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on 1 August 2013
This arrived yesterday and it took the best part of four hours to assemble with the help of a gorgeous day, couple of tins of beer and some lovely background music. Very enjoyable and very satisfying to watch it come together.
The design and build are everything you expect from German engineering - it is precision formed and welded, there are eight sloping roof struts instead of the four on our previous wooden one. The whole thing has been brilliantly worked out and every part was carefully numbered and labelled. We keep looking at it, gracing the end of our garden, and now decorated with shrubs, furniture and flowers, it is SO pretty, and a real delight. I could imagine it being a wonderful place for a new bride at a wedding reception, it's gorgeous.
We are even considering buying another one as a spare, it is that good.
Will it survive a severe gale? No more so than your fences I guess, so you would probably take the side panels off (30 seconds) and the roof (one minute) if you saw that a gale was on the way, as you would with any gazebo. We're going to leave it bare in the winter - the roof and panels are machine washable too!. If you left it covered and panelled, or even in an exposed area without the cover, in severe winds, it's probably a bit unfair to write a review here saying that it blew over and broke. Perhaps this delightful structure isn't really your cup of tea.
The instruction sheets are good but not brilliant, there are no words, probably to cut down on translation.
If I were to build another of these it would take me less than half the time so here are some tips in helping you assemble it:-
1. When you put the two corner panels together, you will notice that the pretty welded circles are OFFSET on one of the panels and the offset part should be on the OUTSIDE, otherwise you won't get the corner piece on properly. also, the END of each panel that goes to the floor has TWO holes and not THREE. The THREE holes go to the top You'll jiggle it around a bit to get it right. If I had known that, it would have cut half an hour off the work!
2. Don't over-tighten nuts which squeeze the box-sections - this will only distort the box section and make it difficult to apply the plastic nut covers later.
3. Putting the side panels on is a dream. Thread the elastic loops back through the thin gap adjacent to the decorative welded circles and push the plastic rod through them. When you do the other end of the panel, push the beginning of the panel through as well as the elastic loops. This helps a lot.
4. Do bolt it to the concrete or patio stones, it does need that support, although if on grass, good ten pegs and secure fixing would do the job nicely.
5. From time to time I suggest checking the nuts to make sure they haven't loosened. All metal will expand and contract with temperature fluctuations and this can loosen them.
There you are, my advice for what it's worth. Enjoy!

Well the advice I gave above is good advice - strip it for winter! Ours has been through all the terrible storms this winter and it's still there, un-damaged and ready to be dressed in the spring.
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on 28 June 2015
Bought this in 2014 & have just this week erected it......well not me but a happy father in law over a period of 3 afternoons! Some bolts & screws were missing but the old man said not to worry because he has some that will fit (that would be his screws loose from fitting this I guess). I have been left to deal with fitting the side panels- what joy. Overall I am very pleased with it. I think it looks great.
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on 4 November 2014
Nice product we enjoyed our summer !
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on 10 June 2014
I brought this gazebo with some thought after reading the comments.. It arrived quickly but box was battered and stuck together with a large amount of Sellotape, This I gathered was done at the sellers end as the address label was over the tape !!. When I opened the box there was just a couple of dents on frame work.
Anyway got to work and stared to assemble which will take you a few hours to do, IGNORE other comments on here about drilling extra holes as this is not the case..YOU NEED TO READ AND LOOK AT INSTRUCTIONS as they show when assembled where the holes are situated. Please look at this as I did make a few mistakes on assembly , Do not tighten bolts up like I did with the spanner as you will dissemble it..I promise you that, The instructions are of poor quality and the bolts must be right as you have to choose 23mm and 25mm sizes, As you know 2mm is not that big.

When I put frame work together I started to put the side covers on on the side corners I noticed it is not the same as item shown on the images, You can see that the fabric goes through a rod which is attached to the main frame work...THIS IS NOT THE CASE.. You receive 16 plastic rods that you have to thread through elastic hook eyes, this is hard to do when you do the bottom one once top has been done...YOU WILL SEE if you buy.

Once you start to put on the canopy it fits OK, till you use the velcro straps to hold into place, It starts to pull on material and small holes will appear be careful when doing this

I contact the supplier who gave me a £15 refund as item is not as displayed

Would I recommend this ,,Yes for the value as it is free delivery from Germany, you can buy a similar one at THE RANGE for twice the price
Hope this helps ......
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on 13 April 2014
Meets all the required standards expected. Quality item. A good size too, Thoroughly recommend this item. It looks good too.
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on 17 May 2014
Great product but lacks instructions. With so many pieces to assemble together, it would help to have instructions. I was surprised that pack didn't have any, and I kind of knew after reading other reviews. However, my son with lots of patince assembled it together for me. The product is light but looks great.
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on 16 June 2013
Ordered & arrived within a week direct from Germany. I have had post cards take longer!Even more important its exellent value for money.Instructions in picture form but as I don't read German thats probably best.Took me 3hrs to errect on my own all parts fitted together with ease.I screwed it down to the patio & its very stable.Exellent!
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on 12 August 2014
Takes a while to put together and yes you will need another pair of hands when it comes to putting the top on.

A lot of reviews complain that it's not water proof.....well I simply bought a big bottle of Nikwax tent waterproofer and sprayed the top and side and now it's completely water repellent. The only little niggle I'd say is that when it is raining heavily a couple of the corners of the top sag and rain collects....this maybe down to me waterproofing it but I'm working on a little tweet to make the material a little more taught which should stop this happening.

I had a slight problem with the central support that all the ceiling bars connect to as one of the arms hadn't been welded like the rest and was flimsy. I contacted the supplier and they sent out a replacement straight away (just the faulty part) and it was finished in no time.

I've also bought 2 sets of 100 white LED Solar powered lights and using gardening wire...attached them the the frame in the ceiling and it looks fantastic at night!

All was going so well until a mini hurricane visited Surrey one day. I awoke to find the gazebo at the bottom of the garden, bent and twisted on its back like a dead spider....

It was nice while it lasted! :(
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on 3 September 2013
Received this fairly promptly, the only problem being that only one package arrived prompting a couple of phone calls and an email. However the second part arrived the next day, apparently due to a labelling problem with the distributors. Anyway, waited until the weekend, a warm sunny day, and armed with the comments in other reviews, I set about it on my own, taking my time and enjoying the weather. Took a few hours but had it up and the cover on before the wife got home. Secured it down on the decking using the screw holes provided with black screw caps covering the screwheads I have since bolted on four small metal brackets at the sides, and strung two sets of small solar lights around the inside. I must say I'm very pleased with it and it really does look very nice. I'm taking the cover off for the winter but leaving the frame up. There may well be a few marks from rusty water but these can be easily touched up. As for its stability, all I can say is that we have had a few windy days lately with some reasonably strong gusts and it has not budged, so as far as I can see, if its secured down then you will have no problems. I am very pleased with it and would recommend it to anyone, especially considering the price, far better than any others I looked at for the money. I would have given it five stars but for one thing, the cover is only showerproof, my last gazebo cover being waterproof, it does make a difference. In conclusion, if you're looking for a nice reasonably priced gazebo you would have to go a long way to beat this. I don't see any reason why this should not last at least a few years with minimal maintenance each spring.
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on 30 July 2013
Very pleased with this gazebo good value for money, although awkward to erect managed to complete it without too much fuss looks well over the hot tub
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