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on 26 August 2017
I think it is the way she plots the story. It is captivating to the core. Started off with its first chapter that made me gripped on my armrest. Eyes stinging with sleep, but I kept flipping the pages. Intense and dark.

As it turned out, however, this book reads like another Agatha Christie's whodunit. A lot of characters where it keeps you guessing who will be the next victim and everyone seemed likely to be the killer. It is a new way of writing, so be ready for more gore and blood for readers who like the dark. It's a new century, less 'upper lips' style.

Rachel Abbott never once falters. Every book I've read so far, this is my third Rachel Abbott and I love every bit if it. Writing is perfect, easy to read, yet the words occasionally tear into me, ripping me emotionally. The plot - super plotting to the max. This is the way I would like to write too.

Love it!
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on 27 November 2016
I’ve had this on my kindle for ages, so what better time to start it than when I’m in the midst of a reading slump! 🙄 However, even though it took me longer than usual to read it, I really enjoyed it.

This is the second book in the DCI Tom Douglas series, and it’s another cracker. Less of Tom than I would like, but an excellently diverse cast of characters keep the interest levels well up!

Following on from the hit and run, The Back Road goes to extreme lengths to prove that everybody lies, and everyone has secrets. There is more baggage than a luggage carousel at an airport for pretty much all of the characters in the book, but it makes for intriguing reading because the author casts doubt on everyone.

I don’t read crime thrillers all too often anymore, so this was a nice break from the norm which has become psych thrillers in various guises. The Back Road is a fine example of a slow burning thriller. The reader knows all the secrets that are threatening to bubble over will eventually spill out, but the journey to that happening is kinda fun. You don’t know whats wrong with whom, and trying to figure it out is what makes it interesting.

Having read the first book in this series, and now this one, I am eager to keep it up. I love a good series, so I will definitely be seeking them out if I don’t already have them lurking around on my kindle!

Highly recommended!
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on 18 February 2016
After reading the author's first book I couldn't wait to start reading this one and read more about Tom too. I just finished it today and enjoyed it a lot! I also didn't guess the main culprit in this like I had in her first book which is always a bonus.

There were lots of things going on in this book, stalkers and hit and runs and affairs and secrets and all that jazz I think if you don't really pay attention you could get a bit lost. I guess Ellie is the main character in the book but she wasn't my favourite by a long shot in fact I found her a bit annoying and wimpy and found myself just rolling my eyes and urging her to just talk! When you read hopefully you'll understand what I mean. And i guessed who the rose man was quite early on but I didn't mind that I knew by the time it was revealed.

I'm enjoying that Tom continues to crop up in her books I hear he's in the next one too. This character intrigues me and I wonder if another character in this book that he grows close to will pop up in the next one. He's a character you want to see happy but I don't want him to become annoying by just growing close to women involved in his cases then nothing happening that would be weak and very annoying.

The book ended good and everything was tied up well. I am enjoying this author a lot at the minute and I already have the next book ready to read when my kindle charges.
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on 11 April 2015
Rachel Abbott's second book and my third read. I'd lost my reading mojo and now all off a sudden I've read three books, back to back. And hey ho, they are Rachel's!

I haven't found the 'time' to read recently but I've been absorbed with these and was happy to sit back Saturday afternoon and read this one to the end. Well, the usual themes were there: domestic violence; child abuse, with a bit of murder thrown in. I've come to like Tom the copper. And in this one we are introduced to Leo. Definitely a page turner. Realistic characters. Some likeable, some not so much. Will happily move on to her 4th book soon....
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on 14 December 2015
A riveting read from start to finish my only criticism is if I didn't get a chance to read I did find it incredibly hard to pick up where I left off! This is probably only a problem of mine but some books flow with a little more ease I think.
I don't want to take anything away from the author though. It was a brilliant story and I didn't guess the ending until the author allowed me too.
I will be reading book three next, well done Rachel
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on 25 February 2015
I read this having read another by the same author and was prepared for a rather long haul because Rachel Abbott doesn't rush things, that's for sure. But the constant repetition began to wear me down and then I must say (with no spoilers for those who follow) I found by about a third of the way through I knew who had done/and would do what to whom and why. The red herrings were waved about very clearly and so there was not a single thing to surprise me when I got to the end. Sorry - I really wanted to enjoy this book, but the writing wasn't good enough to hide the flimsy plot.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 21 October 2013
I read before [book:Only the Innocent|13107958] from Rachel Abbott and I liked it, so, I knew The Back Road would be good.

