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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation4|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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on 24 January 2014
Problems with the game:

1) The idiots who play it. Yes, I'm talking about you. You can't review the game without giving us your history. "I've played if for 1000 years." "I can do all the skill moves." "one day my mum came in and said I had to go to school, and I said I was ill, but I wasn't really, so I played FIFA all day and ate cheese because I'm it's no1 fan" - Shut-up.

Remember: Well done, you have scored a goal - hit the button and let's keep playing. Keeping someone waiting when you score a massively average goal is annoying. More so when 90% of the time, you go on to lose the game.

2) Long boring bits of film that we HAVE to watch. So scared were EA sports that if anyone looked closely they would realise it's the same game as Fifa 13 on the PS3 - that they force the the player to watch various long videos during the game. Oh, look, here's De Gea getting the ball back. Here's Henderson making a daisy chain. Here's Walcott boiling a kettle. Here's Rooney waxing the back of his own hand. Here's Lampard opening a tin of Spam in the background of a scene from Emmerdale Farm.

EA Sports - we get it. It's FIFA 13, with movies you force the player to watch. If anyone listens closely, you can hear the designers applauding photographs of themselves drawing these moments.

3) I can't save tactics. If I want to play with tactics (pressurizing etc) this next gen console is unable to remember those tactics. So, I would actually have to put them in after the start of each match on Ultimate Team. This, make no mistake, is rubbish. Playing on-line is the same. If I am playing Co-Op on line with a friend, before every game, I have to change the formation. This feels like finally sitting in a time machine, only to discover the one time and date I can return to is the exact moment the fist of Scott Davidson leaves my face: 1.30pm 15 October 1991.

4) If you are playing 2 player. Your mate is in his house, you are in yours - and you have the mic on, as soon as the whistle finishes, the microphone cuts out. No discussing the game. Nothing. This is rubbish. One time I told my friend a joke, I didn't know he was gone. I finished the punch line just as he came back. There was an awkward silence. I thought he thought I wasn't funny any more. That night I cried myself to sleep, and drew a picture of my friend being eaten by a dark force that looked like a speaker with electric eels for eyes.

5)I've had the blue screen of death once. Leave the game running for an hour without touching it. When you return, it has crashed - like a car with a mind of it's own, taking revenge for that time you decided to ride to work on your bike. Because you are fat.

6) I like the name above my player. So I know who I am controlling. But, I don't want the power bar because it makes the game look like Sensible Soccer. This is 2014. Can I have just the name? No. I can have the number. I can have the power bar. I can have both. I can have just the power bar. But, I can't have just the name. Another small slice of rubbish on your Fifa pizza.

5) How many times does the defender the computer is controlling give away a penalty? Knowing it's a tricky situation, where I could concede a penalty, I hit nothing because I'm not panicking. Then the computer takes over Vidic, jogs off the pitch, grabs a chainsaw, and saws through Soldado. Usually, an event we would all laugh over. On Fifa 14, a penalty is given. Thanks computer.

6) Despite Vidic grabbing a chainsaw, where are the red cards? You could beat the referee to death with the leg of his own child and he would still give a yellow card.

There are lots more little annoying problems with the game. It is 3 star. It's still great, I still play it all the time. I still love it. But, this is the playstation 4 people. I paid a lot of money for my PS4. So did you. We all have to pay £50 for the game, then we all have to pay £££ for extra controllers and £££ for the ability to go on-line and play. AND NOTHING HAS IMPROVED.

This is not next gen. It's a blatant rushed job to rip off Fifa Fans. I can't wait for FIFA 15, cos I reckon by then we might see a difference.

I'm still going to play it every spare moment I have. Because I have no friends. And, if I'm honest, that story at the beginning, about the cheese - that was about me. Only I'm 33. And I pretended to be sick to play fifa so I didn't have to go to work, not school. And it was my wife, not my mum who I convinced to let me stay at home. And instead of eating cheese all day I drank beer and ended up urinating on my next door neighbour's turtle. At least, I think it was a turtle. His kids look pretty weird.

Anyway, Fifa 14 is 3 stars. Anyone who says different, has pretty low expectations of what the PS4 should be capable of.

