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Customer reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 8 May 2015
I kept going with this because I desperately wanted it to get better. After having read "On the Island" which absolutely blew me away with its brilliance, it was very disappointing to read this book. The story is very bland, I just wanted something to happen, some excitement, some feeling that you didn't know what was coming next. Sorry, not a good book and I can't recommend it.
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on 17 April 2015
Such a good read.. I will be recommending it to people, kind of sad it's come to an end but happy there is another book to read afterwards :))
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on 17 September 2013
Last year, Tracey Garvis Graves' novel On The Island rocketed up my list of favourite novels, ever. It wasn't a novel I expected to like; I thought a relationship between a teacher and her student was weird, but I frigging loved it so much. It sort of had that effect on everyone who read it and it was a massive bestseller, blowing people away left, right and centre. So it's fair to say when I was approved for her second novel Covet I nearly died of excitement.

Covet is like the When Harry Met Sally of books, it asks the lifelong question of whether men and women can be just friends. (I think they can, but it depends on the circumstances, and it most certainly wasn't true in this instance.) Claire Canton is happily married, until her husband Chris loses his job and it all falls apart. Once he gets back onto the career ladder, Claire can't help but feel lonely as her husband spends 90 per cent of his time on the road. So when she meets officer Daniel Rush, she finds herself growing closer to him, but they both tell themselves it's just a friendship, until it turns into something more.

When I started reading Covet I wasn't sure who I was meant to be rooting for - did Garvis Graves want me to root for Claire and Chris's marriage or was I meant to be spellbound by Daniel Rush? The more I read, the more I became captivated by Claire and Daniel's friendship, the more I pulled in their direction. In my heart of hearts I always felt as if it was a long shot, but I'm always rooting for the love that can never be and I couldn't understand Claire's desire to stand by Chris, who I found cold and distant. But, that's because I have no idea about marriage, about how you're meant to stay when the going gets tough, and not just run because things are hard. One day I'll see and appreciate that part of the novel, but for now, I was firmly Team Daniel.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed Covet, no, I'll be honest it wasn't as good as On The Island - I think it would be super hard to ever write a book like that again, but Covet was amazing in itself. I was torn for so long over what I wanted to happen and even though it didn't always go in the direction I wanted it to, I still thought it was a seriously well written novel, with some pretty stellar characters, particularly Daniel Rush. This is a real thinker of a book, and it definitely has stayed with me since I finish it, it's a really great 2nd novel from Tracey, and I look forward to book 3!
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on 30 May 2014
If anyone has any ideas of family drama books that I can read please let me know.
Covet is my first book that I have read by Tracey Garvis Graves. I actually stumbled on a review by someone about this book Covet. Which made me want to read it.
I did not know that it was mainly about families in a marriage. The story was right up my street because I just love reading fiction stories about family life.
It all happens in Rockland Hills. Claire Canton a graphic designer is happy married to her business marketing husband Chris.
Claire gets pulled over by a dashing good looking policeman and gets let off by him. Then Claire found herself that she could not stop thinking about the policeman, she knew she should not feel like this as she is a very happy married woman.
Chris her husband looses his job and shuts him self off from the family. Claire and Chris are close friends with their neighbours Elisa and her husband Skip, Bridget and her husband Sam, and Julia and Justin.
But do her neighbours all lead a happy marriage?. Review by ireadnovels.wordpress.com
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on 23 September 2013
Tracey Garvis-Graves's second novel Covet tells a tale we've all read many times over. A wife with a workaholic husband turns elsewhere for companionship, resulting in a story that can only end in heartbreak. The difference in Covet and other books of its ilk is the palpable tension that Garvis-Graves crafts from page one, hooking the reader and captivating until the very end.

Surprisingly, I didn't find myself with any animosity towards Claire despite her subterfuge and omission of details from her husband. I genuinely felt sorry for her, for her situation and I liked her. She seemed like the type of person I could be friends with.

If you're after a book that chooses sides, makes you root for Claire's husband or for her lover, you won't find it here. As is often the case in life, Claire's situation isn't black and white. I found myself completely conflicted the whole way through, wishing at different stages for different outcomes. Part of me really wanted Claire's affair with Daniel to ignite in passion and for her to leave her husband for him. Then again, with each of the chapters from Chris's point of view, I couldn't help but want their marriage to work out. In the end, Garvis-Graves wrote an ending that I was wholly satisfied and pleased with.

