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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation4|Change
Price:£28.99+ £2.03 shipping
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on 23 May 2014
Ok, so it doesn't reinvent the shooter like everyone is demanding every time a New-Gen game is released, but it's a fine looking, excellently paced game with a great story and rock solid controls. I'm thoroughly enjoying.
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on 20 May 2014
This turned up today and iv'e been playing it all day and it is a great game its better than the last one as it has now opened up a new era of next gen games and fps anyone who is not sure about this one because it's fps and as there has been so many like call of duty and battlefield plus others then buy this game as the game play graphics and sound are fantastic.
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on 22 May 2014
I must admit, like many others, I was sceptical at first, but probably for different reasons than others here. Wolfenstein The New Order was developed by Machine Games, id Software (the original developers of the series) were not involved, rather consulted - and I was worried that Machine Games would turn it into a car wreck. Understand that Wolfenstein has history, Wolfenstein to me goes back to 1992, when I first played the original on PC (though I never played the Silas Warner originals). Spear of Destiny followed and was a prequel. Return to Castle Wolfenstein was perhaps the series high point with Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (which was incredible). Wolfenstein (2009) which was great and I enjoyed it immensely but when I went back to it I realised it missed something a little more 'retro'.

So I fired up The New Order, the first thing I noted was the difficulty select screen - and at first I just shrugged this off as a 'cute nod' to the original - not expecting too much and not giving the game too much credit. The first few missions of The New Order were a bit of a chore for me, I just couldn't see where the game was heading, but as soon as I got in the castle I realised: this is Wolfenstein. Everything felt so classic but so modern at the same time - it's hard to describe it unless you have played the older games and compare for yourself.

Personally, I never like the concept of the cover healing system in modern shooters anyway, it feels too gimmicky - for me health packs are far more logical and useful. Ploughing down Nazi's has ever been so fun and the violence is great to the point it is actually funny, rather than just gory for the sake of it. There are lots of secrets to be had - and even an easter egg where you can play the original Wolfenstein 3D within the game.

It all becomes clear that Machine Games didn't do a fan-made remake of Wolfenstein, they didn't modernise it with lots of gimmicky stuff, and they didn't do a paint-by-numbers game, they actually went out and listened to what id Software had to say, bringing their stuff the table and made more of a 'greatest hits' of Wolfenstein over the past twenty-two or so years. The one thing to note is that this doesn't have multiplayer, which may irk some, but not me. I only really play single player anyway. Besides the lack of multiplayer highlights the fact that their focus was to make a great single player experience and it shows.

It was a slow burner at first for me, but they managed to sell it to me. It is a solid game. Good fun. Challenging in parts but Wolfenstein was never a breeze. All-in-all I was very impressed and look forward to what they do with any DLC that might be in the planning. If you were thinking of Watch Dogs - my advice - wait for the review. Besides - it might be all hype anyway and we all know it will get it's much expected 10/10 on IGN - go for the underdog and I promise you will keep coming back for more.

It's a 5/5 from me.
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on 26 May 2014
It takes awhile for it to take ahold of you, pulling you into its world and everything about it, but in the end its one of the best shooters in a long time. I so recommend it, the less anticipated you are, the better. I wasn't expecting much, but the characters, the voice acting, the story from start to finish are highlights to a great game.
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on 28 April 2015
How angry, frustrated and upset would you feel if you had been in a coma-like state for years then to wake up and be told, the nazis won the war.

The scenes which lead up to Blaszkowicz finding this out are heart wrenching to be honest, and 'the choice' scene is gruesome and very stressful, but in a good way.

I feel obliged to say this, given its based on a subject that could have effected us all. If you have little knowledge of WW1 and WW2 then go and read up on it. Roughly 20 million men and women from around the world gave their lives during WW2 so we could have a future free from the Nazis. The enemies you fight in this game are loosely based on what the nazis wanted, technically superior armies and weapons, extermination of 'undesirables' and world domination. Show those people who died fighting for us the respect they deserve by learning what they did to protect us.

Anyways, back to Wolfenstein. I have always wanted a game that focuses on annihilating nazis, it's strangely satisfying. Even my grandparents enjoyed seeing nazis explode, even with the odd expletive popping out. (In their old age they still have deep seated hate for nazis)

I enjoyed the story very much and i felt like each of the characters you meet is feeling the same way you do, pissed off at the nazi rule and willing to die to destroy the nazi empire. This game makes you feel like a hero, a man of pure granite who can take anything on and win. The game has some quieter, more slow paced moments and like I said before the characters are all ones you feel a connection with, even Max Haus. This game has two timelines, you choose which one you want to play in-game during 'the choice' mission near the start. Both timelines are fantastic and do differly slightly from each other. There are also various levels of difficultly, for which i was initially mocked by the game itself. You'll see what I mean when you select your difficultly.

Games nowadays tend to focus too much on FPS and 1080p, HDMI, CD/DVD ROM, 100000000 TB of DATA storage, miniture statue special edition, DLC, Payment Protection Insurance, Super huge massive multiplayer team deathmatch zombie nazi love-in, A cat mask, A tin box, A rubber ball, A gimp suit (breathe) basically games focus on all the stuff that is just frills. There is no multiplayer, thankfully. The whole studio developed a campaign and look, 5 stars! Do you catch my drift Activision, Treyarch, Miltary shooter games? Theres no silly 4 different types of special edition just the game, at a good price I got mine for £30, now its more like £13 new, buy it.

This game is not open world but the mission levels are big so it feels open world. The game also mixes in some funny dark humor which, for me, adds to the realism of people trying to stay positive during crisis. The enemies are well equiped and the AI are polished.

