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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
Music Box Opera
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on 11 February 2013
The trouble with Delerium is that the product is never quite as good as expectations. My favourite album is "Karma" and in my opinion (just an opinion), they've not got near the quality of that one since. Not saying there should be a Karma 2 or stick to formula, but this album feels just like another in a long line of "nothing special" releases. After such a long break, I thought this one would blow the others away. But it doesn't. There's some pleasant tracks, some nice singing and pleasant instrumentation, but for me none really had that "play it again" feeling. I played it once, studied the lush cover and packaging and it's remained untouched since. It never really quite lives up to it's packaging. I really wanted to love this, but as I got through the first five tracks, I was beginning to doubt I would. It's not offensive, it's not awful, it's not even bad. It's just not that good either. Shame, I love Delerium and their whole concept and theme, but this could be the album that forces me to part ways.
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on 17 January 2013
Every track is different and stunning, the usual Delerium style of great melody and haunting vocals works every time.
Days Turn into Nights is probably my favourite track but hard to choose. I agree with a previous reviewer that the bonus tracks are not the usual brilliant standard.
Delerium along with Schiller are out there as the best pioneers of this type of music, long may it continue.
Having got every Delerium album and having seen them in concert in London a few years ago, it would be fantastic if they performed in London again.
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on 2 May 2013
I absolutely love this album. Ever since it arrived I have played and played it. I believe it is an album I will never tire of. Every single track is a gem in it's own way. Meaningful lyrics have always been important to me and this album has an abundance. I found some of Delerium's early work a bit too dark for my taste but this album is spot on. I also like Enigma
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on 6 August 2015
This is one of those albums where every track is pure class. I can never tire of music of this quality. Raindown does it for me, an instrumental masterpiece.
If you are a fan of Delerium, or music of this genre, you will not be disappointed.
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on 15 November 2012
It's often astounded me how Delerium have only had one hit single here in the UK, as they have a great back catalogue. If I'm being honest, this new album doesn't have any tracks that would do well in the modern charts, but that's not a criticism as to be equally honest most of the songs here are too good for the charts. The usual Delerium pattern of collaborations with exceptional female vocalists continues here, although we also get a rare male vocalist this time as well in Days Turn Into Nights. There are also a couple of instrumental tracks or tracks with minimal vocals. If you want to know what Heaven sounds like, I'd imagine it's not far away from the voice of Nadina on Awakening and Monarch. I loved the bonus tracks too, and Still Kill in particular is just an amazing track that should really be part of the main album. I could go on about each individual track, for example how Consciousness of Love brings back fond memories of Enigma or the sheer honest beauty and directness of Leona Naess's voice on Hammer, but what I really want to say to you is please don't try and cherry pick this album, as it works so very well as a whole.
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on 4 February 2013
Delerium peaked with 'Karma' in terms of what I liked most about their music - 'Poem,' and then 'Chimera' marked a slide down into rather dreary, overly acoustic mainstream dream pop, so while this has more in common with previous album 'Nuages du Monde', it's still just on the wrong side of that aforementioned dreary side of their sound.
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on 11 November 2012
The cd is a beautiful and diverse collection of ethereal voices into excelent electronic music.
*Monarch - Pure electronic with the beautiful voice of Nadina. Recalls Chemda on the first Conjure One cd but so much better...
*Chrysalis Heart - Instantly catchy tune. A simple melody but a great joy to hear.
* Light your Light - to me the best track on the album and the best from Jael til now; a gothic background sound, a powerful chorus and touching lyrics.
* Rain - beautiful piano.
* Sky - what can i say? Kristy Thirsk is always a goddess. A very beautiful chorus...makes you wish it could be longer.
* Hammer - strangely different but grows on you; very original.
* Keyless door - surrender to this beautiful calm ballad.
I would only remove the bonus songs wich i personally can't like...
Thank you Delerium for this super album.
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on 2 November 2012
Delerium continue with the more popular sound with the usual suspects of guest vocalists, although I'm pleased to have another Delerium song with male vocals (Days Turn Into Nights), the only other being 'Daylight' on 'Poem'. However it isn't just a re-run of the last two albums, I'd say this is definately better and more experimental than 'Nuages Du Monde', there are some things that lean towards their older material, such as the title track 'Music Box Opera', which is stunning, and then at the same time, they do something very more with the times in the form of so-called dubstep in 'Stargazing' which works wonderfully. Frostbite & Consciousness of Love are other favourites of mine.

The guys behind Delerium work on a number of other very varied projects, so if you are looking for old Delerium, try some of their other productions under different names, and see this release separate from their earlier work.
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on 14 May 2014
Music Box Opera by Delerium contains twelve songs that combine elements of romance, different stages of life, and tranquility. The music track of “Consciousness Of Love” (feat. Stef Lang) starts the cd on a peaceful and harmonious path. Music Box Opera by Delerium is good for those who enjoy music combinations of chillout and new age genres.
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on 13 January 2013
Delerium have their up and downs but Music Box Opera is a welcome return and overall a good release. The outstanding track however has to be Kristy Thirsk's Sky (Tears from Heaven). Sonically haunting, sad and beautiful.
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