Brilliantly written and sensual, Covet is a smouldering novel that I won't soon forget.
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Review from my Goodreads page written August 6th 2013:

One of the signs of an amazing book is one that takes less than a day to read. Another sign is when you have to stop reading and can't stop thinking of the moment you can pick it up and continue reading. Another is when you should be sleeping but you can't because you are nearing the end of the book and it is impossible to stop reading until you finish it. And perhaps the most obvious sign of a good book is when you finish it and are left feeling ecstatic at finishing a good book but sad at the same time that it is over, and when you have no idea what your next book will be because you feel like nothing can beat the story you have just read. This book was all of those things and that is why I am writing this review at 2.26am, just moments after finishing this book. Again though I find myself wishing I could write a review that does the book justice, I will try!

About a year ago I downloaded to my Kindle a book called On the Island. I hoped for a half decent read after reading the plot which I found pretty exciting. What I ended up reading was one of the best books I read in 2012 and what I now call one of my favourite books of all time. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of returning to that island in the novella Uncharted which was just fantastic. Needless to say that when I requested this book on Net Galley and was approved, I couldn't wait to get started. I was in work when the approval email came through and had to get through four hours more before I could start Covet.

I knew however that this book would be very different from On the Island. I am not the intended reader for this book but to me that doesn't matter. If a book is good then it can be read by almost anybody, and despite this being classed as Women's Fiction, I feel that the book, or at the very least extracts of it could be read by men. Particularly those who may be facing problems in their relationship or marriage. This certainly isn't one of those awful erotica novels that are constantly at the top of the bestsellers charts, what it is instead is a wonderfully written story which felt very real, you could have been reading a person's life story as opposed to a story from a writer's imagination.

The chapters alternate between the three characters: Claire, Chris and Daniel. The bulk of the chapters are from Claire's POV however it was nice to hear from the other characters so we weren't just getting Claire's side of things and we could actually see what Chris and Daniel were thinking as opposed to what Claire assumed they were thinking, if that makes sense. Chris and Claire's marriage is pretty much on the rocks, Chris loses his job and Claire takes us through the months that followed the loss talking about how they grew apart and the trouble they faced with his unemployment. Then Chris finds work that means him being away from home throughout the week. I remember as a child my dad would work from 7am until 11pm and I would hardly ever see him despite living in the same house. I could definitely relate to the children in this book and it is only when you are older that you fully realise and understand what your parents do for you.

Claire at the start of the book is pulled over by a police officer because of a problem with her car. It is all fairly innocent at first but in the weeks and months that follow a friendship is formed between the two to the point where there is a question mark surrounding whether anything will happen beyond that. It's hard to continue talking about the characters without giving away too much of the plot so all I will say is that you feel for all three characters. I didn't really feel that Claire was in the wrong throughout the book, but perhaps having never been in love or married makes me see the story differently than somebody who is/has. I read a few comments on Goodreads from people who were a bit wary about reading this book because of the cheating aspect but I urge those people to read this book and forget about those worries. The story here is incredible to the point where I just didn't know what I wanted Claire to do.

The three characters I liked very much. Claire has diabetes which I thought was very interesting and made for some heart stopping developments throughout the book. There were some wonderful scenes between her and Daniel regarding this but to elaborate would be giving the story away. I also liked the flashback scenes where we learnt more about Chris and Claire when they first met. The love between these two characters is evident. I definitely synpathised with Chris having to work away from his family for most of the week to support them. His love for his wife and kids was clear throughout the book. I really liked Daniel. I loved the scenes between him and Claire.

Overall I cannot reccommend this book highly enough. It now cements Tracey Garvis-Graves as one of my favourite authors as she has now written three books which I will always rate as some of the best I have read. In reading the acknowledgement section Tracey mentioned an alternate ending and after only just finishing this book I want to know what that ending is so badly because as I said I didn't know what I wanted Claire to do and I don't know how I would have written this story or indeed ended it. I was satisfied with the ending of the book however. When I finished On the Island I couldn't stop thinking about the story for a while afterwards. I think the same will be true of this book. I don't feel like I have just read a of fiction but instead somebody's life story. Tracey thank you for another truly amazing book which I just loved reading. Your next book cannot come quick enough as far as I am concerned (whatever it may be)!
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on 7 October 2013
I loved Tracey Garvis Grave's debut book On the Island so when I saw that Covet was available on NetGalley I had to request it as I was hoping I would love it just as much.

Claire's marriage to husband Chris suffered terribly whilst he was struggling with depression due to being out of work but now that he has a new job she's finding herself having to deal with him constantly on the road working long hours. So when she meets handsome policeman Daniel she strikes up a close friendship with him that helps ease the loneliness when Chris is away but can she really be just friends with another man?

This was an interesting concept for a story but is an emotive subject as to when does a friendship/relationship cross the line and become cheating on a partner? Does an emotional connection count as being unfaithful?

Although the majority of the storyline is told from Claire's viewpoint we do also get the odd chapter from both Chris and Daniel so also get to see their side of things.

