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on 30 August 2013
The charger works well but I have had 2 minor problems. The first is the supplied cable clips which can be used to tidy the cables. Unfortunatly the sticky square on each of them isnt sticky and so they dont work. easily sorted by purchasing some different sticky pads but annoying none the less.
The second problem is that, when using the sat nav on my Lumia 920 at the same time as charging in the cradle, the phone gets quite hot and the charge rate appears to be about equal to the charge draw rate of using the sat nav giving a net of charge maintenance as oposed to actually charging the phone. Only really a problem if the mobile is low on charge when you start the journey as the phone wont be charging while you travel. Only a small gripe as it still means the phone can be used as a ssat nav without you being left with no charge when you get to your destination.
one benefit I was not aware of when I purchased the charger was that the dongle that fits in the cigarette socket in the car has a USB port on it allowing for a second device to be connected.

So, 2 small gripes and 1 little extra with what is essentially a very well made, stylish accessorie for your Lumia smartphone
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on 1 August 2013
I use it every time I drive my car (I have a Lumia 920). Could not be more easy to use, just place your mobile in the holder. Really useful in the car since I tend to use Nokia Drive to navigate. Instead of draining the battery, you can leave the car with a fully charged mobile instead. Strongly recommended!
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on 9 September 2014
The cradle though fantastically overpriced has worked well for over a year and a half.
However after what has been IMO (in my opinion) a good summer I noticed that the holder had slipped down the screen, leaving in its wake a very gooey snail trail that needed white spirit to remove from the windscreen.

The holder looks like it has a suction cup and indeed there is even a lever that I imagined increased the suction thereof, but as well as that the contact surface is sticky.
When new - it had a plastic protector over the sticky part and was mildly tacky.

AS of now the thing is a mass of sticky goo. Removing the glue and relying on the suction does not appear to be an option because the whole contact base is made of whatever this stuff is. It can be pulled away but that would leave no way of mounting it at all.
I have left it facing a sunny window to see if it will dry out somewhat but no joy.

The windscreen is cleaned with mild soapy water so I cant imagine it is the cause. More likely the glue has broken down due to uv.
How could they have known a car mount would be exposed to high levels of sunlight.

Someone else has stated that the pads are not available separately so I guess it goes in the bin or gets adapted (glued) on to a different suction mount.
UPDATE march 2016
I managed to resurrect this holder/charger by buying some 3m black double sided windscreen tape and getting a friend with a set of circle cutters to cut a piece to the right diameters. not easy to find the tape and I had to get from china via that auction site.
Has been firmly attached ever since.
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on 26 November 2013
This holder does exactly what it claims: Qi charging is fast; NFC activates user chosen apps.

However I would add that the NFC is at the bottom of the device and you need to touch the top of the phone (Lumia 820) to this area before putting in the holder. Initially the NFC triggers a small app that allows you to assign three large on screen buttons to three normal phone apps (e.g. here drive, here maps, make a call) but this can be changed to launch any single app straight away. At the top of the screen of the NFC app there is a large display showing time, weather or battery charge.

The holder can be used either portrait or landscape. The holder does not obstruct the camera (Lumia 820) so you can record video that looks like all the videos shown in Police Stop! et al programmes.

The cigarette lighter connection has a USB socket as well so you can plug in another device for charging.

A couple of minor negatives: the phone can get quite warm using GPS and Qi (it may only be one of these that produces the heat); the method of attachment is a "suction cup" but backed with some soft of super sticky substance rather than just plain rubber/silicone/etc... however it works surprisingly well even after being removed and replaced numerous times and doesn't need a smooth flat surface.
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on 29 December 2013
It's a tight fit, but holds well. Useful to 1520 owners when used horizontally as the size of the 1520 means it cannot be used vertically as it touches the wind screen unless faced downwards. The arm needs to be longer to address the vertical usage. Wireless charging works with an additional protective back case on the 1520. NFC works only with the protective case off. Remember to switch NFC on ("tap+send" in the settings menu) and to tap the top of the 1520 with the bottom of the cradle before putting it in the cradle, otherwise it seems NFC is not working. 3 apps are automatically available when NFC connection is established. The three apps can be changed by the user. Buttons on the 1520 get in the way, as it is put in the cradle and sometimes end up activating the camera. The additional protective back case solves the button issue as they are inclined with in the case but NFC does not work with it on. My preference is to have the protective case on and manually activate the applications I want.
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on 31 July 2013
Original Review (please read all!);

