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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 25 November 2013
Well Evan Currie has pulled another great piece of entertainment out of the literary hat. He really can't do any wrong at the moment.

This is the first non sci-fi book that I've read by Mr. Currie - instead it's more of a military gothic horror effort. Maybe a bit Stargate(ish) but entirely based on Earth. Anyway he does the mix of military gung ho mixed with magic and monsters brilliantly. The story is tight and well written and the dare I say it - fantastical - bits are kept under control so they don't take away from the human aspect of the main protagonists.

The dialogue is great fun, and as per usual Currie has written this properly with literary correctness and good editorial control. He really can write well. To be honest he could easily do a full on thriller in the mode of Tom Clancy - he's easily that good at this genre.

So we have a washed up ex-Seal who has been brought back into the fold because of his knowledge of things that do not fit into the normal scope of conventional military thinking. He has collected a small group of others - soldiers - who have also found out too much about what is behind the 'Veil,' and these gentlemen are brought together to form an unconventional Seal unit with explicit orders to find out what is going on.

Great characterisation, fun OTT characters and a lots of action. It's not going to challenge someone who wants to read Shakespeare but for those looking for a fast paced military-fantasy crossover thriller then this is perfect. Currie is a brilliant find.
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on 17 December 2014
An interesting idea but perhaps not fully developed. Obviously meant to be the beginning of a series, this leaves quite a few unanswered questions. Wasn't greatly impressed by the writing either. I thought the supernatural elements were disappointing, I expected a greater variety of monster/creature but all we got was a rather boring succession of setpieces involving vampires (that really are more like zombies) that just felt unoriginal and with a very underwhelming climax involving a female vampire that brought to mind the Evil Dead creatures more than anything. Such a letdown after the promising opening few pages where a seriously massive squid/octopus/kraken type creature drags down a US Destroyer and crew. It recalled the rather splendid Harryhausen movie from the 1950's called It Came From Beneath The Sea. Unfortunateley the said leviathan in this book fails to make any reappearance leaving us with the tired and tawdry zombie vampire things.

Perhaps a follow up will improve things and bring us more Kraken but I'm not sure I would take another bite..
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on 20 December 2013
I barely put this book down. Like the rest of Currie's work, this is a fun and very easy read, and the military bits work really nicely, however, the central idea was begging to be explored in much more detail. And the opposition was a bit - well, it was an opportunity to be a bit more exotic or exciting than it was, I think.


This book works around the idea of something called The Veil which separates the supernatural world from the mundane world. When a mundane learns about the supernatural he or she crosses over and attracts the attention of things on the other side. This is talked about a lot - but NOT shown - NOT explored. This was probably the best idea in the book but it's not used at all.
This book uses a formula: Something bad happens in the past to the hero who is damaged by the experience and has his career ruined. Jump forward 10 years. Something similar happens and our hero is called back by superiors who must finally admit that something is going on that they cannot understand. This 'now' scenario scenario is then explored by military operators and extremely cool people(TM) with only repeated allusions to the whole veil thing - so many allusions that it became a little irritating.

If it's so important EXPLORE IT! Grrr.

So, I liked the book. It had a flaw. In my opinion.
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on 15 September 2014
I started ths book expecting a 'normal' story about SEALS. What I didn't expect was a monster rising from the depths of the ocean to engulf a naval vessel! Hawk Masters is a survivor of this disaster but is signed off from the military while they sold the public a 'lost at sea' story. Hawk knows what he saw and vows revenge. Then he gets a call from the US government for his help in dealing with unexplained and sinister incidents which are the increase. He puts together a team and they go to Barrow in Alaska where State Troopers have gone missing in unexplained circumstances. What they encounter there is beyond the stuff of nightmares. The action sequences put me in mind of Rambo and the banter between the team members in times of extreme danger I found difficult to accept, however it kept me reading to the end. If you like action, guns, blood and gore then this is for you. Boring it isn't!
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on 21 May 2016
Pure Action and Genuine moments of Horror I prefer this Worldview to it's main competitor genre novels. The setting is similar to the White Wolf 'World of Darkness' table top role play game, that does not detract from this Novel. in fact I feel it is the richer for it !!!
I hope that it is the beginning to an ongoing series and is left open enough for this to happen.
If you like the Military Horror Genre this is a must read, even the Cannon Fodder characters are developed so much that you get the feel of a team bonding and if is say any more I will be spoiling the plot.
Any book that I read in a day (I finished it at 3am) is a rare beast, add it to your collection.
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on 20 November 2013
This book has been a long time in the coming and I personally think that it was well worth the wait. Good value for money. A fast paced action filled book that also gives you characters that you can invest in rather than cardboard cutout everymen that sometimes find their way into this genre of book. I can't think of one thing about it that I didn't like.
All I beg of Mr Currie is that the next book isn't too long a wait.
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on 17 July 2014
Fast paced, exciting and funny. When I read that it was SEAL's vs .... well I won't spoil it, but lets just say it isn't terrorists or any 'human' enemy, I thought it would be corny and boring - far from it. The book is well written (although it assumes you know a lot about American military hardware and terminology) and well researched. I couldn't put my Kindle down and finished it around 2 am this morning, as I had to know how it ends, and how our hero (anti-hero?) fares. Although there isn't a huge amount of back story to each team member, I'm hoping that as the series unfolds and more books are published then we will learn more about them all - and their 'allies'. Nice one Evan, lets have some more please!!
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on 2 January 2014
This was a brilliantly thrilling read, like Darren Shan meeting Tom Clancy. The basis, a group of misfit Navy SEALs, who have encountered supernatural monsters, are banded together to investigate these occurrences is interesting, as are the characters. This is very well written, with exciting, fast paced action and funny banter between the men. It introduces a whole world of supernatural monsters and entities that has great potential for a franchise of novels. This intriguing blend of realistic, well-researched military action and brutally gory horror is a treat for readers of both genres, and can be described as an American Department 19.
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on 13 July 2014
Not sure what the book was about when i started reading, i just had the title. Although the storyline was a lot more far fetched than i expected, i have to admit i really enjoyed seal team 13! The characters are good, the situations they end up in are interesting and the plot is exciting! The pace of the book is 100 miles an hour and the uncertainty of events keeps you glued to the pages. A seal team (an some friends) against the supernatural, a recipe for a worthwhile read!
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on 5 May 2014
I enjoyed reading this - it has a nice mix of action and intrigue which leaves you wanting to know answers. The reason it loses a star is that it doesn't actually finish. There are lots of open questions at the end, and it's clear that there will be a sequel. Whilst I don't mind this and admittedly it won't be a problem in a couple of years when (hopefully) one is written, it did spoil it for me as I wanted to know answers to the various questions posed through the book.
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