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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 4 November 2010
I have to echo the comments of the previous reviewers here. Network have to be congratulated on this release. The HD transfer is exceptional: pristine with no artefacts on either the master or effects shots. I was sceptical that any worthwhile improvement would be seen over Network's exceptional DVD release a few years back. Fear not - the HD transfer originally used for that DVD release finds new life here. One example is the nuclear explosion as seen from the Eagle craft - superb. The original 4:3 ratio is retained I'm delighted to say, which puts into perspective the ridiculous decision by ITV to crop the series for 16:9 broadcast during their initial testing of ITV HD. The only minor disappiontment I have is that the audio was not upgraded from the lossy DTS used in the DVD reissue, and not lossless audio.
All the extra material from the DVD release is included along with additional material such as HD image galleries and a first time HD transfer of a second series episode 'The Metamorph'.
A reprint of the extensive booklet (replacing the two smaller ones on the DVD set) details the genesis of the series, background information and an article on the HD restoration. The episode synopses appear to be missing from this reprint.
The Blu Ray menus are clear and user friendly, reminiscent of the computer screen on Moonbase Alpha. The screen even declares 'Human Decision Required' when choosing options from the menu.
N.B. On the outer slipcase I received it was marked 'Limited Edition No. 1691' There are 1999 limited edition slipcase covers with different pictures. The standard releases will appear without slipcases.

Highly recommended.
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on 1 November 2010
Having previously bought this series as the Region 1 Megaset, I was looking forward to seeing what they could do with a hi-res restored print on blu ray.

I've just watched the first disc of this and want to say that I'm very impressed indeed. It looks like they've been able to go back to the original film stock for the restoration. Up to now, we've only been able to view the series from the original telecine transfers, (done at 1970's TV resolution). Thankfully they didn't try to make this wide-screen. The episodes retain the original 4:3 aspect.

This new HD transfer has exceeded my expectations. Genuinely, this show has never looked this good. The picture quality is almost contemporary and shows how good the miniature shots were back in the day. Some of the effects look a bit dated but the model shots clearly show, (in much the same way as in classics like 2001) that CGI still has some way to go.

I suspect a lot of hard work went into this and it shows.
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on 18 January 2011
This is absolutely 1st class. The picture and sound quality will astonish you! The work that Network have done in terms of restoration and remastering (both on this and on the previous DVD release) is amazing!

SPACE:1999 remains one of the most controversial science fiction/fantasy series ever created... & I love it!

I can only hope that Network decide to release Year 2 and take the same amount of care over the restoration process that they have with Year 1 (you never know, we might even get to own "Message From Moonbase Alpha" - the definitive ending to the Alphan's long journey - & very moving it is too).

Buy this set, the presentation is lavish and the series itself contains some of the most beautiful, thought provoking & out and out horrific episodes of the series. Highlights include: "Breakaway" (surely the most involving, stunning TV Series pilot ever filmed?), "Another Time, Another Place", "The Guardian of Piri", "Collision Cource", "End of Eternity" (memorable for Peter Bowles of "To The Manor Born" playing a psychotic, immortal who delights in "the exquisite forces of pain and suffering!" and the sequence where Mike Baxter "kills" John Koenig by bludgeoning him to death with a metal bi-plane - not for the faint hearted!) "War Games" and the mind bogglingly scary and atmospheric "Dragon's Domain".

Even today, this is ground-breaking television on every level as the writers and actors go against every expectation and break every rule to create a series that truly stands on it's own.

SPECIAL FEATURES OF NOTE: Several but the massively expanded "These Episodes" Documentary is worth the price of the Blu Ray set alone.

SPACE: 1999 remains Gerry & Sylvia Anderson's supreme Science Fiction Odyssey.
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on 16 August 2012
Just got the blu-ray - what amazing picture quality for a 70's tv show! Yes sometimes the acting is a bit ropy and it could be a bit slow but that doesn't matter. In my opinion the best theme tune and credit sequence to a tv show ever. Loved this when I was a kid and I think it still holds up now especially the model work. Loads of extras on the blu-rays and a great informative hefty little booklet inside too. Highly highly recommended especially at the current price (I paid 3 times more for the DVD set about 2 years ago).
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on 19 December 2010
The quality of the Blu ray edition is simply stunning. It's like looking through a window at the place and time of filming. The wonderful moonbase sets and general production values still convince but in some respects it hasn't aged well. The series could have achieved a similar level of success that Star Trek had if they would had slightly better actors in some of the secondary roles. There was little chemistry between them. The show was enough of a success in the USA to commission another series but along came different sets, too many unexplained cast and costume changes - it bore little resemblance to series one and flopped. More subtle changes could have produced a winner. One or two cast changes along with an injection of more humour and subtle changes to 'humanize' the characters could have produced a massive hit.

