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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 17 May 2013
Oh dear what a let down this film is! As it could have been a really good film, the idea is sound but the makers should have just made it as a straight forward war movie instead of a paranormal/ghost mystery/ war movie mish mash???
The resulting film is a confusing mess with a good tank battle in the middle.
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on 30 July 2013
This movie both annoyed and exhilarated me. Good production values, excellent acting and unpredictable twists and turns. I felt throughout that I must be missing some deep psychological undercurrents though and am still pondering the more mysterious elements of the story. It's a movie that stays with you for a while. The White Tiger itself is creepy in the extreme.

Yes they used real WW2 vintage vehicles plus, I would think, a modern tank, such as a Leopard I perhaps, with a suitably disguised superstructure, for the White Tiger itself. That is refreshing in itself in a world awash with CGI. After the final confrontation between the super human tank god worshipping Soviet tanker and the ghostly White Tiger, the movie appeared to start to sink under the weight of imagery and philosophy that I simply could not fathom. Something about the universality of war I think. Who knows? The final scene, whilst meaningful was something of an anti-climax. A good film none the less. I recommend it.
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on 25 September 2015
Absolute rubbish! I have studied the battles on the Eastern Front fought in WW2 for over 5 years and was really looking forward to see this film, as it turned out it was unbelievable from the start. A load of b******s!
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on 19 June 2013
A rare glimpse into the Russian side during WWII. The scenery and props seemed very authentic. It is a Russian film and I was surprised the dialogue was in Russian but with sub-titles this was not a problem.
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on 21 September 2014
It started as if it might be a hybrid of war film and ghost story. But it gets increasingly incoherent and silly. There are two inconclusive encounters between the hero and the big enemy, and then it simply stops. We get long dull scenes of the German surrender and nothing is resolved.

Pretentious trash.
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on 21 November 2014
This film starts well enough, has a really good 5 star central section but is let down by a completely ineffective ending. If it stopped at the Berlin scene I would give it a higher score, if you are forced to watch the ending then only a 3.

I agree with many details of Darth M's review but would add the following comments:
Major Feydatov is given permission to boost the engine and armour of Naydenov's tank but no real armour modifications are visible, he seems to rely on his ability to predict incoming rounds to receive only glancing blows. The Tiger is deemed to have run in and out of swamps but nobody considers the possibility of a snorkel system (obvious difficulties in sealing a tank but this is a special one, and I'll grant you that it should have been covered in swamp slime). It is worth mentioning that the props team did a good job putting Matilda-like spats on to hide the Soviet running gear underneath, the round turret is particularly well adapted to emulate a Tiger, no Kelly's Heroes cheapery to offend the eyes here. Sadly the storyline concerning what crew the Tiger has goes nowhere.
If you have bought it on the strength of the tank action then for best effect simply stop watching when you get to Berlin, the subsequent surrender scenes add nothing and simply do not gel with the rest of the story.

It is easy enough to criticise without offering improvement so here is my suggestion for an action ending:
Major Feydatov gets the use of a few T-34's and at least one SU-152 (or -122 or -100). Naydenov goes through the woods until he "feels" the Tiger is nearby, the SU is then positioned so that it appears grounded half in a ditch but with the barrel able to cover the main path into the wood (similar to scene earlier in the film). They deliberately blow one of the front idlers off the SU so that it is obviously de-tracked, put on some extra damage and leave the hatches open. Feydatov climbs in and puts one up the spout. The T34's act as bait, the Tiger appears possibly dealing with a couple of tanks before it nears the SU, will it ever line up? Naydenov has to tempt it forwards just a few yards, the Tiger fires killing his turret crew, his T-34 is on fire (nothing new for Naydenov) but he is still moving, the Tiger creeps forwards and Feydatov finally gets a chance. The Tiger stalls, smoke comes from the engine vents, sounds of it trying to restart (possibly imply internal extinguishers and that it can still inch forwards), Feydatov bails out just before the Tiger puts one in the SU. Still afire Naydenov rams the Tiger (actual soviet tactic and for this section now prevents the Tiger turret from lining up). Feydatov runs to the T34, together with Naydenov he detaches an external fuel tank and they either roll it under the rear of the Tiger or lob it (partially full) onto the rear of the Tiger. Naydenov gets out his Tokarev to hole the drum and uses part of his still smoking uniform to ignite it. Perhaps an ammunition explosion to take away the option of your ever seeing the Tiger crew, your choice as to whether Naydenov survives or Feydatov is believed.

