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on 2 February 2015
This TV has failed and it is only 16 months old. The volume has developed a mind of its own and ramps up to full volume and will not then adjust. You cannot reset the TV to its default settings as the menu settings just scroll round on their own. I think that a TV should last a lot longer than 16 months, so feel that this TV really deserves a 0 star rating, sadly there is no option for that. Phoned Toshiba who were not interested unless of course we wanted to pay for a repair. Having looked further into this fault on the web, it appears that many of Toshiba TV's develop this fault - so it would appear that it is an inherent fault that Toshiba should have fixed by now. Based upon this, I cannot recommend this TV.
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on 24 February 2017
This item replaced an earlier purchase which had to be returned. This replacement is faulty. When first switched on and set up-all seemed fine. However next day could not get set switched on vie the remote. Had to switch off at the wall and switch on again before set could be switched on via the remote!! Despite all efforts this situation has not changed. As all had seemed fine initially we destroyed the packaging so cannot return easily. Finally, got in touch with Toshiba Support online. After supplying the Serial No. etc, surprised to learn that 'my' TV bought by me on 26.02.2017, had been purchased on 23.01.2014 !!! according to Toshiba's records. Would appreciate an explanation form Amazon on this state of affairs !!! Also am advised from Toshiba's Customer Helpline that since the set was purchased from Amazon that the Warranty had been bought by Amazon therefore Toshiba would not provide advice or assistance !!! All very strange !!Finally, I would appreciate if amazon would provide assistance to solve the problem of the ON/OFF situation via the remote.
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on 7 February 2016
I had this tv for less than a year and it's now broken and been replaced by Hitachi.
This must be the worst tv I've ever owned. A week or so after purchase it would turn on itself in the middle of the night! As it's a bedroom tv it's extremely annoying. If it didn't trun on the light indicating that it's on at the mains would start flashing lights from red to green and wake me up. If I would watch it in bed I would have to get up and turn it of at the mains otherwise it would wake me up in the middle of the night. Few months down the line I had trouble turning it on, the light would be green - indicating it's on but there's was no picture or sound. Occasionally I would get only sound or only picture. It took few tries to switch on and off to get it working. Before Christmas, less than a year from purchase it stop working completely. This is the worst tv I ever had, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. If you're looking to buy it I would advise to go with other options. So not worth the hassle and such a waste of money!
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on 16 November 2014
I paid to have the set installed in a bedroom as it was to be connected to Sky. The picture is good, the sound is fine. I have no complaints at all. I bought a less than new set but it looks like new and comes with the same guarantee, so why pay the full price when you don't have to? Excellent value for money.

Since writing the above review I have had nothing but trouble with the tv.It failed completely under guarantee - it just turned itself off and there was no power to it. It was away for 3 weeks being repaired and worked for a couple of months. It has just failed again, exactly as before. It is out of guarantee but as it should last much longer - see this article http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2875453/The-six-year-warranty-right-shops-don-t-tell-customers-Law-says-retailers-responsible-dealing-complaints-official-guarantee-expires.html

I am taking the matter up with the manfacturers. It seems this tv has an inbuilt fault. avoid
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on 11 March 2015
Good sound quality and good pic.

However, we have had 2 of these TVs in quick succession, one was a replacement due to the DVD player making such a loud knocking and scratching noise when watching DVDs. About 4 months after the replacement arrived, we have the same issue. Now can't watch any DVDs now as concerned it will damage the discs.

Avoid this product
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on 22 September 2014
As with all TOSH products, in my experience, especially TVs (I have 3, all LCD) this is a cracker.

Always superb picture quality, excellent connectivity and right up there with other much more expensive units.

I got this on behalf of a friend, installed it for him and confirmed the quality - and he is subsequently very satisfied.

(My oldest, by the way - a 24" non HD unit - is still going (perfectly) strong after more than 8 years and my 32" 6 year old one (Full 1080 HD, 3 HDMI inputs for under £300) is equally brilliant! The third, a 22" 1020 Full HD (£220), I use primarily as a PC Monitor (brilliant) and a part time '2nd Screen' TV/Monitor.

In my opinion, you can't go wrong with TOSHIBA.

(Come to think of it, I also have a Portable DVD Player/HD LCD Monitor - equally excellent!)

(Another "Come to think of it" thought - TOSHIBA are the only manufacturers who consistently produce nice 'girlie-white' (as opposed to macho-black) versions of virtually their entire range. I joke to provoke vis a vis the 'girlie' thing - in fact I think it highly important - ladies tend to dislike black frame monsters, including TVs (!), in their living room (let alone bedroom!), as do I. White is a far more acceptable, less obtrusive colour for much decor in my view, for what that is worth.)
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on 2 October 2014
I purchased this for my bedroom to replace an LG 19" that had fallen foul of spilled tea. I was surprised to see that the 24" version was less expensive than the 22" version. TV arrived on the day I expected it, very pleased. Set up was a doddle - just plug in and switch on and watch it sort itself out! Picture good, sound appalling - very sibilant and tinny. However, I had a pair of inexpensive external speakers (cost me about £14) that I'd used with an old PC. I stuck the speaker jack into the TV headphone socket and voila - very much improved sound with a reasonable bass and improved volume range, easily controlled with the TV remote. Scart socket also allows me to use my old VCR, so many TVs don't have them now.
Drawbacks - can't switch off entirely except from the mains socket, sleep timer only in increments of 30 minutes, channel display & menu doesn't automatically show what programme is currently running. All things I can live with.
DVD - I haven't used yet so can't comment.
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on 13 May 2017
I have had 2 of these tvs, one was a replacement for previous faulty one, today the same fault has occured. Hardly use it, one movie a night if that so definitely not lasted a reasonable length of time. It' now out of warranty if I had of used it as much as most people probably do it would have gone alot sooner. Very disappointed. Expected alot better from toshiba which is why I chose a toshiba tv. Also have now onw once again lost a dvd in it because the fault. Would advise to avoid this product as there is obviously a design fault in it :(
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on 22 February 2016
Terrible. Nothing but problems from the start. Should have sent it back to Amazon but my own fault. Never starts up straight away, have to keep unplugging it to get it warmed up, then it comes on in the middle of the night and wakes me up even though no timer is on the tv. Don't know how much longer it will last till it gives up completely.
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on 24 February 2014
easy to set up, and even with very basic arial picked up all freeview channels. picture quality is very good out of the box and with a little tweaking, ( easily achieved with the remote ) its very good indeed. dvd plays really well too. its only been used once so far so how reliable it will be i cannont comment on. Some of the reviews complain about the sound quality of the tv, which almost put me off the purchase, but i wanted a white tv for the kitchen and reasonably priced units are hard to find. The sound on the toshiba is ok. it is definitely a little tinny and lacks bass BUT in a kitchen this ideal, dialogue is clearer, anything bassier just sounds muffled. So the sound really is not great, but this is only a secondary tv, my much bigger and 4 times more expensive living room tv has a sound bar attached because of the lack of bass from the tv speakers.
for the price this is very very good unit unless you're hoping for the full home cinema rumbling sub woofer experience (and with a 24" screen i doubt you are,) for this price with a buit in DVD player i would be very suprised if you could do better than the Toshiba.
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