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on 5 May 2013
I have had three Panasonic HD Ready models since 2007, of varying sizes and specifications. This 50" model and its smaller 42" sibling represent Panasonic's 2013 bargain basement range and without doubt this is definitely a bargain.

I am not going to attempt to review this TV by reproducing specifications that can be found freely online or by writing the words of others. What I will say is that this is the best picture quality I have seen from any budget Panasonic and to be quite honest, I cannot imagine there being a better all-round TV, anywhere at this price point. The picture quality is a joy and the colours are particularly pleasing. The blacks are most definitely black and sharpness is in abundance, especially on the HD channels.

The TX-P50X50B received a 5 star review from What Hi*Fi and this set is basically the same but with some apparent "engine" improvements borrowed from the more expensive models. Panasonic however, appeared to have saved some pennies by removing the SD Card reader that can be found in the TX-P50X50B, a decision that does not impact on my usage in any way, as the USB option is still available.

What I find incredible about Plasmas nowadays, is the how light they are, how much thinner they are and how much better they are in terms of power usage.

All in all, at the time of writing, the best £450 TV around.
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on 16 October 2013
Brilliant tv very good size, very good price. Deliver as advertised within 48hours straight to the living room. Highly recommended.
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on 16 August 2013
it's a plasma tv. you know all about it. for the price you cannot go wrong.
If you don;t use it for gaming or action movies then you will never know its
a 720.
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on 13 August 2014
This is honestly the best £400 TV on the market today , im absolutely gutted that panasonic has thrown in the towel on plasma tvs. The sound Quality is top notch the picture quality is very very good for the price. I recommend the TV is left on the cinema preset as i think this offers the best overall picture quality ive tried blu-rays ps3 gaming and hd channels and tbf the girlfriend says she cant tell the difference between itv hd and normal itv so i dont know if hd channels are a big con or the upscaler is top dog in this tv (ive heard plamsa handles sd better than lcd/led) my father in law bought a £900 samsung led tv and i honestly think in day to day average viewing sky , dvds e.t.c this plamsas picture quality blows it out of the water. also a nice bonus is plasmas natural ability to handle fast motion with ease and this tv does not disappoint no horrible 100hz rubbish con that creates the artificial soap opera effect. ok so obviously this tv isnt perfect as theres no full hd 1080p and only 2 hdmi inputs and the screen can be reflective in daylight but at £400 how can anybody moan the picture just feels natural with no digital bright image like led tvs give. until OLED becomes much more affordable this tv will serve me very well for years to come it amazes me that for the price of an average 50inch led tv i got a 50 plasma a floating glass stand a ps3 and a jbl sb400 soundbar if your on a budget for a big tv then buy this simple as 9/10
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on 2 June 2017
Still enjoying it today, 9 years later! Despite it not being Full HD, 1080p video looks gorgeously sharp and detailed - noticably different than when playing 720p video. This was my first 'flat screen' and worth the money a bunch of times over <3
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on 22 December 2013
I read once, somewhere, that there are two kinds of shopper. The first will go out and buy the first item they see that matches their target (ie big tv, local supermarket. Jobdone!) The second kind will endlessly research and price check before finally buying. The first is generally the more satisfied with their purchase. I'd probably fall into the second category, but I am pleased with this tv!

I must admit I agonized long and hard over whether, in 2013, it really was wise to buy a tv that's only 720. But how much 1080 do I view. None. I don't have blueray and have no intention on buying any. I have a sky digibox that's fifteen years old. The picture is fine for me and my family. Its not the sharpest picture I've ever seen, maybe that's down to the sd signal. One of the best features of this tv for me is its ability to play media files off usb. I took a hard drive out of an old laptop, put it in a £2.50 caddy I got off Amazon (formatted it FAT32 - download a small program don't use dos - it takes hours), and I can now store all my films on it. Mkv, mp4, avi etc it plays (nearly) all of them. Watched a few 720's, nice.

My kids are now watching a Harry Potter dvd, and we've just zoomed the picture to fill the screen, cutting off the ends! At about eight foot viewing distance its not a bad picture. not pin sharp though. There's lots of options, though sidecut zoom isn't available on media files. Also mobile phone video - on my mp4's there's no sound, and 3gp not supported ;-(

Its a plasma, the blacks are nice. My son's video games look nice. I can't really compare it to an led cause I've come straight from a CRT. I was tempted to order two tv, I'd got the 39inch panasonic 1080 led shortlisted. Would have liked to try both and then send one back, in the end it was to much hassle and went with this one due to excellent reviews. I did intend to purchase from Richer Sounds, £325 with a five year guarantee, but in the end it was easier to order from Amazon - saved me a car journey and I knew there'd be no problem changing it if I wished with Amazon - I sounded out Richer Sounds about exchanging after purchase and they weren't to sure. They had both Tv's in stock but wouldn't set them up for me to look at! (though if it goes kaput in next five years I'll wish I had)

One more point that needs clarifying; power consumption. This could be a decider for a lot of people. Amazon state something like 197 watts, this nearly put me off. Argos give something like 95. The figures that came with the tv (from Panasonic) are 97 watts. I think AV forum went with 195. which is the real figure?
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on 4 November 2013
Bought this TV as had Panasonic before with no problems. Had no problems with it at all until it just went off one evening last week (as if someone had switched it off). The red light flashed 7 times with a 3 second break and continued to do this. Couldn't switch it back on again. Discovered it was a faulty TV and was very disappointed. Only ever watch TV in the evenings, so it's wasn't on all the time. Have had it replaced with identical one, so I'm hoping this one will be ok. Cannot fault Amazon though who arranged delivery of the replacement within 4 days.
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on 2 August 2014
Superb picture, easy to use but plenty of options without losing you in the complexity.

Sound is more than good enough, although in my case it is 20cm away from the wall allowing more sound than if you mounted it against a wall.

Love that you can plug in a USB to this TV and play video direct saving time and money powering up an intermediary device.

I use the "table" stand that comes with it and it looks great and very stable. Was easy to assemble but best to have 2 people to lift it onto the stand.

Remote is black, compact and simple to use.

Tip: I didn't know but apparently the delivery driver said Plasma's should not be stored on their side for more than an hour or two to avoid damage.
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on 12 May 2014
Picture - 10/10
Sound - 8/10
Ease of set up - 10/10

Especially good with my Panasonic Home Cinema system as it has Viera Link (as did my previous Panasonic TV) - as it turns on and off with the TV (only one remote needed) and you only need an HDMI cable for picture and sound, so less cable clutter.

Makes watching movies an experience. I use it with an Apple TV and Netflix/iTunes and the picture is superb. No pixellation whatsoever as you sometimes get with LED TVs. Also the picture (to my eyes) is more natural than many LED's which are often too bright I think.

I don't even look at other brands, personally, as you can't go wrong with Panasonic.
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on 23 December 2013
What can I say, i bought a 32" LCD TV for bluray viewing in my bedroom and the pictures looked washed out in a dimly lit room, the blacks were in fact a dark grey. I did a bit more research, sent the LCD back and bought this 42 inch Plasma screen, and for just £299! The picture quality is a world away from LCD's, blacks are actually black and the picture is realistic, what a shame Plasma screens are dying out and the inferior but cheaper to produce LCD's have taken over.

I can't tell the difference between 720p and 1080p at a regular viewing distance so this wasn't an issue for me, Blu-rays look fantastic on it, like being at the cinema, do yourself a favour though, either buy a soundbar or a surround set up to go with this, a shame to let the TV down using the built in speakers.

Best TV i have ever owned. Get one while you still can!
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