The main antagonist Deathshead (Totenkopf) is a very scary, deadly aggressive, armed to the teeth nazi psycho doctor. He is the head of the Wunderwaffe and Supersoldaten programme basically so he is the creator of the twisted frankenstiens you see in game.

*Characters, stories, collectables to find
*Good AI, weapons heavy and powerful
* Graphics are detailed and add to grittyness of war
* This game is involving, thought-provoking and emotional
*Nazi killing
*Wunderwaffe (Lazerkraftwerk etc)
*Atmospheric, but rains hellfire at all the best times

* Erm ...


This game is so thought provoking, how would I feel if I was around when the nazis had won? What would my life be like? What would I like to think id do to change things? Would I even be deemed 'acceptable' in the Aryan race? It makes me thankful the right people in the world at the time stood up to Hitler and so many gave their lives to protect ours.

This game is truly one of the best all-round, well executed games I've ever played. It grasps you by the scruff of the neck and drags you into a worldwide battle and involves you emotionally, thats what a great game should do.
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on 27 May 2014
The only con here is that some of the textures, close-up, absolutely honk - a bit xbox360 level in fact. Everything else is just amazing - great story, loads of nazis to kill, good humour and some epic set pieces. I'm halfway through and I don't want the thrill ride to end. Would love to see a truly next gen Wolfenstein rather than all this cross gen crap.
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on 17 August 2016
Wolfenstein: The New Order is set in an alternate 1960, where the Nazis have won the war and seized control of the world thanks to massively powerful weaponry and advanced techologies originally developed by an ancient organisation known as Da'at Yichud. As Captain B.J. Blazkowicz, it is your job to help the resistance fight back against the Nazi menace across a range of locations dotted around the globe. As you'd expect from a Wolfenstein game, gunplay is rock solid, with each satisfying weapon offering a unique and deadly way to take out the numerous enemies. What's perhaps more unexpected is the focus on character, as Blazkowicz and his plucky band of freedom fighters forge strong bonds as the story progresses. This makes for a game with a surprising amount of emotional weight. While the graphics aren't especially notable, the visual design is cohesive and really conveys a sense of a world living under an iron fist. As an aside, a cute easter egg allows you to play the original 1981 Castle Wolfenstein in a dream sequence. Playing the old and the new side by side, it's amazing to see how far technology has come. Maybe the developers have had a word with Da'at Yichud!
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on 18 March 2015
It's hard not to love this game. Bought it due to the good reviews coming out about it and wasn't disapointed.
It's an old school shooter that you don't see often enough anymore.
Guns, guns and more guns. Duel weild, throw a knife, lob a grenade, chop down tons of guys... it's the average level for Wolfenstein.
It does surprise at times though, there are delicate moments where gameplay gets slowed down and stealth is key. It really mixes the game up and none of it feels out of place. Another surprise is the story. Just fits so well, it's a proper guys action movie story with that Rambo breaking down at the end of First Blood kind of sadness to it. Awesome!
Gaming snobs may give it a poor review but for people who love the days when these kind of shooters were the norm, you'll love it!
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on 7 November 2015
The first thing to say about Wolfenstein The New Order (WTNO) is it looks great, the level of detail and lighting really highlights the capabilities of this current generation of hardware, and if you want a game that will really make you feel you’re playing the latest hardware this is it.

The gameplay is if I’m honest a bit confused. DOOM/Wolfenstein of old followed a steady if somewhat exponential difficulty curve that steadily through more difficult enemies at you in ever greater numbers. WTNO starts off a little shakily with a difficult beach scene that sees you dying repeatedly like Tome Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow until you finally figure out what you’re supposed to do. From there the game starts to tread familiar territory shooting Nazis, robots, robot Nazis, Nazi attack dogs, robot Nazi attack dogs … you get the picture.

Then WTNO does something a little different and plays with a non-linear narrative with you jumping back and forth episodically through the mind’s eye of the lead character. This works great as it offers some light and shade and gives you the opportunity to get fully armed and then switch to a simpler narrative where you only have a knife as a weapon and have to play more tactically similar in a way to Metal Gear games.

Then there are the missions, and I’m assuming this is a Bethesda influence. Having played (but not completed) Fall Out 3, they’re tried to shoe-horn in some of that gameplay. With the game switching pace from a first person shooter, to a mission-lead tactical narrative. The problem is the missions are things banal as ‘find a wedding ring’ or ‘retrieve some concrete’ – I kid you not. Sometimes these sort of dull missions in an open world game like Fall Out give you the opportunity to change pace from killing things (or getting killed). But when the narrative is linear i.e. you have to spend a couple of hours in a sewer to fetch some concrete, you can’t help hankering after some action. And as one of the characters that BJ Blazkowicz meets says “Shoot the Nazis!!, Shoot them” that’s what you’re really here to do, not carry out geology experiments.

So at it’s best, when you’re taking down a giant stamper on a Normandy beach or ‘head-shotting’ armed guards in complete silence from across a hanger before taking down some mech’s WTNO is epic fun. When you’re revising the same hub world resistance lair for the third time retrieving objects for your lazy resistance compatriots Wolfenstein is a chore.

All this said it’s a game that will keep you coming back for more and playing in different ways to access the perks and unlock extras (and trophies) by using only thrown knives for a attack for example or killing commanders with grenades.

A solid game that could do with a subtle bit of editing to keep the pace moving, but will ultimately keep you coming back for more because the game keeps the surprises coming.
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on 22 May 2014
Have to say this one heck of a game. Graphics and gameplay are amazing.
Very enjoyable storyline of the game, Only one bad thing I have to say the
game sends an error to your machine if you don't play it proper. Saying
There is an unexpected error and the game needs to shut down.
Which is rather annoying. Other than that I would give this 9 1/2 out of 10.
I would advise anyone who loves shooter or gory games to buy as it
Is the game your looking for.
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