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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 7 September 2015
Got this for my XBOX ONE works great just make sure you turn off ''when Xbox is off, turn off storage'' in the power & startup settings, found it would go to sleep when left for a while.
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on 7 May 2015
Purchased one of these today in Argos, not here on Amazon as I needed the storage space immediately. I have had the older 4TB version of this Seagate Expansion series when it first came out a couple of years ago, but this one is totally silent when in-use. A nice change from before. Also the underside of the plastic case has many more perforations or holes allowing for significantly cooler running.

CrystalDiskMark standard drive test of 1000 MB of data x 5 test runs across all 4 test areas for both Read/Write was performed - see attached picture for the results. The WRITE speeds are pretty decent for a USB 3.0 external desktop HDD attached to my PC via a quad-USB 3.0 adapter.

In actual real use - copying many gigabytes of video data across from my PC, sustained write speeds average 90 MB/s which is still pretty good.

Eventually, I will dis-assemble this drive, remove the actual HDD from the plastic case & USB controller, and install directly in my PC tower, replacing one of my older Seagate Barracuda 1TB drives. Then I would expect continuous write speeds of between 170-180 MB/s.

Please note that PC Hard Drives are sold as 5TB = 5 Trillion Bytes (or 5,000 Gigabytes = 5,000 Billion Bytes), however computers use the binary number system (Base-2 not Base-10 the way humans count) where 1 Kilobyte = 1,024 Bytes or 2-to-the-power-of-10 (2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2) and 1 Megabyte = 1,024 Kilobytes, and 1 Gigabyte = 1,024 Megabytes ...
.... therefore your PC will see what is advertised as 5TB (which is how manufacturers advertise and sell computer products) as 4.6TB of ACTUAL disk space (5,000 Billion Bytes divided by [1,024 x 1,024 x 1,024 ]) as each Gigabyte is 1,073,741,824 bytes and not 1,000,000,000 bytes. PEOPLE CONSTANTLY DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HOW THEY COUNT AND COMPUTERS COUNT AND GIVE POOR RATINGS ON THE BASIS OF THEIR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. So for the record 5TB for sales and marketing purposes (which is perfectly legal) is really 4,656.6 GB of computer storage space in reality and NOT 5,000 GB. Seagate are entitled to sell this product as 5 Trillion Bytes because it does indeed have 5 Trillion bytes of storage.

UPDATE: A few hours later...after > 600 GB of files transferred to this external drive, sustained transfer speeds now averaging 142 MB/s
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Size: 2 TB|Style Name: Desktop|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
For my purposes, this drive is excellent: extremely simple to operate, huge memory capacity and relatively compact and unobtrusive. No doubt there will soon be reviews here which deal expertly with specifications and comparisons. I am just an ordinary computer user who cannot advise on all that, but I hope this review will be helpful to other non-techies who, like me, want reliable and easy-to-use extra memory.

The drive is about the size of a 400-page small-format paperback book. It is quite heavy (about 1kg all told) but would be easy to transport if you needed to. It sits flat and needs to be plugged into the mains. The supplied connecting lead to your computer's USB port is about 1 metre long, so you have some flexibility about where to put it. When switched on it is, to my ears anyway, silent (hurrah!) and has a discreet blue LED to indicate that it is working. In short, it is the compact, unobtrusive drive I was hoping for.

In use it is exceptionally simple. I plugged it into my slightly elderly Windows XP laptop and, as promised, it was automatically recognised by Windows and was ready to use within a few seconds. If you like, you can turn it off at the mains at any time it's not actively in use so it doesn't have to run all the time, and it only takes a couple of seconds to wake up when switched on again. You add files by simply dragging-and-dropping and the transfer speed seems very quick to me (my initial backup of my entire "My Documents" folder, about 14GB, took well under half an hour). Files (like music or photos) run from the drive just as if they were on your internal hard drive and it is easy to copy or move files between the drive and an mp3 player or memory stick. It really is like having a huge internal hard drive.

I am rather nervous about computer technology and have been dithering over whether to get an external drive so that I can convert more of my music collection to digital format. I am thrilled to have received this one. It is small and unobtrusive and does exactly what I want extremely simply. I can recommend it very warmly to the technologically timid.

