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I bought this direct from Vax, but I will post my advice against this model on Amazon.

Initially I was very impressed with this vacuum. Powerful, easy to use, great pet tool, long lead and a few other nice touches. I felt that I had made a good decision to move away from an old Dyson that I had used for almost 10 years. A few weeks on and I realised I had made a mistake.

It started to get harder to push around on the carpet and eventually it became really hard work. I took a look at it and realised that the wheels have no bearings - or if they did they have disintegrated. The wheel simply slides around on a plastic collar around the spindle. Friction being friction, the plastic warms up, gets soft and starts to wear away. I noticed a lot of plastic dust around the wheel where it has been wearing down.

It's very difficult to push a vacuum around when the wheels are not turning properly and eventually the wheel fell off as it had burnt through the wheel hub. What a stupid design and now I have to contact Vax to see about a refund.

If you have one of these I urge you to check the wheels for any signs of erosion.
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on 20 May 2014
On the day of delievery, I reluctantly (with gritted teeth and with ear defenders on - animals running for cover) vacuumed using the dreaded Morphy Richards hoover that was only 2.5 years old which had cost me over a couple of hundred squid, the carpet looked ok, but I knew this hoover has never been up to the task of geting the carpet and sofa free of dog and cat hair even though it was over 2000 watts and classed as a Hepa cyclonic pet hoover, the only thing cyclonic about it was the thundering noise it made and the black plastic marks it left on the skirting boards a bit like tyre tracks!
Then, came the knock at the door, the new Vax was here! I immediately whipped it out of the box, no instructions with it but hey it is very simple to understand, plugged it in and off I went. OMG, I could not believe the difference and the amount of dust the old one had not sucked up. I was very close to replacing all of the carpets, but my carpets looked like new again. This Vax lifted all the pile up again. I am in no doubt that the old one had been bashing th pile to death and trapping the dust. So thanks Vax, you have saved me a couple of thousand squid on not having to replace the carpets ;+)

This Vax is lightweight, and the suction is unbelievable. I have had many vacuum cleaners including some very expensive ones, and have tried many different Dyson models too including the ball one which my friend has (though the ball is now broken as the plastic has become brittle), this Vax is certainly a whole lot better. Other vacumms claim tthat they clean right up to the edge of the skirting boards which in my experience they don't, but this Vax certainly does! Gone are the tiny bits of residue Bonio's, cat claws and dust which with previous machines I always had to attach the the crevice tool, but I know longer need to do that as this Vax gets in super tight and the suction just gobbles everything up.

Really easy to empty
Certainly does not lose any suction
Easy to maintain
Easy to store
Long power cord (I only have to plug it into one power source as it easily reaches around the whole of my bugalow where previous machinesI had to plug them intoat least 3 around the property)
Works like a dream on short and medium pile carpets
Nice long hose & turbo tool
6 year guarantee (so if it does go wrong you simply get another one - or replacement part for FREE!) Don't forget to register it!

It did take a little bit of getting used to as I have been used to the normal forward and backward movement, but this works easily with the continuous forward movement.
Not too sure how it would work on very thick deep piled carpets
Componants feel a little bit cheap, but again, it has a 6 year guarantee (so if it does go wrong you simply get another one - or replacement part for FREE!)

Super Pro: The price!
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on 15 January 2014
I wouldn't normally get excited about a vacuum cleaner but this one is excellent. Such powerful suction, great on carpets and tiles. Really picks up so much better than my old Dyson. Long cable perfect for getting round the whole downstairs. No problems with attachments or handle.
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on 26 September 2014
Very middle-aged married problem, wife has been nagging that our Dyson isn't good enough any more. She wasn't convinced that it just needed a good service, so after it mysteriously broke, we needed a replacement. Did a bit of research and decide not to pay £300+ for another Dyson or a Miele and instead went for this. We have 2 dogs, 2 cats, a toddler and the wife has long hair, so there's a lot of challenges for a vacuum in our house. This tackles it all admirably and is pretty lightweight to boot. Now just to get the wife to make sure she cleans this regularly!
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on 19 August 2014
What a disappointment - and what a misrepresentation. We bought this, finding our previous cleaner heavy to lift and cumbersome to manoeuver. Sure, the VAX Air is lighter to lift - but manoeuvrability? Oh dear: It pivots like a ballerina (but so did our D**on, now brought down from the attic and given complete absolution). But pushing it over the carpet, either straight or round bends, is like pushing a very heavy, sticky rice pudding: far harder work than the previous cleaner. The trouble is that it sucks like (anything), virtually gluing it to the surface of the carpet. A pity: a simple adjustment allowing the curtain to be raised just a few mil. (and even a few mil. more on a very deep pile) whilst it might have marginally compromised suck-ability, might have made the machine a pleasure to use.

