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on 13 December 2015
one of the first Hammer Dracula film's, one of the best, but for some reason not quite as familiar as Christopher Lee, but it is a well worthwhile classic, a vintage great that had become quite a rare title, but fortunately it has become available again for a reasonable price, it's got the brilliant Peter Cushing and also a hypnotising performance from David Peel as Baron Meinster, why he never played the vampire role again, i'll never understand?!....it's a veritable Hammer classic at it's best, a vintage gothic masterpiece, when horror was an art, everything that horror should be today, but isn't sadly, nowaday's it seem's to be just violence, sadistic and vicious, gratuitous for the sake of it, apart from the Brit's & Europe,
they seem to have forgotten the art of the horror film...long live Hammer, Amicus, Kobalt, Tigon and all the other classic's!
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VINE VOICEon 21 February 2018
A young teacher on her way to work at a girl's school helps a man escape his mother but unknowingly unleashes a vampire. First sequel to Dracula, though Dracula doesn't make an appearance but Peter Cushing returns as Van Helsing in an excellent performance. David Peel makes a decent villain but he's no Christopher Lee. Though there's no Dracula there are references to the first film but really I can't help feel that this movie should have been called Van Helsing. Good performances from the rest of the cast and the film follows the Hammer Horror formula. Not quite a classic then but good fun.
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on 4 November 2017
I really enjoy the old hammer horror films. Made on a very cheap budget & sometimes 2 films made back to back to save on costs. With all of this they still managed to make good enjoyable horror films with some well written story lines. Peter Cushing at his best as Van Helsing. Well worth watching.
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on 1 December 2013
The Brides of Dracula is the sequel to Dracula or Horror of Dracula- and one wonders just what the publics reaction was, with the non appearance of Dracula himself? One is reminded of Halloween III, and the furore around there being no Michael Myers, an argument that rages 30 years on and has given a very good horror film a score of 4 on IMDB.

Brides doesn't need Christopher Lee though. It has its very own vampire played wonderfully by David Peel who quit the business after this film was made aged only 40 to become an antiques dealer and estate agent. I feel he gives the vampire a real presence.

Peter Cushing returns as Van Helsing- another wonderful performance, has Cushing ever given a below par performance?

Brides runs along well- with many interesting characters that keep getting introduced to us even with only twenty minutes to go. Check out a wonderful cameo by Miles Malleson, who between scenes would make Cushing laugh hard.

My one problem with the film though was Yvonne Monlaur's performace as the French woman stranded. She is actually French, but I felt she was putting on the accent, which means for me that she isn't the greatest actress out there. Thankfully her role is limited more as the film goes on.

So, not as good as the original Dracula, but definetly a worthy sequel.
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on 2 July 2014
A true Hammer classic. Peel was a curious choice as the vampire - apparently he was as gay as old dad's hat-band - but in some ways he's better than Christopher Lee (who eventually became tiresome as Dracula). Aside from Cushing, chief acting honours go to the older ladies, particularly Freda Jackson (quite likely the greatest actress of her generation). Martita Hunt we remember from the creepier scenes of Lean's 'Great Expectations'.
I don't swallow this Frenchified 'auteur' theory about Terence Fisher, though. He was a superb craftsman (when at his best), as a viewing or two of his pre-Hammer movies will tell you. I imagine him to have been fairly modest: do the job with the minimum of fuss then bugger off home.
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on 23 March 2015
I understand why some people can get a little hot under the collar when some films are released with the incorrect ratio. And I especially understand why when it comes to the release of a Hammer film. However, this is THE BRIDES OF DRACULA people! On Blu Ray! You've got to love it. I think the picture quality is great. I've loved this film for as long as I can remember, watching it on late night telly or some dodgy VHS copy waiting for the day blu ray would be invented. Well the boffins finally caught up with my wishes and now I (and you) can enjoy afresh all those vibrant colours, detail and atmosphere that only Hammer could deliver. Okay the bottom of Sir Peter Cushing's chin is missing in one shot but I can live with that for the sheer pleasure of having THE BRIDES OF DRACULA released on Blu Ray - Hurrah!
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on 20 January 2013
This film was the second in Hammer's Dracula cycle. The legendary Peter Cushing returns as Van Helsing, but sadly Christopher Lee did not return as Dracula. It was reported that the reason for his absence was that he was afraid of being typecast and he wanted to try other roles. He would return six years later in Dracula Prince Of Darkness, which lacked Peter Cushing. Instead, in Brides Of Dracula, we are introduced to Baroness Meinster and her son, Baron Meinster, who turns out to be a vampire. I am not sure why, but he always reminds me of the singer Billy Fury, because he looks very similar to him! This film was directed by Terence Fisher, who was one of Hammer's best directors and he directed some of their best films. I always enjoy seeing thie film and I was very pleased when it finally came out on DVD. It is well made and very well-acted and one of Hammer's finest films. I still missed Christopher Lee, though, because Baron Meinster is just not as sinister and scary as Dracula was. The picture quality of this disc is good and the sound is as good as can be expected for a film of this age. I have one moan, though, in that this version is not presented in widescreen, which is disappointing but it didn't ruin my enjoyment of this film. I can recommend this film to any Hammer Horror fan, or fans of Peter Cushing or classic horror fans. I would have given it five stars, but I have deducted a star because of the pan and scan presentation of the film. It is still worth buying though and a true classic of the genre.
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on 20 February 2015
After purchasing the first bout of Hammer films on Blue-ray, Dracula, The Devil Rides Out, Quatermass and the Pit, I was looking forward to adding yet more of these classic films to my blue-ray collection, But will have to think again very carefully.
I contacted Final Cut Entertainment and spoke to a reprosentative he, After telling him of my own thoughts of the release, his explenation was that being a new company they do not have the money to spend on complete restoration and extras as do the likes of Lionsgate or Studio Canal who spend vast ammounts of money on there releases, I happen to have the Universal box Hammer set which was released on dvd reg1 in 2005.
All i can say is i will not purchase any more releases from Final Cut.
Come on Studio-Canal lets have more releases.
Dennis, Gravesend.
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on 9 February 2012
Brides of Dracula is definately one of the best looking hammer films. I loved everything from the title sequence on. The film was only disapointing because of how quickly it ended. It could have done with an extra 20 mins of excitement as Cushing faces the Vampires. I liked the film alot and think it has some very good casting and looks amazing(even though the DVD is not in widescreen ratio), but I feel over all Brides of Dracula didn't quite live up to my expectations(mainly because of the overly quick end) and there for doesn't rival Twins of Evil as my favourite Hammer film. I also don't think it was quite as good as Dracula- Prince of Darkness. I'd give Brides of Dracula 4.5 out of 5.
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VINE VOICEon 5 March 2018
I've always liked this film, the set's are sumptuous. I wonder if Hammer had a bigger budget on this one? Anyway, a treat to watch even though Dracula is nowhere in sight.
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