(Update, December 2015: I just thought I'd say have been using two of these drives for well over three years now, and both are still performing perfectly. I'm very happy with them and my original review still applies.)
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on 2 December 2012
Purchased this hard drive to use as a 'time machine' backup for my iMac; very good for the price. Worked straight out of the box. The Mac reformatted it, but that didn't cause any problems and easy enough to do if you follow the onscreen prompts. Generally runs quietly. Future-proof as it has USB 3.0. Overall very pleased.
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on 6 November 2013
I purchased this product in July 2013, delivery was prompt and the drive worked really well for the best part of 4 months. I primarily used this product as a add storage drive for my DD-WRT router. Last week, I tried to access a file over my network and got no response. I checked the drive - dead no LED... powered the drive down/up still dead.. Being an electronics design engineer, I got my fluke volt meter out and measured the voltage from the AC to 12V DC adapter. This measured OK at 12Volts... so definitely, something within the hardware was dead and not the AC mains adapter...

Although the product was technically still under warranty, I could have just sent it back for a replacement. I guess because this drive held all my personal photos and files, I didn't want the drive to leave my house! I felt competent enough to go fault find the PCB board myself.

Found the fault in no time - There is a component on the SATA to USB board (ASM 1053) that converts the 12V DC to 5VDC.
(Techie term for this is a DCtoDC convertor or switcher). This IC or a component around it had failed as there was no 5Volts present on the board.

Dropped Seagate an email telling them that their board had failed. They replied to basically say I had voided my warranty as I attempted to repair it myself . OK fair enough I did... and I deserve to be punished! .but I also asked them whether they could just sell me a replacement board..they said no...

For a company that big, I would have thought their after sales would be a bit more helpful - Note - I even offered to PAY for a replacement board!! I am sure I am not the first customer to which this has happened.

Anyway to cut a long story short, I purchased a Inateck USB3.0 docking station from Amazon and was able to recover all my data from the drive no problem.

To conclude, the STBV2000200 2TB works, but if you were to suffer a hardware failure your options are to return the drive if still under warranty or do what I did and buy a third party docking station.

I am certainly put off purchasing a Seagate product again...Customer service not good in this instance.

Hope my review was helpful
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on 24 November 2014
There's a problem with reviews, as the joke goes:

There are 5 5* ratings and 1* rating for a tornado warning application, the 5* reviews all praise the user interface and design, the 1* review is from the guy who wasn't warned of a tornado.

This review doesn't express how impressed I was with the cable length, or how I could just drag and drop, it's serious and I hope it helps someone.

IMPORTANT UPDATE at the bottom, a drive failed one year and 3 months in, I lost just over 3.5gb of data but recovered the rest.

Bullet points:

Good points:
* Fast - 150mb/s read and 120mb/s write regularly seen (actual transfer speeds, not filesystem copying stuff) this is great
* Quiet - It doesn't click, it doesn't whir, it's quiet
* Stable - if you have it on a desk you can't feel a slight vibration - which is great
* Not green - this sounds silly but I did have a Seagate "green drive", if I allowed the drive to go into standby given even a 3 second chance it'd spin down, and then back up when you clicked a folder it was awful. This drive doesn't do that, which is great! (starting and stopping is actually bad for a drive, this green drive was amassing several thousand spinups a day it sucked - that is why "not green" is a huge plus!)


No SMART monitoring, this is not a "techie" thing to want, SMART monitoring means you get warned when the drive is showing signs of old age (like a large number of relocated sectors, unrecoverable reads, large spin up times...) and this drive lacks that; and it's really quiet, so you won't hear (if you are near it during its entire life) any signs either. I'm probably the only reviewer to mention this but seriously you won't know when its aging, so back stuff up. I've not lost data (and I've got one that's a year old, just purchased another) but I am going to make sure that if it goes I can shrug it off.


The power-adapter makes this nasty hiss sound when the drive isn't plugged into a computer, this is a weird time for it to make it (it's fine in stand-by.... when it's spun down) but really really REALLY annoying. It's not a low hum, it's a weird hiss and if you unplug it the adapter makes this for a few more seconds. This isn't rare, but when roaming with it (when I travel) I unplug it when I turn my laptop off for this very reason.

Final words:

This is a great drive, truly, well built, quiet and doesn't vibrate, well packaged (I have the box it came and use it for transport) sturdy and good build quality, and I do recommend it, but I warn you about unexpected failures too. When a drive starts to age your OS will tell you "SMART warning" and whatnot - you will not get that, suddenly the drive will be gone, or it'll stop reading certain parts, this could be a decade away depending on use for all I know but you won't get a warning.

