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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 9 June 2013
I looked forward to this as it contained more of the 1976 Tampa coverage which had only previously been seen in snippets and it doesn't disappoint! This was Tull at their best with the best 'live' lineup. Some fantastic guitar from Martin Barre and brilliant bass/drums from John Glascock/Barrimore Barlow complemented by John Evan's keyboards. The Munich coverage is a bit of a shock as although it contains some great playing, the picture quality is awful and the sound gradually deteriorates to almost unlistenable (it's like a bad bootleg)! From thereon the 1980's stuff is fine (previously seen on another DVD)but the 1990's onwards is a bit downhill for me as although the playing is excellent, Ian Andersons problems with his voice make for difficult listening/viewing, it is a strain to watch him 'strain' to deliver, although he has such strong stage presence he nearly makes up for it.

Overall then, a must for the Tampa concert alone and an interesting visual history of the various band changes. The only sad aspect is Ian's voice deteriorating and seeing the band gradually become more 'staid' with the lineup changes in contrast with the fiery performances of the 70's/80's, something they have in common with my favourite 70's band Yes.
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on 14 June 2013
This is a very well put together package which to some extent does what it says on the box, showing Jethro Tull throughout their career playing over the world from the Isle of Wight in 1970 to Switzerland in 2005.
There is some familiar material which is already easily available , e.g. Isle of Wight, Montreux and London 2001 but these are just a few tracks each which i guess is to give continuity and cover certain tracks.
There are , however, quite a few things that have not been released officially before and this is both the strength and , oddly enough , part of my criticism of the set.
I had a bootleg copy of the Tampa 1976 set and, for those of you who have not seen it, it is excellent, showing a youngish, almost clean shaven, confident (arrogant?) Ian Anderson with the classic band just pre their Rock/folky era and still with a foot in the prog/ rock camp displaying an energy and edge which I had not seen before. The bootleg copy, although good quality "bled" colours and gave the impression it was from an old video tape, I looked forward to a cleaned up clearer copy. Sadly, however, there doesn't seem to have been any improvement which with the technolgy today I thought might have been possible. Still it is very watchable and a must for those of you who have not seen it before.

Next up are 10 tracks from Germany in 1980 which I anticipated with great excitement as it was on this tour that I first saw Tull. Again, nothing wrong with the performance but the quality this time , as a previous reviewer wrote is poor bootleg quality and deteriorates throughout.

Following a few available tracks from Germany in '82 and 86 disc 2 concentrates on Chile 1996 which is fascinating. the quality is excellent and showcases the Roots to Branches album plus old favourites. Of their later albums I think it is one of their strongest and to see some of these tracks plus solo Anderson tracks performed live is very enjoyable. Ian Anderson is using a head mic which looks odd and he doesn't look very comfortable with it (I'm not aware of him using since?) Anderson's voice is just about holding up on most tracks and it isn't till the next discs that we sadly see the decline in full throttle.

That is the end of disc 2 and this is my other criticism! This is a 4 disc set and yet by the end of disc 2 we have seen Tull performing from what is (or probably will be ) their last but one studio album. The next two discs cover just six years and the last disc in Switzerland is quite painful at times as Ian Anderson is really struggling with his voice. Again, as a previous reviewer says, his presence and professionalism just about carries it but it can get painful (and for him I guess!) The studio , semi unplugged set from Holland in 1999 is quite nice and it was good to hear "The Secret Language of Birds"

There are huge gaps which I wish could have been covered. Nothing from the period between 1970 and 76? not even a track surviving from an archive? I have seen a 1977 in concert but I guess the BBC own that! I saw a few things from the Catfish Rising tour which looked exciting and could have filled in the 10 year gap between 1986 and 96 on disc 2.

Anyway, maybe I'm just being picky!!!Overall this is a very good package, excellent value and packaged well. There is a lot of good stuff to watch it just has a few gaps and quality issues that stops me giving it 5 stars!
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on 7 May 2014
As always, the material available from Eagles Rock Records is superb. Highlights of this box are innumerable, as the concert in Tampa in 1976, available in bootleg form. The other dvds bring concerts in various locations, whit variable image quality. What disappoints is that true connoisseurs of the band are supporters of many other concerts that are not in this box (and could be included), as the concert aired on BBC in Goldersgreen Hippodrome in 1977, or even the Tangelwood concert in 1970. however, chose to put a few pieces of classic concert at the Isle of Wight in 70 (already existing in another dvd Eagle Vision). It's a shame, despite the gorgeous format and purpose of the box set, I believe that lacks much material (some of VERY GOOD).
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on 16 July 2013
Arrived on time and well wrapped. Fabulous selection of concerts and very interesting to learn more about the life and progression of this band. One of the concerts in Germany, to me, is badly recorded, but there is so much other great stuff on here it wasn't that irritating. If you are a Tull fan then definitelt recommend buying it.
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on 7 July 2013
I cannot believe the quality and packaging of this little gem, what else can you buy for this much money and sit through hours of classic material from a classic band, a gentle reminder of when bands entertained - awsome ( I hate the term) but in this istance, well derserved. Highly recommended.
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......go to YouTube and see JETHRO TULL at their finest in a myriad of video from the 1970's (BEAT CLUB, French TV, BBC Sight & Sound, Tanglewood, the "Too Old" Special, etc.) in better quality than a lot of this waste of a DVD set. Face it, when Anderson screwed up his voice, his singing career was over, whether he, or his fans, want to admit or not. I feel bad for him, but he has enough $$$ coming in to ease his pain. If he wanted to give his fans value for money he'd have included all the great '70's video missing from this set. Save your hard-earned money......
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on 12 June 2013
Fantastic. Great value for money.agreat buy for new or old fans of Tull.quality and presentation first class.dont missout on it
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on 22 July 2013
OK, I'll admit it. I've been a Tull fan for many years, and it doesn't show any signs of slacking off yet. Having said that, Ian has his troubles like everyone else so, pending new material, this sort of thing really hits the spot. Some of it you may have seen before, but I can guarantee that you won't have seen it all.

It starts back in the early days when Tull were at this little shindig on the Isle of Wight, an infamous festival but one that had plenty of big names playing. It goes through the 1970s era when Tull were at their height then shows some of the things that they have been doing since. Yes, the main members of the group are pushing it a bit by the end, but you have to credit them for that much. Even after over 40 years, they are still active for the most part and this is a good video record of their work.
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on 6 December 2015
What is here is excellent, but there must be other footage. Some is old stuff seen before. Let's hope there is to be an Around The World Live 2.
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on 6 July 2013
Kudos to Eagle for such a fine compilation.
Now we need the Sao Paulo, Brazil 2000 show that was recorded by Direct TV Brazil to be released.
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