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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 6 April 2014
I bought this Battery Grip to replace the one I already owned which did not have the AA battery magazine. I have a Nikon D7000 also and have a battery grip on that takes AA batteries, with fully charged GOOD rechargeable batteries you can shoot all day long and of course should you run low on power can buy normal AA batteries just about anywhere so this is a great advantage. Now this grip for the D5100 is well made, it has a nice feel and the rubber finish is a little softer than that on the D5100, it fits the camera perfectly and the locking screw does not stick out enough to interfere. The cable needed to use the shutter release is also nicely positioned on the grip and again does not get in the way. In my opinion this is a good buy especially if you use your camera for video as you can take both magazines giving you about 4 or 5 times more shooting time. A word about Rechargeable AA batteries, there are lots of cheap ones on auction sites but not many are any good, use these and your be lucky to get 24 shots out of your camera before needing to replace them. A single good AA rechargeable will weigh about 24/25 grams the cheap ones regardless of there rating will weigh less than half this, if your using cheap light rechargeable don't blame the grip when you run out of power. So all I can say now is this Grip is very good value, well made and good design and highly recommended to those who feel the need for one.
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on 7 June 2014
This DSTE Battery Grip has impressed me with it's build quality and functionality here's why:

* I was looking mainly at the extra battery shooting time and this unit gives you two options, using two Nikon EN-EL14's or using six AA Batteries ( I haven't used this option yet but will use it as a backup if needed ) so that's that box ticked

* The OFF-ON button on the back of the unit is for switching the shutter release button off and on which is a nice option just incase you accidentally press it when not needed

* The Signal Transferring Cable plugs into the front of the unit (not the side like other brands that I have been researching) and into the GPS socket on the side of the D5100, it's better to me that it comes round to the front than the side as it's better for holding it in landscape shooting

* The connecting screw pull round wheel does have a bit of play on it once the camera has been fully attached to the unit, but it's not that noticeable

* The IR is another nice extra

* The way the rubber grip goes around the unit is a nice piece of thoughtful design, when the cameras in the normal landscape position it helps to stop it sliding around on polished/glass/glossy surfaces. I have seen other brand units that only have a small amount of rubber grip and the base surface on them is just hard plastic

* The camera fit to the unit is good but there are two areas around the edges where it doesn't quite meet the body, looking at the camera: at the rear on the righthand side and the front righthand side there seems to be a slightly bigger gap, but it's really not that bad and not forgetting this is for the D5100 and D5200 and I'm not sure what the D5200 body differences are. The surfaces that meet when screwed down between the D5100 and the unit are perfect.

* The unit's speckled effect to match the Nikon speckle is similar but a little larger than the Nikons, but I'd have to say that's really nit-picking it looks great

* The shutter button has a nice feel to it, you can feel the two stages of the trigger very well

* The unit comes with clear instructions.

All in all I have looked at reviews upon reviews on a lot of these battery grips and for £31 the DSTE Pro Multi Power Grip is great for the price, hope this helps.
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on 17 June 2014
Bought this for my Nikon camera. I take amateur photos of sports events and was forever running low on juice at the critical moments with the 1 existing battery that was supplied with my camera. This give me 3 times the battery life, as I use to Non-Nikon branded batteries in this plus I carry the spare Nikon branded battery for extra juice should I need it. Adds a little bit of weight to the camera, but to be honest it doesn't have much impact. Very happy with this amazing bit of kit and a very reasonable price as well. A great addition to my ever growing fascination with photography. Thank you.
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on 23 July 2014
I was debating whether my D5100 required a battery grip and a friend of mine said I should at least give it a go. I am pleased with the results. The grip holds firmly to my camera and gives it a feel that is balanced in both portrait and landscape. I am sure about doubling the battery life, but I have not really tried that yet. The additional AA battery cradle will come in use as well. Very pleased with my purchase.
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on 17 March 2014
Very impressed with the build quality, not as flimsy as i had expected. It has hard rubber on the grip areas and the rest is hard plastic with all the materials used looking and feeling the same as my D5100 Body.
to connects via the tripod thread in the bottom of the body and has its own thread so you an still use a tripod. Fits flush and secure to the camera without any gaps or movement.

The small cable is only needed if you want to use the shutter release which operates the same as the on camera one.

Includes trays for 2x ENEL14 batteries or 6xAA.
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on 9 February 2016
I chose this model because of the AA battery and normal camera battery cages, it works just fine on my Nikon D5300.
This battery grip is not a perfect fit on the Nikon D5300 but i'm very happy with my purchase
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on 30 April 2015
The item arrieved on time but I am not happy with this batterygrip I got it for my d5200 and it doesn't fit the camera well there is a small gap at the bottom of the camera and the battery when I use the camera it cuts off now and again so in the middle of a photo shot it's not good. So I am looking to re place it.
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on 5 July 2014
I was pleasantly surprised with this grip, there's not a lot you can say about a battery has decent build quality, feels nice and does a decent job of keeping my camera going...if you prefer a lot of camera and like to get a good grip of your kit...this grip will make your makes the camera feel more complete and gives you a little extra confidence. Some people like their cameras to be more depends on what type you are...I'm not that fussed...I just need that extra battery life...I would buy another one of these if it started throwing just feels right.

That AA battery tray is worthwhile, not all the grips for the D5100 offer that option.
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on 20 February 2015
Just received this battery grip holder. Quick delivery, good packaging (grip was bubble wrapped in its own box and was delivered inside a larger box with suitable padding)
Really pleased with the quality of the unit. As others reviews have mentioned, slight gap between the grip and the camera when attached but feels solid when the screw is fully tightened. Rubber grip pads have a good feel consistent with the camera's grips.
On its own I would give 5 stars for the grip but only 4 stars overall though as the IR remote isn't too great. Appears it will only work if the camera's sensor is covered. If both the camera and grip's sensors are visible to the remote it doesn't trigger the shutter. I haven't read of this problem in any previous reviews so perhaps just a fault with this particular IR remote unit. Not too big a deal though as I already have a sensor, but thought it worth mentioning.
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on 2 January 2015
Bought it for a Nikon d5300. Fits and works perfectly. Presume it's the same as the Hahnel grip, but £40 cheaper.
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