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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Platform: PC|Change
Price:£41.95+ £2.81 shipping

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on 13 May 2013
Although I have not watched the TV series, and only read a few of the comics the story is based on, I really like the fact that the game is done with a graphic novel / comic style. The game does state that the decisions you make have an influence on the out come, and they are not wrong there. If you have to save someones life, but the are too many people, who do you save? and how will this change strangers views about you? I would highly recommend this game, if you like that it adapts to your choices, but do not buy it if you're looking for action because you won't find much here.
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on 22 June 2014
The Walking Dead is just that - a game that lasts you 10 hours. Of course, there's a lot of replay value in this game because the decisions you make affect you for the rest of the game, and so there are many branches along with the story can advance. I first got my hands on this game for free on my tablet as they offered the first episode for free in the android marketplace. Since I had heard about this game before, I decided to give it a shot - and by the end of the episode, I was utterly hooked. I had to know how the story of Lee and Clementine would continue. Especially with the new friends they had made. I felt like I really was part of a group of survivors - and I had to know how the story continued.

The Walking Dead is a point-and-click game developed by Telltale Games that puts you in the shoes of Lee, a history teacher on his way to prison for having killed a state senator that slept with his wife, when all hell breaks loose. After that your struggle for survival begins. The game primarily revolves around relationships between characters you meet on your way. How do you handle situations? You are given a limited amount of time to choose between several answers that in turn affect the course of a dialogue or what action your group takes when faced with a certain situation, and more than anything else this game demands quick thinking on the spot. Thats what makes it so spine tingling - you arent given time to ponder over things, you have to react and react quickly. On the other hand, players who like to explore are also given opportunity to do so between such instances, where they then get to explore their immediate surroundings, solve relatively simple puzzles and keep an eye out for useful items. Of course, then you have the zombies. These usually involve quicktime events (aka pressing q and then e) for example when you are trying to shove off a zombie that wants to eat your face. There arent many instances where you get to kill zombies with your gun, so dont expect this game to be a zombie shooter or anything.

Now I had been staying away from this game for a while because I hate cel shaded graphics - I despise them ever since I first saw screenshots of Borderlands. However, I did get over it and buy this game during a sale and I am glad I did - you get past the "crappy graphics" relatively soon (and also, the game is meant to look like the comics it portrays, so it has stayed true to its artistic roots anyway) and the main reason why you should buy this game is because of the STORY. It is so worth it.

I really feel bad for the people who bought this game on release day because HELLO? only one episode was out back then for full price. Thats like....2 hours of gameplay. Is Telltale Games stupid? How did they expect people to pay retail for just one season and then wait until every further season is released? Thats insane - but thats whats happening with Season Two now. THIS ISNT A GODDAMN TV SERIES, PEOPLE! This is a video game! And no, the majority of us gamers WILL NOT pay retail price and then allow ourselves to be fed with 2 hours of gameplay every couple months. In any case, even the final product - with all 5 episodes, only gives you about 10 hours of gameplay for 1 run. Thats too little. Yes, the story is exciting, and each episode is fun and thrilling in its own way (my favorite was episode 2), but the final episode is arguably the shortest (only took me 1 hour and 15 minutes) and not much happens there. In any case, there's even more DLC in the form of the 400 Days spinoff. Which is good btw, it gives almost 2 extra hours of gameplay all in all, and is basically 5 mini episodes all revolving around the vicinity of a truck stop called Gil's Pitstop and featuring a whole host of new characters.

All in all, The Walking Dead is a nice little game that definitely has a great yarn to spin with over a dozen different outcomes concerning characters, but the way Telltale Games have pulled off the release is despicable highway robbery of every gamer's money. And the fact that you are done with this game within three evenings (if you go at it nice and slow) doesnt help either. A three, out of five.
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on 19 May 2013
Based on Robert Kirkman's "The Walking Dead" comic book series that has most recently come to a wide spread audience via the hit T.V show of the same name. Telltale games have adapted the concept into it's own episode based game, this game bundles all 5 episodes of the first games series, which were released one by one over a period of 8 months back in 2012. The game is adult in that it contains a lot of swearing & gruesome explicit violence just like the T.V show.

