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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 14 July 2013
This band's previous album This is War, was always going to be hard to top. In my humble opinion TIW was outstanding, groundbreaking and it spent an awful lot of time on my car stereo.
Love Lust Faith & Dreams is not TIW, its is nothing like it, and was never intended to be. For that reason alone I was prepared to dislike LLF&D, but as it turns out I don't.
I don't have time for all the pretentious rubbish I have read about this album. Where it has been called a departure from previous music, or breaking out in a new direction. Whatever, lets just play the music, enjoy the music (or don't) and lets not try and over think what this band should or should not be doing. This isn't politics it's 12 tracks on a cd that you will either love or hate.

I loved it, Jared Letos always been a bit pretentious (in my eyes anyway) Having said that, he knows music and he isn't afraid to do his own thing. I have to admire this album because if nothing else it has guts. It plays well from start to finish, And in it's own way is truthful. No I don't think it is as good as TIW, but then that album was written (it seems to me) with a passion, that isn't needed here, which is why I think it is unfair to compare them. LLF&D may not have the passion and the energy TIW does, but it still stands up well, and is an achievement Mars should be proud of.
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on 1 June 2013
I couldn't listen to this CD quietly, yet, but after one general review, I have to say that "LLF+D" is not even close from the masterpiece "THIS IS WAR", which contains some of the bests alt-rock ever written. At this new album 30STM just changed what they'd become, to (try) to evolve to a new and different sound, which is a very valuable attempt and risk, but for me, is not really working. Here you'll find more electronic sound, and maybe "deeper" lyrics, and less drums, guitars, and anthems.

Obviously, I am not saying this is a bad album. If you like the band, you will like this LLF+D, but forget about a new TIW. That was history of music. Unbeatable.
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on 24 May 2013
Ok like with Muse, 30 Seconds to Mars have moved off in a direction that certain fans aren't impressed with (last 2 Muse albums have been very average). I think the 1 star reviews are very harsh, yes it's not 30 Second to Mars of old, gone are the edginess to their songs. Been replaced with a thin crust and gooey centre. This album feels like a concept album, but perhaps uncertain which way to turn at the cross roads. It's not bad (average), but they could do a lot better and hopefully it's not a sign of things to come.
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on 1 May 2016
I have a large and eclectic taste in music, especially Rock, Indie, New Metal.... that kind of thing. I've had the "This is War" album by Thirty Seconds to Mars for ages and played it over and over again. I'd heard Up in the Air a couple of times and decided to pick up the Love Lust Faith + Dreams album.

I'm not disappointed in the slightest, Every track is excellent and I've listened to it loads so far.

If you like their earlier stuff, you'll like this too
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on 11 February 2015
I have been a fan of 30 Seconds to Mars for some time now and own all of their previous albums all of which I really like and enjoy listening to on a regular basis. From talking with other Echelon this album does appear to split opinion. For me there are some very good songs on their like City of Angels, Up in the Air and Conquistador but for me there aren't enough top quality songs on there to make the album a 4 or 5 star one. This seems to be more of a dance/pop album than a rock one like previous albums. For me its not really my kind of music and I'm sure many will like this direction the band are going in. I personally hope they get back to the brilliance that This is War is. So overall this isn't a bad album but not a brilliant album. All I can say is listen to the tracks and decide if its for you or not.
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on 4 June 2013
I've loved Mars long, but this album following 'This Is War' feels like a step backwards. Had the albums been in the opposite order, I could understand it. Jared's voice is wonderful and versatile as always, but several of the tracks aren't even proper songs in the sense that there are no lyrics or they feel unfinished. I adore 'Convergence' but there's nothing about it that says 'Mars' to me - any band could have written it. Also the lyrics are WAAAAAAAYYYYY too repetitive. Jared is one of the smartest, most articulate people and yet the lyrics feel very shallow. He relies too much on what I call 'cheap' rhymes (i.e the words are used solely because they rhyme and not because they work)

Birth - I'm guessing this is the 'Escape' of this album and whilst it's good, I wanted a full song from it, it feels like a snippet of a longer song.

Conquistador - I love this as there's something slightly 80/90s rock about it.