I expect more. So should you. And maybe they will one day deliver it. But, we are getting closer...
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on 24 December 2013
While initially this game is enjoyable, that phase is also the one in which you give it the time and patience that each release of FIFA requires; the adjustment period. When that's over, and after 200 games of FUT I say, fairly, over, what dawns on you is that this release on the PS4 is a joyless experience. If Stoke versus Hull is your idea of football heaven, dive in, but if you want a beautiful, flowing and fair game, run away.

The biggest change to this year's game is the loss of speed and the emphasis on strength. Players wrestle and drag at each other. Let's call this the physics engine and let's say that it's fundamentally flawed. When on the ball, you can draw fouls from this pushing and pulling, sometimes, but not nearly enough. Clear on goal? Player a yard behind you? Get the shot off quick or despair as the clean air between you and the defender whose speed is 30 points below yours is eaten up and lost. Not got the ball but with a clear goal scoring opportunity? Good luck, any combination of player or keeper can take you out and no foul will ever be given.

Also, within the game you get skill tests. One of them is precision passing and it's a brilliant challenge, knocking balls into small nets circled around you at quick pace. It's really tricky too. Shame it means nothing in the game where direction of pass seems to mean nothing at times. The degree to which you press the pass button is more relevant to where the pass will go, sometimes. A major flaw. I see this and the lack of player speed as the end of Silver teams bossing the leagues with pure golazo play. In a previous version on PS3 I won Division 1 with a Silver team. I wouldn't even consider building one in this version.

EA seems to disguise the game's lacking of quality and fun with am more authentic experience. The press photographers are there and their cameras cleverly follow the ball. Far too often, two balls enter play at a throw in, the ball boys mistake. Wow, that's just like the real world, it happens and it's boring, causing delays that aren't necessary in a game which has far too many replays - when none are required or wanted in that close-up camera mode. Stick the game, for 90 minutes, in one camera angle please and stick your authenticity where the ball doesn't bounce because it's tedious, not clever, nor entertaining after the first few plays. Sure, the stadiums and crowd look ace, but who, ultimately, cares? The game should be king but this release is pauper.

And a word on accessibility, by which I mean making the game fair for people with colour blindness, sight issues or just a poor TV. Shadows on the pitch combined with some of the balls available can make the ball invisible at times. And no, we don't care for a snow mode. With a white ball. How many years of this rubbish EA? Too many.

Breaking down the game into its limited parts, because the number of game modes is limited, I'll say the following:

1) Drop-in (Virtual Pro). The worst element of the game. The new physics engine makes this football played with dodgem cars. Drop-in was always messy and yes, some games were terrible when certain players were being idiots. Drop-in is now a mess and every game I played saw my enthusiasm diminish to the point where I became that idiot mid-way through the 2nd half. So bored was I that stupidity was the only escape.

2) Career. What you'd expect, kinda enjoyable for a while but it does get boring playing the AI after 20 games.

3) FUT. Let's make it clear that FUT is gambling and extortion. Keep putting money in for packs that get you players, on top of the primo price to take the game off the shelf. It makes FIFA EA's number one product and so gets the most development attention. It has a few bugs where crashes occur, particularly when searching the transfer market. Overall the interface and layout of FUT are improved. I played up to and comfortably in Division 3. By then the games cracks, bugs and joylessness had beaten me. Dropping divisions didn't help, the game play and physics engine beat me down. For being a gambling product disguised as a game, and not a very good game, 2 stars is a fair mark.

For millions of people around the world, FIFA is the crack cocaine of their gaming lives. The product has gone bad and it's time to go cold turkey. Where's PES?
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on 25 November 2014
Great product looks new. My son will be made up
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on 23 December 2013
FIFA 14 on the PS4 is everything (and more) than I had hoped for. The gameplay, graphics and overall design is a huge improvement to start the next gen era (and it was already top notch on current gen).

Getting this game is an absolute no-brainer if you love footy.
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on 21 December 2015
It's fifa as it's best, need i say any more...?
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on 1 February 2015
probably the best football game i have played
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on 15 March 2015
Present for someone. They was happy with it.
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on 26 December 2013
Fifa 14 came in two days of ordering, realised that you have to use you PS3 account to transfer your ultimate team onto the PS4. Complete change in graphics and cut scenes. Overall amazing
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on 30 September 2014
Love fifa 14 great game defently re queen it
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on 11 May 2014
There is nothing accurate about this game when compared to real life football. The defenders find it nearly impossible to play properly and it is easy to abuse certain aspects of the game, for example headers. DO NOT BUY
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