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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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Wow, Wow, Wow! An absolutely gripping, speed page turning, engrossing and late night/sleepless night reading book! I honestly can't think of a better way to describe how hooked from page one I was with this book and how very very tired I was getting up with my son the following morning after only a couple of hours sleep from having sat up reading the book and literally being unable to put it down until I had finished reading it! If you haven't read the first installment in the series Poison Princess: The Arcana Chronicles then I can only recommend this series totally and urge you to read it. Another fantastic book/series from Kresley Cole and right up there now on a favourite book series setting for me with her Immortals After Dark series. I received this book a few days later than the publication date due to an issue with Amazon not sending it to me on the actual date and after lots of emails between us to get this sorted out asap I finally received it and have devoured it within 24 hours of receipt. I am very annoyed with Amazon for the delay but enough about Amazon and on to the actual book:-

The concept of the series centers on the 22 Major Arcanum cards in Tarot (The Fool, The Magician, The High Priestess, The Empress, The Emperor, The Hierophant, The Lovers, The Chariot, Justice, The Hermit, Wheel of Fortune, Strength, The Hanged Man, Death, Temperance, The Devil, The Tower, The Star, The Moon, The Sun, Judgement, The World) and that these are actual real people who after a world changing destructive event are left to battle it out to the death until there is only one survivor, whom as a prize for winning becomes immortal until the next 'round' begins. The current leader and winner is the Death card or rather the person who represents Death.

Book 1 Spoliers to follow:-
The book picks up right where the last book ends and it seems that there is no pause or break between all of the action of the story which I think is another reason that this book totally drew me in, as you find yourself having to turn the next page to find out what happens as you just can't bear to leave it at the many mini cliffhangers that present themselves. We meet up with Evie, Jackson, Selena, Matthew and Finn right after Evie's battle with The Alchemist and his timely and wholly necessary (in my opinion) demise. Evie is struggling to rein the part of her that is The Empress in and to return to herself as Evie however the way that Jackson is looking at her is a stark reminder of how shocking she must appear. Evie having made her first kill also changes the dynamic immediately as she is a mark up on everyone else and now more of a threat, however the gang decide to agree to a truce until they have taken Death out together. The truce along with the sudden appearance of a whole lot of Bagmen (people who have been mutated into Zombie like creatures who crave water whether that is real water or from other alive humans' blood) makes the gang seek shelter within the basement of The Alchemist's old house however just as the threat of the Bagmen subsides the following day they then have an unwanted appearance from three other Arcana. After their altercation with the three Arcana they then have to flee for their lives from an unprecedented amount of Bagmen hot on their heels, who it then becomes apparent are actually tracking the gang by their scent. Forced on into the hills where the cannibals live and rumours of another Arcana called The Hierophant being the cannibals leader, along with the constant threat of Death being after them and then throw in some Militia for fun it is non stop action and page turning events one after another. Evie also has another problem in that Jackson can't bear to look at her or be near her since seeing her transform into The Empress and despite everyone baying for her blood, this is the closest issue to her heart. So will they escape the Bagmen, Cannibals, Militia and Death and if they manage to escape is there any hope whatsoever for her and Jackson?......

As I have said above I absolutely loved this book and was drawn in straight away despite it having been a year since the last book. This book has a slightly more 'adult' feel to it than the first one and this being partly down to a couple of love scenes along with the graphic nature and darkness of the Cannibal and Bagmen element this time around. Just when I though that Jackson was the most amazing man around for Evie along comes Aric and his and Evie's secret from the past which totally blew Jackson to pieces for me. Totally heartbreaking Aric and his 'issue' and past with Evie had me rooting for him when I never would have thought when reading the first book that anyone but Jackson would do. I am so upset that it will probably be another year before the next in the series is released (Poison Princess was a year ago) and I shall be pre-ordering asap so please Kresley can you write a bit faster and get the book out sooner?!! Also the book was left on such a cliffhanger!!! Amazing series and definitely on my favourite series list now.
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on 9 October 2013
You all know how nerve racking it can be to go into a sequel, the whole dreaded second book syndrome? Well, I for one was especially nervous to read Endless Knight because I absolutely loved Poison Princess, and I really didn't want the sequel to fall into that category. Well I can tell doesn't! Endless Knight is just as good as it's predecessor, if not even better!

In this instalment of the Arcana chronicles, we see Evie - who has now fully come into her full powers - finally take control. She knows who she once was and knows what's expected of her, however, Evie wants no part in the game. When Death's interest in Evie takes a drastic turn, she suddenly finds herself running from more than one bad thing that goes bump in the night, but running from Death himself.

