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on 30 December 2013
First of all, I purchased one of these from Amazon warehouse deals as "Like New" a couple of weeks ago for £310 which was £15 cheaper than a brand new one. I've never gone wrong when buying a "Like New" cheaper item from Amazon but the TV lasted around two days before it developed a fault (Turning off & on again every 2-3 seconds) which was a shame. Of course Amazon are great and gave me free delivery back to them and a quick refund even though it was Christmas.

I've now decided to buy a brand new version of this TV and hope I get better luck as I really did enjoy the two days I had with the previous one.

Since I had a really bad time of searching for a new TV (Size, quality, price), I thought I'd share with you the way that I went about buying this TV:

I set out with a £500 budget to buy a TV. I eliminated the 50" version quickly as it's far too big for a bedroom TV when you sit directly in front of it (Computer monitor). The price range on the 43" - 47" are all over the place and most of the time more expensive than 50" versions and 42" seems to be the new 32" when it comes to buying a TV in the 1080p resolution (Any larger can look stretched).

It was now a decision between a cheap brand smart TV, a well known branded normal TV (This one) or a well known branded smart TV (The 42" smart version of this). I knew this TV would be hooked up to a computer which pretty much eliminated the need for smart capabilities (Skype/Facebook/iplayer etc) and knew if I ever used this TV in the main living room we would have sky/virgin media in there to be able to watch iplayer anyway. I discarded the cheap branded TVs as they are usually developed to JUST match the standards for a TV (Colors, Brightness, quality, etc) and while they may look like a bargain, they usually only last a year or so anyway. Therefor in the price range of £300~ you will NOT find a better 42" anywhere.

As for the quality of the model, the quality of the on-screen image and the overall TV, it gets a 5/5 from me, even if the first set broken. Gaming on this is a dream (PS4). Watching 1080p videos are very detailed (vs my old LG 32" full HD TV) and the colors are just gorgeous. If you're looking for a TV (Dec 2013) at this size, this will be the #1 choice for sure.

Edit: After playing Fifa 14 on PS4 for a few days, you can see ghosting of the players quite a lot (Maybe 1-2 seconds behind/infront of the models on screen), I'm not sure if this is my TV or every version of this TV, but would be nice to hear if anybody else has any problems?
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on 11 April 2014
I based my purchase of this LG product mainly on the many positive reviews id read on Amazon and im extremely pleased I did so,i found it easy to assemble and fit the stand and found the stand itself to be substantial and solid in all respects,easily capable of supporting the weight of the more fragile screen and electronics.Setting it up was simplicity itself,you just cant go wrong unless you are an utter incompetent at anything with wires attached.As to the picture and response times,mainly I use it for watching films so my opinion is based purely on that usage,on both Blu-ray and ordinary cd's the picture is spectacular,on Alien and Oblivion I found the response times correct and the quality of transfer to screen quite startling in comparison to my older 32 inch Lcd screen.The sound I must admit to a slight disappointment with,i noted it to be rather muted and a trifle muffled initially,however cranking up the volume a few points has improved the quality but its not top notch by any means,more bass is needed.Regarding the quality of the item,i think its a very nice looking piece of kit thanks to the sheer simplicity of its design and with the narrow sides and wonderful black case,i think its rather beautiful from an engineering and design point of view.I cannot fault it in any way other than the quality of its sound reproduction.It is most certainly extremely good value for money.
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on 18 October 2016
I purchased this item 2yrs 8 months ago. I didn't use it much over that time and a couple of months back switched it on and there was a bang, then no power. I checked appliances etc, couldn't find anything wrong. Left it a couple of days tried again, no power. Contacted Amazon, they put me onto LG. LG were very helpful but told me Amazon responsible as they were the supplier. Contacted Amazon again and emails went back & forth. Eventually got this curt email saying they would give me an £85 voucher and that was the end of it. All I wanted was a repair or replace. Now they are ignoring my emails. I don't want the voucher I would just like replace or repair. I have never complained about anything before but I am now. The last TV I had was Philips and it lasted 12 years.
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on 21 December 2013
great looking TV with a thin boarder. When I first started using it, I thought I may have got a dodgy one, as watching football on a non HD channel didnt look to great at all. Also when flicking through sky channels, i noticed a half a second lag in the writing/screen coming into focus and being totally clear. But one of my mates then told me that sometimes LED TVs need a couple of days to "warm up" when you first start using them. After a couple of days, the clarity improved to the standard I expected and the lag disappeared.