Up in The Air - I love this song, but again the lyrics feel repetitive and shallow. Angels/Demons in every song!

City of Angels - Hate this one. Skip it every time.

The Race - it's ok.

End of All Days - I LOVE this one, but on thinking about the lyrics, it's the same problem. They've all been said before in a different order. It almost feels like Jared is 'dumbing down' and that's really sad.

Pyres... - Not a track. Don't get me wrong, it's awesome and Jared's voice in insanely brilliant, but it's just another piece of music that could have been done by anyone.

Bright Lights - The song is the very reason I say the lyrics are shallow. The meanings behind the songs are deep, I don't doubt that, but this song just really disappointed me; 'A new day, a new age, a new face, a new lay,
A new love, a new drug, a new me, a new you' It feels more like a list than a song.

Do or Die - forgettable.

Convergence - Beautiful, but it feels like they ran out of song ideas (I know they didn't) and put these musical interludes in to fill it out.

Northern Lights - I LOVE this.

Depuis - Again, not a song, random bits thrown together and SO repetitive! Not a good end to the album at all. I always skip this one too.

All in all, I am really, really disappointed. They work so hard and I love and adore them, but this album feels unfinished and would have benefited from more tracks with actual singing in. Really wish I could be more positive.

BTW Still get shivers at the start of 'Kings and Queens' - That is what I want more of!
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on 9 July 2013
30 Seconds To Mars have a tendency to evolve. Their albums never sound quite like the last. This goes for all of them; from their debut to the current one. In every other part of life we consider evolution and change to be a good thing. So why not when it comes to music? Do fans really want bands to sound the same on each and every album? If so then i think fans are missing out. Listening to album after album that sounds the same as always is TEDIOUS and boring; just look at a band like Nickelback-BORING!!

In contrast, 30 Seconds To Mars are showcasing their talent. They can do the screamo, they can do the political, they can do the funk which they showcased on their previous albums. Now they have made a concept album and as ever it's musical, fresh and encompasses a multitude of subjects, and it really works. No, Jared Leto doesn't scream, he is not singing about War; he has evolved. Good bands do not want to sound the same, they don't always want to sing about the same shit, and they have demonstrated that on each album.

If fans only want to hear what they always want to hear, then they are not true fans. A true fan forgets about the previous albums; puts them at the back of their mind and accepts the evolution, and enjoys it, and loves it all the same. They relish it.
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on 3 January 2015
City of Angels is an amazing song - and the video should also be checked out- especially the full 11 minute short film. But this album doesn't easily compare to other bands, and will not be pigeon holed. Jarred Leto certainly has a huge talent, and his vocal and songwriting are truly inspiring. although this album is less guitar "rock" sounding than 'A Beautiful lie' it has an anthemic power that makes it possibly more accessible than the bands previous offerings
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on 19 November 2013
After reading some of the reviews on this album, I was undecided whether or not to download it. But as I am going to their concert next Saturday at the O2, I thought I had better or be out of the loop as it were. Well on my first session listening to it, I felt I had better do a review to help others decide. Sorry all of you who thought it wasn't as good as TIW and I don't want to be rude to any of you, but reading your reviews was like listening to a wine critic spouting a load of pretentious clap trap. It is not "This is War"...a truly great album; but it is very good. It has plenty of hilights and enough raucous rifts to sing your heart out to and to make any unfortunates who have to share your car, cover their ears and run for the hills. I know this is going to grow on me more and more. I LIKE IT! I do know that the samples on Amazon do not do it justice, so if like me you are undecided, take a leap of faith in your fav band and do it. I really don't think you will regret it. I have only given it 4 stars as I haven't listened to it all yet- but I am sure that will be a 5 when I have. ROLL ON SATURDAY!!!!
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on 20 April 2014
Always been a fan of these guys and have always produced decent albums. If you think back to the self-named album in 2002, each CD has had a different sound but still had the 30 Seconds To Mars feel to it. It's been music evolution. In my opinion this is the weakest album so far. Just doesn't sit right for some reason, not a great number of truly great songs on it either. I still like the album but they have definitely done better in the past. Who knows, myabe Jared has been concentrating on his acting performances more lately and a different influence from that side has crept into the album.
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