I love the Arcana Chronicles! Kresley Cole has created such a unique and spell-binding world and I honestly can't recall ever reading another series quiet like this. The way she's incorporated the tarot cards into this haunting dystopian world is so amazing. I'm completely captivated from start to finish and as much as such an enjoyable read, it's slightly heartbreaking too....but in a good way.

Evie has such a hard journey throughout this story. Even though she's come into her powers, she still struggles with so much. She's constantly weighed down by the other Arcana constantly looking to kill her, and the fact that Death's in her mind all the time isn't easy. I loved how Evie tried to take charge, she's very mesmerising when she becomes the Empress, and seeing her powers work is quiet fascinating.

Death is a character that really grew on me, mainly because he's constantly telling Evie that he's going to kill her. It's clear him and Evie have a past but it's not one that were not fully aware of. While the story progresses it's impossible not to fall for death. He's gorgeous and probably one of the most broody characters I've read about, but he slowly comes out of his shell, leaving you torn who Evie should belong with.

And Jack....sigh. I feel like I should warn that Chapter 10 and 14 are AMAZING! Talk about HOT! This hot tempted, sizzling and lovable Cajun - and although he's not perfect - he can melt anyone's heart. I absolutely love that he makes mistakes and has a hot temper. I love how devoted he is to Evie! I love how Kresley doesn't hold back with the sex talk in her books, although it's a YA book, she doesn't try to sugar coat things. It makes me enjoy this series even more.

Now the love triangle, I know what your thinking, another love!! However, hear me when I say, Endless Knight is a the perfect example of a love triangle done well. It did break my heart in parts because of the situations the characters found themselves in, but introducing Death's character, more in the sequel was done very well. The characters journeys are important and put together very cleverly that at no point did it feel forced or feel like a filler. It felt pretty real and I'm actually ashamed to admit that I even thought about switching team's from Jack to Death. No, I know, but it honestly can't be helped. In the end though, I'm a firm believer of true love and I believe that Jack will come out on top. ;)

The cliff-hanger was done so well and it was certainly something I wasn't prepared for. I thought the one to Poison Princess was bad, this is even worse. Prepare yourselves! But not only does the characters, the love triangle and the awesome cliff-hanger make this such a good book, it's the action packed scenes from the start, that leave you constantly gripped all the way through. There's definitely not a dull moment within this cracking sequel!

In all, Endless Knight is a sequel that certainly won't not disappoint you. It's such an emotional roller coaster that will really pull of your heart and really is a very entertaining read. Well done Kresley Cole!
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on 21 November 2013
I adored Poison Princess when I read it last year, and I have been waiting months to get my hands on Endless Knight. I needed to know what happened after Evie discovered how to use her powers, and what Jackson would think! I had also heard that we'd be meeting Death properly in this one, so of course that was exciting stuff. But, Endless Knight falls flat. I am so disappointed in this instalment that I almost want to cry.

I loved Evie. Of course I did. She's intent on keeping the peace, and having nothing to do with this stupid Game that has been recurring for centuries. She just wants out, and she's willing to do some pretty hardcore things in order to end it all. I admire her for that, even though some of the other characters both mocked and questioned her because of it. To end a war, you have to take some risks. Live will be lost, there is no avoiding it.

The only flaw I found with Evie's character, not including the romances which I will talk about in a second, is how quick she was to forgive. It's a nice trait to have, I guess. Evie understands that some people only do what they have to in a time like this, but damn it, I would be holding a grudge for decades if I had some of this stuff happen to me.

Evie and the writing style are probably the only two things that I did like about this book. My experience was entirely shat upon by the romance that was going on. Let me tell you why.

Firstly, a love triangle springs up. I don't think that's a spoiler, since the blurb mentions how Evie is drawn to Death. Like most bloggers, I am not a fan of love triangles, unless they are there to enhance the protagonist's character development in some way. And 99% of the time, they are not. They're only there to cause conflict, to get people to split into Teams, to get on my bloody nerves.

I despise both of the guys in this book, which may surprise you since I adored Jackson in Poison Princess. In the first book, Jackson is broken, protective, loving, and has trouble communicating properly due to his upbringing. His stepfather(s) abused him, and his own father completely rejected him, so of course that caused some deep issues. I understood that, and I was looking forward to seeing more character development with him, because he's such an interesting character. But in Endless Knight, Jackson loses all his charm from the first book, and becomes an angry, possessive crazy person. He's angry at Evie about keeping her powers a secret, and he has trouble telling her exactly what is wrong. That's all well and good, but then Evie and Jackson have sex, and that scene is what totally put me off his character. It's one of the worst sex scenes I have ever read, and Jackson starts getting all possessive, telling Evie that everything about her belongs to him, and all that nonsense that I despise.

