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on 9 April 2015
This keyboard is an impressively made device that has been near flawless so far. Things I love are its portability, durability (I'm sure it's breakable, but it's likely less so than other keyboards portable and permanent alike due to its robust plastic case that when folded, protects the keys within), great key response (better than many a cheap laptop) and excellent battery life, lasting a few weeks on a single charge.

It's not quite perfect, owing to the compromises that to some extent have to be made with such a portable device. Some are inevitable and have little real effect, such as the split space bar. Slightly more problematic is the failure of the keyboard to snap straight when unfolded, meaning you can't use it on your lap without a book or similar to rest it on. Most annoying is the small tab key, a key that will be particularly important if using it without a mouse and wanting to use the keyboard as much as possible. It's not unusable and I can see why it's been trimmed so much given the desire to maintain as 'stacked' and triangular a layout of the keys as possible, but it call all too easily lead to other keys being hit when touch typing.

Overall though I am very happy with this and would buy again.
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on 31 July 2015
Very nice design. I had problems with the keycaps breaking off otherboards when I put them in a bag and carried them around. Wasn't a problem with this.

Main issue is that the number keys are in the wrong place... if you look at the keyboard carefully you'll see that all the number keys are about half a key too far left.. which breaks my ability to touch type numbers.. well at least touch type numbers without having to learn a new keyboard.

Worked well until the bind button stopped doing anything. Also Bluetooth is a bit of hassle anyway, and you can only bind to one device at a time, unbinding then being a bit of hassle, also there are various nasty attacks against Bluetooth keyboards, but these are intrinsic problems.
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on 22 March 2015
This is a fairly straightforward product, so you should easily be able to tell if you need it or not. For me, I am constantly travelling and only carry my iPhone around with me, hence the need for such a product.

The pairing is straightforward, the buttons' feedback is slick, the buttons' size is generous, and the folded keyboard is compact. I've heard other products fall on one of these 4 points. The battery life is good too, though admittedly, I charge this every other night (it provides and uses a standard MicroUSB).
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on 19 May 2014
This is a cracker little keyboard though it's not so little - I got the bigger version and it's close enough to a full size keyboard to make it easy for me to touch type on it. It doesn't slide around on a flat surface (like a train table) and it's easy to reach almost all the keys (right shift is a bit of a stretch). It is a doddle to set up (took me about 15 seconds) and the battery seems to last fine. The GBP £ sign is shift-# so that's dandy too. The only oddity is that the quotation marks key and the @ symbol have swapped places and it's not possible to swap them to the UK version. This is a lot better than I expected and is getting a lot of use. Handy for everything where you don't want to use a laptop, PC or tablet on-screen keyboard. Makes typing longer emails and reports much quicker. All in all, a purchase that I'm happy with (only had it a week though but there's no evidence as yet of any issues).
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on 10 November 2013
Bought for my wife who decided that she needed a separate keyboard for her tablet. Personally I don't think they are necessary but !!!. Regardless of this I must admit that this is an excellent piece of kit and personally cannot find any problems with it. The omission of a £ key is sad but that is the only downfall. I cannot understand the negatives on some reviews, it closes and locks itself perfectly and flattens solidly on the desktop when opened. All keys work perfectly and as previously reported closely resemble the keyboard on a laptop. Bluetooth connection is spot on and up to now has not lost connection. If this is something that you feel you need I would highly recommend this particular item and supplier.
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on 27 February 2014
Nice piece of kit ideally suited for tablets. I'm using with a Galaxy Note 8. It kept losing the connection in the beginning for some reason although I think that problem seems to have gone away now. The secret to not having the default soft keyboard appearing on your tablet is to download the Upsoft or Apedroid apps from Google Play store.

The one thing it is lacking is a nice case to go with it that you tend to get with the iGo kit, but I will look for one in PC World. When used on a flat surface it performs well. There is very little time lag between typing on the keyboard and characters appearing on your device. In fact I would suggest it is exactly the same as a normal keyboard plugged in to any device. Solid keys.

Happy to recommend.
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on 7 April 2014
-- Lacks all the special iOS keys found on dedicated iOS keyboards (brightness, volume, media playback, Home, Lock/unlock etc.)
-- Not pleasant to type on: the width is fine, if a little constrained, but the distance between the top keys and bottom keys is too small.
--The function keys have no effect on iOS (also Pg Up/Dn, Home and End. I'm not sure if it's possible to type a grave accent or a tilde either).
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on 3 June 2014
This keyboard is beautifully made and feels good quality. It works exactly as is stated in the instructions. Pairing was straightforward with my Windows 8.1 tablet and its operation is smooth. It makes writing of emails much easier than the onscreen keyboard. Recommended.
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on 1 April 2014
I love this Bluetooth keyboard. It is made in Germany so super quality picks up Bluetooth devices in no time at all. Nice layout and long usage from 1 charge. Works with Apple IPAD2, Asus Memo, Lenovo Tablet and most Mobile phones with Android device. You get no sleeve with this but many cheap once are on the market out there.
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on 21 March 2016
Brilliant! Easy to use, no fuss and still working after all this time of multiple usage. Highly recommend this durable and very practical item!
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