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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 5 March 2002
My tape version of Legend finally gave out and it coincided with the Deluxe edition - despite some misgivngs the second disc is an excellent addition to my largeish BM catalogue - most of the remixes add depth to the familiar songs , the dub version of One Love an excellent finale. 2 remixes of waiting in vain seems odd - would have preferred a couple more dub versions of other songs instead. As for disc 1, my it still remains the best collection of his songs - Easy Skankin & Punky Reggae Party add to the well known hits - might have benefited from Survival instead but I'm splitting hairs. If you have 1 Love compilation this one might be double handling as it were - if you havent then Legend should be the next thing you buy. Now !
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on 6 July 2014
This new Blu Ray 5.1 surround mix is a revelation, I will not dwell on what has been said about the songs previously, but the sound and feel in this enhanced quality brings to tracks like Is This Love and the extended version of Exodus is just incredible, the playing and clarity just bring summer in to the room.

If only the whole care and warmth generated throughout this compilation could have been applied to all of the releases Universal have made in this format, as opposed to the mainly half hearted Stereo mixes released (including this album and Kaya not so long ago, which frankly could be viewed as a cynical rip off) the cynics could have been won over, this album is a flagship for this format and is totally essential, buy it ! and no pun intended it will satisfy your soul, one of the best Blu Ray Surround sound albums I have heard.
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on 20 March 2016
I bought this cd to listen to on the drive to work. I use the M6 and with all the angry drivers in modern Britain i find it quite stressful. I wanted some chill out music and this fits the bill. Some well known songs on here from the reggae legend and i must say i feel much more chilled out when driving. I tend to watch the world go by rather than getting angry with it. Also gets you in the mood for that beach holiday your waiting for!
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on 25 August 2004
This is the best of Marley. I've had a copy of Legend in various guises for over 20 yrs, and it still fills my heart with joy.
If ur new to Marley, then this is the album to get first. If ur not, then ur missing the best in Legend. Every track on this album stands up by itself, and that is not something u can say about all Bob's albums, or any other artist's albums in general. Buy it now!
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on 14 March 2006
Jamaicas' most gifted musical artist was undoubtedly the legendary Bob Marley. Bob Marley and his dynamic backing group, The Wailers, became the sound of Jamaica. Marley also deservedly became the undisputed and unparalled king of reggae music, defining new styles that set standards in todays musical culture. His untimely death left a big void in music.
Legend (1984) is just a mere skimming of their greatest work together but for casual fans this perharps is the definitive collection of Bob Marley and the Wailers. This compilation was issued by Island Records that featured many other renowned reggae artists.
The vast majority of songs captured on this one disc were written and produced by Marley. He indeed proved to be something of a musical genius with his reflective outlook on life. Marley explored various themes through his music with some being profound love songs whilst others containing more of a political theme, exploring relevant social issues of the time.
Is This Love kicks off this unforgetable collection. Is This Love pretty much sets the tone for the duration of the album. The warm, jamming reggae arrangements contains Marleys' distinctive vocal style where he puts in a subtle yet powerful performance.
His remarkably unique vocal style is put too full accelerated effect on an electric and stunning live performance of that divine classic, No Woman, No Cry. This legendary classic is perharps one of Marleys definitive landmarks.
Much of Marleys music makes for fantastic late-night listening with its mellow, atmospheric tone and also makes great house-party music, creating the right ambience thats relaxed yet literally makes you have to get up and dance! The jamming Could You Be Loved is a pure example of this. Could You Be Loved is one of those great numbers to groove too and is infectious within its complex, multi-layered reggae arrangements to Marleys raw, earthy delivery.
Marley proved to be a highly versatile vocalist and surprisingly made a great ballads singer which is perfectly demonstrated on the exotic, and sensual Three Little Birds. This timeless classic is a masterpiece! Three minutes of pure perfection!
The fabulous Buffalo Soldier is another number that makes you just want to get up and groove the whole night through. Marley seamlessly surfboards along the startling musical arrangements, carrying this classic off with a lot of verve and style.
Bob Marley and the Wailers music never once really escaped its urban feel and welcomingly so as their music remains a refreshing alternative as what they always remarkably were was origanal. The urban mode and almost stark effect on the compelling Get Up, Stand Up is just contagious. Though you could argue some of their recordings become slightly formulaic they never once get boring and were just magical from beginning to end with Marley always being an upmost genius for creativity.
There are far mellower and laid back numbers included such as their early 1970's classic, Stir It Up which becomes almost hypnotic as the musical arrangements career along at an easy, relaxed pace. They go in for that more traditional Jamaican sound on the sensational One Love/People get ready which is given startling recognition from the shimmering backing vocals courtesy of the Wailers to Marleys vibrant, up-beat, feel-good performance. More grittily earthy was another bombastic classic, I Shot The Sheriff, which, like most of the other tracks on here, enjoyed phenomenal chart success across both sides of the Atlantic.
Marley shows off his seemingly effortless flair again on the magical ballad Waiting In Vain. His musical vocal style still has that uplifting quality but yet conveys a more sensitive, yearning sound thats both exciting and soothing.
Theres a more spiritual and poignant edge on the atmospheric classic, Redemption. The minimal orchestrations are fully ignited by forceful, aggressive vocals from Marley. Redemption commendably conveys Marleys diversity and unchallenged artistic integrity.
Equally as mellow as Redemption is the exotic-flavoured, Satisfy My Soul which is complimented by another effectively laid back performance from Marley amidst the flowing, theraputic arrangements. However more exciting musically was one of his biggest, all-time best classics - Exodus. From that compelling opening through to the funk-driven rhythms and marleys impeccable delivery. Exodus is pure dynamite and emerges as one of the biggest highlights on this all-rounded excellent compilation.
Legend (1984) then winds down with another of his all-time greatest and most infectious creations, Jamming. My point about Marleys music making great house party music and simply making you want to just get up and dance, will give you an understanding of what I mean when listening to this divinely funky number that ends the album on a high.
Bob Marley and the Wailers enjoyed staggering chart success in Jamaica and amazingly their music became a world wide phenomenon. They enjoyed deserved mammoth chart success throughout the 1970s with their string of albums that were rightly perceived as pieces of musical art by critics as well as many of their singles occupying the higher reaches of the charts. Marley remains one of the key influential singers of our era and as far as reggae music is concerned, he has never been bettered and casting my own rather biased opinions aside, doubtfully ever will! Long live the king of reggae!
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on 18 March 2015
The sound is superb, this demo material. If you can play this buy it. 24 bit @ 96kHz. To the uninitiated that's over twice the frequency response and 256 times the resolution of CD. This is vinyl quality or better without ticks and pops. It is a real shame that only ultra-modern or old analogue recordings can be used as source material. Bob Marley a true legend who died far too young.
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on 24 August 2016
Contains all you favourite tracks as per the track list. I picked it up here for £14, very reasonable as the average price on discogs for new/used combined is over £15.