So that's Jackson out of the window. I was actually rather happy when Evie met Death, and feelings started sprouting up between the two of them. Hate-to-love relationships give me life. To begin with, their relationship was going pretty well, but then - and this is where I start to divulge spoilers - Death forces Evie to sleep with him in order to help her with something. And that's how the book ends. With Death leading Evie into his chambers. Because she wanted his help.

I am so angry about this, I don't think I should say any more because I might go into a rage. Basically, I hate both of these guys, and if these are Evie's only choices then I would rather have her end up either dead or alone, because I cannot tolerate either Jackson or Death. Evie deserves so much better, and I am hoping that she'll end up finding someone she can truly be herself with, rather than someone who tries to control her. Isn't this meant to be a series about a strong, independent woman? It had better end the way I want it to, or I will... I don't even know what I will do, but it won't be pretty.

Overall, I did enjoy reading Endless Knight. Mostly. Until the love interest stuff started happening. Kresley Cole has a captivating writing style, and I am totally intrigued by the whole Arcana thing. So that's why I will be reading the next book in this series. I want to see Evie come out on top, and I want to see her get her wish and end this war.
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on 26 September 2015
I read all 3 books that are out together at once and so this review will be pretty much the same for all of them. I am a hugh fan of Kresley Cole's Immortals after dark series. I knew that these books were aimed at a younger audience (im not a teen) I thought the idea, plot and the prose were all first class. I actually enjoyed them more than some of the IAD series. Here we have a group of teens all with special powers that are based upon the Major cards or characters in a pack of Tarot cards, the major arcana. Its about their fight against each other, their alliances their survival in a post apocalyptic world and their love too. There is of course a lead protagonlist. (been a while I have forgotten her name) and a love interest (Jack) The pacing is perfect, I was gripped from the first few pages, The only thing I can fault is that actually this story is not finished. There will be a book 4. I hate that. I dont want to wait, I want it now.
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on 18 August 2015
This series just keeps better and better. We learn more about the Arcana, with Evie continuing to discover the full extent of her powers. The Endless Knight also brings us Death, the mysterious Arcana who haunts Evie at every turn. Rich mythology, a strong plot line, great romance. Endless Knight has it all.
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on 19 November 2014
Overall it was a good sequel to the book of Poison princess However, there were some scene that made me cringe each time whenever I read them. I personally did not think there was much action in this book as well as character development. I felt majority of the characters were more or less the same, except Death. I felt there was no direction to the story but mainly focuses on the unnecessary love triangle. Although I loved Death- I thought that he was an interesting character but I would of preferred if he carried on playing the villain. I never liked the love-hate relationship that Evie and Jack had but I felt their relationship felt more real than Evie and Death.
I HATED the cannibals or teeth people. These scene made me feel uncomfortable, kresley Cole was very graphical with those scene, and fare enough, for an apocalyptic to occur it makes sense to have some zombies. I got to admit toward the ending of the book, every scenario that was unravelling I did not expect them. It took me by surprise on the ending especially with that cliff-hanger.
I am excited for the third and conclusion to the trilogy.

Plot ★★★
Characters ★★★
Writing ★★★★
Overall enjoyment ★★★
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on 31 December 2013
I loved the first book and loved the beginning of this book too but have to say did not like the scenes with Death as I felt betrayed for Jack. I love Jackson he is such an intense and alpha male and his love for Evie is so palpable that I find myself sighing at their every scene together. I feel sorry for Death and he does sound like a sexy character but he is in no way anywhere near Jackson's hotness I really hope Evie does not go through with what Death wants in the last scene as I love her and it would totally diminish my feelings towards her if she betrays Jack I already feel angry at her for having feelings for Death after everything Jack has done for her. Team Jack all the way!!
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on 24 October 2015
Brilliant book couldn't put it down! The plots where brilliant! I fell in love with Jack and the reaper in this book. I envy her choices in this or the out come at the end. My heart does break for Evie in this. Can't wait for the next book to find out the outcome!! I can't seem to understand Matthew I do think he is Evie's friend but I think that in the next book that he is going to do something horrid.

I can't stress enough how brilliant this series is. I love Kresley Cole books
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on 3 May 2014
... not sure if I can wait until January for what I assume will be the last book. If you are looking for in-depth descriptive sexual attraction from the main character then this series is not for you, hopefully it will heat up in book 3. The thing is the story is so captivating you just have to know what happens in the end, so many scenarios and knowing Kresley Cole you will never guess the ending.
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on 13 November 2013
I waited so long for this story and it was well worth the wait!

The thought of waiting again is unbearable as this story is totally fantastic!

Well worth reading but start with the poison princess or you'll be totally lost!

Love it, bring on the next instalment.
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