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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 21 May 2009
I bought this for my 4 year old daughter to help her to learn to swim. I have tried the arm bands and even the floatation vests for kids. The arm bands impaired the movement and the flotation vests were unstable especially for children and dangerous in my opinon, because if they put their heads in the water the vest hindered them from lifting their heads out of the water.

However the swimfin is abosulutely amazing. My daughter normally nervous when she is in slighltly deeper water, let go of my hands withing minutes of wearing the fin.
After that I just left her to it really, obviously in close proximity. She was swimming up and down the pool, even at the deep end confidently (albeit in a more vertical doggy paddle style)

Now I am teaching her to move her arms out of the water and there is no restriction in movement.

I would this recommend this for any child learning to swim. (it goes without saying for the parents, that supervision is still needed!)
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on 19 March 2009
This was fantastic, my child has special needs and this was a really good buy for swimming.
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on 9 August 2016
My daughter used one of these for her swimming lessons at our local pool along with several of the foam style arm bands and she loved it so much we have bought her one of her own. Previously to this she wore the standard blow up armbands which held her in an upright 'bobbing cork' position rather than the correct swimming position. Any child can float with blow up armbands but it does not help them to actually swim.
This float is shaped like a sharks fin (most probably for novelty value to the children rather than for any specific purpose). It is fully buoyant just like a standard float. It is made from a form of foam which you can get in a variety of colours to suit each individual child. Each fin also has two adjustable velcro fastening straps which go around the child, underneath their arms, and across their waist. If you have a skinnier child, you can tie a knot in it so that they are not as long, otherwise it can bob up in the water slightly.
Because it is not holding them under their arms, it does not restrict their arm movement, even when coupled with the rings which swimming pools also use which can be removed progressively in stages. This means that they are free to fully move with their arms and legs and to adapt the correct the swimming position of horizontally in the water, rather than vertically. She went from being able to only bob in the water and doggy paddle being scared of not having her inflatable arm bands on to being able to swim with just a sharks fin and properly within a week. Well worth the money and actually takes up less room and time than having to either inflate and deflate arm bands at each pool or carry fully inflated ones around and then them accidentally getting a puncture and being of no use.
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on 2 October 2010
We weren't sure what to expect when we ordered this really (having maybe rather rashly ordered two) and when we received it I have to say I wasn't entirely convinced it was going to work. It feels a bit insubstantial and when you put it on the children it doesn't look secure enough, particularly as our two are at the very bottom end of the weight range (ages three and two) and if you fix the straps tight the velcro only just meets. You just wonder how it is going to support them in a safe position. They both loved trying them on though even if they didn't fully understand what they were for. Once we got them in the water though, I have to say I was astonished. I led my little boy into the water holding him with both hands and didn't even realise when he started floating. All you needed to do was be holding one of his hands and be stable yourself for him to be secure and confident in any position - even on his back. Our little girl, who is the younger of the two, was equally happy with it. Neither of them have any comprehension of swimming techniques yet but they had no fears at all with this on. I wouldn't advise you leave them entirely on their own with it if they aren't at least trying to swim, but I would have to say that as soon as your child is big enough for one of these, throw away the inflatable apparatus, floats, kickboards, whatever - this is all you need. You may find the straps are best not used on bare skin but I can't really find any other drawbacks in use. It is not obstructive in any way and I don't know how many amused and impressed looks and comments we got at the pool. We certainly didn't see anyone else with one but I really do hope this proves to be the future.
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on 26 March 2014
We have used it only on few occasions and my son is almost 3. He was unable to maintain balance in water and was falling forwards in to the water. I am not sure if this is the start and he will learn. I bought this after looking at the reviews from the others. It looks very nice on him specially with his wetsuit
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on 3 October 2013
This is the perfect aid to help your child swim. After seeing it at my local swimming baths and having no access to it because they use them to teach children to swim I felt my 2 year old daughter had to have it. It came the very next day I placed my order we went swimming and after 10 minutes she was swimming on her own like a real little fish so proud! Lovely product fun and innovative would never use arm bands again.
Be careful of the top strap as that can cut into their skin a little and can cause discomfort I make sure her swimming costume is pulled up over it.
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on 11 May 2016
Bought for my son (aged 2 at the time) as he used one at his swimming lessons. They are absolutely fantastic as they allow him to swim properly where as armbands and other floats stop you using your arms properly. He's now 3 and able to swim completely independently - would highly recommend.
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on 4 July 2015
Bought this for my wee pal Aaron who's favourite thing just now is sharks, what a bonus that his fave colour is orange too. Well, it was a dry day in Glasgow(honestly) when I gave it to him, no water needed he just loved it, with my continual rendition of the Jaws theme tune and his 4 year old imagination we had a top day. When he did take along to swimming he loved it even more I'm told and as well as keeping him safe, made his learning experience(to swim............not to be a shark?!?!?) more enjoyable. Great gift for the greatest wee guy I know.
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on 3 June 2015
Wow.....This aid got my son to gain confidence while not cheating him from his natural swimming capabilities. He only needed it for 30 days, but for us it was a critical 30 days and it broke through many of his fears. Just the right amount of bouncy to gain confidence. He used it in the Ocean in Puerto Rico and we were amazed. We also have a pool at home and lots of playdates. Some of the young children ask to wear it while they feel comfortable with the deep section.
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on 9 August 2016
Have no doubts, have no fear... If you're thinking about buying this for your non-swimming child who needs a bit more confidence in the water, DO IT!
My five year old daughter put this on for the first time, got into the water &, within half an hour, had gained the confidence to take it off before she swam her first, unaided, width!
This product is fantastic! It looks cool (all the other kids want one) & really works in giving a child hands-free buoyancy & manoeuvrability whilst in the water. I can't express how brilliant this thing is!
The ONLY negative I have regarding this product is that, thanks to just how good a job it does, it is pretty much redundant now as my daughter wants to show off her new found skill! I'm going to hang onto it for a few months though, just in case it's needed again. How I wish I'd invented this!
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