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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 6 March 2014
I have loved the Assassins series but for me personally it took a serious knock on AC3 and I really thought it had run its course..how wrong I was as AC4 is simple staggering and amazing.

This is an epic adventure that is going to give you weeks of fun. The battles at sea in command of your own ship the 'Jackdaw' are incredible, especially when you start to take on the bigger ships like the 'Man of War's', you can destroy the enemy or you can board their ship and fight it out to win control (when you do this you always get more loot to go towards upgrades).. I even like the cheesy accompanying Pirates of the Caribbean style music that ramps up from time to time, it's incredibly well done.

There are still plenty of land adventures and many ports to visit. Whilst on land you slip into the traditional Assassins mode where you are exploring and carrying out mini missions to either capture, kill, follow or free people. Its been said by others but perhaps still a little room for improvement on the occasional mis-directional control moment, but for me I found it a minor point in an overall epic adventure and not enough to deduct a star.

One bonus is the new AC4 App you can download, this allows you to use ships you have captured in the full game and send them to your own fleet that you then use to run trade missions, known as 'Keyway's Fleet', on the app (I use IPad) you despatch the vessels to earn extra money which can then be used to secure upgrades, really great fun and addictive when you get used to it.

In addition there is the ability to go on diving missions to retrieve loot as well as unlock plans for upgrades, those damn sharks, eels and other under water enemies will annoy you but still its cool.

If you want an open world swash buckling adventure that just builds as you go on, then this is a beautifully crafted and thoroughly enjoyable game.

Best in the series so far and a great addition to the PS4 collection.
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on 19 January 2014
This is the first time I have played an Assassin's Creed game, and it is the 5th game I have purchased for my new PS4. I thought i'd just do a list of pro's and cons since this is the most useful type of review.

Open world gameplay is amazing
Graphics are superb, especially at 1080p, and run at a solid 60FPS+
Sense of progression by upgrading the ship, etc.
The campaign is varied and unique, not repetitive like some games *cough* COD Ghosts
There are lots of fun side missions
The naval battles are amazing fun.
Sailing to new places and discovering new areas on your ship is really fun.
PS4 version currently includes 60 minutes extra gameplay.

The game is based on a 'futuristic' storyline - you play the role of a researcher in the future who is looking into the pirate's life, this kinda spoils the feel of the game.
When free running you can accidentally climb up obstacles you don't want to climb - which is very frustrating when you are trying to chase a target!

All in all, an excellent game - just ignore the future storyline, the game is better without it.
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on 24 January 2014
I was wondering whether to buy this game, I like a lot of other people, found that the assassins creed franchise was getting a bit repetitive and boring. But I decided to buy it as I read some good reviews about it and I really am enjoying it. The graphics are out of this world and it is hard to find something that hasn't got stunning detail on it.

The new idea to this assassins creed in that the game revolves around your ship is also awesome. I love stopping off at islands and sailing wherever I want and tackling the storms and other ships. It makes for a whole new experience. There is an incredible amount of things to do on this game which is also why I bought it. There are a vast amount of missions in all sorts of places and there is so much to do beyond the missions that I just never get bored.

The gameplay is very smooth and the game has a great feel to it. The online is also very fun to play, especially with friends. Overall I recommend this game very highly, there is so much to do, from harpooning humpback whales to getting a bit drunk at a tavern! And with graphics like these you can hardly pull yourself away from the screen, a truly incredible game.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 5 March 2014
Truth be told I've never got around to playing past Assassins Creed games but with the arrival of the PS4 it gave me the necessary nudge to go out and buy this one.

The game is both tactical and lots of fun with the graphics and audio to match. The fact you play the part of a Pirate who is also an Assassin really adds to the script and the fact you can travel on the open sea is spectacular especially when you take on other ships and travel to various places. Content wise this game offers lots and should offer many many hours of smooth, bug free game-play, even more if you explore anything and everything. I love the stealth kills and the fact you can pretty much climb on anything. The only downside i have come across is the same as others have stated and that's when i press a button on the controller and nothing happens on screen but it's a rarity and doesn't detract from the epic game it is!

Verdict: Playing this has encouraged me to go back and play the past Assassin Creed games on PS3 as it's that good, so based on my experience playing this game i can FULLY RECOMMEND it to you!
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on 9 December 2013
I was surprised how short the story was. Not too many missions. Other side missions were not important at all, for example harpooning doesn't play any role in the story. Final mission was too easy, jump here, jump there, kill one guy and thats it. Credits. Very disappointed with story.

Graphics is however very impressive.

I've great memories from Assassins Creed II (and Brotherhood) and spend hours and hours .. This one, I'm finished in 3 days.

I really hope next one is going to have better story ..
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on 10 January 2014
Excellent sound and graphics. The upgrade system means you will spend hours playing the game in order to upgrade and when you do its very satisfying.

Still think the animus concept it rubbish, why can't you just be a pirate rather then someone in the future living a pirates memories. Anyway still a great game
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on 25 December 2013
At first I was admittedly skeptical about this game, after AC Revelations & 3, however after you acquire the Jackdaw it's a superb game. The naval combat is just so well done I've spent at least 4-5X as much time doing free roam piratey stuff than the story, and I was not sure I particularly wanted to finish the story - not to say it's a bad story but the free roam was just so much fun! You're never at a shortage of things to do and having finished the story with an epilogue which made me bawl like a baby I am trying to defeat the four legendary ships (1 down, 3 to go), one slight gripe is that it's taking me ages to accumulate enough metal to fully upgrade the jackdaw.

Edward's story - 4 out of 5
Modern story - 5 out of 5
Animus gameplay - 10 out of 5 (no, seriously)
Modern gameplay - 5 out of 5
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on 31 January 2014
OK I know technically he's an assassin not a ninja, but the message applies. This is almost two great games in one. Brilliant arcade style naval warfare with very simple to learn controls, combined with some classic Assassins Creed land based stealth fun!

Gorgeous graphics, and a huge open world to explore will give you many hours of enjoyment. An engaging storyline based around an interesting anti-hero in Edward Kenway will keep you coming back for more.

If I had to have any gripes with the game, it's the present day first person storyline that blots its copybook. Some of the missions are a bit similar too (classic Assassins Creed: tail, eavesdrop, assassinate etc).

These are only tiny foibles, and shouldn't stop you from enjoying well over 50 hours of fun in this game.
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on 11 May 2014
I write this review after playing a few hours of the game, so I may change my opinion about the game later on.

I enjoyed all versions of AC. First version was boring (repeating the same actions all over again...), but innovative and each following version of AC was better and better. My favourite version is certainly Brotherhood. I couldn't stop myself from playing them and was completely immersed in game play. I cannot say the same about AC4. I will certainly finish it one day, but for two days I didn't bother to start it again yet again. :) Something is missing. Maybe mystery, but also let's not forget about Altair and Ezio - they were so nicely made characters. Edward in AC4 simply is boring.

Game is OK, but not as good as Brotherhood or AC3. It seems like a step back.
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on 8 December 2013
This is the trickiest Assassin Creed game ive played so far. Its all the better for that though. Graphically amazing. Sometimes its tricky when running as the character you control tries to climb anything you go near which can be frustrating. Missions are good and loads to do.
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