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on 23 May 2015
better than the spec, included a sta decoder built in! easy to use. Amazon prime ideal on it. Idel for watching Rugby, football and BBC4, probably rubbish for C5 but then who knows?
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on 12 March 2017
Beautiful looking tv for my front room , excellent picture quality with thin outer border around the edge of the tv which I prefer. Good value for money, I would 100% recommend.
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on 19 October 2014
First time buying such item from amazon, very happy, great tv
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on 14 September 2014
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on 14 October 2013
Brilliant lovely picture and easy to set up, up to usual Sony standard, which is good as so many company's are going down on the quality frontl
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I bought this tv after researching a number of similar models in terms of price and spec. I wanted something with excellent picture quality, smart function to allow access to apps such as Netflix and I-player, and wifi without the need for purchase of a separate adaptor or dongle. There's no 3D, but that would have cost almost double the price and I'm quite happy to watch that at the cinema rather than at home anyway.

Set up was very straightforward - the box was easy to get into and the panel light and easy to handle. I had a slight hiccup trying to put the stand together with the wrong screws (it has different brackets and screws depending on whether you are going for the stand in table top mode or using it as a wall mount). But once I'd spotted my mistake the stand took literally seconds to assemble and the tv was slotted into place and ready to switch on. The Sony menus are easy to navigate and you can bypass any advanced functions like wifi and set them up at your leisure. I opted just to set language, time and date, and pretty much leave it at that initially. I connected the TV to my old sky box and dish as a portal into freesat, rather than use the built in freeview. Although I only have an old standard definition box and dish at the moment and a scart lead rather than HDMI cables, the picture is still fabulous. Most noticeable are the depth and darkness of blacks, dark blues and dark greens. Imho, this is the best quality picture of any home tv bar the 4 x HD or Oled models you can drool over in John Lewis which would necessitate a bank job. The styling of the set is a huge plus - tiny minimalist bezel in what looks like brushed aluminium - sets the picture off a lot better than the more traditional acres of black plastic. Sound is not at all bad by flatscreen standards. You could add a sound bar if you are a bit of an audiophile but I think most people would be quite happy with the quality of the audio output.

There are very few downsides to this set - I can detect a bit of motion blur during sports and some live broadcasts, but knowing the tv is not yet set up optimally ie in HD, I can forgive this. Initially I found it a bit tricky to connect to wifi (historically I've had trouble adding new devices to my home network so I was half-expecting this anyway) - however after rebooting the modem to ensure it and the tv were recognising one another, simply scrolling through the set-up options (no changes necessary) and entering my password, it was all a-ok. Any time the signal drops a quick reboot of the modem restablishes the connection instantly.

I will say that the internet is a bit of a pain to use as you have to go via the Sony homepage as a portal into the web, and typing in any sort of web address or search criteria with a remote is tedious to say the least - however, fear not, because all the key apps (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, 5OD, BBC Iplayer, Sky News, Youtube etc) are preloaded and you can access these directly using the 'SEN' button on your remote to save you from having a stroke over one fingered remote control typing. There's also the screen mirroring option from your laptop, tablet or mobile, although I've not set this up myself.

Biggest surprise of all is the price - I cannot get my head round the fact you can get a tv of this quality for less than £500 (at the time of writing). What are you waiting for?!
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on 7 August 2013
This was a big purchase for us and a replacement for a rather old Sony TV. We are really pleased with it. Very easy to set up, very light to move around I would have like a screen that swivels on the base but it doesnt so the whole tv has to move slightly when we want to watch it. Overall really pleased and it will hopefully last us a very long time
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on 10 March 2014
This TV is superb, I have gone through a lot of TVs in my life and I can honestly say thins is without doubt the best one, Clear picture, Superb Sound, a bunch of Internet extras like Netflix is also on here. Buy IT!
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on 16 October 2013
I won't go into fine details about what this TV can do because there are hundreds of in depth reviews about it.
-I researched TV's for months. Very nearly went for a Samsung (F6400) but the Sony has a much better build quality, nice metal, thin bezel and better picture. You sacrifice not having 3D, but that's fine for me.
-I don't use the Smart features so much, as the laptop is more convenient. However it's good to know that the TV has those features if needed!
-You can use a phone/tablet as a remote control! Very cool, even my iPad works fine. With the App you can access all of the buttons that are on the remote control, you can select a program from the TV guide on the iPad and the TV will change channel, genius!. You can also share media (videos, pictures, music from your Windows PC wirelessly to the TV!.
-You CAN record on the TV but you need at least a 32gb USB memory stick (I use a 64gb one). It pops neatly into the back of the TV. Recording is very basic but it's there if you need it!.

I wanted to talk about WALL MOUNTING. The stand/base on the Sony doubles up as a wall bracket, handy but check that you can use it on your wall. You cannot attach a 3rd party TV bracket, as the TV does not have the correct holes in the back.
I was worried at first, because I have 2 power plug sockets on my wall, but luckily the bracket fits around the sockets. Also note that the TV has a speaker system which protrudes out of the back, at the bottom of the TV, this is fine when wall mounted, but make sure that you don't have anything on the wall that would get in the way. You also need to make sure you have room for the Power supply (which comes with it's own small wall bracket), it sits neatly behind the TV. So just be aware of these things before you start putting sockets and plugs in your wall.
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on 12 September 2013
could not fault this tv - honest. im not into writting reviews but will for this tv. great great tv
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