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on 23 November 2013
Right so this is the first review I have ever written on Amazon simply because I am so impressed with this product.

First of all, when I bought it, I actually saw the iphone version in one of the stall markets in town. I had a feel of it and it felt horrible, all siliconey and flimsy. Then I began to regret it. But the one I saw is actually a complete fake and does not have a stand like this one does.

I got this for my HTC One. (For those who are confused what the M7 version is, it's if you bought a HTC One in 2013 when it was released I guess) and it was delivered in 3 days. At first, putting it on my phone was hard- it didn't look like it was going to hit. But I realized that you had to seperate the hardback from the silicone case first, and then put it on one by one.

When it was on, it felt secure- the silicone stretched to its size, allowing no extra space in the middle. The hard back gives it an extra mm of thickness and makes the phone feel so much better.

I usually hate silicone cases, it ends up getting sticky and attracts a lot of dust after a while. It's also annoying to get out of my pocket. But since this case has a hard back to it too, it feels much better. The silicone feels different from most phone cases I've used, it's a lot less rubbery.

Hard shell cases are usually my forte, but the one I had previously was about to snap, and some of the paint was chipped off. As you can tell, my phone gets dropped a lot, as my pockets are not usually big enough. But the texture of the phone doesn't let it slip out so easily.

And of course- It's really pretty! When I took it to school, most thought the case was about £50 or thinking that it's a new phone entirely. I always get worried of getting new phone cases, as it may lose some of the detail that the original phone had. I had this case previously HTC Double Hard Shell Case which was hard shell and smooth, but it looked cheap like this.

And fear not, the case is thick, but not too thick that it makes it look hugely bulky. The back of it actually elevates the phone from the ground quite a bit, giving me a bit more comfort in case I drop my phone.
The case also has a nice rim around the edge so that if it falls on it's face, it most likely won't damage the screen.
The camera is also protected too- There is a huge gap from the camera to the surface of the case.

It also has a nice stand- Though it's a bit hard to get out at first, I reccomend using a knife. One flaw I'd like to put out though is that the stand doesn't extend much as it should have, and it's a bit fiddly when put on a smooth surface. It would've been better if there was a little friction when it slides down so that it can stick to the pose without slipping. But it still works.
And thank you technet for giving a free screen protector and a microfibre cloth. Definitely the best £5 ever spent.
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on 17 August 2013
This case has a fold out stand on the back that is meant for watching films/youtube but I don't find the angle it settles at good enough for comfortable viewing, it could of done with multiple angle settings to suit the users taste.

For a such a good looking phone and the shame of having to hide it for protection the case is very good at preventing damage, which is great as scratches/scuffs etc are non existent as a result. I've had my HTC One and this case for 4-5 months now and the phone is in perfect condition as a result which ensures a higher resale value when upgrading. You can be fairly careless with this case on your HTC One, dropping it isn't a worry at all usually unless of course you drop the screen directly on something protruding. The rubber feels high in quality but is drowned out by the protective plastic casing that holds it in place, the plastic literally grapples the rubber into a firm position around the phone and consequently gives the case as a whole a tacky feel/appearance. The plastic case grappling the rubber casing in place inst particularly pleasing to the eye, you can only try the the case out to really understand what I mean by this. The phone feels a great deal heavier with this case on, it is also harder to pull out your pocket for obvious reasons.

Its a heavy duty case and does an excellent job at preventing damage to the phones appearance, but you wont get the premium feel the HTC One provides using it. I personally don't mind this as I take the case off when I'm in a environment where damage is unlikely to happen. Ultimately, you're trading in looks for durability/appearance for maximum return/resale/trade-in points years down the line when you upgrade. I rarely use the stand to watch videos as mentioned earlier as the angle it sits at doesnt make easy viewing IMO so its a pointless aspect of the design I have no intrest in.

It depends what you want from a case really, ive always been foremost concerned about appearance at resale value others may want some form of protection but not necessarily the best you can get in other words wanting a case for good looks alone.

I'm happy with it overall, but its all down to taste.

