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on 4 September 2013
The first problem with this case arose around the delivery. Going to a theme park on the 6th of September, I wasn't brave enough to take my brand new phone round without some protection. I ordered this case on the 30th of August, with high expectations it would arrive before the 6th, even with standard delivery.
I did not receive a 'dispatched' email until today (4th September) so, naturally assumed, it wasn't going to arrive on time, so promptly went to the nearest shop and bought a case there. Low and behold, this case was sitting on my mat once I opened the door after buying my case, with "Dispatched 31st August" written on the front. I'm not so much complaining, just slightly miffed there was an obvious issue with the email system.

The case itself is just slightly too small for the phone. It fits around, but the top and the bottom edges look 'stretched', and pushing the sides causes the screen protector to come off slightly.

The two screen protectors this is supplied with are of very high quality, although seem to scratch rather easily.

This case WILL protect the phone, however from an aesthetic viewpoint, it would be nice if it didn't look stretched.
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on 9 November 2013
I always go for this type of case over the hard case because those crack and break so easily. This style protects your phone and screen, especially from scratches.

Went with clear because I didn't want to hide the beauty of the phone behind a bright colour but was disappointed to find that after a short while, the colour started to go a funny brown-purple hue. Stopped using it because it made the phone look like it was dirty. Gave it a wipe but colour didn't budge. It wash't everyday, just around the edge. Now using one of those flip cases that open to see use. Handy because the part that covers the screen folds back and props the screen up so it's easier to see when watching things on the phone, or if you're lazy and don't want to hold the phone while typing, playing games, browsing the web etc.

I would give this case another go but maybe go for a grey colour rather than the clear one.

Another point I'd like to make actually, I didn't get a screen protector with mine. Not that I'd use it. If you use one, change it maybe every month. They are not a long term use kind of thing. You'll notice the slowness in typing.
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on 9 October 2013
This is the case for those who seek to show their phone colors, but be advised, those of you that are thinking this is actually transparent, I bought it choosing the colour "transparent", but it's stated in the name of the product that it is actually "Frosted Translucent". What this means is that the back of the case is actually a little opaque/blurry and it softens the phone's color a bit.

- The final look with the "Frosted Translucent" scheme.
- The way it sticks to the phone, as it is not an easy job to remove it, which means it won't come out when the phone falls
- The feel of the back of the case, as it doesn't feel like a common rubber.
- Has a good grip
- Is a slim case

- The Screen protectors that came with it. 2 Screen protectors that I did apply properly and waited 48 hours, but had a massive strip of "bubble" on the side of the phone.
- The fact that it doesn't cover the microsim card entrance. Since I don't change it often, I would rather have it covered, being this one place less for dirt to get in
- Gets dirty really fast
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on 22 October 2013
First of all, I was well pleased with this case. I rarely buy cases for my phones, but the HTC One is so stunning, I wanted to keep it that way for a bit longer.

The case is easy to put on and take off, but remains a great fit at all times. When paired with a decent screen protector, you have really good, minimalist protection.

The downside is like all clear gel cases it doesn't stay clear for long. Previous ones I've had have started to yellow, but this one has started to absorb the blue from my denim jeans so it's now got a slight (although not unpleasant) blue tinge. It's happened quickly as well - I first noticed it when it was just over 2 months old - and I presume it will get worse and will have to buy another one at some point. At this price it's not a major problem but I'm not keen on waste so would have liked it to have lasted a it longer!
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on 19 September 2013
This is a nice case which really complements the silver HTC One. It is really low profile so doesn't add a large amount of bulk to the phone. All the cut-outs line up well. You can still see the HTC logo & the Beats logo through the back as well which is nice, a few people have said they didn't think the phone had a case on until they picked it up.

The only gripe as mentioned in other reviews is that the top & bottom of the case aren't quite straight. I think the makers of the case have made it straight when in fact the bottom & top of the phone has a slight curve in it, hence why the case is a bit short in places.

If you need a 'tough' case then this isn't for you but if you want one which will protect the phone without adding bulk then this is great.

I also received two screen protectors which are really good, I got one on without any bubbles which was a first for me.
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on 30 July 2013
The Gel-Case is fine. No problems. Fits snugly and easy to put on to the phone. All apertures and button-controls are easily accessible. The screen-protector caused me a lot of problems and resulted in me having to remove it. I could not get rid of the multiple bubbles and after trying to remove and re-fit a couple of time, the adhesive power has gone. I have had to remove the protector and purchased alternatives from Amazon which I'm awaiting delivery of. To be honest, it's probably more my fault than the product's - not using enough patience to apply the protector. Also, there was no bubble-squeegee card supplied - I had to use an old credit-card.
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on 10 July 2013
* The case is made from a rubbery gel material which *looks* like it can absorb a decent amount of shock damage.
* The rim/lip on the front is thick enough for you to lay the phone on its front without scratching the screen, but not too thick that it compromises the overall design of the phone.
* The cutouts are all perfectly aligned with the ports in the phone (back camera and flash, charger port, primary AND secondary microphones, power button, volume rocker, and headphone jack).
* The fact that it's transluscent means it doesn't cover the HTC One's lovely phone design, making it the best kind of case for this phone.
* The fact that it's translucent also means it doesn't highlight the smudges on the back of the case.

* Although the gel material provides SOME rubbery grip, it's not as grip-tastic as my other case made from a similar material, meaning that there might be more of a chance of it slipping out of the hand.
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on 24 July 2013
I felt that for the price of this case I didn't have much to lose, and it's sort of just as well. Firstly, I took a chance on "translucent". My handset is the black one, and while the front of the case doesn't look too bad, the back is transformed into a kind of cloudy grey which just doesn't look great. Secondly, as noted by another reviewer, the top and bottom of the case don't fit very well, which again doesn't look great, and also makes the lock button that much harder to press.

Credit is certainly due to the seller, though (I bought from UNICHAIN) - they followed up the sale with a routine email to check everything was okay, and when I told them it wasn't they immediately issued a refund with no further questions asked.
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on 25 April 2013
I got this case after getting the red and grey HTC made case (think it's selling on Amazon for about £15), and I am very happy that I got this case to replace it. This case is not bulky, like the red and grey HTC cover is. Also, it has a nice smooth feel to the case. One tiny flaw with it is it seems to have made my screen protector come up a bit at the side of the volume control, but this could be down to my own application of the screen protector.
However, all in all, a great buy!
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on 29 April 2013
I ordered the case thinking that I was going to get a cheap case. How wrong I was. The case is for my son's new pride and joy but he didn't want something that was going to hide it from the admiring glances of his friends. The case is smart and discreet which met my son's demands. I couldn't believe the price either. I would recommend that anyone with a new HTC ONE gets one of these to protect from scratches and small knocks. The screen protector will stop you damaging the screen too.
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