All three main characters had their flaws but no one person was to blame for the situation they found themselves in. Chris was just trying to do his best to support his family, Claire needed someone to turn to when she was down and Daniel was the person she turned to rightly or wrongly. I had expected myself to have quite strong feelings against both Claire and Daniel, due to my own previous personal experience, and was quite surprised that I didn't.

Although I didn't love this book, it was an OK read and I'll definitely pick up more books from this author in the future.
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Claire and Chris have been married for years and have two children together. However, their marriage has been put under severe strain thanks to the recession, Chris losing his job and subsequently getting a new one which takes him away from his family more often than he or Claire would like. So when she meets police officer Daniel Rush by chance, and the pair strike up an unlikely friendship, Claire begins to feel confused about her feelings. She knows that she misses her husband but things haven't been right for a while - and she loves how Daniel makes her feel when they spend time together. Will Claire be able to get her feelings under control and make the right choice for her and her family?

I'll be honest and say I did struggle withthe idea of this book before I had read it. I don't approve of affairs by any stretch of the imagination, so I was curious how I would find a book that explores that part of a relationship - whether or not Claire would take her friendship with Daniel to the next level, and how she would reason with herself over that decision. Garvis Graves doesn't make it an easy choice for Claire, showing her struggling with the very realistic emotional turmoil she is going through, both through her story with Daniel, and flashbacks to the tough times she has already gone through with Chris too.

While I didn't expect to like Claire, I did like her. She's a normal mum, working hard for her family, enjoying time with her friends as well as supporting them through some tough times too. I felt she started off with good intention towards Daniel, but as the pair spent more time together, it inevitably turned into something more. Daniel was a very likeable character, a upstanding policeman in their small town, and someone we know has been hurt before in a relationship. I liked him because although you can see he likes Claire, he too struggles with the fact she is married. Both Daniel and Claire struggle with their feelings, and I did have a small hope that they could make it work together.

As well as the main story of Daniel and Claire, and the subsequent effect that has on Claire's marriage, I really enjoyed tre smaller storylines of the problems that several of Claire's friends are facing. Outwardly they seem to live ideal lives but as usual, things aren't what they seem and there's a lot of heartache behind closed doors. Claire dealt with these really well, the sort of friend that you need in this situation, it allowed us to see a different side of this character and that she wasn't a bad person, despite her actions in parts.

I really enjoyed the book, it was really well written and presented what could be a tricky storyline in a fair way that made you actually question what would be the right decision for Claire. I did feel sorry for Chris in parts, but I did feel he neglected his wife somewhat, although he didn't deserve to lose his marriage over it. Daniel was lovely, and he definitely deserved happiness after what he had been through. The book is quite slow paced, but it needed to be like this for the story to develop well. I definitely recommend this book, it's well written and an enjoyable book.
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Covet by Tracey Garvis-Graves
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Truly touching, truly amazing, and what a dilemma. How things can slowly happen in a marriage and from all angles everyone feel so differently.

Chris, when he said he loved his wife and family I was surprised, what? and sleep on the settee? But more and more came to light.

Claire loves her husband, but like any marriages it has its ups and downs worse when feeling are nto communicated, bring in another person Daniel and you may have a disaster on your hands.

Chris and Claire appear the ideal family apart from one friend she confides in.

I got into this story right away and read this in one sitting. Good thing I had our supper cooking in the slow cooker is all I can say!

Great author, great story telling and brilliant humane real life saga. Loved it and would definitely recommend it to everyone.

*I received this from Net Galley and the Penguin who are the publishers*
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 23 September 2013
Chris and Claire's marriage is fragile. Chris needs to support his family but his new job means that he spends long periods of time away from home. Claire is lonely and responds to the friendship offered by Daniel, a local police officer, who always seems to be there when Claire needs a friend. What then follows is the dissection of a once successful marriage which highlights the effect that social pressures can place upon relationships. The notion that non-physical friendships between men and women can be successfully navigated is perhaps where the book is strongest.

Once I started to read Covet, I really couldn't put it down and probably read the complete book in an afternoon. All the characters are sympathetically portrayed and the story really emphasises the choices that needed to be made both by Chris and Claire whose shared history as a couple meant that they had so much to lose if the marriage failed. And yet, I couldn't help but be drawn into Daniel's role in the story ~ he comes across as a really lovely guy and one who you know would make a good choice as husband and father.

But throughout Covet, the rocky road of marital infidelity is always bubbling under the surface and the question whether or not men and women can ever be just `friends' forms the basis for a fascinating and powerful story. I really enjoyed it.

This book is currently available as an ebook. With the paperback coming out in April 2014.

My thanks to NetGalley and Penguin for a digital review copy.
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