The barcode is 0600753030523 for those wondering about edition/versions.

There is no additional artwork or detail inside the sleeve, and it has a simple white cover for the vinyl itself, as per images.

A must have for any Bob Marley fan, or anyone just wanting to know what he is all about.
review image review image review image
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on 17 January 2014
I bought this as a replacement for a cassette and my Son immediately took disc 2 and put it in his car as he loves "Redemption Song". Ive been a Marley fan for ever and "Legend" is well named as it certainly is a legend.
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on 17 June 2016
Classic Album and my 10 year old daughter loves it.
Contains more Bob Marley top notch tunes than most people can name.
These tracks should be in everyone's music collection.
My favorite is 3 little birds.
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on 25 February 2005
I first heard of Bob Marley from one of my friends, they said that he was excellent. So he let me listen to " One Love " and i was speechless. It was amazing and lovely. I wanted to hear some more songs from Marley, so i listened to " Is This Love " and " Easy Skanking " and both masterpieces. I wasnt really into reggae, not a massive fan. But after listening to Marley, i love reggae. I love every single track on this CD. " No Woman No Cry " is brilliant, especially as its live. My favourites are " Is This Love ", " Could You Be Loved ", " Three Little Birds ", " Stir It UP ", " Easy Skanking ", " One Love ", and " I Shot The Sherrif ".
By this CD, especially for people who are new to Bob Marley. And 10 quid, come on, for a legend, thats an amazing price!
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