This edition has behind the scenes photos of all the episodes(most of which I've never seen before) some new documentaries and many of the extras of the 2005 remastered network edition. The first episode of series two is included in HD.

There is a campaign to reissue Space 1999 with modern special effects and is code named Space 2099. Google it.

One negative point about this blu ray release is the menu music. It's truly dreadful - droning, haunting, impending doom noise. Why did they do that? Turn the sound down if you need to.

All in all, great stuff if your a fan of the show.
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on 3 November 2010
Having received my copy direct from Network last week, I've had an opportunity to view the first 6 episodes and superlatives doesn't really do justice to the sheer quality of the restoration. Like The Prisoner, Network have pulled out all the stops and it shows. The most important lesson Network have learned is to pay attention to the fans hence the proper 4/3 aspect ratio. (Freemantle take note on this point for your dire World at War reframing). I can't recommend it enough. I'm hoping that Season 2 gets the same excellent treatment. Considering the amount of ITC products that were shot on 35mm and 16mm, can we look forward to future HD gems?
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on 25 June 2013
Watching this great Blu Ray edition feels like seeing Space 1999 for the first time. This cult series had fantastic production values, and this HD transfer enables you to fully appreciate the artistry of the set designers, prop makers, special effects supervisors and model makers who did a remarkable job, which still looks good today. Fortunately, this is presented in the original 4/3 image format, unlike the Thunderbirds BR transfer which cuts the top or the bottom of the frame in order to create a fake 16/9 format. (Thunderbirds would really deserve another BR transfer preserving the original frame format !)
Alas, even the best HD transfer cannot improve the quality of a series' scripts, and some episodes are as dissapointing today as they were when the show was aired in 1976. But there are enough gems in the lot to make this BR set extremely enjoyable.
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on 17 August 2015
Look, I'm giving it full stars as I loved this show as a kid. Thought it wouldn't stand up today & look dated, but how wrong was I? The HD transfer is nothing sort of spectacular, the extras are excellent, the included booklet gives you all the info & history of the show & when you watch the BluRays, you can see how influential the show actually was.

At today's prices, the whole 24 episode series would cost in the region of £33 Million pounds, so you can understand why there were only two series!! It looks & feels like every episode is a mini film, but each episode was shot on 35mm film so that's maybe why. Great special guests like Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee etc appear, & the general storylines are very inspiring. One thing is, this was on in the early 70's on a Saturday morning for kids, & some of the scenes & storylines are, quite frankly, definitely not PG rated & in no way would some of them be aired at that time nowadays. Especially not for kids to watch.

In a nutshell, this is a great buy, & if you want to take a trip back in time to a day when TV was inventive & was willing to take chances, then Space 1999 is for you. Sure there are visible mistakes in some episodes but that is what makes this show so legendary, & also so loved in cult fan base community circles.

A reboot has been in development hell for a few years now called Space 2099 (with non of the original cast members), but it seems that as yet, no one wants to buy the idea even though there is fan demand for it. All the designs have been done & the imagery completed, but I wouldn't hold my breath on this being green-lit anytime soon. Now a film version....that would be another idea!
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on 8 March 2013
(Apologies in advance for the long post. Some quick background; though not deaf, I am hearing impaired due to an auto accident when I was a child. As such, I can hear okay, but not always understand what people are saying (due to the combination of hearing damage and tinnitus). Watching TV is an exercise in absolute frustration - unless I have subtitles.)

I live in the USA; for years, those of us who wanted to buy SPACE:1999 -- or, indeed, any British series, really -- only had one choice: A&E Home Video. For those of you who are unaware, A&E has no love for the hearing impaired. I'll sum it up this way: the bottom line response I received from A&E, after several years of letters and group complaints, was that (a) it was too expensive to add subtitles (or captions, back when CC mattered) and (b) they weren't required to, so they weren't going to do it.

When the full series was re-released -- that is, not the Series Mega-Pack that A&E released -- I had high hopes that I'd finally be able to watch and enjoy the series again; surely a modern release would include subtitles. Bottom line here: the UK Region 2 DVDs included subtitles; the US Region 1 DVDs did not.

