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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 26 March 2013
Smoking hot Rock Star - check
Smart, pretty, sassy girl with vocals to match - check
Fiery heat between the two - check
Great group of friends - check
An ickle bit of suspense - check
A smokin hot romance - check
Smart, fun and clever dialogue - check

So this book has all the above and the makings of a truly glue worthy book but then it really fell short for me because Jake and Aubrey got together so quickly and professed undying love so quicker than a mosquito sinking it's teeth into you and darn it they are fast! All the above peetered out at about 45% of the way through, the dialogue was the only thing left that kept me reading on.

So I was really worried when couples get together too early, as I usually am in all books when this happens, and in this instance I was right to be worried. Yes the bit from her past came back to haunt her but that was over far too quickly for it to be riveting and then literally the book just plodded along, no more potential hiccups in the relationship, no more suspense and then the last 20% or so slowed down even more. I was honestly so close to not actually finishing this book.

The biggest redeeming quality for this book though is the dialogue, oh my god does this author have a way with conversations and great conflabs going on, some of them are just so funny. With such a witty repertoire I was so saddened that the story really didn't deliver something much more solid and less wishy washy than it was. The potential was there I just don't feel it totally came to fruition.

So if you like romance stories with good characters, great dialogue but not much riveting action then you will really like and maybe love this book, sadly I need more action and much deeper romances erotic or not to keep me enthralled and hooked to the end. This book just didn't do that for me.
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on 13 September 2013
This is such a brilliant read I've read it many times and forgot to post a review but this was a brilliant story although the first time I read Afflicted first not knowing this was out but I've read them the right way around and I love love love Granny Jean she is a hoot a loved the way this story told about the way other take this for granted in the way Aubrey couldn't bare touch and how east it was for Jake it goes to show the right person is out there for you to make life easier to Have and to Hold !!!!!!
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on 16 October 2014
I quite enjoyed this rock star romance story. I found it very difficult to put it down once I'd started reading but there were sections that I felt were lacking in depth.

Aubrey is an air steward for her father's private jet business, her latest assignment finds her on a tour with Jake, a devilishly handsome rock star. Faced with 3 months of each other's company they develop an easy friendship until they both discover that they want more. Aubrey's past traumas make it hard for her to trust men but will Jake be able to break down her defences?

I loved the bickering between the band. Aubrey's grandmother was a brilliant stand out character, her sayings had me chuckling a few times. I'm looking forward to reading the next book.
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on 20 January 2014
I feel awful leaving a negative feedback, but it makes me wonder if the author knows what the suspension of disbelief is and how an overall logic can be applied when writing a story?
The way it picked its pace is just... Boy meets a girl who kind of hates his kind, yet literally the next day he wants her to be his girlfriend , offers her rings , etc... By the end of the week they already say "i love you". Or another one - she is in induced coma for 3 days, yet the day after that she is already munching on a burger as he drives her home...
Sentences... "I went in.I picked this up.I shut the door..."

Overall idea could be all right i suppose, but it was sooo unrealistically and badly executed, it hurt.

I really hate doing this, but i would like to advise the author to revise her writing style and story line as well as warn readers that this is not going to be a few quality hours spent if they attempt this.
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on 9 July 2013
I decided to read this to be honest because of the cover, It looked to be a good story of bad boy rock star. Although it is an alright read its just too sappy at times. Where I feel sorry for Aubray the female lead its not enough to make this a hard hitting book, just to soft for my taste if your looking for a sweet love story with a slight twist this is for you. Im waiting for afflicted book 2 in Battlescares. I hope that one will be a little hard hitting.
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on 6 June 2013
I really wanted to like this book but the writing style just didn't work for me.

There is a good basis for a story there its just hard to read with all the short sentences.

The writer does however have a good sense of humour in her writing style, and in the first two pages thought the book was going to be brilliant, i was however swiftly shot down with my estimation.

A disappointing read.
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on 22 May 2013
What an amazing emotional story what happened to her and what she went through so emotional. Aubrey and jake make a perfect couple the ups and downs true love wins throughout. Balls to the wall such a great saying love it. I even got teary at the cemetery scene when jake was talking to his mum. Well done Sophie Monroe fantastic of to read the second book now.
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on 7 October 2013
Loved this book very much hope the next book is as good.I loved how their was a ending.I like how Sophie Monroe writes she is very passionate about her leading couple.I would recommend that you read this book i think you will enjoy it.It made me laugh and cry that's what i like in a book.
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on 17 March 2013
I had been impatiently waiting for this book to come out,but it was totally worth the wait!
It is about the struggles of meeting that one person who will fully understand you and the past that you are carrying. They are perfect characters for each other.

I'm not going to say more than that otherwise the story is no surprise! Like normal a brilliant book from Sophie!
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on 19 March 2013
Sorry, this book was a no for me. I felt the story was rushed with the main characters professing undying love way too soon. Also felt it was predictable, even cheesey. A few sexy scenes thrown in for good measure but it just didn't work. I ended up skipping quite a few pages towards the end.
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