I give it 4/5.
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on 29 November 2015
I was slandered by friends for putting this on my Samsung s6 edge as it covers the edges of the phone, but im glad I did it before I accidently dropped it off the 3rd floor! (slandered myself for that) My phone survived with minor damage, screen was still fully intact and everything is still working fine!

The case survived with minor discolouring to but as time passes the rest of the strip (grey/silver strip on the side of the case discolours to white to.

The damage received on my phone was at the bottom as im guessing it fell on the edge, thats what impresses me most as the phone is fully operational and still looks good.

Thank you TeckNet for saving the clumsy!
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on 23 April 2014
I wanted, no, needed, a case that would thoroughly protect my phone, but at the same time was simple to remove as I knew that there would be no case available that would remain on while the phone was in the HTC Car Kit or the Desk Dock (and that includes HTC original cases by the way).

The rubber part of the case fits easily around the phone, then fixing the plastic second part holds it firmly in place. The kit stand on the back of the plastic is great for propping the phone up to watch videos and works great to give you some of the benefits of a desk dock while away from your normal desk (I flit between a couple of offices and only have my desk dock in my primary office).

Only negative, which to be frank will be said for any case that delivers really good protection for your phone, is that the case adds a lot of bulk. As a result, I use the case when "out and about" but tend to not use it while in the office or at home, where the surfaces it would potentially hit if fallen are carpeted.
It's a shame that we have great looking, really slim phones, that we then need to cover with bulky plastic and rubber to protect, but it's that or risk damaging the phone!

All in all, a great buy and very recommended.
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on 24 June 2014
Does exactly what it says on the tin. Been using the product for about 5 months and had no problems at all. The stand is excellent for making the most of the speakers. The fit is good and although it hasn't been subject to any serious misuse the mild knocks and drops have maintained the phone in pristine condition. Couldn't get the screen protectors to work well, but then I've not come across any that do and what's the point of having such a wonderful screen and plonking a horrible plastic cover on it. The overlap of the protective casing protects from landing on flat surfaces anyway. It does add some bulk to the phone and losing the sleek lines of the phone is a shame, but all protective covers do this. Nevertheless I quite like the look of it anyway. I blew the budget on the phone so was overjoyed that I could protect my extravagant investment so well for so little. Prompt delivery, increasingly rare on Amazon. I'm not that easy to please, but taking into account I'm careful with my phone anyway, I can't fault this case. Sound vendor excellent value product that far exceeded expectations at the price.
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VINE VOICEon 10 July 2014
Fitting the case to my HTC One was easy. It protects the back and sides of the phone well. The phones on/off switch, volume controls,charge port and audio ports are easily used with the case on. The case feels sturdy, strong without being too bulky. It feels nice and "grippy" in the hand The built in stand is very useful if you like to watch TV or iplayer on the phone.
There is no case protection for the screen. I would prefer to have a clear plastic cover casing like in the Griffin Survivor type cases. The kit comes with two stick on screen protectors. I found them difficult to fit without getting a few air bubbles. The covers work ok and stop the screen getting scratched but these would not protect the screen if it fell face down on the screen.
Overall the case is good quality, and the built in foldaway stand is very handy.
For the money it represents excellent value for money.
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on 16 June 2016
100% positive . Very fast delivery .
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on 1 June 2014
I've been looking for a cover that will protect my phone while allowing me to use it properly for a while when I stumbled across this. It's about a sixth of the price of other covers for this phone but the quality is comparable to anything else out there (in fact it's superior to the cover I'd bought when I upgraded, which cost about £17 with a discount!). The cover also allows you to put the phone at rest in a landscape orientation, but because it has a neat little plastic stand that clicks into place when not in use, it's still easy to use and access, without flaps and folds getting in the way unlike other covers which work more like tablet covers (so the folding cover for the screen is always in the way). All in all, a great little item - which also includes two phone screen covers - unbelievable value at this price and it turned up in a couple of days.
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on 30 May 2016
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on 23 February 2016
Didn't help my phone much when I dropped it. Have invested in a new cover.
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