I then noted the blu-ray release. Still A&E; I already knew the answer but here it is summed up in one reviewer's comments: "Strange though it may seem A&E elected not to include SDH captions... Let's hope that A&E realizes the error of their ways and corrects this by adding closed captioning because i for one would appreciate it." Don't hold your breath, friend.

I figured, then, to forget it. I wasn't going to watch the series again unless it showed up on broadcast TV here in the States, where captioning is basically required.

Someone on a forum I frequent mentioned that Amazon UK sold a lot of region-free Blu-ray discs. I sought out a few sets (including the UK release Harry Potter collection (yay, PHILOSOPHER'S Stone), and Battlestar GALACTICA) and found the SPACE:1999 UK release set. No mention of it being region-free, but it did confirm subtitles. I ordered it on a chance and decided that, if it was Region 2, I would pony up the extra money and pay the "hearing impairment tax" and buy a region-free BD player.

I got the set after two or three weeks (takes a long time to ship Royal Mail to USPS). With anticipation, I fired up my PlayStation 3 (which has turned out to be a first-rate BD player; big bonus is that, since it does regular system software updates, I have never had an issue playing any Blu-ray disc, like some of my friends with stand-alone players have). Disc in; waiting... waiting... and BOOM, we have the menu screen!

I was elated. I know it's silly to get excited over such a thing, but I was about to take a great trip down memory lane (with my kids, who watched the set with me over the following month), AND, since it had English Subtitles, I could enjoy it as well.

So a very big thank you to Network Studio for putting together such a great set, for going the extra mile and including SDH, and for making it viewable by this hearing-impaired American who wishes companies here gave a damn.

(I would also like to add that, should Network be gracious enough to give the same region-free SDH treatment to Space:1999 Series 2, I am ready with credit card in hand.)
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Big Sci Fi and Space 1999 fan here. I've just finished watching this and can say without doubt it's one of the best old Sci Fi Bluray transfers I have ever seen. The first 24 episodes took over a year to complete, starting in late 1973 with the pilot episode and finishing up in early 1975 with the last one. The first episode alone took nearly a month to film, indicating a significant amount of time and money was spent on this program.

Quick rundown of what you get-

Seven-disc set (5 BDs, 2 DVDs)
Original Airing - 1975-1976
Length - 24 episodes (20 hours, 48 mins)
BD Resolution - 1080p (4:3 Aspect Ratio)
Subtitles - none
An interesting 46 page booklet

Each of the episodes has the audio option of listening to them in either original mono or Dolby 5.1 mix created from the original triple-track audio tracks.

The set here is very nice, clean and crisp looking given the full 1080p transfer. The colour saturation and the blacks (which there's a lot of in space!) look brilliant! The landscapes and miniature models look fantastic. Alien worlds that are sometimes visited by the Alphans look so much better than they did in the 70's. Sharpness and clarity are very good indeed. This is a very clear quality picture.

Audio wise this is not a DTS-HD master audio mix but a standard DTS 5.1 so you won't get a lot of surround sound but special effects sequences definitely sound better especially explosions and eagle sound effects! I still have a boxed Dinky transporter eagle in good condition myself! Great space craft :)

I've listed the episodes with a short description/extras on the discs if anybody if interested at exactly what you're getting here and the extra stuff on discs 6 and 7.

Disc 1 Episodes -
Breakaway - A strange sickness is killing some of the Moonbase Alpha crew. Commander Koenig's investigation reveals that the source lies at Nuclear Waste Disposal Area 1 caused by excessive magnetic energy fields. The continuous build up of energy shortly causes massive explosion clusters that knocks the moon off orbit into deep space.

Matter of Life and Death - A lush Earth-type planet holds the promise of a new home for the people of Moonbase Alpha. When the reconnaissance Eagle returns, it carries an unexpected passenger: Helena's husband, who died five years ago. The mysterious Lee Russell tells the Alphans that death awaits them on the new planet.

Black Sun - The travelling Moon drifts within range of a black sun. Pulled toward certain destruction by its inescapable gravitational force, the Alphans employ desperate measures to stay alive. As a lifeboat Eagle carries six persons to safety, the Moon plunges into the black sun, with only an experimental force-field protecting Alpha.