So perfect for "expansion" I just warn you about backing up! USB 3.0 has lulled me into treating external storage like internal because it's so fast.

But yes £25 per 1Tb is great! 4 stars, I'd give it 5 if it had SMART

I hope this helps somebody.


I went home for Christmas (from Uni) and when I do I pack this drive in the original packaging, it's off and I go via train so there's no nasty bumps. It was fine before leaving, quiet, as always but when I got back and plugged it in it made this weird "beeping" noises, I quickly purchased another drive and used ddrescue to grab 3996gb of data, but about 700gb in I lost a 3gb swath, without warning. I shall be making a warranty claim and I will let you know how this goes.
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on 27 October 2012
This is an excellent external USB 3 or USB 2 drive. Just plug it in and within a couple of minutes it's ready to use - no set-up required. With USB 3 it's fast and performs well. Just does the job! Note that the bottom can get quite warm so care is needed as to where it's placed.

NOTE don't be tempted by the 3TB version unless you have read and understood Microsoft's article KB2510009 which deals with issues and incompatibilities regarding drives with a capacity above 2TB.
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on 18 January 2013
A high capacity, fairly priced, simple USB3 drive that is just big enough to handle my Time Machine back ups.

Performance is OK and whilst the case is a bit bigger than some similar drive enclosures it feels fairly robust and sits neatly on a shelf. Its status LED is on the top of the case towards the back and is obscured if you stack drives on top of this unit.

The power supply unit (PSU) is a cheap-looking transformer on a plug type and blew up within three weeks. It gave a bang as it went.

The PSU is a standard 12V 1.5A and it's easy to take one from another drive.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 15 July 2012
Size: 2 TB|Style Name: Desktop|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The downsides to the Seagate Expansion 2TB hard drive are largely unimportant while it scores very highly in the critical areas.

It's not a produce that's going to win any design awards - it's a chunky brick-like unit. Other hard drives might look more attractive but if you view it for its practical benefits, this probably doesn't matter much. It's also fairly heavy - yes you could lug it around with you but it weighs about the same as a laptop and if you plan to carry it around, you might find you need to upgrade your arms! It's got a chunk of lead in it and that solidity gives you some confidence in its robustness though. If you are looking for a hard drive to carry around a lot, there are lighter smaller versions around. But for most this is probably going to sit on a desk and either be used as a back up or a store for things like photos or music. For that, it's fine.

In terms of set up - it's simplicity itself - just plug it in to the mains and connect via USB and you are ready to go. There's no software to install and Windows recognized it instantly. It really is plug and play. Perfect.

As for use, it's simply a matter of drag and drop - much as you'd move files around in your own computer. Transfer speed is fast - you should allow a chunk of time if you are going to move a large amount of stuff when you set it up, but less than you'd probably expect.

And the capacity is huge - probably as much as most people will need. If you are looking for additional space on your own computer (there was a notably increase in speed in my computer when I moved a chunk of photos and music to the drive) or just as additional security of having data backed up - this is a strong choice. It's not beautiful, but it is practical.
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on 6 December 2013
I bought one of these drives at the start of the year and was happy enough with it to buy a second.
Recently the older one was not always powering up when I connected it up. Before I could back it up it stopped altogether. The power adaptor was not faulty so I suspected that the fault lay in the connections to the HDD within the Expansion Drive Case, as seems to be the experience of others here.
I contacted Seagate Customer Service telling them this and this was the reply:
"I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. If the hard drive is not even powering up, there is no way to test it. At this time, you will need to either replace the hard drive, or contact data recovery if you want to try and get you data back. Please keep in mind data recovery is not a free service."

Well of course there is a way to test it - you take the HDD out of the case!!!!
After watching a YouTube video showing how this can be done in about 10 minutes using old credit cards, I found it was relatively easy. I then connected the HDD to my PC using the SATA connectors directly and it was working fine. So I was right that the fault lay with the expansion case power/USB connectors and there is nothing wrong with the HDD.
That 10 minutes spent extracting the HDD seems to have saved me up to a £1000 in data recovery charges!
I will now use the HDD as an extra one in a PC and will make sure I back it up regularly.
I checked to see if the serial number on the bare drive would have a warranty, but the answer is that it is an OE item not covered by Seagate, and I need to contact the provider of the package it was in, which of course is Seagate.....
The lack of warranty provision on the bare drive is annoying and totally illogical.
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