Alternatively allow for a final winter scene, Naydenov entices the Tiger onto a frozen lake or river and Feydatov goes after it with a bloody great harpoon... ... final shot of the Tiger sinking through the ice whilst Hitler mentions to Captain Ahab that Stalin killed a greater number of Jews.
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on 27 November 2014
Despite other opinions I found this film to be poor on all fronts. Badly translated, thin story line, very unsatisfactory ending and quite pointless. Continuity is poor and the action disjointed.
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on 3 October 2013
This is a Russian World War II film which combines intense tank battles
and gritty realism, with political allegory about the past, present
and future of European geopolitical realities.
The protagonist is a Soviet tank mechanic, who is immolated inside his
T-34 tank, when it is ambushed by a German Tiger tank.
Like Russia itself-in the "Great Patriotic War"-he survives, scarred
but indestructible. He no longer remembers his name. People call him
Ivan Ivanich Naydenov (Unknown Ivan son of Ivan)-symbolic of the unknown
millions who perished in the titanic struggle against Nazi Germany.
He has developed a mystical bond with the engines of war and an eternal quest:
Finding and destroying the Tiger tank which ambushed him,
and continues to ambush Russian tank formations, causing horrendous losses.
This tank-painted in the white of the Teutonic Knights-cannot be destroyed
because it symbolizes an idea: The eternal German aspirations of imperial
domination in the Slavic East.
In a climactic battle in a Polish hamlet, Naydenov manages to cripple
the White Tiger, which then retreats, and it's not seen again.
Then the film abruptly shifts focus to an extended re-enactment of
the unconditional surrender, and the utter humiliation of the German
High Command. Then focus abruptly shifts to an extended shot of an
endless procession of German POWs marching through the ruins of Berlin,
under the bemused stares of Soviet troops.
Then we are back to Naydenov, who is refitting his tank, and refuses
to demobilize. He says that the beast has gone into hiding,
but will crawl out again, in fifty, maybe a hundred years.
In the film's surpring, final shot, A.Hitler-symbolically surviving the war-
is interviewed by a journalist (Andre Malraux?).
A. Hitler expounds on the "painful but necessary" operation Germany
performed on Europe, on the "ingrained" European fear and hatred
of the Jews and Russia, and the eternal nature of war.
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on 25 May 2013
When I first tried to write a review for this film, I ended up writing an essay instead, as the film (or the first 90% of it anyway) made a great impression on me. OK, so here's the abridged version. Good points: Tank enthusiasts will love it. T34's, SU's, JS's, in abundance. Even British and American tanks are present,but they're either stationary or wrecked. The tiger itself seems to be modelled on the rare Porsche type with extra armour added. Tons of attention to detail.The tanks, equipment, scenery, everything looks right and the film is superbly shot and convincing. I only saw one instance of a Panzer 4 with a T34 suspension in a short shot,easily missed. Battle sequences and acting excellent. Reality check: Would your tank gun barrel really split open if you fired it when there was mud stuck in the end? I could see this might happen with high explosive shells which detonated on impact,but if you're attacking a tiger you'd be firing AP shot,which wouldn't. Hmmmmm! Humorous addition: In a short scene,a tanker is seen wearing a top hat over his usual headgear. An underhand tribute to Porta from the excellent war novels of Sven Hassel? Bad Points: The last 10% of the film. What happened there? Suddenly the War's over, nothing's resolved or explained, end of film, full stop. After the glorious overload of the senses in the first part of the film I felt very cheated. In short, a remarkable film which could have been a war winner, but let down by the abrupt ending.
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on 17 January 2014
I cannot vouch for the authenticity of the technical side to this film - close-range duelling with clanking smoke-belching WW2 tanks being the overall scenery but it's very entertaining in its story line of revenge. In its theme you are reminded of the romantic novels of Sir Walter Scott (Ivanhoe etc) where, at the medieval jousting tournament the elusive and hitherto undefeated deadly predator is hunted down by a young and obsessive maniac driven by vengeance. The depiction of the horrors of this type of combat is pretty graphically shown but then we've all seen the real thing already I suppose in newsreels of operation Desert Storm etc. A few more charred corpses to add to our memory banks of the horrendous actions in which some of us have had to participate ? But to my mind the nation of the Red Army has every right to remind us of its heroic sacrifices during WW2 even if there is a little magic interwoven. This film has more going for it than ''Jaws'' in my opinion.
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