Now after a couple of weeks use, I can confirm it has great picture quality (consistently) and great sound too. for the £340 price range, it is great value for money. I was ohhing and ahhing between this and the Samsung UE42F5000AKXXU. All the reviews and expert reviews on the net were pretty equal for the two. I am not saying this is better than the samsung as I havent used it, but I certainly do not regret this choice. It is a solid TV that meets all my needs. Can't complain
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on 4 January 2014
Hi all. Now I will admit i'm writing this review because I bought this TV as an Accompaniment to my Playstation 4 (PS4) and I must admit I am so happy i purchased this.

The TV itself is a Thin Black Panelled Frame, very smart and stylish but the first thing that strikes you is how light the TV is! Really effortless to pick up with 2 of you.

Build Quality seems very good, no creases or crimps in the Plastic. It also feels sturdy and the Materials used are of a high standard.

Now setup is fairly straight forward. Connect everything you need to in the various compartments at the back and the TV Antenna, which is needed to access Freeview HD, and the TV will auto scan in all the channels for you. Job done!

Now, the main part of this review is to say what this TV is like when a PS4 is connected, so all you gamers out their can rejoice in the fact that this TV is more than adequate for games, in fact fantastic for games! The images that the TV puts out are Razor Sharp. I had a LG 42 inch Plasma before this, which was only 720p, but the image step to this 1080p LED TV is stunning. Bright colours, deep Blacks and a great contrast help. And there are enough options to customise the image to what you want.

Sound is perfectly fine, it features a Virtual Surround which emulates a Home Theatre system, but to be honest i dont think these work on any TV. But the standard sound is more than enough.

Thanks for reading, please feel free to ask, and i will update and answer any questions. Thanks :-)
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on 16 February 2014
This is a great TV, It not only looks good but performs superbly. I didn't go down the line of buying a Smart TV, as it really wasn't for us, so this seemed the best 42 in that was on offer. We have kept the main settings as normal, as it didn't need any changes as some people say. Ie, change the sound settings and picture ...we like what we see and hear as it is. Well worth the money , and this is the second LG TV i have owned....the first one lasted over 8 Years trouble free....Good overall value for money, and the HD picture clarity is outstanding......I recommend this to anyone who's looking for a decent 42 in TV.
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on 12 February 2014
We got this TV because we had an LG before and loved it. This model is the current equivalent of the model we had previous but with some added features, like a USB port and two HDMi ports, handy for the XBox and Wii to plug into. And it has Freeview HD. It's also slimmer than the last model and doesn't look like a Goliath sitting in the corner of the living room.

The clever integral sensor also adjusts the brightness to match the lighting in the room. And we've found that the full LED and backlit LED gives a far clearer picture than the last model. And the remote is simpler to use too.
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on 18 February 2014
The picture quality of this tv is brilliant. Clean colours, crisp and pure. I love the HD.

Couple of minor points, it asked for an internet cable to set up .. I skipped this part and everything to date seems ok. The tv can probably do a lot more if we were to connect it but .... Also, it only goes onto standby - I would like something that completely switches off.

The big downside - the sound! We had to go out and get a soundbar .. No two ways about it. Purchased a Bush 150w one to go with the tv but this then adds £100 to the purchase price. Having said that it appears all 'modern' tvs need this.

I would recommend this tv, very easy to set up and use. Great picture quality .. Just factor in buying a soundbar with it.
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on 10 January 2014
This 42in LG was purchased to replace a 10 year old 17in TV in my kitchen. A new kitchen was being put in so I took the opportunity to have my wall tracked for power etc so I could wall mount the new TV (previous one sat on the worktop between the cupboards). I only use the kitchen TV for breakfast TV and Emmerdale and Corrie etc so I was not wanting a smart TV or an expensive one, so I thought this one fitted my requirements quite well. Having read the reviews I thought for sure I would give this TV 5 stars, the picture is good, quick response to change channels....unlike my older TV, however I don't think the sound is very good and hence the reason for only 4 stars.
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on 23 February 2014
I chose this set for its size, physical appearance and that it had a 10watts per Channel audio output. All very good except for the audio output which would be ok if you liked it to sound as if it was trapped in a biscuit tin. The audio controls made very little difference to the tone.
I have wired in some external speakers to remedy this problem.
The picture quality is excellent.
I would rate it at around 4.5star if LG put some reasonable speakers in the set, there is room for something of fair quality.
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