The story could be summarised with this quote: ''One accident, but so many potential revelations; and the realisation that those we trust may not be worthy of it'' (taken from the book).

It all started with a hit and run on a countryside back road, where a teenage girl was ran over in the middle of the night and left for dead. On that fatal night, many people were out, travelling that road when they were supposed to be somewhere else and every one of them had a secret to hide. Then, in true Agatha Christie fashion, all these people were reunited the next day at a dinner party, hosted by Ellie, who was out herself on that Back Road, and inevitably, the discussion turned to the accident and why she was there. .
And of course, we have an outsider, well actually two, to gauge the guests' reactions, Leo, Ellie's half sister and Tom, a policeman. I do not know why, but that particular scene reminded much of our beloved Agatha Christie. I hope the author will not be annoyed with me, because I am not trying to make a comparison.

The story is well crafted and I think it was not easy to pull it off because it is made of a few stories in parallel, yet all related to the hit and run. But Rachel Abbott tied up all loose ends beautifully. The village life, with all its snobbery and gossips is well described. I also thought the emotions of the people rang very true.

The only weak point, for me, in the story, was Max's revelation of his secret scheme. I expected the secret to be something grand, like a new addition of buildings, a stable or a swimming pool, as a surprise for Ellie, but not that. As it was, I found it a bit lame.

I was also surprised to read that some reviewers found it boring and the characters two dimensional because they felt like real people to me. Of course, not everyone likes the same thing, but overall, it was a good, strong story, with a lot of food for thought. It makes you think how much should you reveal on social network, about appalling child neglect, wife abuse, middle age crisis and life coaching but for me, the most important message was that you have to communicate with others your fears or your hopes. No communication means a lot of doubt, misunderstanding and suspicions. And the catalyst needed to unleash a whirpool of negative emotions and accusations was one young girl, shoeless, left for dead, on the Back Road by a coward.

I hope Rachel Abbott will carry on writing books like this one. And I recommend it heartily to crime lovers
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on 13 November 2017
Dreadful. I forced myself to finish it, as I don't like dumping books. But it was a struggle, as I didn't care about it any more. There is a long central section where virtually nothing happens, except people remembering, or imagining what would happen "if". Or recounting things to other characters. Nothing happening - nothing worth writing about anyway. I was bored stiff, frankly. I have read about four other books by this author and they were all better. I hope this isn't her second last book, as it would mean she has seriously gone downhill.
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on 29 May 2013
This is one of the best books I have ever read. The characters are so interwoven and the story line weave in and out of their lives with issues that keep the reader in suspense to the end. Brilliantly written, easy to read, and characters that really live. Cant wait to read more from Rachel Abbot.
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on 22 October 2013
I started this, expecting the usual kind of thriller, someone killed or whatever and the hunt for tracking down who did it, but no, this book is completely different.

Its based around the lives of 2 half sisters, Elle and Leo (Both christened Eleanor so the father didn't confuse them) of a bigamist. There is a crime that takes place, an abduction of a child, who escapes and is then involved in a hit and run and you know that whoever was involved with these 2 crimes against the one child are friends of the 2 sister's, but which of there friends is it.

The thriller part of the story completely takes second place as you become involved in the lives of thee 2 completely different sisters, the author takes you deep into there lives and holds you there, mesmerised, by what it unfolding around them, not just other people's lives, but there own as well.

A lovely take on a thriller and so well written. Ever character in the book could be a real person and you genially dislike or feel for each of them. Definitely worth a read and I have recommended this book to friends and family to.
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