Ring around the Moon - A technician falls under an alien influence, accessing classified information before mysteriously dying. Soon after, the Moon is stopped in space by the powerful rays of an alien spacecraft. The aliens' only interest in Alpha is the data held in its computers, information they now plan to obtain through the possessed eyes of their next agent:

Earthbound - An alien spacecraft crash-lands on the Moon, its passengers refugees from a dying world. As their destination is Earth, they generously offer to take one person with them when they depart. The scheming Commissioner Simmonds takes steps to ensure that he is the lucky individual chosen, even if it means destroying Alpha.

Disc 1 extras -
- Galleries for all episodes including PR and behind the scenes
- Gerry Anderson's commentary on Breakaway
- Music only tracks for all episodes (except Breakaway)

Disc 2 Episodes -
Another time Another place - After an encounter with a space-time anomaly, the Alphans find their Moon back in the Solar System on a course to re-enter Earth orbit. The celebration ends when it becomes apparent Earth is an inhospitable wasteland. The mystery deepens when they discover a duplicate Moon already in orbit and a duplicate Moonbase Alpha lying empty and deserted

Missing Link - John Koenig finds himself trapped on the planet Zenno, in the home of an alien scientist and his daughter. Advanced two million years beyond Earthmen, the aliens consider Koenig their missing link. Faced with the threat of being treated like an experimental animal for the rest of his life, Koenig uses an unexpected weapon to confound his captor: love.

Guardian of Piri - Strange events befuddle the Alphans as they approach the planet Piri. When exploring its lifeless surface, Koenig encounters the seductive servant of the mysterious Guardian of Piri. She offers the wayward Alphans a life of peace and perfection. Realising the deadly truth behind the peace of Piri, Koenig struggles to free his people from the Guardian's influence

Force of life - The body of Anton Zoref is invaded by an unknown life force. The man soon manifests an uncontrollable ability to absorb heat. As the Alphans struggle to understand this mysterious force, Zoref's need becomes insatiable. Driven by instinct, he makes his way to the greatest source of heat on Alpha, the Nuclear Generating Plant.

Alpha Child - The Alphans celebrate the arrival of the first child born on the Moon. The blessed event sours when the infant grows into a five-year-old child in minutes. Trying to accept him, the Alphans do not notice that little Jackie Crawford is much more than he seems. When hostile spaceships approach the base, Koenig realises, too late, that the aliens have an agent on Alpha.

Disc 2 extras -
- Galleries for all episodes
- Generic and portrait galleries
- Music tracks for all episodes

Disc 3 Episodes -
The Last Sunset - Anonymous alien benfactors provide the wandering Moon with a breathable atmosphere. The Alphans rejoice as they realise they have a wonderful new home in their own backyard. Preparations are made to settle and begin building a new civilisation on the Moon's surface. Koenig is suspicious of the aliens' motives, wondering how long this generous gift will last.

Voyager's return - The automated Earth space probe Voyager One is approaching the Moon. With the radioactive exhaust from its engine certain to extinguish all life on Moonbase, the Alphans try to gain control and shut down the drive. Help comes when the probe's designer is found living on Alpha under an assumed name. However, Voyager is being followed by alien ships seeking revenge.

Collision Course - The Moon is on a collision course with an enormous planet. On a scouting mission, Koenig encounters Arra, the Queen of Atheria. The aged monarch proclaims the collision is a preordained event and must occur for her people to evolve to a higher plane of existence. Now Koenig must convince his staff to have faith and do nothing in the face of apparent destruction.

Deaths other dominion - On a frozen planet, the Alphans encounter shipwrecked humans from a lost expedition. The expatriates from Earth enjoy an idyllic existence: they have been made immortal and have lived there for over 880 years. They invite the Alphans to join them in paradise, but dissidents reveal all is not at it seems, teaching Koenig that immortality comes with a price.

The Full Circle - When exploring a habitable planet, members of the Alphan survey party vanish without a trace. Are they the victims of an indigenous tribe of Stone Age humanoids? The mystery deepens when a dead caveman is found to have capped teeth. Others soon notice the primitive cave chief and his mate bear an uncanny resemblance to the missing John Koenig and Helena Russell.

Disc 3 extras -
- Galleries for all episodes
- Behind the scenes
- Text commentary for The Last Sunset
- Music tracks for all episodes

Disc 4 Episodes -
End of Eternity - While exploring an asteroid, the Alphans injure an alien trapped within. Bringing him to Alpha, they discover his wounds have completely healed. The indestructible Balor is a scientist who has discovered the secret of immortality. Also a psychopath, he plans to spend eternity practicing the art of pain and torture, with the Alphans as his subjects

War Games - Approaching an inhabited planet, the Alphans are suddenly pounced upon by warships. In an unprovoked attack, Moonbase Alpha is devastated by Earth-style Hawk fighters. With 128 dead and Alpha unable to sustain life, Koenig and Helena appeal to the aliens for mercy. The aliens proclaim the Earthmen to be an invading virus, with no right to exist.

