that is... something very special.
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on 15 April 2013
BMTH have really upped their game in my opinion. I liked some of their past work but as soon as I heard the lead single 'Shadow Moses' I was blown away! When I heard the follow up 'Sleepwalking' I really liked that too so decided to buy the album and I am not disappointed! I like how different Oli sounds on some tracks - really aggressive on some (Antivist) but softer on others (When The Snakes Start To Sing). All the tracks or worthy of being released as singles especially 'Can You Feel My Heart', 'Go To Hell For Heavens Sake' & 'Antivist'. Recommended for fans of metal and for fans of bands such as Trivium & Bullet For My Valentine.
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on 10 April 2013
I was there back when the boys released their ep , my review is on amazon from way back then. Like many i identified them then as hungry, young, go getters with venom in every bite. As the years passed the band has been maligned, praised and maligned again, they have their image, oli has the clothes line and its easy to hate them, i can see that in that aspect, in terms of music they are quality.
In suicide season new ideas started to become fact with the lads, some went bad,all in all its a very tidy album. Their last album there is....... blew my mind, i was ready for that side of them, it didnt offend, it didnt scar me, the quality was there and the songs were strong, job done.
Anticipation is the broken leg of the runner , i couldnt wait for this cd to land and the high hopes were heightened when i first heard shadow moses, i knew i had an album worth believing in. It fell into my violent hands and i have spun it a few times now and i think this could be their masterpiece. Oli has a great range on show here, very different of course to the death growls but still commanding and forceful tones interplayed with harmony and electronic kisses. To compare this to linkin park is crass, linkin park are like u2 now, crap, this is the banana juice here baby, grab it hey.
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on 22 May 2013
Their best yet. We were quite sceptical based on their previous albums, but this is heavy, accessible, melodic, memorable, essential
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on 23 February 2016
Not entirely sure why I bought this album, think I caught a video on music tv. But so glad I did. It is without a doubt the best metal album since Metallica black possibly since iron maidens seventh son. It's an immense, raw and emotional cacophony of sound that hasn't diminished in a year of listening. Buy this album it's awesome.
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on 29 April 2013
It's an amazing album, and shows that BMTH have come far, as this is far better than earlier albums such as Suicide Season, although they were good, this one is by far their best, and tops most albums which have been released so far this year.
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on 1 May 2013
I absolutely loved bmth before this album but this just reminds me how awesome they are.
It shows a whole new side of them, infusing catchy electronic chorus's with hardcore lyrics work well together.
love love love it!!
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