When's the next car boot sale?

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on 23 August 2014
I received mine this morning and gave it a try.
It was simple to assemble the handle to the cleaner.
I went round downstairs, living room and kitchen and it certainly has a powerful suction.
Quite a bit of dust and cat hairs was collected even though I had been round the day before with my old now retired Dyson.
I find that because all the weight of the cleaner is forward of the handle and the unit twists to go round furniture the cleaner likes to lay to one side or the other and has to be gently persuaded into a straight line....not a major issue, just something to get used to.
As others have said the mains cable is pleasantly long and there is ample storage space on the cleaner for it.
However the hose does not stretch to the top of my 13 tread stairs meaning the top 2 steps will be vacuumed with the cleaner at the top on the landing. My Dyson had a longer hose.
Emptying the cleaner is simple as is removing the filters for maintenance.

One oddity I have found is that apparently the beater bar and drive belt are not removable for replacement. Instead the whole head assembly is replaced at a cost of around £80 as shown on the Vax site in the spares list.
I would be more than happy to hear this is not the case as removing the sole-plate reveals a pretty standard arrangement where beater-bar and belt look easily removed and replaced.
One other thing I noticed is that the motor housing gets quite hot but I understand there is an inbuilt thermal cut-out for safety...I hope it works.

PS I used the cleaner today (27-8-14) and noticed that the live and neutral pins on the fitted mains plug were angled towards each other slightly instead of the normal parallel.
This meant a bit of pushing and twisting was required to get the plug in the socket. Just another oddity with this cleaner and possibly indicating less than perfect quality control during manufacture.
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on 10 November 2015
I've bought it around 4 months ago.

It's okay and okay only :/ I'm used to use more traditional type of vacuum cleaners - Henry type - so work with this one is a new experience for me. Due to lack of wall sockets in my house I've decided to buy this one - 10m cord. Also 6yr Vax guarantee ( we will see ) told me the vacuum must be build very well but is not :/

I like a idea to keep everything in one place - I mean the hose not annoying me like in Henry type vacuum cleaners. Sounds good so far. The vacuum itself works very good, is strong and quiet ( if you can say the vacuum cleaners are quiet ). The turbo brush with separate engine and the 'intelligence' system who can switch it off when the vacuum is in vertical position to prevent scratching carpet in one place.

So what is wrong with? Is heavy even for a man ( me ) to manoeuvre. The one of the pipe holders fell of in first week. All plastics and joints looks very fragile and I'm really worry about them, specially the main join. Turbo brush sound great but you need to clean in every few hoovering - not so easy to open and clean it properly.

So in my opinion - nothing special for this price. I don't wont to buy it again ever.

ps. Sorry for my bad English :)

UPGRADE!!!: Today just burn ! Sparks, smoke and smell like New Year Eve fireworks ! AVOID
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on 5 April 2015
This is my second review of the product after 10 months use. I have looked after the Hoover only to find it is still falling to pieces bit by bit. So far the clip holding the hose in place has broken, a wheel has come off and now I have had to take measures to keep the hose attached to the head of the Hoover! Seems it wasn't meant to last the year after all. No robust at all.
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on 8 February 2015
Despite incredible claims about maneuverability it was heavy and difficult to use. Suction did not impress. No match for a Dyson.
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on 7 April 2014
this hoover was bought to replace a very old dyson,it worked fine for a few days and then the wheels started to jamm and when they did this the tyres started to wear through, i contacted vax and they replaced it under warranty and within a couple of months the rear wheels on this one started to drag and jamm and then one of them sheared off completely (they are one piece moulded plastic) i contacted vax again and received their automatic e mail reply stating they would reply within two days, its now twelve days and counting, i have just e mailed them again and got the same old auto reply. i have now done the sensible thing and bought a dyson animal which is much better allround. the only problem is i now have two of these useless machines cluttering up my garage.
do yourself a big favour and buy a dyson, much better.
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