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on 2 August 2013
The whole package is a masterpiece!
Film itself is one of the best I have ever seen. Stars Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt as two detectives searching for a killer that will keep you engrossed till the very end.
The Blu-Ray came extremely quickly and was packaged well. Single Blu-Ray disc with a UV Copy (will get on to that later) and slipcase, which was a bonus. The film itself is dark and very moody so I was expecting a moderate level of grain with the Blu-Ray copy, however I didn't experience much. There is a noticeable difference between the DVD copy and this to warrant a purchase (not much, but to be expected with the style of film). With DTS-HD Audio, the audio in the film is crisp and clear (extra bit of 'oomph' really adds to the tension!).

Languages: English 7.1, German 5.1, Thai 5.1, Brazilian Portuguese 2.0, Castilian Spanish 2.0, Latin Spanish 2.0
Subtitles: English, Brazilian Portuguese, Castilian Spanish, Complex Chinese, German, Greek, Hebrew, Korean, Latin Spanish, Thai, Turkish

I wasn't really interested in the UV Copy (Expires 08/04/2015), they're usually pretty shoddy and this was no different. I don't use iTunes so could not review that copy but the Flixster copy was in standard definition and not really up to scratch seeing as I own the Blu-Ray.

Overall though a solid 5 Stars
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on 15 January 2014
Like all blu-rays when compared to watching the DVD version or an old video one watching this film is a clearer, more detailed experience and in many cases it's like looking at the film for the first time as the film stock used to transfer to Blu-Ray is usually "worked on" first to get as good a copy as possible.
My taste in films may not be the same as yours so if you want to know about this film I suggest that you use the internet to find 2 or 3 reviews by experienced film reviewers and make your judgment whether to buy this film or not.
I have watched approx 600 films in my life and have a collection of over 200 Blu-Ray's and I rate this one 8/10.
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on 26 January 2014
I bought this on Blu-ray and it's brilliant in every way.

The special features are great!

Also, I love how they made the menu. I don't like menus that show too much of the movie. Instead they went with a simplistic approach which made the menu all that more sinister while not revealing any of the movie.

5 stars, well worth the buy!
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on 17 October 2013
I've seen this movie several times and I love the way both Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman act. The story is about a serial killer trying to portrait the seven deadly sins. Brad Pitt is pulled into the final staging of the deadly sins and in my mind the best finale in a movie in a long time :)
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on 31 January 2014
The film being as stylish as it is, is a gem on blu ray, if you like this film, a blu ray purchase is a must! Too seller a1, quick delivery, perfect condition.
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on 11 May 2016
A masterpiece! It has all the those essential ingredients that make a movie Great. 5 STARS rating unreservedly! However, my 1 star here goes for this HD transfer that has somehow managed to include off the frame subtitles, (see photos added). Two line subtitles appear half on the frame and the other half off the frame. Zoom in to fill your tv screen and then lose the second line! Technologically unacceptable these days. Great shame!
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on 4 June 2015
Excellent movie that finally established David fincher as a force to be reckoned with.
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on 19 January 2014
This isn't the kind of film you can watch over and over again for many reasons. I havent seen it for some years so can't wait to put it on one night with the lights off and sound up and see it in blu-ray. Truly great movie, also one of the most disturbing I've ever seen, not for the gore etc, but for the psychological mess that it creates in your head. Just knowing what's in the box is more upsetting than seeing it and when John Doe 'confesses' he is envious of Det Mills' normal life, meaning Envy is his sin. Without spoiling the ending for the 1% who haven't seen or heard about it, Mills' becomes the final sin, Wrath and who can blame him. Great movie, but not for the easily offended or faint hearted.
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on 28 March 2015
great film came when expected and was in great condition works perfect
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I first saw this film on release in the cinema on an 'invite' (I can't believe that was now 20 years ago !), not knowing anything about it at all except the film title. Like another film I saw in the same way ('The Silence of the Lambs'), watching with complete ignorance meant I was soon quite shocked at what I was watching as the title is not that forthcoming !

On viewing, 'Se7en' soon disgusted me with the inherent and very bleak/graphic 'horror' and I left sickened and swearing never to watch the film again - after some reflection I soon changed my mind....

The director, David Fincher, has for me over time 'flip-flopped' between mediocre efforts (eg 'Panic Room', the awful '...Benjamin Button') and superior productions - this film is very much in the latter category, along with 'Fight Club', 'Zodiac' and more latterly 'Gone Girl' (even with it having the awful Ben Affleck in a leading role !).

Now, for me, this film is something of a classic and manages to shock without needing to reach the almost OTT levels of gore/blood/guts modern horror movies possess - this is testament to the superior way this film is produced, directed and acted.

It pulls no punches and, when viewing, you might even feel like you've been punched yourself due to the the shocks within....

I already had this film on the New Line 2-disc CE which presented things very well and is loaded with extras.

I got it again on Blu-ray (on the strength of an earlier upgrade with 'Fight Club') as whilst it probably wouldn't improve the picture, the often very active and always atmospheric soundtrack would probably be better as it has a 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio mix in the same way as it is for 'Fight Club'.

I was not disappointed !

The plot (and settings, including a bleak city suffering regular and heavy rainfall) is grim and, from my own experience, I feel is best left alone for potential first-time viewers (including the Amazon description which reveals too much), as there is much more scope for misunderstanding/revelation (eg 'seven' is first hinted at in the film in a different way to how the 'real' plotline then utilises the term...) and, more importantly, the potential for 'horror' shocks is not spoiled.

Suffice to say that it involves American police detectives with elements of mystery, violence, murder and gore in almost equal measure (plus some occasional humour and quite a bit of bad language) to provide what I think is a perfect blend of movie horror adult 'entertainment' - it rightly has an '18' certificate and it also has the potential to induce nightmares and the like.

For me, when upscaled, when compared directly the DVD looks pretty damn good and compares VERY favourably to this Blu-ray; only in the later exterior shots is there a (small) noticeable difference. The difference is with the sound, as the DTS 'upgrade' provided on this Blu-ray (the DVD has DTS 5.1) makes things aurally much more dynamic.

So, as the disc extras are the same the only difference for me is with that soundtrack change which should please 'upgraders'. For everyone else, unless you've a suitable surround sound system to exploit the difference, I think that either the 2-disc DVD or this Blu-ray will provide the same level of 'horror satisfaction'; the 2-disc DVD would also get 5 stars as it is also excellent.

The only other caveat being the UV copy with this issue or if you get the recent REGION FREE USA-released Digibook like I did, which sweetens the deal with an impressive photobook keepsake as well (or the UK steelbook perhaps).

I've attached piccies of that Digibook below.

Unlike the US, it appears that both Blu-rays issued here have identical specification ie the more 'recent' 1080p picture and 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack that the initial US release did not have.
So, aside from the UV copy it looks like either UK disc will get you the same presentation and extras.
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