The game itself is played from a 3rd person perspective, as we play through the character of Lee Everett. A convicted murderer on his way to jail, as a zombie apocalypse kicks off & he is left injured in a car accident & stranded. As he manages to team up with fellow survivors on a mission to get to safety. The gameplay in heavily focused on the development of the characters & uses RPG style conversations which depending upon your answer/response can effect how other characters act towards you & might stand up for you or not i.e taking sides in arguments , making crucial decisions or lying or telling the truth. The critical decisions have timed responses, where you have to pick a reply from a selection of options before a time bar runs out or even on occasion deciding who to help in life & death situations where you can only save one out of two people. Other times you can simply talk to your fellow survivors & learn more about them or how they think things are going etc.. The other side of the game is a point & click style, where you can interact with the scenery to investigate & collect items into your inventory to use to solve some puzzles or interact with fellow characters. At times there are some combat or action moments which take the shape in the form of QTE's or interacting with timed mouse clicks on screen, which isn't too challenging but gives us something more to do, to make us feel part of the experience.

Overall i have to say that i really enjoyed this game & i think it will appeal to a wide audience due to the multifaceted gameplay, but don't think it's a traditional game in that sense, it's more like playing through an interactive T.V series where we have a small say in what happens while were along for the horror survival experience ride. So It's definitely more about the deep storytelling & relatable characters, which to an extent through our actions allows us to effect the outcome of some of the game, albeit some parts are out of our control & will happen regardless. Visually the game goes for a comic book style appearance which works well, reminiscent of some point & click games. The audio convincingly brings to life the zombies which are particularly erie & the voice actors excel in selling the story. Stability wise the game does have some issues that may or may not crop up for you. In my first playthrough i had no problems at all, but 2nd time around i had the well known "revert - black screen error" which made the game unplayable. I managed to fix it via Steam\Steamapps\Common\The Walking Dead\Pack\Default and renaming the prefs.prop file.

In conclusion, The Walking Dead PC game is a great story driven game that will have you agonising over every decision you make. Definite replayablity to try a different approach next time around, and watch out for series 2 coming out sometime later this year. Highly recommended.
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on 10 June 2013
If anyone played hard rain then you will love this game,
the gameplay is a case of follow the story line and make your choice, save this person, kill this zombie, make a choice of who you want to save, who gets food,
the best part about the game is the storyline, its more like a film your creating as you go along, i dont want to put any spoilers on here, i didnt think i would like the game to be honest im more of a call of duty and fifa person but i have had this game for a week and just completed episode 2. its not very often i will replay a game but with this i find myself going back to restart the episode to see how i can save the person i wanted to save, what happens if i make this choice or that choice.
honestly one of the best games i have played in a long time.
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on 17 September 2013
Have been playing the game now for a couple of hours. Overall it's not bad but not what I was expecting. I was thinking more of Left for Dead 2. It reminds me of the many 80's games I used to play, what would you like to do turn left or go straight on, pick up the key, continue looking around etc.

It's very cleverly done, the graphics are pretty decent, story line is good, its let down by the following

1. You can't see the cross hairs most of the time so you end up dying several times, black cross hairs on black backgrounds....
2. By the time you realise that you are controlling your character you end up dead so have to run through it all again. Number 1 refers
3. I don't feel you have enough time to read the options and choose one when speaking to other characters in the game
4. It would have been nice to be able to choose your keys as opposed to using W,A,S and D

I don't think its one I will be playing over and over again
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on 27 July 2013
This game is the best game I have ever played. Sure it's not filled with zombie killing sprees but the story it tells is incredible. Playing this game, I felt like the other characters were my friends and a certain little girl was my daughter. The ending killed me but wrapped the story up nicely. Anybody thinking of playing this, don't think anymore, don't miss out on this amazing, emotional roller coaster of a game. Have fun gamers!
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on 17 May 2013
I did not realise how much i was missing TWD till i played this. I love the program as it is very different from zombie films as the characters get a change to develop and deep social/moral issues are raised. Well this game is the same at the moment i am trying to be nice but next time i am going to be more selfish and see where it gets me. Really does keep you on the edge of you seat even if only watching and i am not that keen on most games but had to test my new graphics card out! Shame there is not a two player option.
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on 14 June 2013
Decided to wait until the game came out as one bundle (and not 5 episodes which would have taken a long time to download) and its worth it. Great game and very unique...worth getting.
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on 21 July 2013
Never a game hit me so hard and made me think about what I will do next such as this game. I recommend that anyone gets it even people that think they wont like it as there is such little gameplay.
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on 26 July 2013
Don't expect violent shooter action, this game is all about story telling, something which it does phenomenally.
The story is nothing short of amazing. You really feel it.

I spend a huge amount of time gaming, and this is up there as one of the best games I have ever played. I would recommend this to anyone, gamer or not.
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