I bought the Nokia Qi desk stand charger and it's brilliant, just put your phone down and it charges - no more fumbling around in the dark trying to plug a cable in! So, I thought if the desktop stand was this good the car charger must be as good. How wrong could I be - it seems to work at best 10% of the time on my Nokia 925 - I can't seem to get why it works sometimes and not others because it doesn't actually work that often. I use my phone as my Sat-Nav so charging in the car for longer journeys is a must!

This cradle is a great cradle though, hence one star and a review. It sticks to anything and as long as you can push the sides in hard enough, it'll hold your phone in place on any road surface.

To summarise - Nokia 925 charger - NO, Nokia 925 Cradle - YES - but a very expensive one!

Edited 01-Aug-2013;

I sent it back, £50 for a cradle is stupid. Then a friend of mine bought one and it worked fine with my phone. I therefore bought another to try and it works great! So it's now a great cradle and makes putting the phone down in the car both easy and functional. Now very happy.

Incidentally, I didn't buy the replacement from Amazon because their lead time was stupid but their service is excellent!
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on 20 February 2014
The charger is easy to install, and comes with a long extension cable if needed. Cigar lighter socket includes a pass-through USB which is useful. The cable clips are weedy and I could not get them to stick well to my textured dash even with alcohol cleaning beforehand - but it's a minor issue.

The holder rotates in either direction, but is recommended to be vertical when you insert the phone. Adjusting the grip is easy, but you can catch the release button easily too, which means you have to adjust it next time!

Charge time is pretty good, although the phone's insistence on beeping when fully charged gets annoying as it will do it practically every time you return to the car on long trips! Haven't found a phone way of disabling that!

I would buy another one - the convenience of no wires is great,
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on 6 November 2013
I wanted this product since I saw its release.
The first position I placed the CR-200 it didn't stay put, so after grabbing the extension lead (included in the box) I put it to the right hand side of my steering wheel instead.

I can put my heavy Lumia 920 in it without any fear of it falling out or coming off the dashboard.
I tucked the cable in the dashboard and beneath the panels so all I see is the cradle and the cable at either end.

My only criticism is that I would love this to be a little more expensive and offer FM transmitter so that I can transmit my music to the stereo without having to have a separate accessory for it.

Brilliant, if you are a Lumia owner. Or someone with qi charging built into the phone.
review image review image
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on 15 December 2014
I bought one of these for my Lumia 925. Fits good and generally stable but it can struggle to maintain a charge with a satnav app running. It's nice to be able to just drop the phone in and out without any cable faff.

I'm writing this review now after nearly 18 months of ownership. I'm not a big traveler so I would expect this to last as long as I needed it.
Unfortunately the grips, which squeeze onto the phone have now failed. The phone is no longer gripped. It feels like the ratchet which maintains pressure has broken.

If this had been up to £20 then I would accept it but at this price I expect long lasting quailty. Poor show.
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on 24 September 2013
I wanted a phone holder for my car, but not one universal ones that you can get in Halfords and the likes as the usually tend to be flimsy.
this however is great really well made. some lovely design features like the clamp release button and the charge indicator light.
it comes with and extra section of cable if you need it which just plugs in to the cradle. so I spent the morning ripping apart the dashboard to hid the cable and there was more than enough cable.
there is an USB connection on the plug to so you can still use it power other devices if needs be.
oh and it has the best suction cup I've ever used.
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