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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 18 December 2000
The roughest and toughest prison farm in America needs a new warden...enter Brubaker. Robert Redford is superb in this classic thriller following one mans effort to clean up a prison filled with violence, deceipt and corruption.
From the moment Brubaker enters the prison - as a convict in an attempt to find out what he is really up against - the movie kicks off in a cloud of dust and dirt that never settles until the credits roll.
A classic prison drama with great performances and top action all the way through. Catch it if you can...
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on 31 August 2013
I rated this movie (the Bluray version) 5/5 because I think it's one of the best movies of the early 80's and it gives you a feeling of the hellish environment of the Wakefield prison farm (actually Junction City state prison) It begins with a rather bleak and grey tone of the bus transport to the prison, it's raining, it's muddy and one could almost imagine how it must have been felt taking that ride and when arrived be exposed to the brutality of the Trusty System, violence, prison rape and slavery.
Robert Redford is maybe a bit too good looking here, but his performance is outstanding nevertheless and a realistic portrayal of the fictional Henry Brubaker. Yaphet Kotto has always been a favorite actor of mine and doesn't disappoint here either. There are so many good actors in this movie so It's hard to name them all, always fun to see Joe Spinell and Tim McIntire on screen and they also gives you a memorable performance. The trivia says Nicholas Cage has a small uncredited role in this but I haven't been able to see him yet. Morgan Freeman is hilarious as the crazy isolated inmate.

The Bluray release of this was most anticipated, and Fox did a good job here. I noticed a lot of
new details and interesting things because of the sharp transfer. The colors are perfect, from
the damp prison walls inside to the lush green outside.
The DTS-HD Master 5.1 track is fine since I have only watched this movie with mono sound (which is also included by the way) The HD soundtrack isn't overly effective, some ambient sounds but is an improvement over the mono

I highly recommend this, and it's regionfree. English SDH subtitles.
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Based on a true story, Brubaker is a superior prison drama that should be in every film lover's collection. Henry Brubaker is an idealistic new prison warden, who has been sent to Wakefield prison farm with reform in mind. He takes the unusual step of entering the prison as an inmate, to get a real view of what is going on. The first half hour of the film, before his dramatic revelation, is a grim and unflinching look at the worst of humanity as he observes the corruption, the squalor, the depraved behaviour, the casual violence that the prisoners both endure and mete out. When he takes over as Governor (following a classic scene with Morgan Freeman, 15 years before he won worldwide recognition as Red in his other great prison film, The Shawshank Redemption) he starts to fight back, trying to stop the corruption that leaves the prisoners starving, in rags and in filth. Fighting wardens and inmates who are up to their necks in graft, and governors and businessmen who profit from the slave labour, he soon makes enemies. It is when he finds unmarked graves and starts to uncover even more serious crimes that his position becomes difficult, and eventually the politicians find enough ammunition to fire him before he can make their jobs unsafe.

Redford is perfectly cast as the energetic and idealistic Brubaker, genuinely horrified at what he sees and full of concern for his fellow human beings. For me it counts as one of his best films. The script writer (who was nominated for an Oscar) and director produce a stygian vision of life in the prison, made all the more disturbing by the realisation that these conditions are real, and people are forced to live in this degradation. Redford's Brubaker is a gleaming shaft of light in this darkness as he looks on with concern and revulsion. And while his idealism might have been beaten by the vested interests in the short term, in the long term the end credits show how he was the catalyst that actually allowed serious reform to occur years later.

Also of note is Morgan Freeman, who gets to sing, and Yaphett Koto, an actor not seen often enough in big films, as the head trusty.

Based on a true story, this is a must see film fives stars.
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on 19 November 2015
Fantastic movie easily one of my favourite prison films I've ever seen Robert Redford is electric with his powerhouse convincing performance in the movie as is all the other actors and the story is fantastic as we'll really enjoyed watching this one.
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on 8 March 2011
I first came across this film many years ago, am delighted to own it. Fantastic prison drama whose story keeps your emotions flying start to finish. Honestly haven't a bad word to say about this film. One of my all time favourites.

Redford is brilliant and look out for a tall and skinny Samuel L Jackson.

Dont hesitate buy it!!!
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on 19 October 2014
One of my favourite Robert Redford films. A great story based on true events I believe. Redford is great and the rest of the cast are superb in support. Also worth buying for seeing an early but memorable role for Morgan Freeman !
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 3 November 2012
It's odd that whenever talk of Prison base films crops up you rarely see Brubaker mentioned as a viable piece of work, which to me personally is a damn shame because it's origin source provides a worthy story to be involved in.

Based on the writings of Tom Murton, a Prison Farm Reform Warden in Arkansas in the late 60s, the corruption and murder the film deals with is a very frightening reality, and although this film is obviously fictionalised to a degree, the evidence of the main themes can be found from many sources.

Robert Redford plays the title character who chooses to go into the prison farm as a convict to see at first hand how the Farm is run, what he sees shocks him to the core, which in turn rightly shocks the viewer as well. After learning all he needs to, he comes forward to take control of the Farm and tries to put an end to the torture, corruption and dank depression that is rife at the Farm. He has to deal with many obstacles along the way and it's the strength of the man that has the viewer firmly onside all through the film.

The acting is emotionally spot on, the title role calls for a cool persona to not get flustered when faced with mounting resistance, and Redford delivers in spades. The main supporting cast of Yaphet Kotto, David Keith, and Jane Alexander do very good work (believable), whilst the direction from Stuart Rosenberg is paced to perfection. The story is grimy and gnaws away at you, and then we get the ending that frustrates as much as it lifts the spirit, this is in my opinion is a criminally undervalued piece of work. 8/10
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on 2 March 2014
i saw it last night and i got a little disappointed
there is no suspense no action nothing to chill my mind only a man who try to change many things
and the big problem is the subtitles they are not entirely correct amazon say french subtitles but it is only english subtitles and they are not good
strangely all what the actors speak is not written exactly
so boring movie ? little bit for me
some peoples say the best prison movie i don t think so
for the picture and sound nothing to say it is very good
the best part for me was to see morgan freeman much younger as i know him
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on 10 July 2009
One of the classic films of our age. Grips the imagination from beginning to end.
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on 14 April 2012
The most wanted man in Wakefield prison is the warden!

Posing as a new prisoner, Brubaker (Redford) discovers vast corruption in a state penitentiary before revealing himself to be the new warden. His personal crusade to bring reform puts him in grave danger, especially when he insists on exposing a series of secret murders that took place years earlier.

Powerful and disturbing, 'Brubaker' won acclaim for its gritty realism and Oscar-nominated screenplay based on the real life story of Tom Murton, the prison superintendent who rocked Arkansas politics when he exposed scandalous abuses and murders in a state prison.
Robert Redford gives an outstanding performance in this gritty but brutal prison drama fraught with edge of the seat moments.....Redford stars as Brubaker a new prison warden who first goes undercover as a prisoner to see and experience the bribery,corruption together with the brutal treatment of inmates...It is only when Brubaker makes known his true identity that things really get hot....Redford cleans house but faces the consequences of a tough prison regime with zero co-operation coupled with threats to do harm....Brubaker is straight out of the top drawer with Redford showing his usual unique charisma in his role as Brubaker..The movie succeeds in showing the cruelty of the prison world.One can ask is this something they deserve.Once you commit a crime, you need to be punished.But how much punishment is too much? out for the finale it is worth waiting for.....not to be missed
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