The Last Enemy - The Moon approaches a solar system with two planets on opposites sides of its sun. The Alphans are trapped in an interplanetary conflict when warships from both worlds trespass on the Moon to fire missiles at their opponents' planets. After taking in a refugee from a destroyed gunship, the Alphans discover they have drifted into the middle of a literal war of the sexes.

The troubled Spirit - Dan Mateo, hoping to unlock the secret of communication with plants, unleashes a killing force from the depths of his own mind. This macabre spectre seeks vengeance for Mateo's horrible death--which has not yet occurred. Bridging the span between science and the supernatural, the Alphans hope to break the cycle and exorcise the ghost without killing the man.

Space Brain - An Eagle and its crew are crushed to death by an enormous energy field in space. When one of Alpha's astronauts is possessed by the anomaly, he tells them the energy field is a living space brain, which responded to the 'threat' with antibodies Finding the Moon on a collision course with the Brain, the Alphans make plans to avoid the same fate as the Eagle.

Disc 4 extras -
- Galleries for all episodes
- End of Eternity delete scene gallery
- Model, model making and storyboard galleries
- Text commentary for Space Brain
- Music tracks for all episodes

Disc 5 Episodes -
The infernal Machine - The Alphans are visited by a bizarre spacecraft, whose request for supplies hides a deeper purpose. The ship, Gwent, is found to be sentient, the attempt of a vain alien genius to live forever. Powerful, unstable and craving companionship, Gwent intends for Koenig, Helena and Bergman to replace its aged, dying creator.

Mission of the Darians - Encountering a derelict spaceship, the Alphans respond to an automated distress signal. On board, they discover what remains of the once-great civilisation of Daria: an elite group which maintains control of the ship and a tribe which has descended into savagery. The Alphans are appalled when they discover what measures the Darians have taken to survive.

Dragons Domain - n 1996, Tony Celllini commanded a high-profile space mission which ended in disaster. The sole survivor, he told an outrageous tale of an spaceship graveyard and the alien 'dragon' which devoured his crew. Believed by no one, he was left a broken man. Five years later, the truth is revealed when the runaway Moon approaches the same deadlySargasso in space

The Testament of Arkadia - The wandering Moon suddenly changes course and comes to a halt in the vicinity of a dead world. As Alpha's power fails, the only hope for survival is to evacuate to the planet, which was ravaged by a nuclear war in the distant past. Searching for answers, a team is sent to the surface, where they discover the shocking truth of the origin of Mankind.

Disc 5 extras -
- The Metamorph (the first episode of the second season in HD)
- Gerry Anderson's commentary on Dragons Domain
- Galleries for all episodes
- Bassett sweet cigarette and Donruss bubble gum card galleries
- Restored full and wide screen series one textless titles
- Music only tracks for all episodes except Dragons Domain
- Unfinished generic textless opening titles
- Textless episode material (muted)
- Textless end titles

Disc 6 extras -
This documentary features selected individual episode analysis.
- Memories of space. The creators of Space 1999 share their memories of the show.
- Sylvia Anderson on live action. Sylvia discusses her involvement in making Space 1999, UFO, The Protectors and Doppelganger.
- Horizon behind the scenes (1977) Brian Johnson discusses the special effects
- Concept and creation
- Special effects and design

Disc 7 extras -
- Clapperboard. Presented by Chris Kelly (1975)
- Guardian of Piri remembered.
- Barry Gray's theme demo
- Alternative opening/closing tiles
- Barbra Bain and Martin Landau US premier intro and outro
- SFX plates and deleted SFX scenes with music
- Alien attack trailers
- Journey Through The Black Sun trailer
- Ad bumpers
- Lyons Maid Ice Lolly advert

On Disc 7 you will also find selected scripts and Space 1999 annual pdf's but you can only access these on your computer!

You are getting a hell of a lot of stuff here! Some work and time has gone into this set and it shows.

An absolute treasure trove for Space 1999 or sci fi fans.

I can't recommend this set enough
44 comments| 6 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?YesNoReport abuse

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